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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Dinner and Then Some Ch. 01

group jwwcarterjr2 2018-06-01

Avery placed his hand on Kaitlyns' leg and caressed her skin just below her burgundy colored dinner dress. Kaitlyn looked Saffron over thoroughly as he ground fresh pepper and cheese on each of the salads before leaving the room. As Saffron stood next to her to get her plate, Kaitlyn raised her hand and touched his leg. Saffron attempted a smile, nodded his head and stood still as Kaitlyn moved her hand up and down his leg. Kaitlyn smiled and continued to trace the ridge of the bulge a few more times, then pressed her hand firmly up against his balls. Saffron just stood there, head up, shoulders back and his right hand still holding the empty salad plates just above his shoulder.

Cougar and her Five Virginal Cubs Ch. 12

group SusanJillParker 2018-06-01

Get a little closer so that I don't have to lean forward as much." She said while reaching up and taking Stephen's and Ralph's cock in her hands. "Is this your sexual fantasy, a hot, naked mature woman with her hand wrapped around your cock and stroking you, while jerking you off? "Go ahead; close your eyes and think of your mother, your teacher, your aunt, your mother's friend, or your older sister staring at your erect prick, while giving you a hand job." Then, when Ralph had his head back with his eyes closed thinking of Kathleen, no doubt, she leaned forward and took him in her mouth, while still stroking Stephen.

The Other Cock Ch. 01

group thestorynovice 2018-06-01

Are you going to let him cum in your mouth?" I ask, driving my cock as deep as I can. "So, we know you are feeling down Devin" Shauna says. As sexy as she looks, I don't think it will be hard for her to seduce him into letting her suck his cock. Shauna responds with a moan as Devin sucks and licks her nipples. Shauna continues slowly bobbing up and down on Devin's hard cock, putting every ounce of her considerable sensuality into her motions. Shauna has told me many times how much she loves the feel of a cock in her mouth, and it hits me how much she really means these words.


Dogging Orgy!

group imogencole 2018-06-01

I was taking big long gulps on his cock, I felt him tense up and he whispered “I am going to cum”, this just sent me into overdrive and I was going at his cock like a pornstar, then I could feel his spunk hitting the roof of my mouth and the back of my throat – I sucked and licked ever bit of his juice as I could before he zipped up and went back into the shadows. I could feel guy ‘A’ pulling my thong down and playing with my arse and cock, he then started to lick and rim my sweet arse as he was I was suck ‘B’ really hard.

David Finally Get's His Wish

group Mysteria27 2018-06-01

He got more hard watching gay men fuck than having sex with his beautiful girlfriend. David moved his hips and face-fucked Matt's mouth. Matt was enjoying David's cock and kept up with his amazing sucking skills. David wanted to suck Matt's cock and return the favor. David opened his mouth wide and fed Matt's cock down his throat. His fingers were rubbing his prostate and Matt was moving his hips and face-fucking David's mouth. David was making all kinds of wet sucking noises, while he blew Matt's cock. Both men giggled and Matt concentrated and kept pushing more and more of his cock into his tight asshole. David was pulling on his own cock, getting himself ready to fuck Matt's asshole.

Jenni And Her Sex Adventurers

group agristarcultist 2018-06-01

Megan had now removed her hand from the vibrator, was sucking on Emma’s clit while Jenni had leaned forward and started to pull on Emma’s hard, throbbing nipples, still thrusting in and out of Emma. “Bob is feeling a little neglected, I think it is time for him to go adventuring into a nice, moist cave.” Jenni pushed the vibrator out of her pussy and sat on the edge on of John’s desk, leaned back, and spread her legs, giving John ample room. “I think it is a bit late for that,” Andy said with a smile “I’ve already seen them, and might I add, what fantastic looking breasts you have there.” Megan blushed; it was usually Jenni that had all the compliments.

International Swingers Ch. 01

group rshyam 2018-06-01

"Let's not talk about individual" Roma gave an angry look at Hein and Chris, "We have come here to get the pleasure of group sex where variety is the key word. As per her plan, me and Hein would take Gabby in first round, while Roma and Chris would be pleasured by Franz. Excited by Hein's tongue fucking her pussy and my fondling of her tits, Gabby bobbed her head up and down on my shaft, loving my throbbing cock in her mouth. In very short time, Hein dumped a huge load in Gabby's mouth and I brought Gabby on the precipice of orgasm by fucking her pussy with my fingers, putting my tongue deep into her cunt, licking, sucking, nuzzling.


I just fucked my boyfriend for the first time in f

group AlexVepar 2018-06-01

But all the while, I couldn't get the thought of him slipping his hot dick inside me, and I started to get wet, luckily, we arrived at my apartment before it was noticeable. He showed me the living room, where I encountered his roomate, and suffered from the truth that not all dreams come true. We quickly started talking dirty, and shortly after that, I stood, took his hand, and smiled. I didn't care at that point, and we started off forwards his roomate's room, about halfway through, we couldn't resist making out. The thought of a b**st like Jabba watching us made me so much hornier. After that Jared went as fast as he could, not noticing his roomate.

