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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Chrissy...Ted Takes Family To Dinne

group Vwrite 2018-06-03

She made no effort to remove his hand but she did moisten her lips with the tip of her tongue and said, “Ted, be a gentleman now.” Ted moved a finger under the leg band of Chrissy’s panties and lightly rubbed her pussy. You don't think It would fit in my cunny now....Do you?" Ted continued to massage her pussy and Chrissy lifted her left leg and draped it across Ted’s right leg surrendering her pussy to his touch. Jessica walked in with the drinks and over hearing Chrissy said, "Of course he is going to stick his big cock in your pussy and make you come. Ted moved up between Chrissy's legs, grasped his cock and began to rub the head up and down her pussy slit, carefully tweaking her clit.


The Guitar Lesson Ch. 02

group BlackJackDavy 2018-06-03

Sam stared at both of us for a long time, not talking, just shaking his head, an angry, tight- lipped expression on his face. Sam was stroking himself, his hand gripping his hardness, the bulbous, swollen head showing prominently above his fingers. “Ahh, Patrick,” Sam said, “I think I know what little Renee wants now.” Sam immediately took his place between her legs, and began to prod his swollen cock at her opening. Part of me wanted to make love to her so sweetly and gently, and part of me wanted to fuck her hard, down and dirty like a slut, like Sam was doing right at that moment.

Gay fantasy coming true-my third time

group ashuanand619 2018-06-03

"Vinny has gone to his hometown, so don't worry, let Manu get back tomorrow and we'll do it this Saturday." said Raj. Guys, if you thought this was the end of the story, you're wrong; the best is yet to come! I wanted to have those 'performance booster' aphrodisiac pills and also try out getting fucked with dotted and ribbed condoms so that I could feel their pleasurable sensations on my ass. Round one over, and now it was Abhi's turn to be the 'victim', followed by Manu and last of all Raj. I got to fuck Manu twice, and tried out all the condoms and found the ribbed one most to my liking as I fucked Abhi with it. Manu and Abhi then went into yin-yang themselves, while Raj's eager cock entered my even-more-eager ass in the butterfly pose.

Vacation Ch. 03

group IDrew 2018-06-03

As I walk to the front desk I figure this young girl must be Drew's sister and I don't know how much he told her. I reach to Stephanie and almost drop the cooler as Drew walks out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a smile. Steph slows down a little and you speed up to walk next to Drew. Drew smiles and said it was Steph's idea to come down to the beach. Drew and Steph look so beautiful and young I feel a little guilty pleasure as we open the door. You smile at me when we enter the room and smack my ass, like Drew did.


Sharing My Wife With My New Cock Master

group BJcumcraver 2018-06-03

Alicia opened her mouth and moved her head forward letting the head of his cock slide between her wet lips. Alicia moved her hands up to his waist and pulled on it pushing more of his cock into her mouth. I realized that my wife was finger-fucking herself and playing with her clit as I continued to tongue her ass and Dave sucked on my cock. Dave sucked my cock dry of my cum and I moaned at the sensations coming from my sensitive cock as it slowly softened in his mouth. Alicia moved her body from mine and I looked down at the blonde head that was sucking on my cock. I moaned as our bodies shifted and I felt his mouth suck on the head of my cock.

Moments To Remember

group babydolls 2018-06-03

When they finish a glass, Johnny rises and take her hand, and bends down on one knee, and proceeds to pulls a small red box from his pocket as he looks into Crystals eyes. Johnny begins to kiss the right side of Crystals neck lightly, moving slowly all around it. Spreading them gently, Valerie looked up into Johnny's eyes for a moment, and then plunged her tongue into Crystal's pussy. Folding her legs over his back, he set about licking Crystal's delicious pussy, while Valerie took Johnny's rock hard muscle between her lips and worked her fingers over her own clit. Johnny watched Joey as he glanced up and licked his lips then wrapped his arms around Crystal's legs and pulled her toward him.


Victorious - Wanko's Warehouse

group TreborCox 2018-06-03

Trina and Cat jumped on Jade to hold her down as Robbie got the tickler. Tori licked Beck's cock of all of the pre-cum and Trina's saliva. Robbie was now licking Cat's pussy as she groped Jade's boobs. Jade was looking up at Beck, "I knew you wanted to fuck Vega. Cat moaned deeply and then felt Beck grab her head and pull it down to his cock. Cat nearly bit Beck's cock in shock as Robbie was fucking her pussy. Trina was being held down by Cat as Jade flipped a switch on the anal beads which made them vibrate. Jade slapped Trina in the face, "You either take it or I let Robbie come over here and fuck your ass again."

