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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Summer Heat Ch. 02

group litguy100 2018-06-01

My cock was rock hard now as I ran my fingers down her firm ass and then down lower along her pussy slit. "You're one horny old man but you know that's what I like about you." I continued to pump her pussy as she smiled and waved to the girls out back. As my cock grew in Kimberly's hand I could feel Eva's hand reach through behind me to caress my balls. She reached around and wrapped both hands around my dick and jerked it to the delight of the girls who blew us kisses. On the next chaise Kimberly sat naked with her legs spread wide and her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy as she watched us.


College Life – Part 3 – The Holiday

group 2018-06-01

Mukesh came forward and grabbed my navel with his hand and said,’Tujh jaisi item bhi kaha milegi Ruchi…’ I pulled the spaghetti over my head and threw it in his face, laughing. Very slowly, he took two ice-cubes from the tray, gave one to Sumit and came closer, and they both started rubbing them over my exposed nipples. “Correction,” Mukesh said lazily, “she just came for the first of many time today.” They kept rubbing my pussy and ass as I slowly recovered from the orgasm. Sumit put his hand towards my ass, slowly rubbed downward through my ass and inserted two fingers deep inside my pussy and started pumping.

Ace Has the Place

group nyft69 2018-06-01

Throughout the day Jim and Ace rubbed their bodies against Carey's ass and pussy every chance they got and she was getting extremely hot. Carey was feeling a little extra frisky and decided to see if she could playfully and subtly break Ace's concentration as he was holding conversations while stroking his cock under the bubbles of the hot tub without being noticed. They lay there for a while as their orgasms subsided but Carey was not done with Ace. She turned to face him and started licking their combined juices off his cock as Jim entered her pussy from behind.

Bi Bi Baby

group jim313 2018-06-01

It was a wonderful feeling having those balls and that cock in his hands but he couldn't wait to find out what it feels like to have it in his mouth so he leaned forward and covered the crown with his lips as he sucked on the head. John told him that he had never, in his wildest dreams, imagined that sucking a cock could be so good and George agreed telling him that he was surprised when he tasted cum for the first time because it was so delicious that he couldn't seem to get enough. George lifted his mouth from the throbbing penis and told him that he was becoming addicted to John's cock and then went right back to sucking deeply on the crown while licking off all the precum freely flowing out of the slit.


Portrait of Seduction

group lovemonster 2018-06-01

Both women drew back slightly, opening their mouths as the first hot arc of semen spurt from the tip of his cock; Susanna stroked his shaft, directing the first gush over her face and then towards Emily's as they both received the prize of his goo with pleasure. As Steve watched in fascination, Susanna's hand moved to Emily's breast, gently pinching and squeezing the taut nipple as the other moved between her legs; she parted the copper coloured bush and slid her fingers inside as Emily gasped into her mouth. Susanna gently pushed Emily back onto the floor, lips moving down across her breasts, licking and sucking each nipple in turn before travelling lower; she spread the pale, supple limbs to reveal her engorged pussy and then her tongue gently traced the sodden slit upwards, pushing between to dab at her sensitive clitoris.


Sex in Rivergate Pt. 01 Ch. 01

group HotDirtyFuzz 2018-06-01

Leaning slightly back, she made space for Devin's fingers to play with her nipples while Ray was devouring her mouth. Devin mumbled his agreement and shuffled closer to Angie's back, waiting first for her to settle herself on Ray's rock-hard cock. Ray groaned in pleasure as his cock pushed inside Angie's pussy, the heat enveloping him. Devin had removed his fingers earlier when he recognized the look on Ray's face that said the waitress is about to get the hardest fuck of her life. He knew he wasn't going to last long so he fucked Angie's ass as hard as Ray fucked her pussy. Feeling better after his fuck, Ray ordered lunch and every time Angie came over to check on them he would push his fingers into her cunt.


group joeuser691 2018-06-01

When I started to moan, I heard Linda's footsteps again, and when she pulled off the blindfold, I looked down, and found out I was cumming in a GUY's mouth. She got a very kinky look in her eyes and said, "Here, I'll show it to you," with that she turned him sideways to me, and dropped the shorts to the floor. She took the dick out of her mouth, looked at me, and said, "I'll cut you loose of that chair if you want to finish sucking him off". When Jimmy Grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth, she said "Suck that dick like a bitch for me". I decided I wanted to see what it was like to have a guy cum in my mouth, so I sucked him back in.

A School Reunion

group Miller6 2018-06-01

They got chatting, Louise didn't really remember who Andy was, but he was good company, dressed like her in business attire, handsome and was clearly successful and dare she admit it, he was quite charming. She froze to the spot, too scared to speak, and only just made out Keith say "let's fuck her boys, fuck her hard and make her drink our cum", she heard the cheer though as her cunt lips got pulled wide apart and someone started licking her clit. Dan, Dave and Trevor held Louise's arms and legs spread on the coffee table, she was still on all fours, with her blouse undone, skirt up at her waist, and black heels on.


