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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Blossoming Ch. 03

group captive8ed 2018-06-02

In her dream she couldn't help but think what a dirty little girl she was, doing this so openly with Mark and Anna watching her knowing that the feelings in them are also building at an alarming rate. She faced Anna, making her watch her every move knowing that it would drive her crazy and also noticed that mark had moved closer to the tub, still with cock in hand to watch also. Nicole made her way around to where the action was, kissed Mark like she had never done before and reached her hand down between Anna's gorgeous arse and Marks stomach and teasingly pulled his hard cock from her pussy.


Mum and her s****r fuck the friends husband

group SFS 2018-06-02

Can you make sure Phil doesn’t pop in, and put his foot in it!” Linda told Cathy. Come on two hours max, then if you’re not enjoying yourself, we’ll skip away, and we can……………..” Linda left the rest unsaid. She felt herself coming, and wanted his cock inside her. The two women, his wife one of them, what the fuck had come over her in the last few months, sucked his cock, and balls. He felt her hot, wet cunt tight around his cock, as she impaled herself onto him. He watched as Linda sucked her wetness from his cock, then Cathy was on him. Linda felt the come, hot inside her. Cathy and Maggie sucked his cock, ensuring his cock was cleaned of come, and Linda’s juices.

A New Experience

group Shirley 2018-06-02

He spread my legs and he took my pussy in his warm wet mouth giving me his tongue and a finger at the same time. As I gave Bob his drink, I took his hard throbbing cock in my mouth and gave him a nice deep throat kiss. Put his hard cock in my pussy and at the same time, Stan came up on the bed and I took his cock in my mouth, deep, deeper until he was down in my throat. About that time, the guys wanted to change places, so Stan started fucking me and I took Bob in my mouth. They were both dripping precum, so I took my strawberry and wiped Bob's cock first and ate the wonderful juiced berry, then the same with Stan's.

College Girls I

group Professor Fink 2018-06-02

The sight of Erica's tongue stud under my dick nearly made me come, but I forced myself to hold on and wait until I got to fuck at least one of them. Lori brought her legs together and Erica leaned in and grabbed the waistband of her panties, pulling them off to reveal a tiny g-string. Despite wanting to prolong the pleasure forever, the sexy outfits, the almost non-existent lingerie, the 'fuck-me' heels, the hard bodies, the perfectly-shaved pussies, the double blow job, and fucking both girls tight holes pushed me over the edge. The sight of me stroking myself into the mouth of an 18-year old with a tongue stud was incredible, and I actually started to come again, leaving plenty of ropes for Lori's porn star-perfect tits.

First Bi MMF

group meltingclock5 2018-06-02

Jane reached her right hand around me and planted it on my ass, pulling me closer to her and deeper into her hot wet mouth, bobbing up and down from Adam's thrusts. When she finally pulled away from Adam just enough to create some breathing room, her left hand guided the back of his head while her right held my shaft in a death grip. It was almost impossible to keep from cumming immediately: there I lay, with Jane grinding away on top of me, my hands firmly planted on her ass cheeks forcing our bodies together, while Adam fed me his cock.


My foot fetish fantasy fulfilled. Part 2.

group cuckoldcaptioner 2018-06-02

"Yes!" Said Sarah and grabbed my dick off Emily and slurped and sucked it in celebration of guessing it was her foot on my ball. While waiting for a turn with my dick again, Sarah and Emily sucked each others feet and said "Oh fuck yeah! It showed the spare room, so as I had fun with all four girls feet, I could watch Jamal lick, fuck, suck and massage Tessa and Cara's feet. Then we swapped and Cara and Tess finally gave me a double footjob, while Jamal put all eight feet around his cock and Sarah, Emily, Bridgette and Kasey made sure to keep jerking his dick till their bare soles and toes and heels were covered in his powerful jizz.

The Agreement Ch. 01

group jpkansas 2018-06-02

Washing themselves and each other often led to sex, and Karen watched Phil's cock get hard even more rapidly than usual. Jeff felt Karen's hand at the back of his waist again, drawing him closer to her and Phil. As Karen ran her tongue on their cocks, Jeff felt another arm, Phil's arm, at his waist. In his right hand, Jeff felt Phil's sac tighten and his balls lift up toward the base of his cock. Karen was still kissing him, and she dropped her hands to meet Phil's on her husband's cock. Jeff reached over Karen to hand Phil a condom still in its wrapper. Jeff heard Phil groan and felt him spasm inside Karen.


