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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Based Upon A Real Life Fantasy

group Lorindellia 2018-06-03

He moved his hand to her breast and caused her to moan slightly as he lightly pinched her nipple with one hand and un buttoned her dress completely with the other. This excited her and she looked up to see his friend moving in closer, bending to kiss her neck, and then move lower, down her chest to stop to rest on her nipples where he began to suck on them lightly at first, but then much more intensely. The friend, the savior, the man who came to call upon her and her lover lowered himself to the floor and pulled her on top of him.

The Pool

group denniscarpenter 2018-06-03

Sherry smiled at that last comment and she said, “Really what happened?” “Before I answer that can I just ask you this” they both nodded “was he a black guy you were meeting?” “Yes OMG how did you guess?” “It’s a fantasy for a lot of women to be taken by a black guy and for the husband to watch and maybe join in, the miss conception is that black guys are hung better than other races” “This guy was” said Tom “trust me he was 9.5 inches and looking at his pics I don’t doubt it” “I don’t doubt it for a second” I said, Sherry asked again what had happened when I met the couple so I briefly explained to them the we had met about this time in this very pool and that I had started to play with the female in front of her husband.

After the championship games

group bbc904 2018-06-03

She said sucking dick got her wet i spreaded her asscheeks and started eating her pussy. After about 5 mins we got in the same rhythm and as he would thrust forward i would to so as he went in her pussy i went deep in her mouth. I told him this time when he had to cum hold the back of her head and shoot deep down her throat. I stopped told him to tell someone else to come down as we waited i made her suck my dick and clean her cum off of it. I went back to fucking her pussy which was now sloppy wet as my teammate tea bagged and put his dick down her throat.


group SplendidSpunk 2018-06-03

I guess no one in the bar that night was stupid and before Joe could unload there were two more guys in the men's room with their cocks in their hands. This went on for a while until everyone in the bar had his fun, if I had to guess I took about twenty five cocks in my various holes that night, maybe some of the guys more then once I was not paying attention. The guy in my cunt was moving his cock in such a way that I was about ready to blow so I pulled the cock from my mouth to let out a few 'oh my gods' as my first orgasm of the day hits me square in the eyes.

Angie Gives In To Temptation

group Rosko Busby 2005 2018-06-03

He started sending Emails asking her to come to his flat and make love, and Angie rebuffed him each time, but there was no doubt that Mike was slowly wearing her down as she had started dreaming about him at night and fantasising about him during quiet moments. Mike sat on the bed and pulled the naked Angie to him and started caressing her shoulders and down her back, then gently rolling his palms over her nipples until they stood out stiff and the circle around them raised like a second mini breast. With Angie's head hanging over the side of the bed, Mike pulled her ankles onto his shoulders and starting ramming in and out so fast but making sure that every inch went in and out with each stroke.


A Night with Friends

group Ezzyas 2018-06-03

Gary, the other person in the room besides myself, had also noticed Jodie's shorts had ridden up to reveal her legs and was dumbly staring in that direction. Gary managed to remove his gaze from Jodie's legs and looked at me expecting me to answer my own question. Jodie had said to me several times that she didn't really find Gary attractive, he wasn't really her 'type', she would say as women so ambiguously often comment regarding men. After ten minutes of Gary waving his arms broadly around the room and then throwing cards on the table in various configurations Jodie was still lost. I was pretty drunk by then and felt a little tingle in my crotch at the idea of watching Jodie take off her clothes in front of old Gary.


The Strip Club Ch. 3

group Fritz 2018-06-03

Barb's eyes and mouth opened in awe as she watched her brother's huge cock slowly disappear into Debbie's little cunt. The cum-soaked super-cock flopped out of Debbie's pussy, along with a constant stream of sperm that gushed all over Barb's face. Don't you want to fuck her in the ass?" Asked Barb, as she slid Rudy's cock back into her mouth. Debbie and I watched and tugged at each other's genitals, as Barb grabbed his cock and slid it up and down her wet pussy lips. Barb started licking and tongue fucking Debbie's pussy. Rudy pulled his drenched monster cock out and a flood of cum gushed from her pussy and down her legs.

My First Time at a Swinger's Club Ch. 06

group Puddin36 2018-06-03

He broke away from my lips and started kissing his way down my body, stopping at my neck and kissing and lightly nibbling, then his mouth went to my shoulders...he hit that spot like he knew it was one of those spots that drive me wild. Do you want me to eat that pretty pussy you want to feel my tongue sliding up and down that wet slit and suck on that clit of yours? I reached down and held his head tight to my pussy as my hips began to rise and fall as I fucked his mouth. "Damn are fucking sure know how to suck cock Sami. "Damn baby........You are truly incredible Sami...I ain't never fucked a pussy like that before.

