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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Red Rock Canyon Ch. 09

group LuciousBi-Writes4U 2018-06-04

"Wanna a taste of my tent buddy?" Shelby laughed and gasped at once as she felt Paige's tongue find its way to her asshole and begin to lap greedily at the creamy filling that Chad had deposited there. Rex walked up to Shelby's back end and straddled Paige's head as he pushed his way inside of Shelby's pussy for the first time. As Chad switched from Paige's pussy to Shelby's mouth and watched her greedily lap up the combination of their fluids he knew he was going to cum. When Rex heard Chad and Paige begin to cum he was unable to resist against Shelby's tight wetness and Paige's lapping tongue.

Hotel Erotique

group greaterimp 2018-06-04

Paige dimmed the lights and guided her up the step to let her settle in, before climbing up and sitting on the surround behind her with only her feet in the warm water, Ms. Madison's head resting in between against the padded lip. As the water sloshed about and the moans and gasps echoed in the marble room, Paige played her pussy like an instrument, coaxing whichever pleasure or intensity from it she wished, until at last Ms. Madison, said, "Enough, child, enough." Give you little girl a shiny new pretty pussy." She was aggressively grinding her hips onto her face, fucking her hard as her tongue shot up into her, her upper lip rubbing her clit.


One of "Those" Parties Ch. 01

group samsknightly 2018-06-04

What do you think?" I turned toward her and said, "I will stay as long as you want, and play however you want." Becca smiled wide and I felt her start to undo my pants right there on the couch. I want you to watch me play with her and when she starts getting really good and makes you want to cum, I want to watch you grab her hair and fuck her mouth until you unload your cock into her mouth." I felt a sexual punch in the gut when Becca said this. I noticed the guy who was getting his cock sucked on the couch across the room starting to watch my girlfriend slide her fingers into Carrie's wet pussy, I saw Becca's fingers getting coated with wetness and wanted to be down there with her playing.

My Best Friend's Brother

group fms9612 2018-06-04

"I'm going to tease that tight little pussy until you're begging me to be inside you," he said thrust his hard on against me making me moan. Jake rubbed his cock around my open mouth as Dylan fingered my slick hole. Simultaneously Dylan slowly slid the tip of his dick inside me as Jake pushed into my mouth. Jake grabbed my pony tail pulling roughly he thrust his cock in and out of my mouth in unison with Dylan. "I think you need every hole fucked don't you Jamie, you dirty girl," Hayden licked his lips as he pushed me so I was on all fours on the ottoman. Hayden thrust hard inside me and thrust four fingers in my pussy as he pounded my ass.

School Photos Ch. 04-05

group Gary_Alexander_2 2018-06-04

I switched my camera's memory card (I didn't want anybody seeing the photos I took last night), and changed into my baggiest bathing suit: over the course of the last three hours or so I'd soaped up Kali's tits and sipped my finger in her pussy, then sat watching a movie with Susie, both of us naked from the waist up and my hand on her bare breast, and I hadn't had a chance to do anything to relive the mother of all hard-ons. Susie acted as if she hadn't heard her -- I was pretty sure mine was the first adult penis she'd ever seen close up -- but Kali laughed and said "Jen, that is far and away the sluttiest thing I've ever heard you say."


Accidental Hazing Ch. 02.5

group EuphoricCinder 2018-06-04

"Only a cum slut for you Sir. I'm so happy we got to play again." She said to Jason who had laid down on the bed. "Are you in love with Brooke?" Kim asked lifting her head to look at Jason who was half asleep himself. "It feels so good Cindy," Jason said as he let the blonde girl's tongue slide all over his cock, as her mouth worked him in and out. Jason stood stock still, the water pounding his back and preventing it from hitting Cindy's cum covered face. "Your sorority is fucking horny." Jason said as Kim's head peeked out to watch him dress. "We just want Jason, then we'll leave." John said trying to sound tough.


Amy's Good Morning

group red_rose 2018-06-04

Sam laid down on the guest bed they'd made for him in the living room, and Amy sat down next to him, running her fingers through his chest hair and smiling down at him, wondering what she should do next. Sam had a big hand on her inner thigh, squeezing and stroking, while David pushed a third finger into her pussy, pumping faster and faster. She let go of her husband's cock as she started shaking, her pussy gushing warm liquid onto Sam's hand and mouth. Her husband lined up his gorgeous cock with her dripping pussy and was able to push home with almost no effort - he hadn't felt her this wet in quite some time.

The Layover

group tk5555 2018-06-04

She had been slightly annoyed that Taylor did not make arrangements for his friend to stay at a hotel, but as Shelly watched Evan emerge from the car she began to reconsider her position. "Shelly, let him unpack before you start asking him to strip naked," Taylor said, interrupting his wife. "I've got this," Shelly said adding the plate to a stack on the counter, "You should go see the new addition, I'm sure Taylor is dying to show you where he wants that fireman's pole." Evan was a good looking guy, and his wife was just enough of a free spirit to give him the okay to fool around a little, but Shelly was not sure she shared that viewpoint.