The Limo

group mscleavage 2018-06-02

But no, you want more; you reach up with both hands and pulled apart the material that covers your breasts to expose both of them to the world and all who must be watching from the cars around us. These men now begin to suck each nipple while I continue to eat your pussy and drink its delicious juice; and you have a tight grip on a cock in each hand. What a sight, you across the fender of our limo, me eating you, two men you never met sucking and fondling your breasts, you pumping their cocks, men and ladies all around us lustfully devouring each other, all exposed to whoever was watching from the buildings above and surrounding cars.

Island Fever Ch. 13

group Jeremydcp 2018-06-02

Lindsay was frolicking around in the grotto with Pamela, Trish and Amy, while it appeared as if Kristanna was leading Devon and Camille on a hike alongside the seascape of stone cliffs and mesmerizing ocean views on the island's southern side. During their initial day alone, I went from Trish being my favorite, to Pamela, then Devon, to Lindsay, before eventually zeroing in on Amy that particular evening. Pamela, Trish, Lindsay and Amy were all clearly having a good time as they soaked their wondrous bodies and relaxed in the water.



group Roboboy 2018-06-02

Right then, I probably should have pushed the issue, while Judy was lying there with her legs spread wide open, her cunt juice running down onto the towel and her husband pounding another woman a few inches away from her. Gina agreed with me that probably Judy would have changed her mind on that point after she had some great orgasms and saw her husband stuffing his cock into another woman. At one point near the end of that evening I saw Gina on her knees with a cock in her cunt, another in her mouth and a third in her hand.


Their First Toys Ch. 07

group leBonhomme 2018-06-02

Jane's fingers are rubbing, as she moans, her mouth open, her tongue moving on her lower lip, looking like it was wanting to lick something else. He gives a shivering groan, throwing his head back, his eyes almost closed, and then gasps, his hips rocking up more strongly, his cock thrusting in the grasp of Kathy's hand and in her mouth, as he grunts. Kathy nods and lets it slip out of her mouth, looking up at him with a chuckle, then rising up off her haunches, licking her lips and demanding: "Kiss!" When she comes with twitching hips and moans, his fingers making wet noises in her pussy, she gasps and wants more, and gets it from his now experienced tongue and fingers.


First Time

group dawnw33 2018-06-02

As I brought the coffee into the living room I heard Don telling Greg that I could suck cock just as good as any of the bimbos in the video. Then Greg said that Don had told him that I could suck cock as good as anybody in the video. After about 15 minutes of kissing, licking and sucking their beautiful cocks, Greg said that he was getting ready to cum. I told him that I wanted him to cum in my mouth and he said it wouldn't be long. I told Greg I wanted all of his cum and started to massage his balls with one hand and while my other hand was stroking his cock.

College Cathouse Ch. 10

group DaviBlack 2018-06-01

First Jess sucked my cock a little bit, then Rebecca knelt down in front of me and took over. "I wanna fuck you so bad right now," I said as Jess and Stacy emerged from the hallway. Stacy looked across the room as she stroked, watching Rebecca take her first cock of the night into her mouth. The third guy just leaned against the counter, watching Rebecca's mouth start to bob up and down on his friend's cock. "Oh fuck your cock feels good," Stacy said, reaching down to rub at her clit. "Don't make him cum, I wanna fuck him too," Jess said to Stacy.

Gloria Drops By for a Few Days

group TheycallmeMrBig 2018-06-01

All the girls looked at me with raised eyebrows but soon, we were sitting around the dinner table telling stories from Gloria and My High school days. The girls all wanted to know if Gloria and I ever hooked it up while in school and though we both said that we wanted to badly, nothing ever happened and then I was gone for 6 long years. Suzie then asked Gloria what she thought about my er um 'special' gift of being able to cum multiple times. MIL tensed up, threw her head back, screamed in ecstasy, unloaded about a gallon of she cum on my cock, I exploded a string of cum up her twat and Gloria about broke my jaw when she let loose of her flood of girl goo.

Taking On the Baseball Team

group channellboy 2018-06-01

Just as I start to buck up and down I feel a pair of hands lift my head and I'm greeted by Rico's massive cock. With a pop, I feel the head of Jay's cock take my anal cherry. Before I knew it, Chris stopped his thrusting and let Jay pound my ass hard until he came deep inside me. He withdraws his huge dick, which also makes me feel like passing out, only to slam it all the way inside me. I feel like he's turning my pussy inside out with every stroke but I'm loving it. Jay and Chris have gotten hard again by this time and let go of my legs.

Good Secretaries Do It

group midnightfalcon 2018-06-01

Or the thought of him cumming in my mouth or he might order me to bend over the conference table while he slid that beautiful cock deep inside me. I didn't know if he were asking me if he wanted me to let him fuck my mouth, my ass or my cunt, but I kept caressing his cock as I looked quizzically up at him. "I'm going to make you an administrative assistant Del. And the job description is a bit different than a secretaries, but I've got no written description for you, however I think you pretty much know what I expect. Want to cum for me?" I nodded yes and he went on, "Oh no Del, you wait until I say it's time.


