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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

I Found My s****r Stripping Ch 4

group Dark_Brother 2018-06-02

Amber's hands began to pull at my shirt, and I broke the kiss long enough to pull it off over my head. I placed my hands on Amber's hips, and gently guided her higher up on the couch, kissing her belly, and then down to her crotch as she moved. Dixie began to rock her hips atop me, and I felt someone grab my hand, and knew that Geo wanted some of my attention. Dixie climbed off me, and Geo removed my hand from within her, but kept hold of it, pulling me out from under Amber. I looked back to the couch to see both Amber and Dixie, their legs spread, and a hand on the other's crotch, their eyes slightly glazed as they watched the i****t before them.

Golliwog's Cakewalk Ch. 03

group Nigel Debonnaire 2018-06-02

She needs a new baby of her own." Fingers took another sip of his drink and the older man looked around at the waitresses. After a moment, he grew philosophical: "I'm ready to be a grandfather, I guess, and if you kids have a baby right away, that's all right, but it may not help you very much, Brother Fingers. When they got back to the Zeta house, Fingers confided to Kaylee her father's suggestion about Mary Jane. The usual banquet frivolity gave way to a couple of frat brothers giving Fingers and Kaylee some ritual abuse, and the active members of both Zeta houses drifted away as the President of the University made a few remarks.


Kim Ch. 01

group Mikro 2018-06-02

In the 14 month's I had worked here we had had a few office parties, Xmas, winning a new contract or something, which had been held in the office itself so I had met a few of the men's wives, some of the men seemed quite embarrassed when they saw me talking to them, Mikes wife, Barbara, was a really nice woman about the same age as him and with the same sense of humour, they were very close and very touchy feely with each other, holding hands, arms around each other, stuff like that, nothing sexual just very close and I got on with her like a big sister, we had many laughs together and used to talk about the men, and how we both hated wearing bra's, she wasn't surprised to hear that I never wore pants either, all she said was " So it's true then, nice." She loved discussing who I had been out with, what they were like, and had they found out about me being "available" as she put it, we always had a good laugh even if she just popped into the office to see Mike she always came over for a chat.


Escort Girls Ch. 04

group Sonia_de_Beaumanoir 2018-06-02

"That is something to look forward to, my little Eve," said Monique, pulling the dildo out and then stroking smoothly in. I came hard first, and then brought off Eve's climax by bending forward to lap her clit each time Monique pulled the dildo out. Monique and Julien had gone to a nightclub, and Eve and Marc to their dinner à deux. Monique personally took all of the credit for Eve's success, saying that it was her plan for the seduction that had yielded the hoped-for results. I saw very little of Eve during those weeks, as she spent every day and evening with Marc, often returning only to change.


Sexy Student Scientists Ch. 3

group lancelot 2018-06-02

She did so without complaint and then she was told to clean off the silver vibrator while Belinda slowly licked her cunt and twirled her experienced tongue over Alberta's pink clit. With that Belinda called me over and told Alberta to suck my cock but slowly and then she proceeded to pull a large dildo from the drawer and shove it slowly into Alberta's waiting sweet cunt. While Jennie caressed her tits and played with her nipples, Alberta began erotically gyrating and placing the dildo into her cunt. Belinda was moaning and sighing and obviously enjoying the way Colleen lapped her cunt and Alberta was vigorously fucking me from behind.

Julie's Awakening

group mildhot 2018-06-02

Julie smiled at her mom's peculiar look and kissed her dad on his cheek. Julie was still chatting to Sophia when she felt Mike's eyes on her. Julie smiled as she saw his irritation with the slow, holiday traffic, but she couldn't keep her eyes off the gentle sway of Sophia's breasts. Julie immediately noticed that all of the cars looked expensive and that the people she could see were all beautiful. Sophia finally felt her unease, and she turned around and walked away, the smile never leaving her face. "I which I could walk around with only my lips done," Sophia said while holding Julie's chin in her hand and applying the light pink lipstick.


Roget Again

group Cinnamon69 2018-06-02

There, Charlotte was spread out naked on the bed with Roget on top of her, her legs wrapped around his torso and his ass bobbing up and down as he fucked her, in long strokes with his cock coming almost out of her pussy and then ramming all the way back in. It felt good and as the orgasm that had slipped away from me a moment ago began to return I licked Roget's balls with more and more enthusiasm until suddenly he stopped his rocking and I could feel that he was cumming into Charlotte just as waves of ecstasy swept over me as my cunt exploded with juices and muscular contractions.


Didi and Ken Throw a Party Ch. 03

group oldhippie1949 2018-06-02

The days passed quickly since Sheila called Didi with our RSVP plus two guests, Cheryl and Rita. Didi was quite interested in Rita's fantasy of lots of hands and mouths and bodies all over her. The next few days flew by and when Saturday arrived I was off to have my haircut and Sheila, Cheryl and Rita were going to play hair and makeup. Cheryl, Rita, Max and Didi stood like conspirators in the corner as I strolled over. Tim and Tom stripped each other and began to gyrate around the room offering their bodies to the guests. Didi handed us velvet and velour towels and we all began to stroke and caress Rita with them.