The Right Touch (Threesome, MMF, Bi-sexual, First

group pure_lust 2018-06-03

As the massage moved on and hot conversation continued, I decided to up the ante a bit and said, "Liz, I know you enjoy being naked. I started to ask John a question about his military service when he suddenly leaned in toward me and said, "Liz says your cock is gorgeous." John leaned forward and very matter-of-factly said, "Liz told me that she has found a very hard cock that needs attention." John and I stood up and Liz grabbed my cock like a handle and began walking toward the massage room with me in tow. John kept telling Liz what a great ass I had and that he couldn't wait for them to teach me to suck cock.

Date Night

group db_01 2018-06-02

She reached for Jamie, pulling her close, and kissed her fiercely as her hands wandered over her breasts and eventually down between her legs to slide her fingers inside of her. It wasn't long and Jamie was moving against Erin's mouth, trying to get off, moaning every time she got close to cumming and feeling Erin ease up. I set the glasses and pitcher down and sat on the side of the bed, watching as Erin broke their kiss and started moving her mouth slowly down Jamie's body. Jamie kept cumming every couple of minutes and each time she did she would cry out, telling us how good it felt until finally, she said in a weak voice, "Enough."

Three's Not a Crowd

group DondeLuna 2018-06-02

As it falls to the ground Jade starts to kiss your neck and shoulders while slowly running her fingers up and down your arms, across your bra covered breasts and down your stomach. Then all of your attention is centered on her mouth again as she kisses your neck, the feel of your skin being pulled taught as she sucks upon the tender flesh. Hearing your moans and sighs begin to rise, Jade reaches between your lips, hooking the fabric of your panties and pulling them out. She is kneeling upon it now, behind your head and starts to slowly kiss her way down your body, her breasts swaying above you while her lips press against your nipples, drawing them back to stiffness.

Hot and Sweet Ch. 20

group errant_dreamer 2018-06-02

This time, it included me licking Natasha's pussy while Jana sucked my cock and then me fucking Natasha slowly on her back so I could watch her massive tits bounce with each thrust. Jana continued to lick and finger Natasha to orgasm while sucking the last of my cum from her pussy. Let me get him ready for you, Natasha." Dana sank to her knees and began sucking my cock, swirling her tongue around the head before deepthroating me. "So tell me, Jim," Natasha said between kisses, "who do you like to fuck best, Jana, Dana or their mother?" But yesterday I had an orgasm at my desk when you were talking about fucking me doggy style and having Jana lick your cum from my pussy." Jana did something special and Natasha moaned.


An Interesting Life Ch. 05

group mildhot 2018-06-02

Next he started to steer Linda's thought to the time she had with Mandy and he realized that she had more than a passing interest in repeating the experience. Linda was at least thinking of him as she pulled her long blonde hair away for him to see the two glorious young girls kiss. She then turned to Mandy unbuttoning her jeans and while kissing her belly slowly lowered it to show her ass covered in very short hot pants. He knows how much she loves it and the whole experience of eating another woman's pussy with Mandy's lips sucking on her clit and his attention to her G Spot brought her to a massive orgasm within minutes.

June and Barb

group GoldenCojones 2018-06-02

A guy from the other side of the bed roughly pushed the spent boy out of the way before he climbed between the girls legs and unceremoniously shoved his cock into her well used pussy. "Come on Jackie, let me turn you back straight." He led her through the crowd toward the door but from the way Jackie looked back at the bed, I wasn't sure the guy was going to be successful in his boast. Another guy moved to the head of the bed and the girl smiled at his cock, not even looking up at the guy's face, before she took it into her mouth.


A Couple Days Off

group macvelly 2018-06-02

Usually, our service tech intern is very outgoing and friendly, and first thing in the morning will take a trip around the office and see who needs a bit more of a morning perking up beyond their first cup of coffee. lost control." The blush deepened, and she said very quietly "And it kinda happened so that everyone knows about it." Making a service tech orgasm is like being able to correct the IT person on a computer issue, or tell an auditor they made a mistake. But if you enjoy it and can control it, you just happen to be in the right profession." She perked up with a huge smile, knowing that she won't be losing her job, and that she can keep enjoying the work.

Losing Gwen

group IDMR 2018-06-02

The next night, Saturday, Gwen went alone to the club she knew Melissa danced at. "If Gwen doesn't mind," Melissa said, touching her throat, "I'm going to change all that." She wanted to feel the same thing, someone else's flesh inside of her, unprotected by plastic. Melissa came when my wife went down on her and licked and sucked her pussy while I fucked it. As the school year came to an end and Gwen started to look for summer work, Melissa suggested a novel idea. I turned around and started sucking on David again, while Gwen finger fucked me. When David was completely hard again, he turned me around and fucked me just like he had my wife earlier that night.


University Pleasures Ch. 09

group interestinglife 2018-06-02

The women in the room cheered him on, eager to watch his eyes roll back and his mouth open wide as the climax reached him; and Tom stared down at Lois' gorgeous frame, and it reminded him considerably of Dana's body which he had plowed in the exact same position no later than this afternoon - and a few times before as well. Tom and Dana had returned to her place not long after supper the previous day; a meal shared with all the girls that had been able to attend the sex gang on the Wednesday. That night, Tom and Dana had talked plentily about what had transpired, the impropriety of his relationship with Myriam, the fact that he had entertained so many girls for so many weeks almost behind her back (but not quite).


