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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Webcam Wife Ch. 10

group thick7in1972 2018-05-31

Tina, Dee's best friend, Beth, another friend, and Dawn, Dee's little sister, all came into the room at the same time. "This is Tina," Dee said standing up, walking to them as they entered the room and Jarrod turning the camera to get the introductions to the audience on film. As I began to fuck my wife's best friend while she ate out my wife's sister's pussy, Beth began to lick my nipples while her hand was on my ass pushing me deeper and harder into Tina's pussy. The purpose of this became apparent to me rather quickly when I felt Beth's tongue slide along the shaft of my cock as I continued to fuck Tina.

Welcome Home

group asbyatt 2018-05-31

She moved me toward the bed and pushed me down, and I watched as she pulled off her shirt and wriggled out of her skirt and thong before following me down to the bed with a hand on either side of my head, pushing her tongue into my mouth and gyrating her hips against my busy fingers. I felt her shudder as his hand also found her sweet openings, and heard the wet sound of him finger-fucking her pussy while he watched her face. I rolled them both to the side and knelt in front of her, lathing her with my tongue and sucking his creamy, sweet cum out of her pussy, then bending to suck his cock clean as they continued to explore each other's bodies and mouths.

Just Good Friends

group Teflon 2018-05-31

Chloe started to move about more on John's legs, pushing her pussy hard onto him. This went on for about five minutes, John could feel the heat coming from Chloe's pussy as she rubbed up and down, letting out more moans and breathing erratically. As John slowly rubbed her pussy, running his fingers over her swollen lips, Chloe groaned and moved her pussy onto his hands. He pushed her panties to once side and ran his finger up and down her wet slit, she was so hot and horny, her juices were everywhere, John's hand was soon covered with her sweet juices. At which point Chloe slid her hand up his thigh, and rubbed John's hard cock.

When Opportunity Knocks

group rockvixen82 2018-05-31

So they followed me into the bedroom, he laid her back on the bed and started to eat her out. When he had made her cum, he came over to me and pulled me to the edge of the bed where he proceeded to use that tongue on me. We all just cuddled on the bed talking for a little while. When she came back in he had me bent over the bed fucking me from behind. While she was making me cum with her tongue, he had his cock buried deep inside her and he came for the second time. We took a few more pictures for good measure and talked and cuddled a little more.

My Wife's Best Friend Ch. 02

group The_Unicorn 2018-05-31

Now, I had really enjoyed the threesome and I definitely wanted the repeat that Nikki's parting words had hinted at, but I needed to know where I stood with Brooke. On the one hand, I wanted to watch Brooke's face when I broached the subject, but I also knew it was proper to sit beside my wife when seated with a guest. Nikki laughed as she pulled her hand from my crotch, held it up for Brooke to see, and said, "Fine, see, hands off." Brooke laughed a bit nervously but said, "Yeah, I'd be so tired from fucking her but I'd lay there and she'd make me come dozens of times."


Busty Jessica's Sexual Adventures Ch. 05

group sethp 2018-05-31

As Jessica looked over, Megan slid her lips all the way down to the base of one cock, and then all the way back up to the head and let it plop out of her mouth. With the taste of cum still on their lips, Megan and Busty Jessica hopped back in the Mustang and headed back home. Seth knew that Megan was nowhere near as experienced in anal sex as Jessica and gently and slowly slid his shaft inside her. Jessica slid over and wrapped one of her hands around his cock as he slowly started to fuck Megan in the ass. Busty Jessica pooled his semen in her mouth and then moved over to Megan and the two lovers kissed passionately, sharing Seth's wondrous cum with each other.

Hit by a Teen

group rockhard4uc 2018-05-31

Kate slowly knelt down in front of me, looking a little scared, but she didn't let go of my cock. "Uh huh," agreed Jess and I couldn't believe it as she sat on the bar stool and slipped one hand up her dress, all the while watching her friend's first attempts at sucking cock. Kate's tongue had now explored all around my cock head and she was really going to try to suck my big cock inside her small mouth. Such an innocent young girl she was, but soon Kate got the idea and began to pull my cock deeper inside her mouth. Kate pushed her mouth back over my cock and started to let me gently thrust in and out.


Sneaking a Quickie Ch. 03

group bluedragonauthor 2018-05-31

Fighting down my dread I went rigidly still and quiet when I heard the door open and Christina ask softly, "Yes, father?" Christina's tongue was on my limp dick again, and all I could do was groan as Amy lifted her nightshirt over her head and then shoved those perky tits into my face. And then Christina's body went half-limp as she relaxed her muscles the moment my crown touched her body, and she exhaled loudly while the fat head pushed its way through. "The next time we see Amy, you want me to just fold her over a couch and shove my hard meat all the way into her tiny, little asshole?"


