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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Pushing Boundaries

group jsbenk 2018-06-01

As soon as Karin prostrated herself between my legs, Alex got behind her and rubbed her pussy while stroking his cock until it was erect. When Alex went off to the bathroom, I was left in a threesome, enjoying Steve's cock and Karin's eager mouth. They were making me feel so good that I thought I might petition my husband for a hall pass so that I could have a threesome with these two for an evening; maybe work up to the point where Steve used his lengthy cock in my ass while I sprawled between Karin's wide-spread legs and ate her clean-shaven pussy. "It gives me butterflies asking this, but do you think Alex would suck Steve's cock?


An Unexpected Threesome

group GGGrayson 2018-06-01

"Oh he makes them stiff alright." She said moving her mouth off of my wife's tongue and licking her lips. Sarah started kissing her neck and grabbed my hand, moving it under Amy's shirt. "You dirty girl." Sarah said leaning down to kiss Amy's stomach. I stood up and moved behind Amy, resting my hands on her small, firm breasts and kneading them slowly as my wife began to go down on her. "Let me taste that cock." Amy said, pulling me out of my wife's pussy and sucking quickly on my shaft. "I want to see you lick my wife's pussy while I fuck you." I said, nibbling on her ear. "Fuck, her pussy tastes amazing." Sarah said, licking Amy's juices off of my penis.

Three Guests

group neutrona 2018-06-01

Dan had often wanted Alyssa to fake appointments so they could sneak over to her place but she didn't feel comfortable with that so encounters had been few and far between, happening mostly when she got extremely horny. Alyssa could see the twinkle in his eye and figured he'd most likely want 30 seconds of her going down on him if he were the winner and she was the worst for a given round. Round seven, Dan won and Alyssa lost so he went to her, pulled out his hard cock and said "I'm sure you know what I want." Alyssa figured he wanted her to blow him like she'd done for Dan so she got up and agreed.


Helen Books Marco and Tony

group Marcothegod 2018-06-01

I like this way as it gives free access to her tits and the rest of her pussy with my right hand and I was soon squeezing her hard nipples as I gently fucked her. I pulled out, turned off the vibrator and sat on the side of the bed, looking up to see Tony finish his beer and give his rapidly hardening cock a couple of lewd wanks. "See baby, I knew you could do it." said Tony "I know a good slut when I see one." He pulled some of his cock out and she gasped, able to breath again before pushing back inside her mouth.


Island Fever 4: Paradise Ch. 19

group Jeremydcp 2018-06-01

The little squirt wanted to tell her mother and trio of sisters (Alison is smoking hot, by the way, and I would LOVE for her to be added to our loving family one day) face-to-face that yes, Jeremy was capable of shooting more than just blanks, he had knocked Lindsay up. Is there any love for Pamela, Devon, Trish, Amy, Scarlett and yours truly, as well as Kaden and Piper? Kool-Aid tends to make the world better." And Trish was off to the sofa as Devon stepped forward and handed Piper to her horrible driver of a mother, Pamela. I feel like I just can't move." Devon put a reassuring hand on Amy's shoulder as she continued, "I think after lunch, I am gonna take a bath ...


The Wages of Sin

group LeCoach 2018-06-01

An awkward silence followed as Pam's question hung in the air until Bob managed to reply "Oh...just some guys I met at the course." He quickly tried to shift gears, returning to his "Round" that day but the damage was done. Bob didn't particularly feel like engaging in chit chat but, since he was more or less committed to lunch here with Lucy anyway, he went ahead with the small talk, commenting on modern restaurants and people's changing eating habits. The cocktails arrived and the waiter placed icy screwdrivers in front of Lucy and Bob. As he served the Bloody Mary to Debbie she blurted out "Oh! Lucy took the opportunity to explain Debbie's situation to Bob. Apparently, her husband was in the movie business and doing quite well.


Ed & Joan Ch. 01

group mtnman2003 2018-06-01

You can close your eyes, picture her naked body beneath you, your cock sliding so strongly into her body, her face clenched, her mouth wide open, head thrown back, just on the verge of screaming your name, praising your cock, begging for it, to fuck her so hard and make her cum again and again that you chub when the thoughts of her cross your mind. Already daily, I want to walk over there, throw Joan down on the floor just inside their door, pull her shorts down, rip her panties from her body, push her legs wide, slide my hands down her open thighs, allow my thumbs to stroke along her slit, pulling the lips open to expose her clit. I glanced at Chris, Joan had fingers buried in her wet cunt, her lips biting, pulling, sucking her clit hard.


Husband's Revenge

group 2018-06-01

"You need to either get some decent counselling, not just your mates down the pub, or take some action and stop letting her run the divorce," she leant forward and looked me in the eyes, "You have no k**s, she is living in your house and she treats you like shit. Soon enough Tim pulled out and went over to the other bloke, who moved out of the way, and began fucking Zoe. I took a few more and then turned the video on. Zoe had got up and was now kneeling on the floor being fucked by her solicitor and sucking Tim who came all over her face as I filmed another 30 second grab.

