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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Homecoming from the Sandbox

group Glerian 2018-11-19

I opened my eyes and was almost shocked to notice on of our friends behind her, sliding his cock into her pussy as she sucked me off. There was another girl beside me on the couch sucking a dick, so I reached over and began to finger her pussy as I used my friend's face. The guy who came stood on the couch and she started to suck him clean, licking his cum off his shaft. I licked her clean and actually got her to cum on my face once before she stood and walked off, probably to get fucked again. Sarah was again sucking another cock as I fucked her little ass.

Sally, Nancy and Me

group Wallace 2018-11-19

I leaned over her and started pumping, Sally’s hand still spreading her cheeks apart, I looked down to watch my swollen cock slid smoothly in and out of her asshole, it was tight, but accommodating and Sally was rocking with me and moaning passionately. And with that Nancy leaned up over me and gave me a big passionate kiss, grabbed my cock and said, “Let’s get this thing going again – it’s Sally’s turn now.” She kissed her way down my chest and my stomach and then took my cock into her mouth and started sucking me again.

Birthday Celebration

group cal_jack 2018-11-19

Veronica really didn’t want to go out for her birthday but her best friends, Jake and Laurie insisted. Jake said he and Laurie wanted to make sure Veronica was very horny before springing this surprise and they both were as excited with the surprise as Veronica appeared. At the same time, Jake got behind Veronica and started massaging her breasts again and stroking her pussy while kissing and whispering in her ear. Laurie and April started moaning in delight while Veronica orgasm continued to build from watching the two women and the feeling of Jake’s fingers moving in and out of her pussy. April then started to kiss Veronica and pinched her nipples while Jake’s orgasm was building.

Fuck Club

group guitarman2016 2018-11-19

While Rukhsana was sucking Ian's cock, he would reach out to grasp Nick's, running his fingers around the head to gather up the pre-cum, which he the offered to Nick's mouth. Sheila was sat on the side of the bed, legs splayed and two fingers up her cunt, with Pete stood in front of her, feeding his cock into her mouth and reaching down to fondle her tits and nipples. Pete still had his head between Sheila's legs, licking her slit then strumming her clit, while Nick had moved up from Sheila's tits to her mouth and was face-fucking her vigorously, his head now only a few inches from where Ian's cock was pounding into Rukhsana.

My Second Encounter with Kat - Kat Makes Dessert

group TnAlover58 2018-11-19

“Hey I’m going to go start dinner come over when you’re done” she prompted as she ran to the door carrying a couple bags not giving me a chance to answer. I went thru the side gate to the yard to find Kat grilling steaks in a little yellow nearly transparent bikini that got the juices flowing within right away. Kat proceeded to serve me a fantastic steak dinner and after a little bit of talk about our new adventure we retreated to the pool. I finally cornered Kat and got her to give in to me; we embraced and kissed deep and hard for a couple minutes. Kat dropped her phone and jumped on the lounge chair spread her legs and pussy wide then said

The Double Date That Didn't End, Ch 9

group KennethPierce 2018-11-19

Ria looked over at me and called out, "Okay Shane, now it’s your turn to tell us how much you enjoyed your night with Tracy. Obviously, Connor had been planning on making fun of how ridiculous I looked wearing Tracy's pink shirt, but the atmosphere in the room had turned so erotic that no one even thought to laugh. I felt slender fingers stroking along the underside of my shaft as Ria reached a hand up between Tracy's legs--exploring the point where I was disappearing into her best friend's cunt. Tracy's urgent whispers turned to urgent moans as Ria's tongue made contact, lapping away like a ravenous kitten.

Swing Party Part 3

group MotelMILF 2018-11-19

Joey came back into the room with Deb. I was sitting on the bed, watching another couple fuck up against the wall. Debbie told me that she was going to sit back and watch, like a cheering section. That made me want to suck even harder, the headboard got a bit louder, Joey started moaning. "Fuck her Joey," Debbie said. "She likes it Joey," Debbie said. "I think she needs a break." Joey said. Laughing, Debbie replied, "I think she needs a brain surgeon after the pounding you just gave her." Debbie was getting a hard, missionary fuck in one room, Patty was riding a guy in an other, and Kathy was still tied to the bed, gag in her mouth, getting fucked by a vibrator.


Bi Guys at Carleton University

group Samuelx 2018-11-19

My buddy Malik is a six-foot-tall, good-looking young Black man with really dark skin which I find very sexy. Malik is currently dating Soraya, a really tall and sexy young Persian woman with dark bronze skin, long Black hair and dark eyes. I give Malik a brother-man hug and exchange dap with our friend Abdullah. A short, chubby young man with dark bronze skin, curly Black hair and pale brown eyes. My buddy Michael Rakes, a tall, burly bisexual Jamaican guy with dreadlocks, told me how he stuffed Abdullah like a thanksgiving turkey inside Studio Night Club in downtown Ottawa. I think of Lucia's perky tits and big Black ass.