First Class

group historycup 2018-06-01

I wasn't going to argue, this extremely hot chick was pulling my cock out of my pants and who knows what she had planned. To my left was the wall of the classroom and directly to my right was, the girl with my cock in her hands, Laura. When I turned back towards my desk I looked at Laura and noticed her mouth was still full of my cum. I looked around the room and noticed Stacy had her hand down her pants again and Laura was now the jealous one. I asked Shelby where my cum went and Laura looked back at me with a devious smile.

Moving Day

group 2018-06-01

Greg thinks I look like a teenager that way. The next man I fucked, after Greg's dad, was one of the men that big, black cock more than anything. I said, "It looks like there is something in your pants that I looked up into the huge man's eyes and asked, in a As the black bulb pushed at my cunt, more juices were I released the man's sperm bag and laid back on the table. man talking to himself, saying, "Fuck! himself) He said, "Let me pull this ass up a little and... The man grabbed my wild tits and said, "Oh, baby! I slid my cum slicked ass off the table and said, "Your black cock is fucking incredible!

Isle of Lays Ch. 01

group SkinandSin 2018-06-01

By this time Charlaine was so wet she was sure her arousal was dripping to the table as the crewmen's hands began massaging oil over her extremities, all over her back and down the seams of her inner thighs, skimming the freshly waxed lips of her sex. Strong hands held her up, legs open, so the warm jets of water were aimed directly at her clitoris and she came several more times against a water jet and frisky fingers flicking her clitoris, fucking her pussy and ass and tweaking her nipples as she kissed dark and beefy Dominic, the tallest of her five masseurs and Siren's captain, who had visited the upper deck to give her his own special greeting.


The Eye of the Hurricane Ch. 02

group LeMondial 2018-06-01

Those thoughts were rather quickly swept aside as I felt Holly's nipples harden to the deep suction of my lips, When I bit lightly, she squeezed my now fully erect cock with extra vigour. I released the pressure on her breast, fearing that I had hurt her, but as she moaned with her mouth open and pressed me into her breast, I knew that she, like Maggie, was beginning to feel the heat of sexual excitement. Only when I saw Maggie suck Tom's large member -- one hand stroking him and the other working his small erect nipples—I began to realize how much pent-up passion this beautiful woman embodied and how much I had taken her for granted.

Cabin for Three

group hidden_self 2018-06-01

"Much as I love the outdoors, when it's rainy and cold like this there's nothing better than being inside by a nice hot fire." I tangle my hand in her hair, holding tight for just a moment to remind her of when I held her head between my thighs the last time we met. I know how good extra sensations feel a time like this and I want to make sure she stays where she is, floating on a sea of no-thought-just-instinct. Your balls, the base of your cock, and my slit are now one glorious pathway presented to Jill for her to stroke and lick and suck.

The Hunting Trip V

group 2018-06-01

Tiffany pushes John down onto the sofa, removes her red underwear and throws them, making sure they land on me. Slowly I masturbate with them, lying down on the floor, my legs spread open, I take the underwear and shove them inside of my pussy. Surprisingly she smiles, and kisses John, “You like watching your filthy whore put my underwear inside of her do you?” She asks, grabbing John by the face. I grab Tiffany by the hair, pulling her face up to mine, and I kiss her f***efully. He strokes himself, watching as Tiffany pulls away from my grasp and buries her face once more into my pussy. Tiffany stands and grabs my hand, and gestures for John to follow.

A Loving Threesome

group CraverScarlett 2018-06-01

Immediately he moved next to Lisa's face, and as I sank my lips and tongue into my hot wife's gooey wetness I saw his eyes fight to stay open as his cock began to erupt. seeing my Lisa sucking Eric's cock with her face covered with his cum was all the stimulate I needed, and soon I was pumping into her faster and faster, until finally, gloriously, I exploded inside her, forcing her to come again. "Come on her face while I eat her," I said, hearing another of my love's "Oh Gods" as Eric moved into position, kneeling next to her face, his fingers flying over his cock as he masturbated, aiming it right at my Lisa's face.

Two Boys and Two Girls

group TonyUK 2018-06-01

I came to a larger area with water pouring out of holes in the walls into simple guttering and flowing away, again the guy before me was there showering so again I followed suit, facing away from him partly out of courtesy, and partly because I like to keep my pubic hair very short and trim and from my balls round past my asshole completely smooth, and I was a little embarrassed in this potentially macho place in case it wasn't the done thing here! The archway opened up into another, larger but just as steamy area with a few simple wooden benches against the stone walls, on which were sat half a dozen men of varying shapes and sizes, mostly locals but at least one European, a tall, slim and fit, fair haired guy of about my mid 30s age.