Sharing Her Ch. 01

group BadBadGirlx 2018-05-31

Still looking at me, he lowered her leg and moved over her body to sucked on one her fresh pink nipples while massaging the other one breast with his hand. Moving along side of her my lips moved moved lower on her body, kissing her skin and licking the taste of sweat and sex off of her soft stomach. I gently sucked at her pussy, tasting her sweet juice, kissing gently and applying soft short strokes to her clit. Stroking with the flat tip of my tongue, surrounding her clit but applying some pressure to her hot spot. He pulled his fingers out as I moved farther down to drink her hot cum as it dripped from her pussy, slowly and gently- careful not to ruin it.

Bukkake Tape

group 2018-05-31

“Cathy's a pig, she'd do it,' Steve added. Derek and Cheryl laughed as they moved over to one side. Then Derek lay back with Cheryl's tongue went between her Cheryl's fingers were making wet sounds in her own 'You want this pig?' Steve said as he stood. tip was wet from his fingering. 'Yes please,' I whispered, as I tilted my face up 'Say you're a pig and a cum slut,' Steve demanded, 'I am a pig,' I gasped for breath. he ejaculated on my face. cock near my face.' I could see his head was thrown Eddie's cum was less the Steve's but thicker and most of it down and with a finger pushed his across me cheek so

Emma's Initiation Ch. 01

group Harryandsally 2018-05-31

"Bloody hell," Emma exclaimed to Carly, "That was Ian, he wants to meet me for a drink!" Emma was intrigued by this comment, Ian clearly wasn't bothered about her past or job and sounded like he may have lived a bit himself. Emma did as she was told, loving this good looking man taking the lead like this. "Jo took her top off and my pants down and started to suck me," Ian said, clearly enjoying reliving this story. Emma got in the car and gave Ian her best sexy look. Emma saw a face out of the corner of her eye, she couldn't make out the face properly, just like Ian had said but she knew they were being watched.

My Babysitter

group zimabean 2018-05-31

My s****r inlaw, Lori, is three years older than my wife, bottle blonde hair, b cup tits, around 130 pounds, 5 foot 5 inches tall and brown eyes. Lori and Lisa wanted to go dancing and drinking so we called our babysitter, Jenny, to come over and out we went. Jenny just turned s*******n, she had dirty blonde hair that went to her butt and was braided, stood about 4 foot 10 inches tall, had really cute titties and a great cowgirl ass with big brite brown eyes. My cock was coated with Jenny's cunt juice and my ball juice so it slid easily into Lori's cunt. I fucked Lori and Jenny many more times after that for many years.

Bless Me Father for I have Sinned 08

group SusanJillParker 2018-05-31

Father Thomas and Father John give Sister Kathryn a double dose of reverse exorcism by the both of them not only cumming in her mouth but also cumming in her ass too. No doubt, many of the other nuns would feign no longer believing in God and losing their faith in their religion to have Father Thomas and Father John give them a double reverse exorcism. Father John looked at his nun with sexual excitement mixed with reverence while Father Thomas just stared at Sister Kathryn's big, naked breasts as if he had never seen naked tits before. With the priest removing one slow bra strap at a time, holding her bra cups in place with her hands, Sister Kathryn took a step back from kissing Father John for Father Thomas to slowly remove her unhooked bra.



group The Pack 2018-05-31

I don't know, these guys don't seem to have any stamina these days said Laura as she gave Phil's flaccid cock a playful tug. This time Phil wasn't going to give her a chance as he slid his own cock between her love lips and fucked her with a slow steady pace whilst trying to get the whole thing on film. I watched as Tina's tongue trailed delicately up and down the length of Eriks cock, Laura looked on and stroked her tits with one hand and gently teased her cunt lips open with the other. Laura smiled back at Phil and said "please fuck her darling, then I want to see your cum spurt over her cunt hair".


The Secret

group Marvin La Master 2018-05-31

She moaned and put her hands on the back of my head and pulled me in to her and rubbed my face into her wet slit. She put her hands on the counter top and lifted herself on to it and opened her legs. As she left my face and went down to my rod, her hands jerked my pants and shorts down . I put my hands on the counter to brace myself and Looked straight out the window at Jim cruisin' round the yard. I picked up a dish towel and started to wipe the excess cum off my yielding rod and she said "no way!"" Not on my good towel!" She sounded mad but slid off the counter and down to my limp prod.

Oiling the Wheels on Industry?

group JulieB 2018-05-31

It must have only been minutes since she entered the room but suddenly she felt the "oral master" stretch up and slide his cock into her and did he mean business .....the thrusts were long, hard and fast and she was almost gagging trying to get enough breath to keep up with him while she had that throbbing penis in her mouth. She increased her work rate and although her jaws ached she was finally rewarded when suddenly he lifted his arse from the floor hands pushed her head further onto his member just in time to catch the rifling jet of sperm that flooded into her mouth....he jerked several large gushes of man cream which she could hardly keep up with, some spilling from her mouth onto his tightened ball sac from whence it came.