Threesome with an Ex

group Steelecowboy 2018-06-03

I kneeled down on the sofa beside you offering my cock to Sam. She raised her head from between your legs and then took me all the way down her throat sucking me hard and deep as she shoved her fingers inside you and fucked you hard with her hand. Sam's moans started getting louder as she reached down grabbing you by the back of your head and pulling you into her even closer. Sam grabbed you by the face again, looking deeply into your eyes as I entered you and started fucking you. Suddenly I heard Sam again: "Come on Rob, let's make this bitch cum harder than she ever imagined." She started sucking harder and harder on your nipples as she rubbed your clit even faster.

Nicole Pleases Three

group jasexy28 2018-06-03

I moved to the side on the bed and stroked her smooth ass cheeks and the back of her thighs as she took the head of Mike's cock into her mouth. She continued to jerk him off as he came and then held her open mouth over the tip of his cock and I watched as his cum shot inside several times and dripped out onto the bed. She looked so good with my cum trickling from her pussy and smeared all over the insides of her thighs and her face covered in Mike and Ryan's sperm. Mike pulled her lips open and we watched as the sperm started to run down her pussy and drip onto the bed.


Clit Fuck

group EZ_CUM_EZ_GO 2018-06-03

She was the only one who sat down there, though Brian told me during the course of the evening, she very often invited people to join her there on the couch so she could talk to them, and most likely discuss with them the possibility of joining her in the middle of the room later, or in many cases, being given an invitation to stay for the more private party afterwards. Hearing the wickedly erotic moans and groans from the participants fucking or having oral sex with one another in the middle of the room while everyone else simply watched, as far more arousing that I had ever imagined.


When The Boys Are Away... Ch. 03

group markus75 2018-06-03

Ewan and Petra went to fix a couple of drinks whilst Laura and Mark started the sauna up. After another 10 minutes or so in the sauna both men went out to the pool, Mark joking to Ewan that it was a pity that Laura hadn't finished what she was doing as he was sure to get a boner if Petra was sunbathing topless. As they were both nearing orgasm a picture of Petra's shaved pussy provided that final extra bit needed for Mark to send his hot cum shooting into Laura's cunt, which kicked off her orgasm, her back arching before falling back into the bed.


The First Threesome

group Misslostinnocence 2018-06-03

You look like you want to touch Amanda, too, but she hasn't given the go ahead to you quite yet, so I do it for you...taking my hand off your hard cock and moving it slowly up Amanda's side onto her left breast as she tongues me. You start matching the rhythm of your thrusts to Amanda's probing fingers, and soon I can feel you getting close, your cock swelling and getting impossibly harder as you're on the verge of spraying your hot load so deep into my ass. I may not be into women sexually, but one tongue is much like another when it comes to eating out my pussy...any way it happens, it's going to feel fucking great.


My fiancee and her ex are making love (not fucking

group 2018-06-03

She looked over at me, probably to make sure she hadn't crossed the line, but when she saw that i was smiling and was stroking my cock, she got really bold and said "you were and still are the best fuck Ive ever had, including my husband. What WAS real was the fact that Karen was ovulating at that exact moment, and she was making love to, not fucking her ex boyfriend who had no condom on because she wanted his cum inside. She said when they first started kissing, she had planned on just giving a good night of sex but the moment he first put his head inside her, all of the feelings and lust came back and she believes that was the exact moment she fell in love with him again.

My fantasy

group 2018-06-03

MY fantasy is to be fucking used and humilated on tape by a bunch of men, I mean a FUCKING lot of guys doing anything they wish to me, while they filmed it, making me show my face and answer really personal questions like my full name, city, etc. Then them doing ANYTHING they wish with the video. I know some ppl will think this is wrong, but fuck it makes my pussy soooooooo fucking wet.

Amanda & Kate

group ballard232 2018-06-03

After getting into dry clothes, I pulled out my dong, imagining her tongue on the head of my cock. She licked the underside of my raging hard-on, taking me in her mouth little by little. I grabbed her head and thrust my cock all the way into her mouth, fucking it as hard as I could. As soon as I got close enough, Kate grabbed my rod and thrust it deep into her cunt. When Kate opened her mouth to scream with pleasure, Amanda sat down on her face and started to kiss me. Amanda licked my cum from her cunt and fucked my cock fast to another great orgasm. Kate finger fucked herself in time with the rhythm of my pounding cock, and we all came together.