Anyone for Cello?

group keacreme 2018-06-01

her eyes ask me questions, her hands brush answers along my ribs, my spine. i love your cock, and my hands reach toward you as if to touch you from across the small room. Her hands are gone too long, and my fingers reach to stroke my breasts and squeeze my nipples. Her right hand reaches out and I watch her raise the bow to my nipples, the strings both soft and sharp. Her left hand traces its soft path along my breast, down my side and the curve of my belly, and she begins a fingering of my pussy. Her long, lithe fingers reach up and inside me, and I feel a new movement begin, my moans rising in pitch and hers deepening, lengthening.

Houston II Ch. 12

group Paris Waterman 2018-06-01

"Argie," Doctor Coughlin said in a somber tone, "As you and John are our guests, we want you to begin the evening festivities. She grasped the fourth man's above average cock in her left hand and, as she jerked on it, said in a sluttishly low, husky voice, "You took so long, I had to start without you." And then number four felt his cock hurtle in between her soft, searing lips, and seconds later he was enclosed in a sheath of burning wonder, for by this time Argie's mouth wasn't just wet and warm, it was an inferno-hot membrane, seeking but one thing, to make him come. Thinking ahead, Argie reached out and began to jerk off the man standing alongside the redhead, even as she swallowed his cock and deep-throated him.


Slut of the Party Ch. 2

group X-Factor 2018-06-01

Dan grabbed her head, raising it off the bed and forcing his dick all the way into her mouth. Erin continued sucking on Dan's cock as Trevor's dick jerked inside her pussy. Erin slid her lips down to the base of his cock, his head touching the back of her mouth. Trevor felt her suck harder on his cock when Dan entered her, he pushed her hair out of the way of her face as she continued to give him fantastic head. Erin's moans were muffled by the cock in her mouth, but she could feel an orgasm rise within her. Erin lay there, closing her eyes as Dan and Trevor grabbed their clothes off the floor.

Summer 1971: Final Slice

group davidwatts 2018-06-01

Kenny and I helped Angela out with all the stuff, and I took note of a half dozen hunks of beef that looked like softballs. I regretted telling him about Kenny now, because he was looking him over like Lisa was, only Dom was waiting for the big show. It was hard to tell who was more awestruck, Kenny or Lisa, as they stared open mouthed at Angela, who was giving them a real show in a very casual way. I saw an entire range of emotions flash by in seconds as Lisa first looked like she was going to tear away from Angela's grasp and run.


Explorations Ch. 09

group Manny2314 2018-06-01

With both his hands holding Emily's ass it was difficult to hit the hole, so she reached down and held his cock, guiding it in. Emily reached around with one hand and grabbed it, pulling it in to her pussy hole and wiggling her ass to get it to the right spot. Emily crawled up a little higher on the couch to cuddle in tighter, hugging with one arm and putting the other hand into her crotch, fondling her clit and pussy. In Emily's state of horniness, still wanting to cum after getting so close with Johnny, she pushed her pelvis into Brianna's hand hard, stimulating her clit and pussy. Brianna was ready to help as she slid her hand further along Emily's pussy lips and pushed two fingers into her hole.

Trevors bootcamp visit

group dusty48180 2018-06-01

I did go to get some beer and Peggy told me that the guys came out into the backyard with towels around their waist and she acted like she was asl**p. Trevor actually started first and was feeling her boobs and then Ricky joined in and they were actually quite loud (d***k) She moved a bit and spread her legs allowing them access. He started face fucking her and then Peggy took over and she was giving him head as she jacked Trevor's cock. They were all enjoying each other and Peggy took a breath and said oh my Gawd you guys are so horny. Ricky to her surprise got down and started licking her pussy disregarding the closeness of Trevor's cock.

Best Friend & Wife Reunite

group paulanon 2018-06-01

Our social dinner had turned into an erotic love-fest, cumulating with me fucking his beautiful wife Maria whilst Jay had his manhood buried deep in my arse. Jay slowly kissed his way down to her right shoulder, to be met by his wife as she turned her head and they locked lips. "God this feels so good, my two lovers..." Maria moaned and stiffened as Jay's head reached her pubic area. As I came level with my best friend, I gently forced his tongue out of the way with my own and sampled a taste of his wife's sweet pussy. Suddenly I found myself locked in a passionate kiss with my best friend, tasting his wife's sweet juices on his lips, and it seemed so normal.

