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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Debauched, Again

group hotorangecouple 2018-06-03

Coming back to the Jacuzzi, I see Di sucking on Bill's cock while Sue is sucking Jim's dick. Just then, Sue straps on her dildo and starts fucking Di doggie. She has Bill lay down and sucks his cock some more while Jim puts a condom on and starts fucking her doggie. Di says she'd love to be airtight, but the guys are all too big for her tight little ass. Oh fuck, Sue says hold on and comes back with her thin dildo strapped on! Then, she starts giving Jim a real deep sucking and the husband and wife team rhythm her hard and deep.

Captain Jack Ch. 04

group Captain Jack 2018-06-03

The first wave of hot lava flooded her mouth and she was sucking so hard I though my head was cumming through my cock. She was moving the head of my cock in and out of her mouth like a piston. I closed my eyes and almost dropped of into never land when I felt her mouth cover the bulb and start sucking my cock. I opened my eyes and her head was bobbing up and down my shaft, her head was moving up and down like a piston for maybe four or five minutes. Sandra was in a gold dress the barley cover her ass and her legs looked like they were ten feet tall.


The Master's Pleasure

group alexcarr 2018-06-03

That evening though David did find some comfort in being ' suitably' initiated - as the master's brother, Mr Peter - enjoyed stretching his aperture with a range of dildo's from small to large, and finally, when it got to trying the largest inside him, he yelped a bit but given a deep massaging of coconut oil and more gently working in and out David felt the comfort and thrill bestow him, and then he felt also that he was well stretched and Mr Robert said, after having pushed his face between his crack, licked and tasted him, that he was well ready for fucking.

The Prom Date Ch. 06

group Kellog 2018-06-03

While Dana and Sara took separate showers and got ready to go clothes shopping for their prom dresses, Cindy browsed over to the eBay site and closed the bidding on the Cinderella package, two white mice and a pumpkin. And having spent so much time around so many thin, beautiful, sexual girls in her fashion classes, Jasmine had frequently found herself bedding her classmates and sometimes even the paid models, so she found it almost as difficult as the young man in the store to look away from the sexy siren. "It hasn't been so long ago that I went to my senior prom," Jasmine announced, assuming a professional aire, "and everyone knows that what a girl chooses to wear underneath her formal is just as important as the gown itself.


Nicolle's Bound Experiance

group SlutKathy 2018-06-03

"Um, I left the cuff keys on my dresser at home." "Okay, ha ha, I laughed, now unlock me." "Nicolle, I'm sorry, I really am, but I'm not kidding.” I let out a moan, and wiggled and pulled against the cuffs. Chas said with a laugh, "Anyway, you like to be a slut, so if anybody does come along you will probably get a good fucking". They weren't going to miss out on a chance like this, a naked cum covered slut presenting herself for them and I was soon pulled into a gent’s public toilet where they all took their turn with me. I was down on my hands and knees on the dirty smelly piss covered floor while a cock was pounding my ass and another was face fucking me.

Booze and a Hot Tub - The Hot Wife

group SlyDog969 2018-06-03

Fernando walked out of the house with large pitcher in his hand and said, "margaritas anyone?" So we started drinking margaritas and began feeling pretty loose. I watched as Fernando and Sonja touched each other under the water and she smiled as he obviously was playing with her shaved pussy and that she also had her hands full. "God, you guys were fucking hot I almost shot my load just watching you," Fernando said as he sat the camera down on chest of drawers across from the bed. Around that same time Katia made some remarks in Spanish to Fernando that I could not make out; I saw his face turn red his nostrils flare and his eyes looked like they were going pop out of his head.


Donna at the porn cinema.

group 2018-06-03

It start in this way,the first man grabbed me from behind,keeping my arms locked,the second man put his hand over my mouth and began to say "shut up bitch",then he trying to open my blouse,touching my boobs and trying to get me off the skirt,and also the ticket guy helped him with that,so I found myself soon,naked with only my stay-up stockings and my rubber boots. I began to scream but they did everything to keep my mouth shut,while the guy with big hands,fucking my ass faster.He came for the second time inside me,with a gasp of pleasure.Then he asked the other two if they wanted to do the same with me,but they said one was enough for them,and they were frightened,about my partner in the cinema could come looking for me..they opened the door and they left me full of cum and my little ass hurting..

cindy learns not to nag

group ilv44dd 2018-06-03

To witch Mike said (look she been nagging me for the last hour about getting some food so he did not care about what kind of bar it was or if she had to blow every guy in the place.) To witch he said what do you want to eat. As me and Mike finished our food Troy sank the 8 ball on Ben. He asked if we would like to play partners, but Mike said he wanted to get to the bike shop. As Troy was getting ready to break the balls told me that the bet was if I win I get dressed and go home but if he won he was going to fuck me and when he was done anyone in the place that wanted to could do the same.

Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 07b

group femadorer 2018-06-03

My hands lowered, my fingertips grazed down her spine, she sobbed harder now, I kissed her softly and murmured into her slightly parting lips, "Thank you my sweet heart, I love to hear that, it makes ME happy when YOU are happy my heart, and that will never change, Renate." I was not a bit surprised to feel rivers of tears running down her cheeks now, dripping from her chin in the end to pool on my chest; her soft, small form shook wildly, my hand flattened and roamed slowly all over her quivering back.


Make Me Better

group ChibiFangirl 2018-06-03

I can't tell if he is playing this father daughter game or he actually believes I would run off campus despite the fact I feel like shit. "I know, but I wanted to." Peter says opening up a tea bag and placing it in the water. I can feel Peter's legs giving out as the pleasure builds in his body.He is gripping the shower wall for support as I press my boobs against his length. I blow my nose for what feels like an eternity and noticed that I'm still wet from the session Peter and I had earlier. I blow my nose and then say, "I don't know, Roman, I need to talk to Peter about this."


The Surrogate Ch. 02

group Layates112 2018-06-03

Time to take the reins a bit, Sommer thought as she released Brits ass and snaked her hand between them, probing blindly for the wet folds of her sister in law's pussy and finally, with some help felt her middle finger touch the hairless lips and slid between them, slipping into the cum-drenched depths easily and began to probe and dig for Brit's g-spot, rewarded a moment later when she felt Brit tense and heard her moan in her ear before she redoubled her kissing at Sommer's neck, holding on as Sommer twirled her digit inside her, rubbing the walls of her sopping pussy.


Crystal Clear Ch. 19

group Romantic1 2018-06-03

Synopsis of This Story Up to This Point: After a motorcycle road trip laced with grief, love, incest, and sex (read the Road Trip series), Jim, girlfriend country singer Crystal Lee and her sister Ellen, a love interest named Claire, and a nymphomaniac housekeeper Nadia lived together. Claire blossomed in our love, coming from a rescue by Jill Danes – the actress, and from a career path she hadn't liked but had felt trapped in as a porn movie queen and a high-end call girl. Nadia went on, ignoring the interruption; "So, Sean explained to me about a toga party like the Romans used to have two thousand years ago.


Stacy's First Swing Pt. 07

group Boondocker42 2018-06-03

Helen had fucked both men repeatedly in rapid succession, had persuaded Stacy to push her hand into another woman's vagina and had violently abused her own body for pleasure. She momentarily toyed with the rings piercing her long pussy lips, pulling them lightly a time or two as she pressed her face deeply into the other woman's bare groin. Looking down between their bodies, she had to slide down away from Stacy's head a bit to grab onto the pink dildo and bend it upward toward her own groin. All of Helen's weight was on the pale woman, her tanned thighs spread wide and pressed into Stacy's, supported by one hand between her breasts.


Airplane Encounter

group flygirl24 2018-06-03

Paul on my right started rubbing my hand as if to tell me everything was going to be ok. Then Paul smiled and again let me know that whatever it took to keep my mind off the airplane ride. Oh my god I wanted him to put some more pressure on my pussy mound but I couldn't talk with Paul's cock sawing away at my mouth or drawing any attention to myself. I had managed to get my hand on Dave's crotch and started rubbing hard trying to give him an idea of the pressure I needed down below. As soon as I got his prick good and cleaned up and twisted in my seat and started back on Paul's cock.

Theater Visit

group Mahalo70 2018-06-03

I reach over and unzip his pants, and pull his stiffening cock out and start stroking it. I hear someone behind me and lean my head back to see another viewer standing behind me stroking his cock also. He stands up and takes over the stroking of his cock, and soon shoots his load of cum all over my tits. I tell him to feel free to cum on my tits, and I start playing with his balls. Mark pulls out of my pussy, and rubs my clit with the head of his cock, as he strokes himself. I tell them Thanks for everything and I put my cum covered tits back into my bra...pull down my dress and wipe my face with a bandana Mark gives me.

My Sweet Jen

group bigcityguy 2018-06-03

As I continued for fuck Jens mouth with my cock, Steve had regained his erection and was now heading towards Jen. His cock was certainly small then mine, I had never really paid attention to detail like that for fear I would be called gay. As I filled her mouth with my cum I looked over to Jens best friend Kim standing in the door way with her hand planted deep in herself under her cotton summer PJ’s . Jen slid her head down between her legs and began to suck her sweet cum from her pussy. Steve was now standing beside Kim’s head and offering her the head of his dick to suck on while Jen worked her clit in her mouth.