Nutcracker Sweet: Part 1 of 2

group Stormdog 2018-06-01

Troy and I met in the locker room about twenty minutes later, but Rick had needed to run home to pick up his gear, so by the time he showed up we had changed and were closing up our lockers, about to head out to the gym. Despite the seven-inch height advantage that Troy had on her she was able to harass him enough that she took him out of his game when she covered him on defense and was so quick and skilled with the ball in her hands that he struggled to stay with her when we had the ball – and he had to try to guard her, because Rick was hopeless in that position.

Suburban Underbelly Ch. 03

group fastandsloppy 2018-06-01

"Fuck, I want some of that," said Lenny and he stepped over to bring his dick to Cindy's face too. When I walked back into the living room Pablo's sweaty ass was perched on the arm of my couch and Cindy's face was being forced back and forth along his cock as Lenny slapped his shaft into her from behind. As Cindy began pumping up and down on his shaft, Pablo moved forward to continue holding her hair and slamming a rough face fuck into her mouth. But Lenny, probably envisioning a nice leisurely back seat blow job from a submissive Vampira on the drive up, said, "yeah, OK." And when Pablo came back from the shower and shrugged in consent, I looked at my two bonehead friends in disbelief.


Lucky Night

group the_shires 2018-06-01

So Marti had found herself at the slot machine, sitting there, wondering what exactly Jasper had in mind. Marti was sure that one of them was for her, but she felt awkward accepting a drink from a man when her husband was trying to find her an acceptable bedmate. Jasper opened the door with the keycard and held it open as Marti and Reed passed into the room. Marti knew that he was laying claim to her, showing Jasper who the man was in the room. Looking over at Jasper again, she felt guilty, but Reed's moves were quickly making her forget her husband. Marti's hands found her breasts and played with them as Reed continued to open her up with his fingers and tongue.

Slut Dee Part 1

group Scotsmin1 2018-06-01

I asked him if he had any spare fuel to help Dee get on her way but he said that his last recovery had been a fuel shortage and he hadn’t had time to replenish the 5 ltr canister he normally carried. I asked him if he had any spare fuel to help Dee get on her way but he said that his last recovery had been a fuel shortage and he hadn’t had time to replenish the 5 ltr canister he normally carried. Around 2 in the morning I fell asl**p wishing that Dee was that woman I had just seen in the porno Saturday like my cock couldn’t come quick enough.

Not Another Friday Night

group LAnthony2plus2 2018-06-01

Another Friday night wasted playing video games was the last thing Dani wanted, but there she was--stuck in Jacob’s apartment, watching them mindlessly push button after button. It’s Friday--we always play video games on Friday.” Jacob said in his usual way, a lilt in his deep voice that let her know he’d been looking forward to this all week. She felt Jacob’s lips kiss the back of her neck as he worked the hooks to her bra, all while Scott’s hands moved down her stomach to unbutton her jeans. She only stopped blowing Scott to let out a quick moan while Jacob’s fingers spread her lips and his tongue went from her clit all the way up her vagina, flicking back and forth at the end.

Bi Midnight

group MaleThonger 2018-06-01

"Nothing to be nervous about, Justin, I promise we'll take good care of you." I slowly took his cock into my mouth and sucked and stroked for a few minutes, letting him adapt to the feel of having a man on the end of his manhood. Melanie took my cock in her mouth, Justin started licking my hairless balls, occasionally darting his tongue back to explore my ass as he fucked her. I thrust deep one last time, feeling his cock stroke all the way up the length of me and back down, before I pulled out, and guided my engorged member toward her tight ass.

A Tease for Two Ch. 03

group DragonflySong 2018-05-31

Liane was standing nervously to one side of the bed, wringing her hands and darting wide eyes from me to her husband, who was clearly enjoying the anticipation, judging from the semi-hardness of his penis. I relented and began to bathe her clit in long slow strokes, pausing momentarily to suck at it gently before returning my tongue to flicking and licking it. I finally broke away with an effort and said to Liane, " We should clean him off a bit." She looked puzzled for a moment but quickly caught what I had in mind. I divided my attention between licking rhythmically at the hard nub of Liane's clit and sliding my fingers in and out, matching Matt's slow thrusts.


Crazy College Memory

group JoeDreamer 2018-05-31

"There is no way you got Wednesday's approval..." Jenny began, but Kristi cut her off. "You know the current president!" Jenny said. "Wednesday doesn't hate you," Jenny sighed. "Don't be silly," Jenny said, quickly pulling on another shirt. "See you Saturday!" Jenny said, kissing me quickly one last time and then slipping out the door. "I'm thinking that going into a sister's room and deleting stuff off of her computer is way worse than sneaking a boy in after hours." Wednesday watched as I pulled out the paper Jenny showed me earlier. Wednesday looked at me for a few moments before finally shrugging and starting to type. "I think it's time to go," I finally said, but she shook her head.