That One Night in Vegas

group BrindleChase 2018-11-19

He wouldn’t ever let on, thinking it a bad thing for a husband to like or enjoy, but I wasn’t foolish enough to think any man wouldn’t be happy to see a naked hot chick. She left it like shackles about her ankles as she smoothed her caramel hands across her glittery skin, caressing herself in ways that made me blush for the moist warmth I felt between my legs. Our lips melded together and I managed to look at Brad who was staring, mouth wide open and I could feel him throbbing beneath my hand. Brad owed me big time and I could tell the entire scene was a little slice of heaven by the way he watched us with worshipful eyes.

Secret Diary of a Cheerleader (Chapter 4)

group DanielleX 2018-11-19

Julie decided to lose her own panties and Tray was more than happy to finger us at the same time as we played with his cock. I climbed off his face and Julie sat up and Tray was treated to a hot session of two girls kissing and fondling and boy did he appreciate it! I was one lucky girl with my fingers occupied by JJ’s wet cunt and tight little ass and Tray’s cock slipping between my legs. It was a mad ten seconds, with Tray pounding my pussy as his groans were getting louder; I was panting and moaning and Julie’s body was trembling uncontrollably, as she went into orgasm.

The boy next door part: 2

group QTpie210 2018-11-19

I want to say no, but at the same time Cindy has her hands playing with my nipples and her lips are kissing my neck. I have three sets of hands running all over my body, Cindy and I having a war with our tongues, Todd is working his magic on my breasts and Clay is kissing all around my pussy lips. Looking next to me, Cindy is naked now and already going down on Clay, it's so sexy to watch her sucking his cock. I let out a scream and Clay uses this moment to put his cock near my mouth, wanting me to suck him like I did Todd.

Naughty Naughty Babysitter, Part 3

group FeliciaGreene 2018-11-19

Unable to resist, Mrs Carson bent her head to Abbie's chest and began to lick her nipples, tonguing the delicious flesh as Abbie gave soft little mews of erotic pleasure. Mr Carson couldn't just stand by and watch his beautiful wife enthusiastically sucking on Abbie's tits, fingering her hot little cunt until the babysitter was panting. With her big, soaped-up tits pressed hard against the glass of the shower door, each nipple exquisitely sore from Mrs Carson's gentle bites, Abbie ground her ass onto Mr Carson's cock. Grabbing her wet locks, viciously pulling her head back so her cunt pulsed around his cock all the more, the older man murmured to Abbie, "You like my wife tonguing your big tits, you little slut?"

The party

group Bi_girl 2018-11-19

We continued to talk a little, before he asked me if I wanted to come to a party in the weekend. I chatted along with John, he told me the party had just started, and they expected more people to come. Stephanie said we should give them a little tease, so she leaned over and we kissed. We could see a hard on trough some of the guys boxers, and the girls looked like they enjoyed the show too. As I kissed the other girl, I felt a guy grope my tits trough my bra. To the left of me, I saw the girl I had kissed earlier on her knees sucking one of the other guys.

Christine's Valuable Lesson

group 82tigress 2018-11-19

His vengeful thoughts were getting him hard, and that bitch’s pussy looked so good. His cock was getting unbearably hard, just thinking about Christine’s wetness. It didn’t take long for Devon to reach Christine’s apartment, and by the time he got there Will had been well informed of his devious plan. Just the thought of having a woman please him exactly the way he wanted was making him unbearably hard. “Mmmm agreed.” Devon said, unzipping his jeans and freeing his painfully hard erection. Will watched as Christine obediently laid down, spreading her legs and accepting Devon’s phallus like the town’s harlot. Just as Christine was about to cum, Devon vacated her pussy and shoved himself inside her tight ass.

The Cruise Singer Part 4

group _O2_ 2018-11-19

Amanda arched her head back letting her hair dangle as Monique kissed her bare skin down to her lower back. Monique cupped Amanda's face with her hands, looked deep into my wife's eyes. I lay there hoping not to go off in their hands when Amanda took a break from tongue wrestling Monique to suggest to her she ride me. When Amanda had finished Monique grinned as they both slipped off the bed to remove their panties, leaving their stockings on. Monique saw Amanda's reaction and moved up the bed to kiss her. We could both feel Amanda getting close to her climax so Monique went back to kissing her with more enthusiasm if that were possible.

Volleyball Games

group quietmischief 2018-11-19

Darren had also moved to start sucking on Camryn’s other breast, so she felt two mouths on her tits. When Chris was standing right in front of her, with his cock in his hand, Camryn started to open her mouth and lick the head of his cock. “Are you going to be our cum-slut, Camryn?” Darren asked as he watched his cock slide in and out while she was sucking on Matt and jerking Chris. This continued for a little while until the three guys switched again, and this time, Matt went between her legs and Darren came back up to her mouth. She felt the head of Darren’s cock start to press against her asshole, and thought for just a second that she was happy that of all three of the guys, he was the smallest.