A Perfect Friday Night (GANGBANGED)

group g43 2018-06-04

I spent hours getting a perfect waistline, toning up my ass and legs, but I also went there to let my wander and it would not take long I was eyeing up the hunks and wondering how big and juicy their cocks were, how they would taste, and most of all how they would feel deep in my ass and pussy but most of all down my throat. Mark and John were either side of me and I took both of their cocks in hand as I was riding Joe, taking turns sucking each of the others. John and Joe came at almost the same time, with another big load deep in my ass and my mouth and throat filling up with spunk.

Debauchery of Vijaylakshmi Ch. 07

group shanti2010 2018-06-04

"Vijaya - ah, Mrs. Sanorita, wants to get the closing date moved up," Ripu KN informed his wife. Approaching Sandhya from the foot of the lounge, Vijaya had an unobstructed view of the woman's most intimate parts, the pouting, hairy lips of her pussy, the flash of pink in the heart of her bush, even the secret, dark crack that hid her anus. Sandhya's lean, smooth thighs closed on the sides of her head, trapping Vijaya completely in the hot, steaming pocket of female sex. The jolt of Ripu KN's last final heave slammed Vijaya's face against the unyielding arch of Sandhya's pubic bone. Finally, her pleasure fading, and feeling aching and empty, Vijaya hauled her face out of Sandhya's soggy pussy.


How I got started with my cum/bukkake fetish!

group jb-mb 2018-06-04

They were trying to think of something else naughty that I would agree on when some other girl at the party suggested that if I wouldnt have sex with them, then I had to take off my shirt and watch them jerk off. The fact that I could get them that excited without even touching them, just from them looking at my body made me feel so fucking sexy and Over time of doing these parties I guess through "positive mental association" I have associated the taste of cum with that rush of excitement that I would get, so I am as equally as addicted to semen now!!

An Unexpected Office Threesome

group intimateoutlet 2018-06-04

The lovers pulled and abused the massive bags of flesh as they feasted, and Jess, deriving pure pleasure and delight came hard, squeezing and sending pulses through the meaty spear deep inside her hot pussy. With each push her enormous tits spilled more milk until the squelch of Jem's cock in her pussy was echo by the bounce of Jess' breasts in the growing pool of milk. In a rampant frenzy Jem thrust harder and harder, deeper and deeper into Jess' body and just at the point of climax he pulled his long rod from the folds of her pussy, pulled her off the table onto hr knees, wrapped her massive tits around his rock solid penis, and came covering her chin.

First Night

group Lilith760 2018-06-04

Bonnie rubbed on Greg's crotch with a back hand through his pants, all the while grinning at me. Bonnie pulled my hand down on Greg where her's had been. Bonnie's behind was bumping my shoulder as she worked Greg's cock so I swiveled my back to the door giving myself room to move. At about the 3rd round Greg maneuvered behind Bonnie and started playing with her breasts. Bonnie first just stared at them, then approached me, seized one breast, put her lips on mine and slid her hand under my wet panties and cupped my vulva. So I kept tickling just below the head until Greg grabbed my hand and his cock together and begged me to stop.


Ashley and Jack's Turkish Delight

group Curiousaboutlove 2018-06-04

We stopped at the little office beside the bar and, after Jack went inside, I briefly watched the girl walk, hips swinging in a sultry way, towards the cabins. Because we had things in common and as she seemed good company, I didn't feel Cara was intruding on my time with Jack even though he was sitting in the pool alone. When Cara turned back to me she said, "God girl, he has a hot body." I was slightly taken aback as, while I have seen other girls check out Jack, she was the first to comment so directly. As we watched Jack standing at the railing taking shots, Cara bent over and whispered "Hey I like your dress, you look very sexy."


me my hubby his best mate and mine 2nd time

group bi-wifey 2018-06-04

Sam held my wrists as i sat my arse down on daves big hard throbbing cock and julie grabbed my legs as steve entered my pussy both holes full with cocks they fucked me real hard and deep my breathing out of control as sam kissed me to mmmmmmmmmmm yeh fuck me fuck me harder i moaned steves cock stretching my ass open as my husband fucks my pussy with in ten mins they were ready to cum both filling my holes up with sticky cum i felt the last few drops squirt from there cocks as they eased out sam and julie jumped to my holes and sucked the cum from them and then stood up and kissed the guys swapping the cum into there mouths then steve kissed me and then my hubby kissed me the tasted of cum was sooooooo nice i swallowed it all.We all agreed that we should keep this going on a regualr basis and if it was just one on one or more that it was fine as long as me and my hubs were aware that they other one was doing it .


group deathlynx 2018-06-04

Sarah was reaching for Kelly's bra, but his wife's eyes quickly darted to him before returning to her friend, a wicked gleam in them. Sarah guided Kelly to stand, hands never leaving her waist, and turned her to face her husband. When Kelly turned to face Sarah a sound that could only be described as a "purr" escaped their friend's lips upon seeing the revealing fabric. He looked up in surprise to see Kelly, eyes still closed, lips still pressed against Sarah, reaching over to stroke him slowly. The twinge of nervous fear returned to Paul as he watched Sarah casually kneel between his slightly spread legs, hungry eyes consuming his body.