Kauai is for lovers- another couple

group bufffreak 2018-06-03

I headed back to the blanket while Cindi played in the water Cindi started walking back to the blanket to join me and I watched her great boobs bounce I knew it was wrong but I coudl see Cindi still having fun with Dan as thsi little hottie was playing with my dick. Cindi and Dan dissapeared aroudn the beach as I shot a load in Jenni's mouth. They took a break as Jenni kept playing with Cindi's boobs "Cindi, you're really lucky to have a big dick like this around all the time" as she played with my length Cindi didn't flinch as Jenni played with my dick and started licking me Dan moved over so Cindi could take him in her mouth as \Jenni slid between her legs.

His Sexpot S i s Chapter 14

group 2018-06-03

eyes and Shawn's hands close around her ankles and her legs were yanked apart. cunt lips that Jill was holding open. It's such a beautiful tight cunt," sighed Shawn, holding her legs up John shook his head and lunged forward, shoving the wooden fuck stick hard with "You asked for it," hissed John, watching her tearing fingers at work at her cunt lips. "Now the guys will call you slack hole," chortled Jodi, as she watched Kyla pull the longer modest, she lay with her legs wide open with her long red gash for all to see. she moaned hoarsely and spread her cunt lips wide open for them to watch her "Give it to me, Shawn," babbled Jodi, taking a pause froth eating her mother's cunt.

Driving Home Sunday Morning

group Darkinside 2018-06-03

She remembered once coming home much later, the road filled with cars, people and families going to work or shopping or outings, and remembered the feeling of all of them seeing her in her car, driving home, and KNOWING that they knew what she had done, how twisted she was, how evil and demented and perverted she had been the night before. She would drive home, clear-headed this time, feeling her aching ass throbbing under her, her raw pussy chafing under her skirt, her swollen nipples still sensitive. She would feel the stickiness over her body, the crusted blobs drying in her hair, the taste lingering in her mouth and scent of cum that wouldn't leave her nostrils.


Simon and Becky Ch. 08

group Otazel 2018-06-03

Simon must finally have decided he'd watched long enough and it was time to join in, for I suddenly felt his hand on my breast, squeezing and kneading my flesh quite firmly. When our kiss ended Simon moved down the bed a little, releasing my breast from his hand so that his mouth might take its place and then sliding his hand down my body, caressing my skin as he went. I love having Simon play with my clit; he's very good at it and can have me climbing the walls within minutes, and this time the effect was multiplied by the girl's hand holding mine as a constant reminder that we were not in private.


Great Loop Ch. 13

group Creekman 2018-06-03

Jim, I want to watch you undress and make love to BJ just like you did me the first time on the boat. We all stood up but instead of going to Jills room, I pulled BJ into my arms and planted a tongue sharing kiss on her lips, moved my hand to her neck and started the seduction right in the kitchen. When they separated, BJ said, "Now lets get to your bedroom, I'm fucking horny and want both of you." In bed, Jill and BJ went straight to a 69 position. Jill started to panic, but I got her calmed down and said, "Watch". Jill and I laughed and I said, "Not every time is like this, but it makes for a good introduction!"


Pool Party

group ThatSexyIrishGirl 2018-06-03

Lucie cleared her throat and interruped me, "I wanted to know if you'd let me suck Mike's cock," she said, trying not to look embarassed or to look away from Kelly's face. My hands were gently caressing my breasts as I watched Lucie take Mike's cock into her warm, wet mouth and Kara shifted her position to be able suck on Lucie's nipples. Moments later, I heard louder moaning and opened my eyes to see Kara underneath Lucie licking her pussy, Mike sitting in the chair he was placed in earlier with Lucie's head quickly bobbing up and down over his cock, her luscious tits swaying with every motion.

Ex Mormons Swing Ch. 04

group BoundariesBroken 2018-06-03

In the course of the next few minutes I learned that while I was out of town having sex with another man and his wife, Craig had been called to serve as the Bishop of our Mormon Ward. Looking flustered that his demure little wife was not begging this to end, and sensing he was trying to play it safe, he turned to Melinda rather than taking revenge by asking me a question. Katie took charge following her turn and looked back at Melinda, "Truth or dare" she asked. Not long after Melinda came back in looking much the same as before for all appearances, but to know she was no longer wearing garments added a silly, stupid, taboo tinge to things.


Boob Job Inquiry

group Hornyman69WithU 2018-06-03

He said that what made them valuable to the boob doc was that they were candid and showed her in a myriad of body positions that gave him a very good idea of what her tits looked like from a variety of angles and so better enabled him to do the surgery—incision type, the size of the implants, the amount of saline solution to put in, how to situate them, etc. I got a good two-handed squeeze on her buns for a moment while she bent over to rearrange the couch pillows and an excellent though brief look at her unfettered pussy before she got back into the same position as before and to the business of sucking her husband (I wanted a BJ soooooo bad, but she hadn't volunteered, and I wasn't about to blow it by asking) and I resumed the titty-fuck, coordinating my thrusting with the gradually increasing pace of her sucking.