Our School Club

group JayDenton 2018-06-02

A small voice spoke up from the green bean bag, Saskia was wearing an over-sized mans vest, the armholes dipped nearly to her waist, so each time she turned, her tiny pointy breasts with their puffy nipples popped out into view. Seeing her best friend's actions, Ingrid quickly followed, she lifted her arms and pulled off her T shirt showing me the most fantastic pair of tits I had ever seen, her huge nipples sticking out a full 2 centimetres from the huge surrounding puckered areola as she then knelt forward on her bean bag pulled her pyjama bottoms down to her knees and started to rub her expanse of blonde pubic hair, sliding her fingers through her wetness spreading her lips wide with each stroke, viscous strings of her arousal hanging between them.

Peggy the Pegger Pt. 05

group FreakyBiFantasyGuy 2018-06-02

"I love the feel of your tits in my hands and your nipples in my mouth and your cock deep in my butthole." Roxanne fucked her harder, laying into her asshole. I switched holes and fucked Peggy in the ass until she came, squirting in a tall, glistening arch, then I pulled out and stuck my cock in her mouth, mouth-fucking her until I came, spurting lashings of cum on her face and her big tits. I gasped at his dick, and so did the girls, and I went down on it with such hunger that the man arched his back and lay breathlessly as my mouth enveloped his throbbing cock. The man and Peggy started fucking me hard while I ate out Beth, whose feet were being worshiped by Roxanne.


Being a Cuck and MILF. For the young guys.

group 2018-06-02

I was both comfortable and excited by doing this and my husbands introduction to web-cams, for me to perform on selected men while he relieved himself as he watched, eased me into accepting his little perversion, while the opening door to CUCK status, grew wider, I realized he stopped touching me, and started to invite men over, to provide the nuptials, I craved, a marriage made in heaven some might say, but every invite was a night of teasing and innuendo, until I was possessed by the guest, and fucked to oblivion, my exasperated gasps during my many orgasms, bringing relief to my man in the next room, pounding his meat as he imagined his wife begging next door.

Oral Treatment

group museumofporn 2018-06-02

While I caress your neck with the head of my cock, I hear you breathe even heavier and twitching a bit, but you know the rules and let me drive. Tina immediately jumps up and comes over - she knows better than to make Ms. Suzy wait. As Suzy's smell reaches Tina's nostrils, she starts to realize what the order is. ...As I come close to giving you my load, I pull out almost all the way, so that just the head is in your mouth. She realizes both of her hands are still deep in Tina's hair, pressing her head in, smearing her face with pussy juice. She slowly bends close to your face, and after watching you breathe for a moment, gently licks the drop.

Confessions of an Internet Slut

group Autarchic4Ever 2018-06-02

When she first came to our dorm she looked at me and said, "Jesus God, I'm in Heaven." I think my face got as red as my hair. There were always guys coming to the dorm and most of the time they would end up having sex with Karen while I either pretended to go to the store or I read a book at the library. We were barely on the interstate when Karen grabbed my hair, pulled me to her, kissed me and told me, "I need to cum." Karen and I looked at each other but continued to the door where we were met by Andrew; the owner of the house. I pretended not to be a fan of lesbian sex but I let Karen fuck me any time she wanted me.


My lad Danny

group jimmygreen 2018-06-02

Danny fucks like an expert and doesn’t complain when I go fast and tear up his bum-hole. I have several friends who share my interests in lads like Danny: the doctor, the lawyer, and the businessman to name a few. There was no complaint from him when the doctor pulled out of his bum-hole and stuck his dick in Danny’s willing mouth to cum there. The doctor wanted Danny’s mouth while he was getting fucked and made Danny suck him off. He cried a little when the lawyer fucked his bum; Danny struggled to take all of that dick. The doctor had brought along some tapes he had made of him and a lad abroad last year and we watched that; it made me think that I would soon have to have Danny in a video too.

The Retreat at Sharon's Ch. 10

group PenLightStories 2018-06-02

He saw he had fulfilled Mikela's request as Sharon wasn't able to contain all of his milky white seed in her mouth and a stream emerged over her pouty lower lip and rolled down her neck to her breasts. She eventually worked her way up to Sharon's mouth and Max pulled out just in time for Mikela to place her mouth on the head of his penis and suck out the remaining fluid. Sharon turned to Mikela and pulled her hair backward to angle her face upward as she let Max's cum flow out of her lips into Mikela's mouth. Max brushed his semen down the drain with some help from the flowing water and then rinsed one more last time before signaling to Tom to turn the shower heads off.