Chocolate Box Ch. 01

group paisleyflower 2018-06-01

I couldn't see him because I was still on my back, but I could feel his huge dick getting harder and harder, pressing into my ass through his clothes. At any rate, Brian's dick was now so close to my face I could feel the heat coming off of it. Not surprisingly, my boyfriend took his clothes off and shoved his dick into my mouth. My boyfriend is an anal addict, but I didn't want to let Brian's dick go. I supported myself on the right knee while Brian held up my left leg, and my boyfriend lubed my asshole and plunged in! Brian tongue kissing me deeply while my boyfriend sucked my nipples...

The Prankster's Deed - Dedicated to the lovel

group 2018-06-01

She felt like her stomach was going to pop with the amount of butterflies she had and could feel how horny she was getting as little wet drops slipped from her vagina and ran playfully over her asshole and down her perfectly peachy bums. Not being able to see, she knew that his face was close to her pussy as his breath seemed to freeze the sweet little trails left behind by her horny trickles. Oh how she loved that warm squishy feeling when he did that and his ability to vibrate the front of his tongue like the tip of a cat’s tail when it shows affection, always gave him the ability to make her cum within seconds!

My Girlfriend + My Buddies

group patdown 2018-06-01

Her head bobbing up and down while she sucked Patrick's dick, Harriett's body was rocking as Tim pumped his cock into her pussy from behind, bumping against her butt with every stroke. Harriett saw Andy holding his stiff dick in his hand so she grabbed his hand pulling him on top of her, as she rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide. Andy quickly was pumping the length of his dick into Harriett who was squeezing her fat tits as her ass was denting the mattress. Well over the next few months I saw less of Harriett and discovered that she had started spending time with Tim, Andy and Patrick, or more accurately fucking all three of them.


Monica's Art Class Ch. 09-10

group GriffyD_Boy 2018-06-01

With a big smile on her face, Ellie got up out of Dennis' lap and moved back to the center of the rug. Monica looked up to Ellie's face just as the younger woman was saying, "Get me on my hands and knees. Monica got on her own hands and knees behind Ellie and began to move her face toward her student's back end. Monica caught Shawn's gaze, they looked at each other, eyes locked as Lenora began to suck on his cock. Monica moved her hand to her own clit and began to rub it as Ellie swung herself into position. Ellie leaned forward and looked wide eyed down between her legs to where Dennis' cock was still pointing upward.


Jenny Plays Away Pt. 04

group Woody Woodwood 2018-06-01

The sheer pace of the forceful fucking I was receiving, and the effect of the two mouths on my breasts brought me back to the boil again, and I came again all over the cock that was pistoning in and out, and as my pussy muscles clenched his cock the second load of cum was driven deep inside me. He fucked me hard and fast for four or five minutes before I felt my pussy being flooded with a third load of cum, and that wonderful warm jet of spunk tipped me over the edge and into my fourth orgasm of the night.

Exciting Ch. 2

group Java Male 2018-06-01

I continue sucking her breasts, and then move to her belly, and opening her legs wide, I slurp at her cunt and Rani start to moan erotically. I pulled Rani to a sitting position, got behind her, and massage her breasts with my hands, "Don't you think it's nice to have your breasts massaged like this?" I ran my tongue along Rani's neck, "Or to feel this on your neck?" I put a finger to Rani's cunt and rub her clit, "And I bet you are eager to know how to feel my finger here instead of your own ..." All the time both I and Rani stared at her.

90% True Ch. 10

group rhev 2018-06-01

Finally there's Heather, another girl from Jen's school, who thought she was a lesbian until the weekend of the story, a cute and somewhat shy redhead who's cabin the 'flashback' story takes place in. "No," Ann said as her hands caressed my chest, "You kind of left the story off with you, Jen, Heather, and Nina in the hot tub. Jen wanted a more open relationship so she could be free to date other people, like Heather for example. The blonde sat on the couch in her flannell pajamas, and nodded to Jen. My girlfriend looked into my eyes and said, "I'm afraid to tell you, I'm afraid you'll think I'm a deviant, a pervert."


Dee's Emergency Service

group DeeFisher 2018-06-01

Lying back on the trolley bed, she lifted her hips and slipped the dress right off her body, then opened her legs allowing both Danny and Tony a full view of her pussy. The thought of another man watching him fuck Dee should have made him feel self-conscious but instead he looked at Tony, furiously wanking and staring at the events occurring in the back of their van, and felt himself becoming even more self assured. Her face was buried in his lap and Tony, close to coming before even moving from the front seat, began to fuck her mouth, thrusting hard into her from the bed.


She Did What?

group eroslit 2018-06-01

“I ended up talking to Conti, just like you and Debbie, but you know he’ll take it right to Rogers,” Carol Drennan was saying into her cell phone while driving to the athletic club. The three women looked at each other before Carol said, “We feel that having been on the squad for two years should give the girls the right to cheer as seniors. When she pulled the shirt out of her pants to reach the final buttons, it fell open revealing the top of her breasts and small portions of a light blue bra. After once again feeling inside Liz’s bra, Nancy finished opening the shirt, pulling it out of the young woman’s pants.