No Holes Barred

group michaelhunt 2018-06-01

Meanwhile, at the other end, Jeff had pushed his veiny, thick cock into Colette's anus all the way and was holding still so that Lisa could get behind him and work her long, thick cock into his ass too. From the happy squealing sounds coming from Rebecca, she must have had an eyeful of Lisa's cock stretching Jeff's asshole. Colette blushed and said she wanted Jeff & me to double-stuff her cunt while Scott assfucked her and she tried to deepthroat Lisa. Jeff had no trouble getting his cockhead wedged into Colette's pussy after that and shifted his hips a little to get the rest of his meaty cock into her cunt.

Island Fever 3: Matrimony Ch. 06

group Jeremydcp 2018-06-01

"Finally, Trish and Lindsay, we wish that throughout your life together you will individually be able to love yourselves more deeply because you are treasured by your mate, and that you come to see the light in everyone more easily because you can see the light so clearly in your beloved." Lindsay's mother, Leslie, stepped forward and tearfully declared, "She comes with me and the spirit of her father - may God rest his soul - and is accompanied by all of her family and friends' blessings." "Living by these promises that you make today, Trish and Lindsay, may your future be blessed even beyond that which all of those who are gathered here, who love you both so dearly, would dare to wish for you."


Saying Stay Ch. 03

group LingerieRobot 2018-06-01

"Okay, I think we might have found the world's worst soccer player," said Dawn as she offered me a hand up. "Like I said, I'm so sorry, I wasn't thinking, heat of the moment..." "Who, Dawn and Josh "said Simon. "Do I need to want something to come see you?"said Simon. In a way it was a natural position -- I had been here with girls numerous times before, a couple times in this very bed (although mostly that was with Dawn, who never dragged out the teasing this long.) There was an instinctive part of me that wanted to lean in and kiss Simon, to wrap my arm around him the same way he was doing to me.


Fucking Rain on Halloween

group theneonheart 2018-06-01

Trish starts laughing and I'm like "She don't dress me." But then, oh shit. I wanted my hands all over Bridgette's tits and I bucked into Trish's ass but it just wasn't feasible. I pulled out from her slowly and watched her tight ass close for a second, then we all looked at each other like, "what next?" I went to the dresser and got out another condom and switched and then saw that Bridgette wanted it now and Trish was getting her warmed up in 69. Bridgette peaked out from under like she was worried but I gave it to her gently at first and she started moaning into Trish's juicy box overhead.

Our Friend Amber Ch. 01

group gmouser67 2018-06-01

When I got to the cashier, I noticed him looking out the window at Susan and Amber, so I asked him if he thought they were too young to be with me. Amber squealed in delight and said, “I like a well kept pussy.” Susan pinched her large nipples and looked at me through the rear-view mirror with glassy eyes. She looked down at Amber and said, “Now isn’t that the best looking cock ever?” With Amber’s muffled reply I reached under Susan’s skirt and played with her wet pussy. “Has she eaten your pussy yet?” “No, but I’m going to ask her to right now.” Amber then shifted herself around so that they were in the “69” position, and began to lick at Susan’s pussy.

Fantasy Time

group d3catwoman 2018-06-01

Taking her cue for Angela, Desiree moved her hand to between Angela’s thighs and started sliding her middle finger up and down the length of her pussy. Rather than give Angela the chance to now possibly refuse, Desiree did not start licking her way down from Angela’s tits. It didn’t take Angela long and she told Desiree that should was willing to participate but Desiree had to guarantee that this would be the only time, that nothing would be said outside the Desiree’s apartment, and she would need to be able to just slip out as quietly as she slipped. (Would no one ever believe her when she tells them things about her and sex?) Desiree asked Roger to insert a couple of fingers inside her cunt while he shaved her.


Adventures of Nancy: Incensed Ch. 02

group LydiasBF 2018-06-01

She held the full penetration for a long moment, relishing the sensation of being engorged full of dick and letting Jim enjoy the feeling of having every inch of his hard cock deep in her pussy. Misty had watched with delight as Barry's spurted his full load all over Nancy's beautiful firm breasts. Misty lingered over Nancy's beautiful tits for a long time, replacing Barry's wet cum with her own wet saliva. With her fingers still inside her friend's hot pussy, Misty maneuvered next to Nancy on the couch. Misty's fingers continued to slide in and out of Nancy's pussy. Misty, still holding the base of Barry's cock in her right hand, fed it into Nancy's parted lips.


Lust Filled Aspirations

group sothickwidit 2018-06-01

Brent climbed into the backseat with me and he flirted with me all the way to Jason's apartment, putting his arm around my shoulders and locking eye contact with me as we spoke to each other. Jason began to tease my clit through my panties, while Brent stumbled from behind the bar and lowered my shirt beneath my breasts. Jason, still standing behind me, pressing his hard cock up against me, took my right breast firmly in his right hand, squeezing it. He threw his head back in ecstasy and moaned loudly as he felt his climax surging through his cock that somehow fit every groove and pocket in my throat like a curvy-edged puzzle piece.

