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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

4 Men, 4 Wives, 1 Party

group 2018-05-31

Linda moved in behind Suzette and licked her pussy clean as Margie licked my cock clean. Wade then move around behind Suzette and began pumping her from behind and Bill moved in front of her so she could suck his cock. Then Bill moved in behind the tiny nympho and eagerly pumped her until he emptied his load into her and again the other wives jumped into action and licked her pussy and his cock clean. Suzette licker her clean and Linda licked Nick’s cock clean and then sucked hard again. Sensing that this would take Nick longer, Suzette moved in under Margie and began licking and playing with his balls.

The Priest of the Goddess Ch. 3

group bamboomoon 2018-05-31

Don't think about anything and let the pleasure guide you." Randith dropped to her knees between my spread legs, facing my wooded cock-filled pussy. What a beautiful cock, I thought and moved between the naked Queen and Yandra pointing my sword at him. Queen Amida traced her hand over my body and underneath my leather tunic, into my cunt. "Before the evil one returns." Una, the priestess draped a gown over the Queen's naked shoulders while Zenoi wrapped a tunic around his slim waist, hiding his cock from me. You couldn't have known, and besides, the Queen is safe." He took my face in his loving hands and kissed me on my full lips.

The French Maid Ch. 05

group susan12346 2018-05-31

Anna started acting coy, and I sort of followed her example, “Oh Sir, are you sure it will be all right?” she asked, lowering her head and putting her finger to her lips. “Well alright, if you think it will be alright.” I reached for the buttons on my blouse, undoing them very slowly till I got to my skirt. I reached forward and put my lips just around the front of the head as the final spurt erupted and filled my mouth to overflowing again. He knelt up and took a long look at me laying there, cum smeared all over my face, slowly flowing out the corner of my mouth.

First Threesome

group RusticRoadhog1867 2018-05-31

That night however I took Anne to bed and fucked her like never before. Robert downed the last quarter of his pint, Anne took a large gulp of her wine, I left my cider half finished and we all left together. Robert let out a moan and parted his legs to let Anne rub his clearly hard cock through his jeans. I was stroking my cock slowly, just watching Anne stroke the shaft of Roberts cock, as she sucked and licked the head. Even though tonight was the first night I had ever met Robert, I could tell by the look on his face that he was getting close to cumming.

Undercover Agent To Mole Ch. 02

group walterio 2018-05-31

Callie's head was still on the bed and she turned it to one side and let out a gasp as Pete's tongue licked close to her asshole. Pete removed his tongue from her ass and ran his hard cock between her ass cheeks as he spoke to her, "I want to fuck you in the ass Callie. Callie had not felt so full of cum since Sal fucked her ass and there was no where for it to go blocked by Pete's swollen cock buried in her ass. Pete now knew why Sal, Frankie and Joey bragged about fucking Callie's ass, it was beautiful and it was impossible for any guy to keep his cock out of her fantastic ass.


A Not-So-Boring Business Trip

group getket 2018-05-31

John responded in kind and started to kiss her back, locking lips and licking her tongue and mouth, running his hands along her sides and pulling her ass to him. By the time he was naked, Vic had dropped his pants and had his cock deep inside Diane's mouth as she knelt before him. Fuck this slut." And then Diane turned her attention back to Vic's cock and sucked him hard trying to extract his cum whether he wanted to cum or not. He came with a grunt into Diane's mouth and moved aside giving John the room to push her face down on the bed and fuck her hard. Vic spanked her as John fucked her and Diane started to cum and cum continuously.


My Two Lovers

group dreamingjeanne 2018-05-31

I reach my right hand around behind me and stroke Rick's cock while my left hand strokes Mark's. I almost come when Mark kisses my clit, and it's a really good thing Rick is holding me up by the breasts or I would have collapsed in a heap right then and there! Mark takes control and directs Rick to lie on the bed and tells me to straddle him. Mark's voice has always aroused me, even when not talking dirty, so when he tells me to slide Rick's cock into my dripping wet hole, I can't refuse. Mark is still rubbing my clit and stops when he realizes how close I am to coming. I start to rise up, but Mark holds me against Rick's chest.

Rebecca Meets the Frat Neighbors

group edisonCaroline 2018-05-31

"My turn bro," you hear Jim say to Miles and quickly Rebecca has a new cock to suck. Mike's cum flow turned into a trickle, but this event must have been too much for Ty who then positioned his cock over Rebecca's face, and without saying anything came heavily all over her face, with only some landing in her mouth. Rebecca sucks on Miles' cock for a bit and then says, "I'll tell them of my experience with the four frat guys...I'll tell them of sucking their cocks, of the guys pounding my pussy, cuming on my face..."
 "I knew when I saw you sucking Miles' cock that you would be a black cock slut." He was really pounding Rebecca now, as she watched herself get fucked.