Lesson Learned

group tdallyn 2018-05-31

"I mean, love him like a friend, not in any romantic way." She paused and stared off into space "He might be a good fuck, so maybe that kind of love, but not the gushy kind. "Me, I've got other talents and it's good that Tracy likes what I do as much as I like doing it." She took another sip and leaned back against the arm of the small sofa, keeping her eyes fixed on Gregg. "By the way Tracy," he began swirling his third glass of wine, "I'd like to say that you look terrific without your little apron on." It was typical Gregg, a compliment served with a side of chauvinism.


Shelly's First BBC

group 77naughtycouple77 2018-05-31

We share a fetish for jizz, and the thought of helping her milk a BBC was an extreme turn on, to the point where I'd like nothing better than to do a tongue dance with her over his spurting head. "Oh, God, fuck me!" she is begging him, and he climbs up her chest so she can slobber all over his cock, then back down and balls deep in one huge, long, slow thrust. I wedge my face down in her clit, licking her little button while he slams into her in slow, measured strokes, finally pulling out just enough to flood her pussy lips and my tongue with the first few spurts, than pushing back in to shoot the remaining volleys against her cervix.

Happy Birthday Kyrie

group thedevilstrippers 2018-05-31

Jack's hips were at work thrusting into Scarlett's mouth, trying to encourage a faster pace, but she wouldn't break free of her slow, steady tempo. He took both Kyrie's and Scarlett's nipples and slid them around on his as tongue as the women kissed and stroked each other. Kyrie muffled her moans in Scarlett's shoulder as she delicately slid a finger in her girlfriend's slit alongside Jack's. Scarlett pushed her face deep into Kyrie's cunt and double-tongued her engorged clit. Scarlett pulled Kyrie's hips down hard onto her face and licked her clit in fast hard strokes. After feeling her lover's pussy explode in pleasure, Scarlett could feel her own growing nearer and nearer to orgasm as Jack's long, luscious cock stretched and stroked it with every desperate thrust.

Players Ch. 04

group Synthia 2018-05-31

We are three married couples in our mid to late forties, Bob and Lisa, Ted and Cindy, and myself, Laura, and husband Jim. We had recently embarked on our own little swingers group At first just sucking and fucking in separate bedrooms and then moving to some voyeur, girl – girl between myself and Lisa, threesomes, and sex with younger "outsiders". He said it was a divorced neighbor lady about 40 who was pretty hot looking with what seemed to him at the time, huge tits, although they really weren't He said he went off like a rocket after about three strokes of her sucking his dick, but that was part of her plan.

The Step Daughter Ch. 03

group Charlie17 2018-05-31

Man, what a long morning, I'm so fucking horny after spending last night finding just the right porno movie to send over to my sexy little Jan. I finally found just the one I wanted, the star looked very much like Jan and she gets used over and over by from one to six men in leather masks. "Suck his cock real good slut and I may let you cum" I taunted my half crazed secretary as I began to lick her clit like a hungry animal. After a moment to recover Antonio calmly put his spent cock away and looked at Jan's limp body still kneeling before him and asked, "Will there be any thing else sir?" in very soft voice.


Transcontinental Swap Ch. 01

group Romantic1 2018-05-31

I thought further back to the situation that brought us to this moment, a remarkable synchronicity of events in Russ and my careers plus deep connections on many levels and a shared sense of priorities about our lives and marriage. Russ beamed, "I got promoted to vice president of TDI, but there's a catch -- a big one." His face fell a bit, but he continued, "The job is VP of West Coast Operations, and it's right smack dab in the middle of Silicon Valley. We really got a little crazy thinking about possible willing partners including Russ' distant brother and my sister who lived in Virginia and paid me no mind most of the time.


Any Chance We Could Ch. 46

group Reindeer58 2018-05-31

About ten minutes later with me still partly in Veronica, Cheryl came in and asked, "Are you two going to eat, food that is, this morning. She gave me a message slip that said that George Clarkson had called and wanted to meet me for lunch some time. Use your discretion on rate of pay and let this lovely young thing know the money details," I gestured toward Lauren and smiled. "Sure, Keith is at the Jacobson's new house with Emerson and Hazel interpreting some remodeling requests, but if he comes back early he won't mind," she replied now down to her waistband with unfastened buttons. Both Keith and Dave have bent me over it and fucked me on it before," she said as she turned around and gave me another breath-taking kiss.


My Horny Sister-in-Law Ch. 02

group Bluepen451 2018-05-31

The first was, just how the hell was I going to convince my wife, June, to let me fuck her horny sister Clarisse. She sat up again, still massaging my cock with her cunt muscles and said, "You know, dear, there was one detail you left out about your tryst with my sister, which wasn't very smart, given I had told you she and I talked." What the fuck, drinking wine at my in-laws' dinner table while my sister-in-law, who until a few weeks ago I had thought of as nearly asexual, stroked my cock beneath the table cloth. As we sipped our coffee (decaf of course, Mom was careful to assure us) Rev began to talk about his new Assistant Pastor, and Clarisse resumed her massage of my dick through my trousers.