Suburban Style Ch. 02

group Nottingly 2018-06-04

Sally turned to face me, her hip pushing my boner somewhat uncomfortably to the side, flattened her massive boobs against my torso, looked into my eyes and said, "Fuck me Greg. Sally rolled me off her, sat up, cross-legged, in a way that allowed me a good look at the opening of the entrance to the cave my cock had been visiting, and exhaled with a loud and cute "whew." She looked over at me, eyes sparking, and said brightly, "Thanks. Cheryl pushed off with her arms, moving her body back and forth, sliding her clit along the base of Jason's cock, and running her stomach across the bare tip of his penis.


Unknown Number

group translation 2018-06-03

Her breath on your clit forces its way into your mind again and you move your hand to your belt buckle and pull the leather up and away from the pin holding it in place. Your eyes are shut, your mouth wide open and your hand moving like a machine inside your jeans when you hear it. You like that idea and soon you are down on the floor, with her face between your thighs, her mouth inches from your soaking wet cunt. You hear her start to groan and pant like a rabid dog until you feel the warm wet sensation of her pussy coming all over your face.


Kelly's Day at Work

group Direwolf1967 2018-06-03

Coming back into the office to find Kelly on her knees with Toby's cock shoved down her throat and her big fucking tits hanging down while being fondled was a huge shock for Trent. "Hey Trent, I'm just using this Big Titted Cocksucker to get my rocks off," replied Toby as he grabbed the back of Kelly's head and stopped her from pulling off his cock. "Damn I didn't realize she was that kind of slut," said Trent moving forward to get close enough to grab hold of Kelly's tits. Spitting into Kelly's cleavage Toby said, "Fuck I've always wanted to titfuck this big titted slut. Toby pulled his cock out of Kelly's tits and Trent pulled out of her mouth.


Lady In Red

group Eagle1 2018-06-03

I remember this one time with a girl up against the wall behind the bleachers in the gym, she was tight, but hell, you know what I mean, man. Brenda was giving Ian these sexy, longing looks, and making little playful gestures with her tongue. Ian had started to groan louder and in a couple seconds he came in his girl's pussy grunting. Looking down I surveyed his little dick and wondered how it kept a girl like Brenda satisfied. She was not as tight as Resa, but considering that she had just been fucked by Ian's little pencil dick, she was feeling none too bad around my cock. Ian said to me, "Man, you know she's never fucked anyone but me before."


Adventurous Outing

group Broadvue 2018-06-03

I can feel her gently gyrating her hips, rubbing my cock through my jeans with her tight ass. She rubs the head of my cock in little circles around her tight pussy, teasing me, getting me wet in her juices. As she eases the last couple of inches into her, she throws her head back and lets out an extended moan: "Ohhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuccckkkk meeeee..." she says, "You feel incredible inside of me!" I grab her around the hips and guide her as she slowly begins to bounce up and down on my cock. She then leans forward a bit more and the cock enters her tight little mouth.

Another Good Deed

group Azuldrgon 2018-06-03

I started sucking off the soldier while his friend went behind me and unbuttoned my blouse to reveal my red lacey bra underneath. It was at this point that I took the soldier's dick out of my mouth and told them both that they needed to come to my examination room. My breasts were covered with so much of his cum that I started to lick them off as much as I could before my friend slid down and slammed his cock inside me. I allowed it to slide into my mouth and began sucking on it before my friend took his dick out of my pussy and started spraying my stomach with his seed.


The Security Guard

group stosh79_00 2018-06-03

“All right then you may leave if you would like this could take awhile.” Lisa gets up form her seat and mouths thank you to colleen and then walks out the door. I started to push her head down and she knew just what I wanted she started to unzip my pants and pulled my cock out and man this girl sucked like a Hoover. “Hey wait one damn minute here girl, I’m not through yet.” she looked at me like what else do you want. I started to finger her clit a little when I could sense that she was ready to go I told her that if she was a good girl that I would remove the gag.

Speak Princess Ch. 02

group ELroleplay 2018-06-03

Mike on his knees was watching Emma's pussy full of cum. She started moaning again as mike's cock slipped in between her pussy lips. Robert was Awe struck, he only stood there with his cock in hand, vigorously pumping, intoxicated by Emma's body. Mike didn't last long, pulling Emma onto him, she rode his cock. "You fucking whore!" His head fell back, allowing Emma to continue. Emma looked up at him, her cum cover face dripping. Pretty fucking tight huh?" Daniel said an ecstatic look on his face. Robert said picking up her towel, trying to cover her. "Princess!..." She held a finger to his lips, kissing him slowly. Robert pulled away, looking down he saw his cock.