Club Night

group matthais 2018-05-31

Venus slid down onto the stage, gently lifting her head next to her ear and whispering naughty thoughts into her mind. Venus gently kissed her cheek as her hands rode down her body, across her chest, squeezing her nipples between her fingers. The conversations only interrupted by the occasional visit from the waitress, Venus's presence needed on stage, his continued tipping of the other dancers, other dancers joining the couple and Venus at the table for a bit, and the occasional trip to the rest room. His fingers gently parted the outer lips, slipping softly into the warm juices that begin to flow even more from their bodies.

Birthday Night

group GQ1NYC 2018-05-31

When I came out of the bathroom, I saw Karen on the floor and went straight for her and started kissing and fondling her breast. I guess Karen forgot she was there also because she went straight down and unzipped by pants and pulled out my dick, which was rock hard at this point. I looked over to the couch and noticed Allison sitting there for the 1st time. I then pull Allison off and she goes over Karen and starts to lick her pussy. I pulled Allison forward a little so that I could suck on her breast. I explode first in Allison's mouth, giving one huge spurt, then Karen puts her mouth on it and I manage to squirt 2 more times.

Wanted: Hot Chick for 2 Bi Men Ch. 02

group toysrfun 2018-05-31

“You love it when I fuck you hard and deep with my strap-on” “I bet you can’t wait to have one of these boys put his real cock deep into your ass!” I could tell Rachel was really into it now. “I want to see your face and stroke your cock while I fuck you” “I want you to cum all over yourself as Brian fills his ass with his hot cum” “Look at your cock”. “As soon as we heard Brian cum, the cum shot out of Brad’s cock all the way up to his chin” That was enough for me to get off too”, said Rachel.

Truth or Dare w/CBlondie

group cblondie2178 2018-05-31

I motioned for Jake to take his cock out while Andy was exploring between my legs and as soon as Tommy saw what his buddy was doing he in his inexperienced manner rammed his hand up my skirt and shoved his hand right into my exposed pussy lips. When Andy felt my shaved pussy his comment of, “No panties on tonight, fucking A!” As they continued to explore between my legs I surprised Jake with a big wet sloppy kiss on the end of his cock. He no sooner finished and pulled his limp dick from my mouth when Jake began telling Tommy, with quite a bit of an urgency sound to his voice, to fuck my mouth, like as if he didn’t start immediately something would change and Tommy’s opportunity would disappear.

Sensations Escort Services Ch. 01

group SteveWallace 2018-05-31

Edie spoke slowly as she retraced her logic, her honey-coated southern accent drawing out some words, "Well, we need money to stay in school and get started afterwards, the three of us want to meet rich men, have nice clothes and a nice car, have more exciting lives, and enjoy more sex with more experienced men and maybe even do some kinky stuff. Her hands and arms had merely been holding onto her roommates as they worked her over, but as Kat and Edie tired, Amber started to stroke their breasts, even pulling Kat's lithe body closer in the right way so she could suckle on the areola and nipple of her left breast.


Good Game Ch. 03

group Swtt21 2018-05-31

I could feel her push down into my face whenever I paid special attention to her clit, so I reached my hand up and began rubbing it hard and slow while I tongue fucked her pussy hole with the same rhythm and speed as Brad was using on me. I lowered my head back into her pussy and began licking from her asshole to her opening and stuck my tongue inside her walls exploring her orally, I could feel her muscles tightening around my tongue and I could feel her clit start to harden, I knew she was about to cum. "Thanks for showing me the house, its beautiful," said Reagan following Brad out of the room, leaving me there naked and covered in the remnants of sex, hair matted, and mouth tasting like her pussy.


First Threesome

group SecretObsession 2018-05-31

I'll whisper my fantasies in his ear, run my nails across the urgent strain of his cock, feeling my pussy throb with the thoughts, interminable possibilities pulsing through my head, and the most that will happen is a passionate kiss and some mediocre fucking. This would have to be in the right environment, like a party with lots of drinking," I said, grinning slyly at him as I felt his cock stiffen further. He pulled my face to his and kissed me, and I pushed two wet fingers into Ally's tight, almost virginal pussy. "Is this your fantasy?" He gulped and said, "god yeah, baby, yes." I went back to eating Ally's pussy as she sucked his cock.

South East Xavier High School

group Sco 2018-05-31

I could hardly resist a smile as I said "Maybe when I get back from school." And with that I grabbed her right hand, stuck the same two fingers back in my mouth and sucked from the base to the tip. Mrs. Holly, my first period English teacher, was in the majority of teachers here at school and got right down to business as soon as the bell rung. "Good morning class." Mrs. Holly said as she rose from her desk and walked from the side to the front of the room. "Well class" Mrs. Holly said as she rose up from the desk chair "I've got to head down to Mr. Anderson's office for a bit.