A Kitten's Tail Ch. 10

group wolfdragon76 2018-06-02

"I know my husband has magic hands, and I can't blame him for wanting to enjoy that luscious body of yours some more, but we do need to get you ready for takeoff. Marta looked a bit surprised as she hesitantly reached down and started gently petting Felicia. I'm sorry sweetie, but Master was very clear on having us start your training as soon as possible because he waited until you finished school before claiming you," Periwinkle told Marta as she knelt down to stroke Felicia's back. I saw my kitten's eyes light up as she nodded and gave Marta a pleading look, hoping the young woman would accept her.


Board Games

group Pholkie Phred 2018-06-02

Fortunately I was pretty sure that Aim and Mike and maybe Cathy would play along, at least for a while. First Mike was dared to kiss a ring around Cathy's neck. Soon, Mike was dared and complied with a request to French kiss Cathy for three solid minutes. When Aimee drew the first strip naked card everyone’s eyes turned to her in wonder and awe when, without any of the expected hemming and hawing, her dress was flung off into the corner and she stood there in her birthday suit with just the faintest blush on her face. As I stroked her for all I was worth, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Mike and Cathy were similarly entwining on the bed next to us.

Wild Oats - More Baby Batter

group twistedgraygoat 2018-06-02

I started licking and sucking on Reggie's cock and he was slowly beginning to respond when I felt a tongue on my vagina. He took his hands and spread my ass cheeks while working his cock in and out of my love hole. Gus began to move more urgently and as he began to swell he said, "I'm going to help you make a little black baby." With that, stream after stream of warm, thick cum shot deep into my vagina. Without thinking, I left the door open when I lay across the bed naked to rest. Rob began to love me orally while exploring my breasts, and their erect nipples, with his big basketball hands and fingers.

Anniversary Glory

group wyomingbee 2018-06-02

I stood behind her letting my hands roam under her blouse, rubbing her firm breasts and rolling her nipples between my fingers while she watched the woman in the video on her hands and knees sucking one big cock while another was thrusting in and out of her cunt. As her tongue snaked into my mouth, she began rubbing the cock against both of our faces. We soon began kissing each other all around the shaft, lips rubbing back and forth, and our tongues teasing each other's by darting and flicking underneath. I closed my eyes as I concentrated, and I felt Sara's familiar mouth now engulfing my own rock hard cock.

Married Woman Lacked Cock Ch. 02

group aimztoplz 2018-06-02

Joyce and I went to our favorite Chinese restaurant where we could grab a quiet booth and have a leisurely chat about her sexual escapades with Kevin, a man whom we had met through an internet dating service. Joyce got some good loving, released a lot of sexual tensions and hadsome potential lovers on tap. Let's meet Mike tonight if he is free." I still think Harry is an asshole. Mike was open about his marriage which went south after he had started traveling a lot and was not able to spend as much time at home as his wife expected. "Honey," Joyce said, "This guy knows exactly what he wants. . "Do you like to dance, Joyce," Mike asked.


Stiff Club Ch. 04

group loveking 2018-06-02

She imagined how shy she would feel if she was the woman with her legs being held wide apart, showing her pussy to all of the wanking men. Mary did have success in trying to imagine what it would have felt like for the woman as she undressed for the men. Mary felt a familiar wave of excitement rush through her body as she remembered the first time she had performed for the "Stiff Club." As Mary remembered her wild education, she started to realise that the women in the pictures she had just viewed were only taking the next logical step from performing in front of their web-cams.


Snapshot of a Memory Ch. 01

group oldercpl4fun 2018-06-02

Most of the lads we dated were from the theater group so after a few years together any one of us could look around the room and see several old boyfriends with new girlfriends. This story happens several months later when we all got invitations to attend a Mid-summer party hosted by Gwen at her parents place in the country. Deborah smiles and reaches up to kiss Gwen as Jeff plows his cock into her cunt. Gwen caresses a breast of the girl below her and moves away with a smile. His hands lift me up and drop me further down his cock several times eliciting gasps from me as I feel progressively fuller.


More The Merrier

group alias_the_archangel 2018-06-02

As Rachel bent Tammy over the couch roughly with a tug of the hair and affixed the straps of her toy, Melissa was sucking feverishly at Jimmy's seven inches of meat on the other side of the room. Soon enough, Shannon had let go of the dildo and it held its place buried to the 7" hilt in Jimmy's ass. Soon enough, Tammy had her end back within her pussy and was rocking into Rachel's ass while both moaned louder and louder as if it were a contest to see who could reach an orgasm faster. You like my cock in your ass, dirty whore!" Jimmy only moaned into Kim's puss and rocked in time with the dildo.