The Mediterranean Guesthouse Ch. 02

group stonearc691 2018-06-01

I am going through the alternative places to start the ride as I hear Julien and Christine walking behind me to join me at breakfast. Sitting at the bench, I realize that the ride up the mountain did take my mind off the coming evening, but right now the feeling of anticipation for tonight is like a press on my chest. I try to focus on the nice tired feeling in my legs and my body, and the feeling of the cooling breeze and the warmth of the sun's last rays on my skin, but I succeed only to think about the curve of Christine's neck and her delicious earlobes and the way her breasts bounced last night as Julien was fucking her on the bed.


The Car Threesome

group DireLilith 2018-06-01

Steve's mouth moved against Katie's neck flesh, and she let her head drop back, her back supported by his hand on her spine. With Trevor's hands on her hips now, both men slowly pushed the girl down onto Steve's cock. When Trevor began to withdraw, Steve lowered his ass into the seat, pushing down and away from Katie. Trevor's hands ran over Katie's breasts, squeezing them and holding them for Steve to kiss and lick. As it was, Katie felt nothing but pleasure as Trevor pushed her off of him, and moved her forward, making her lean over Steve's sweating face. Steve held and caressed his girlfriend, looking over her body at where his best friend knelt, watching as the darker man fucked her tight burning ass.

First Time Open

group overseas 2018-06-01

On her way back to the kitchen, Cheryl noticed that the study door was open, and as she went to close it, she noticed the image on the TV, an image of a man on his knees and a mouth full of hard cock. Cheryl got off the bed, knelt near my face, then guided Alex' cock into my mouth. He slow-fucked Cheryl with long, full strokes, his cock often falling free and into my open mouth where I could taste my wife's juices. The fucking, licking and sucking went on for a full twenty minutes or so, then, Alex pulled free and Cheryl got off of my body.

Just Friends...with Benefits

group WmForrester 2018-06-01

Whether it was trying to kiss her while groping her tits through her blouse or dress, lifting the back of her skirt to feel her panty clad ass, or lifting the front of her skirt to massage her clit through her panty at a drunken party, or directing and forcing her hand down the front of their bathing trunks and making her feel their cocks in the pool at a pool party, they were all mad with lust for the want of Anne. Loving how it felt to have her nipples sucked by such a close friend who was as close as a brother, she'd even allowed them to stick their hand down her bathing suit to feel her ass or briefly finger her pussy while she felt their cocks through their pants.


Used by a Married Couple

group Ruttish 2018-06-01

Then he smiled and said his wife liked me looking at her and that he didn't mind either. He said it made him feel special to have a wife who could still catch the eye of a young, good looking guy like me. When I got to their hotel later that night I called his phone from the lobby to let them know I'd arrived, and to ask for their room number. He held my head in place with both his hands, turned it so that the right side of my face was flat against the pillow, my eyes looking directly into the eye of his blotted cock.

A Birthday Gift at the Miami Velvet Club

group johnfromjax 2018-06-01

I laid down on my back and the guy pulled out his cock while my girl got on top of me. I was in her by now and then the other guy straddled my girl and got his cock back into her anal. About this time the guy suddenly pulled out and it was like a cue that his girl got to his cock and placed it in her mouth to catch his squirting cum. As I pulled out, the other girl moved to her pussy and began licking the cum that started to drip out. After licking up my cum dripping out, she came up to my girl and gave her a long deep kiss.

Annie Babysits the Kids Ch. 06

group DocCIS 2018-06-01

Seeing her reaction Brian grinned, both hands moving to caress Annie's breasts in rhythm to the music as she stood before him, small intakes of breath coming from her opened lips. I could tell Annie was becoming more aroused from her movements as Brian literally made love to her breasts, her head thrown back as she relished the sensation, her ass slowly swaying to the beat of the song. Looking at Annie, he slowly put his finger in his mouth, savoring the taste of her before turning the television back on, continuing to watch Sports Center like nothing had happened.


Double Blow

group ImpossibleFind 2018-06-01

All eyes were on me as I entered and took up a stool half way between the guys and the other end of the bar. I sat on my bar stool, legs crossed, angled toward the goodlooking guy at my left. I swiveled my seat so I am angled straight at Brad and slowly lift and cross my legs. There are a few seats at the bar to my right, but you don’t want to sit next to me. When I got in my seat, I swiveled over Brad’s way as I settled in, giving him yet another view of my crotch. I looked at him and said, Sorry, No. We all went back in the bar for another beer.