Adventures of Ariel

group celestija 2018-06-02

Ariel wondered if he would notice she wasn't wearing any underwear, while Tim slowly worked his tongue across both of her ass cheeks and salted the glistening trail he had left behind. Tim waited for the exact moment Ariel downed her shot to thrust his cock deep into her glistening pussy. Tim began moving his cock in and out as Ariel sucked on the lemon wedge in her mouth, muffling any cries that would tell him whether to keep going or stop and run. It felt so delightfully good that Ariel soon asked for Tim to fuck her ass, and he obliged by slowly pushing his long cock into her. Tim started fucking her ass so hard Ariel thought she would split in two. Ariel screamed as Tim's cock plunged deep into her ass without warning.

Breeding party (aka creampie gangbang) banter ...

group billstew 2018-06-02

Make sure that they got the test specifically for the breeding party (so you know that it is truly up-to-date), and take the time to actually look at the tests and read the results for yourself. This last point is why you should always have a witness who ISN'T involved in the actual event - most likely a very close and trusted friend of yours - who can help you look over the tests and make certain decisions before the fun actually starts. But being vigilant about d**gs and STI's/STD's, being aware of what you're really consenting to, and being conscious of the fact that you WILL be bringing a person into the world, are all important things to think about when organizing a breeding party.

Gay Euro Trip, Part Two

group BearCubaDub 2018-06-02

The blonde lifted the tall guy's shirt over his head and started to kiss him again. The blonde watched eagerly and started muttering sexy cheers like, "Oh, you love big dick don't you don't you?" The blonde dirty talking turned me on so much, I lifted my mouth from the tall guys cock and kissed the blonde with the same slobber I was using to give head. Since I had just been fucked the previous night, my ass was ready for the hard ramming the tall guy gave me right from the start. The blonde guy helped me to the bed and I watched as the two Germans fucked like a****ls.

Fuckbud and his m8s using queerboi (Part 2)

group monorchid 2018-06-02

He started pushing me down gently - there was fingers over Boss's cock opening my ring a little more and he eased himself in with Mick. Open for me like that and we'll all be happy." Boss stood up and planted a kiss on me - I could taste all the juices from my fucking and his cock was tapping at my balls as I rose and lowered over Joe. That was it, no more chances - Joe raised himself and drove his cock hard and deep and fast for what can have been only a few seconds before his strokes broke up and he spewed his thick hot spunk all angles into me and over my butt and he squeezed the last out into the pool gathering at the open hole he and his mate had made me.

Lisa and John Ch. 03: Threesome

group flashgordon562006 2018-06-02

He then told us that he was visiting his parents who lived at the resort and when he saw Lisa laying on the lounge nude, he fell in love with her and wanted her. I called Tom in and told him that Lisa will let him fuck her, as long as I joined them. I went over to Lisa snd started to eat out her cunt, filling my mouth with Tom's cum. Lisa just gave me a sly grin and said, "I wanted to do it anyway and Tom had a nice big cock and besides, I asked around and found out you two were friends."

Poker Night

group Rust1 2018-06-02

I poured myself another drink then came back over and sat on the couch to watch Brian finish up with Ja’corey, after a while of his slow fucking Brian finally pulled himself out; I don’t know if it was because he was tired or if he was simply worn out but Ja’corey fell limp to the floor, unlike the rest of us Brian didn’t seem interested in wetting Luke up, he stroked his dick a bit then let off a fat nut shooting off all over Ja’corey’s ass and between his cheeks like he was marking his territory with a nut he had been saving up for at least a week.

Lisa Ch. 08c: Evil

group JadenL 2018-06-02

You know, if you're going to be out here all night." Jessica said to Riley, Scott and Jim, "maybe the boys should all sleep in the bedrooms. We appreciate you looking out for us ..." he said sweeping his eyes around the room, "But there's no way in hell that we're leaving you, the men and the boys to deal with Earl. Jessica looked up as Riley sat beside her, Angus on the other side, Josh, Jim and Scott crouching in front of her. "It's okay Jessica." Sean said moving between Riley and Scott who stood to make room. "Here's your milk," Leah said handing Jessica a steaming mug of milk, "Do you two want some too?" she asked Angus and Josh.


Watching girlfriend fuck older guy

group XXXNoBounds 2018-06-02

He turned to my gf and said, "you look absolutely amazing tonight, you caught my eye as soon as you entered the room and I haven't taken my eye off you yet." My gf then said " Oh Paul that is just what I needed to hear, your're so good." "I have always wanted to be with an older experienced man, would you make my fantasy come true tonight, no one will ever have to know and my bf is out cold, it is my birthday after all and I think I deserve some attention."

Muse-ical Chair

group impressive 2018-06-02

And, yes, I said 'challenge.' I'm on a multitasking mission ... B: "Looks like you're starting without us." A: "Do you have to keep one hand on the keyboard at ALL times?" I'd like to watch you two be nice to one another for a bit. Ya know, either I'm gonna have to go back later and add all the capital letters and other stuff that requires the SHIFT key, or I'm gonna get my keyboard all sticky. You're allowed to edit, aren't you?" A: "You'd better not wait too long to make that decision, Imp, or I'll be making it for you." B: "Move your hand, Imp. You look like you're about to melt off that chair."