Night of Changes Ch. 02

group explorateur 2018-06-01

Cindy lifted herself just above Phillip's hard cock and slid down on it slowly, looking in his eyes and kissing him softly once she had taken all of him in. As Cindy resumed her licking of her friend's pussy, Phillip stood up and walked towards the bed where his wife was licked by a beautiful woman. "She is ready P, fuck your wife for the first time." Cindy didn't like the emptiness when Phillip pulled his fingers from her, but somehow she knew, there was more to come later, much more. Phillip started to push in and out of Maya slowly, while Cindy moved up to her friend to share a passionate kiss. When Phillip entered his wife again, Cindy moved over to Maya's mouth and kissed her hard on the lips.


A Visit From a Former Roommate

group pauls_lover_gal 2018-06-01

You continue to kiss me as I feel your hard cock resting at the entrance to my wet hole. I come behind her and rest the end of the strap on right at her entrance, moving the tip around, getting it good and wet. I can feel Catie's body tensing and I know she is about to come. I thrust deep and hard inside of her as I pinch her clit between my fingers and I feel her flood my hand with her juices as she comes powerfully. Soon after her, I know that I am close to orgasm also, and all of a sudden I come hard, which makes you come deep inside my ass.

A Radical Career Change

group Leslie 2018-06-01

Tricia forgot all about her accounting mistake as she looked at photo after photo of naked men, all apparently in Betty's house, all with hard cocks. Jason was standing, his hands cuffed over his head, lashed by leather straps to the ceiling, his naked black body shining with sweat, a huge ball-gag in his mouth, his eyes looking straight into the camera. Tricia watched in fascination as Betty pushed a black ball-gag into Jason's mouth, and buckled the straps behind his head. She could see Betty's hands roaming all over Jason's body, and they stopped at his cock, grabbing the base with her fingertips, shaking it in front of Tricia.


The Sexual Frustration Act - "Liza - diary of

group tim1936 2018-06-01

He asked Titania to tell what had been done about it and she had replied “I had to have four inch long flared sticks f***ed into my hole, held in place by a strap, the sticks got bigger in girth with the passing weeks until I could accommodate your manhood without any discomfort to yourself, Master.” The Master guessed that I had never had anal sex in any shape or form and said “We’ll let you settle in for a week and then start the loosening of this tight puckered little rosette.” My idyll was temporarily shattered by this news: I did not like the thought of what was to be done to me, but dared not complain.

Four Friends Find Fun

group alberto52 2018-06-01

Jan had me sit up on the edge of the hot tub and started to suck my cock, holding it in her mouth, then taking it deep in her throat, then just working the head and biting it lightly. Mark began kissing and sucking Mary's breasts and I could tell he was caressing her pussy underwater, yet she stared hard at Jan and me. "Or maybe watch Mark do to me what he did to Mary tonight, pile drive my pussy from behind and fill it with cum." Her talk turned me on even more and with my knee I spread her legs wide. Mary took my cock head in her mouth while Jan caressed my balls.


emma's cuck hubby and d**gs.

group vallonia 2018-06-01

She didn't know why she did drink it down in one , well nearly one three actually but suddenly she was walking through the club she felt very floaty like she wanted to lie down she could feel Gary's hand on her shoulder and now another black man was at her side helping to guide her through the crowd as the Ambien and Amphetamine mix took hold Emma started to feel loving towards these two protectors that were helping here through the club away from this dreadful noise, once through the double doors they stopped as they unlocked the "side exit" door as she stumbled in the dark room her body sensed the warmth she was being propelled forward towards the big bed.

Backstage Bang Ch. 1

group Macbang 2018-06-01

Lisa ground her hot ass into the studs' groin and happily noticed how big his cock was getting. After five endless minutes he yanked her yap off his dong and said, "Get on the couch bitch, you're gonna get fucked like never before." Lisa jumped up and started to remove her thong when he said "Leave it, I like to bang a slut with her panties on." Suddenly he started grunting and Lisa felt his big cock swell even bigger inside her well fucked twat. Lisa felt his big cockhead hit her chin and said "Ooohh yeah fuck my tits and my face at the same time you big dicked stud!!"

Mandi's train ride

group samson7102 2018-06-01

Dressed as usual in a wrap over dress, stockings and heels, very skimpy panties that didn’t cover my trimmed pubic hair and a thin see thru front fastening bra, exposing my cleavage and flash of stocking top to all who cared to look, mostly men but the occasional woman too, I took my usual train to work. My orgasm had just subsided when suddenly I felt a hand on my panties, I looked down and watched helplessly, the man in front of me had opened my dress, his fingers brushing my pussy through my wet panties.