The Bar (Part Two)

group Pegasus4 2018-11-19

At one point during the game, Sarah leaned over the pool table, spreading her legs wider than was necessary, teasing us with a clear view of her hot, wet pussy. Whilst she was leaning over the pool table, John walked up behind her and pulling the tiny string of her panties aside, teased her pussy lips apart with his fingers and slipped one inside of her. The first few balls were potted easily and the man and I enjoyed the view of both women leaning over the table with their very short skirts, exposing lots of leg, backside and very hot pussy. I had my hand between Carol's open legs, gently stroking her smooth, naked pussy enjoying our drinks whilst she reached over and softly teased John’s cock.

The Slave Princess......Part 4

group Piquet 2018-11-19

I notice a severe looking woman, dressed in iridescent black sitting in the place of honour; at the right hand of Lady Itelyssia. Now, open mouthed, I lick my lips and slip them over the head of his cock, my fingers tighten around the base of his shaft and immediately I feel him harden. I feel the hand of the young Darrakhai now pushing my face away from his cock. The male slaves are all employed as well, using their talents upon the asses, pussies and mouths of these fine ladies of Darrakhai. For several minutes I watch his fine cock entering her pussy only a half a hands span away from my face.

Senior Camp Out

group wifey1momma2 2018-11-19

When the time came to go to bed, Aerin took her "flavor of the week" to the truck and began fucking. We begin to fuck and oh my god it feels so good. "Let me show you how to fuck her properly. Mr Thomas then yells, "Everyone, come see how you properly fuck a woman. As Mr Thomas begins fucking me, we see blue lights and see sirens. I was beginning to freak out as Mr. Thomas starts fucking me. One of the police officers comes over and takes his turn in my pussy. One football player, then a police office. He fucks me while I eat a girl's pussy.

Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 20

group Samuelx 2018-11-19

Sanders College is fielding an intercollegiate football team for the first time since it was founded in 1969 by a group of African-American activists and philanthropists. As of 2009, the Sanders College Department of Athletics sponsors Men's Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Gymnastics, Soccer, Rifle, Swimming, Ice Hockey, Golf, Wrestling, Volleyball, Tennis and Track & Field. The President of Sanders College is Elisabeth Brownstone, a tall, butch-looking Black woman who was once a powerhouse during the early days of the WNBA. A total bimbo who cheats on her man with at least two Black guys from the football team and one Asian chick from the women's swimming team. A professor at Stonehill College who frequently visited her brother Earl Anderson, a stocky Black dude who's the assistant coach of the men's Soccer team.


The trip

group eroticwriter71 2018-11-19

He leans close and you can smell the alcohol on his breath as he inhales the scent on your cleavage and says, “God, I want to rip your clothes off, throw you down on the floor right here and fuck you until the cows come home.” His Southern twang offers it just enough authenticity to keep you from bursting out laughing, but the temerity of his statement and the significant bulge he keeps thrusting against your hip actually make you blush slightly and you feel a tingle developing. You feel the mystery man’s hands on your knees, spreading your legs and then his hot moist lips nibbling up the inside of your thigh.

Let's Go To The Bahamas Pt. 7

group GreySessed128 2018-11-19

I have something I need to take care of.” I see your rock hard cock and I know I’m about to get the fucking of my life. Touching it makes my pussy so wet, I just want to crawl all over you and fuck you good, Daddy. You say, “Not to worry Pet, Lila’s going to take care of you.” You look at Lila and say, “Get on your knees and make her cum one more time.” She pushes her fingers into my pussy and sucks hard on my clit, causing me to spasm into another orgasm. She drops to her knees and sucks your cock in her mouth as you continue to watch me fuck myself.

A Tribute To Bisexual Men

group Samuelx 2018-11-19

The Black guy joined the Hispanic dude and the thick ghetto chick on the bed. The Hispanic dude sucked the Black guy's nuts and the ghetto chick licked his cock. Stephen grabbed the Latin guy by the hips and started pumping away, fucking him hard and fast. The Black chick who had ghetto written all over her watched the two men going at it and fingered herself. Stephen continued to fuck the Hispanic guy, and the ghetto chick got under him and started sucking the Latin dude's cock. When Stephen was done screwing the Latin guy, the fine Black stud told the ghetto chick to assume the position, and she quickly complied. The tall, handsome Black stud whom all the chicks at school wanted was actually bisexual.



group Lustybella 2018-11-19

Then we moved to the back of the house looking over the gardens, Andrew speaking again about people he knew interior decorator and designers, I stopped listening when I felt Thomas slide one finger up the side of my thigh. I was going to come, I looked at the garden and saw Andrew finish his call and I came all down Thomas fingers. I took both in each hand, stroking and feeling them both getting more swollen, then I took Andrews cock deep in my throat, forcing it to the back of my throat letting out a gasp then I moved on to Thomas's cock, slightly fatter but still hitting the back of my mouth.