Anniversary Trip

group CeasarBoobage 2018-05-31

It seemed like they were gone for a long time, but before the other wife and I had finished our next drink, here they came, walking down the hall, coming into the room. My wife saw that we were done, so she went over to her dance partner, went behind him and heard her say something about liking his ass as she grabbed it and pushed him over to the bed to sit him down. About a minute into the dance, my wife called the other one over, and they went and got a round of drinks, stopping to huddle and whisper something to each other.

Samantha by loyalsock

group loyalsock 2018-05-31

Olson took hold of Samantha's arm and took her back to the study as Riggs opened the drawer, revealing a neat row of floppy disks. Riggs ran a hand over her belly, letting her pinky finger brush the boundary of Samantha's pubic hair, while Olson traced Samantha's areola. Riggs's hand pressed down on the top of Samantha's head, and she went down to her knees before Olson while he fumbled with his pants. They broke the kiss, Riggs shook her head again, glared at black hair, and lifted her chin at Inspector Olson. He unwrapped the bundle on the floor next to the tub, hesitated a moment to admire Samantha, and Inspector Riggs groaned and rolled her eyes.

My first bisex experience - Part 3

group MassMan669 2018-05-31

The video was not great, but the combination of watching the sex on screen and the three of us touching and playing with each other slowly got Tim and me hard again. Tim sat back down and I stroked his dick while I sucked Sylvia's tits. Sylvia sucked Tim for a while, then he licked her pussy again and she had another strong orgasm. “Don't worry said Sylvia, I've fucked him up the ass lots of times.” Then I put on the condom and lubed up my dick and Tim's ass. As they slowly fucked, I wound up and smacked Tim's ass hard. I pounded as fast as I could and started cuming soon after Tim. Ass-fucking is so intense, it felt pretty fucking great.

Eric and I on Holiday in the Lakes

group Annatartywife 2018-05-31

Eric had been teasing me a little earlier, and had asked me to be a bit naughty for Phillip by dressing quite provocatively when going into the local town later. After a little while, Eric said he was going to get his bag for leaving for the night, leaving me alone in the bar with Phillip. I again didn't move, just slightly parting my legs a little to let the hands get a good grip of my arse, and if they wanted to a bit easier access to my cunt area. I let out an audible moan as I continued being slowly finger fucked, and as I played with Alf's hard cock it was now standing swollen and red in front of me.


The Sarah Saga Ch. 02

group DapperestDan 2018-05-31

But on the first morning after they slept apart Sarah had woken up so desperately horny that she had been compelled to walk to Ashley's room and dive face first into her pussy. Ashley began to kiss her way down Sarah's body, little licks bringing her to full wakefulness. Every piece of paper work that took too long and every quite sigh that came out of Veronica's mouth only increased Sarah's frustration. Sarah marveled at how Veronica's cunt felt like a hungry mouth, trying to devour her fingers. Sarah slowly extracted her fingers and brought them up to her mouth, savoring the taste of Veronica's nectar. Her moaning only subsided when Sarah put her fingers in Veronica's open mouth, letting the girl taste he own nectar.


Goa Trip Ch. 01

group mayakaran28 2018-05-31

Of course I was also looking forward to seeing Babita in a bikini and was hoping on seeing Maya and the two doing something sexy for us guys. Of course it was a matter of time until Anjali realised what we were trying to do and she just looked at us and smiled and then bent her knees, while keeping her legs parted. It was intense and it wasn't long before Babita climaxed and soon Arya shot his load into Anjali's pussy. You could see her nipples started to harden, but that might also have been due to the fact that Maya was slipping her hands inside Anjali's t-shirt and playing with her boobs.

What I found on the web...

group d4david 2018-05-31

I watched as Charlie eased his huge penile head into my gaping bung hole and heard my groans and moans as Charlie slowly pulled back and pushed forth settling his huge penile shaft balls deep into my butt. The camera caught Daniel's enormously huge penile shaft and his gigantic penile head as he poised it at my stretched open bung hole. The massive head nudged the open bung hole and you could hear the muffled cry of agony and horror I exuded as Daniel pushed against my small anal opening opening. This time the entire length of his massive tool slid down balls deep and Daniel eased back half an inch and slammed down into my unprotected butt hole.

Houseboat Weekend Ch. 03

group Sweetcheekss 2018-05-31

I washed away the sticky substances from last night’s threesome with Walter and JoAnn. Russell turned me around in the shower and gently washed my back, butt and the backs of my legs. Russell’s strong hands rubbed down my ass, pulling me hard against his heated body. Russell slowly pulled his still hard cock from my cum-filled pussy. Tears almost came to my eyes when I let them know how much Walter had changed since we set foot on the houseboat. I wanted to see what it looked like so Walter and I both jumped at the chance. Walter and I took one good, long look at the houseboat before we headed back to the “Double Trouble”.