And Joan and Anthony Make Six

group BigDave1340 2018-06-03

Mark and Joan were busy splashing each other at the far end of the pool, whilst Anthony and Julie were having similar fun in another corner. Our conversation was a little off at first; Joan and Anthony had never done anything like this before, and Julie and Mark had only once before had exposed themselves to (and fucked) another couple - me and Tanya. I took Anthony’s place, then just before I entered, Joan announced the owner of the first cock to be Mark. Mark took my place and again, Tanya tasted Joan’s pussy on the cock. The ice had truly melted now and soon, I was fingering Julie, Mark had Joan and Anthony was receiving another dose of oral from Tanya.


Riya's 21st Birthday Party Ch. 02

group enup 2018-06-03

Her own movements on the penises inside her pussy and her butt-hole caused her to slide up and down along the length of Asit's penis and soon he had picked up the rhythm and all four of them were moving in a coordinated manner. Misa's tongue on his balls and Riya's thrusting down the length of his penis was too much for Andy and he let out a shout, as he came spurting inside Riya's cunt. Andy took out the last few items: they were a couple of weights, which he immediately attached, dangling, from her nipple rings; last to come out were some feathers, which Andy explained were to be used to tease Riya.


Los Cinco Hermanos Ch. 03

group eidetic 2018-06-03

There were lights hanging off pipes in the ceiling and three or four tripods on casters and in the middle, another huge bed like the one in Jerry's room, in stark contrast to the medieval torture theme adorning the walls. I was so busy paying attention to the floor and Jerry's voice that I didn't notice Jackson standing in front of me, between me and the door. When he realized I wasn't continuing to run, he looked over at Jackson and told him, "nice bit of broken field running there, 'bro." Then he turned his attention back to me. "We didn't want to scare you away," Jerry told me.


Prologue to an Affair Ch. 01

group johnny_yong 2018-06-03

Comfortable and confident, I remember the feeling of her fingers as they slightly squeezed my hand and seeing her long black hair falling down her shoulder and her gold earrings dangling as she turned looking over her nearly bare shoulder, the thin straps her dress over the slightest of freckles on her porcelain white skin, at me with her red lips smiling showing her perfect teeth before she said, "Isn't it wonderful, baby?" She whimpers and moans cutely as well as load enough to make sure every eye in the place is paying attention to her as her dress slips up her body exposing her little panties for just the briefest of movements before her hand moves and pulls down the front of her dress as she laughs teasingly before settling down sitting on my right thigh.

Behind my back,she becomes a totally different wom

group wetchin54 2018-06-03

He said "Enjoy the Bitch boys,collecting money from each as he walked away, slut you know where I'll be when they are done with you." Before he was out the door, one guy had his dick in her pussy, another pull his against her lips as she eagerly opened her mouth and took as much as she could in. One guy said suck my dick an' shut the fuck up you white slut bitch. Get that black cock wet and hard you fucking white whore, it be in yo ass in a minute. He walked around behind her and was saying, I gonna stretch that tight white ass out good, you gonna feel two big black cocks rubbing together inside you white fucking whore.

Roommates with Benefits Ch. 01

group BigMeanie 2018-06-03

John kept fucking Cindy as he watched Julie's juice flow out of her pussy and onto her face. As John eased his cock into Julie's pussy he said, "I'm going to finish in you, Julie, and after I pull out, I want you to squat above her mouth and make her clean it all out." John moved to the opposite edge of the bed, grabbed a handful of Cindy's hair and lifted her face up into the crack of Julie's ass. After Julie was satisfied that Cindy had done her job completely, she moved onto the bed beside her and told John she was ready for a shower and then sleep.

Drink night

group astrosteve 2018-06-03

While I continued to eat that tasty pussy, Sam started sucking Rogers big cock while I licked her to another orgasm. Roger and I switched positions, he started licking her already dripping pussy while she eagerly took my cock in her mouth. Sam laid back next to me and gave me the hottest look of lust I've ever seen as Roger placed his mouth at her pussy and started licking up the cum that was running out of her. I felt her body start to move and looked down to see Roger fucking her cum filled pussy. I eagerly took it in my mouth, sucking and licking all that tasty cum off him.

Three's For Me

group amazingrace69 2018-06-03

Grace's arms come up to Aimee's arms and slowly pull down the leather jacket and toss it back on the pool table. As Aimee begins massaging Tom's neck and shoulder, he can feel the pre-cum oozing from his painfully hard cock. "Oh god," he moans as he throws his head back, "Now!" With that, Grace pulls him out of her mouth and jacks him off as Tom watches himself blow his load onto his hot girlfriend and her sexy friend's huge tits. Tom is sitting with his mouth open when he realizes Aimee is wearing a harness with a bright blue double headed dildo attached to it. Aimee comes over and to Tom's surprise, she pulls Grace forcefully up and plants a hard kiss on her mouth.