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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Art Dealer

group jim313 2018-05-31

All four of them decided to spend the night getting to know one another better intimately and use the time they had wisely and efficiently so Jon asked Carlos if he was ready for a good fuck and Carlos smiled and walked over and grasped Jon's half hard penis in his hand and told him that he was going to have to get it hard enough first and dropped to his knees and took the crown between his lips and murmured that it was the most delicious desert he could have as he nursed on the sweet meat. Since Tina had been sucking Rita, she lay down and rested her head on Carlos' thigh and gazed at his enormous throbbing penis after going inside and bringing wet and dry towels and thoroughly cleaning his cock before taking it between her lips.


Extending the MILF List Ch. 01

group Contrasting 2018-05-31

Suddenly all the filing clerks in my head were frantically looking for just the right thing to say but, and I give all the credit to the various MILFs whom I had pillaged in the past few months, I did not panic and try to be too clever. Back to the moment I picked them up at their stop in Mom's car, after dropping our mutual mother off at the airport to go meet the world's largest cock and sit on it. She was only beginning to recover her wits and review her mother's words, spliced with her brother's name which, since she said "darling son" could not be mistaken for some other lucky "Sonny" of more anonymous acquaintance.


A Sexual Proposition Ch. 02

group ainu 2018-05-31

Then we talked a little and she started pulling on my cock to get it up again, sucking it until it got hard, then climbing on me and fucking herself with it. She had said she wanted to try a 69 so we rinsed off some and right on the bathroom floor she sat on my face and started sucking again on my still hard cock. "Hold it," Diane says, "Feel it, lick it a little, isn't it just the greatest?" These two lovely, naked girls are both holding my cock, their mouths on either side of it, licking.


The Auction

group hotti 2018-05-31

Of course, Jake was pretty studly himself: 6'2", around 225 pounds, he had a great body - the kind that had strong wide shoulders, and tapered into a slim waist and lean flanks. Then the humour hit me, and I replied, "Honey, I don't need a horse to get a man's attention, nor would I invest that much money in it!" I shook my head, and turned to walk away. I looked at her, took a step closer, and said clearly, "I didn't know you were so curious about my body, Maria. I saw heads turning toward me, and eyes widening, but turned too late to avoid the stinging needles of ice cold water blasting from the hose in Maria's hands.


The Last Boy Scout Ch. 02

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-05-31

I checked on their wet clothing, moving the bag where it wouldn't blow away or fill up with water, and hung up the towels inside the tent, so they could dry a bit. Teri's hand left my cock, and reached for my head, turning me toward her for a kiss. Heather was lying fully on top of me, my cock trapped between her closed legs, my hand cupping her butt cheek, while we quietly kissed and learned about each other. I watched Teri and Heather move to the very outside edges of the bag, and then they were pulling the girls apart, snuggling up to them. I pulled each of the sisters close, Lisa on Teri's side, and Julie with Heather toward the front of the tent.


Tom Billionaire Ch. 01

group bluedragonauthor 2018-05-31

A few minutes after that, my lovely valet succeeded in inviting them to join us, and the four young ladies picked up their beach towels and moved to spread them out in front of my lounge chairs, comfortably shielded from the sun by my overhead canopy. I rather enjoyed how things had worked out at Ibiza, and Evania promised me that Mykonos was every bit the equal as a place to find gorgeous young girls ready to party. The gorgeous dirty-blonde bombshell set her blanket down immediately at the foot of my lounge chair, then sat down with her legs folded to her side while leaning on one arm, bending forward to profile her naked tits for maximum appeal.


Sharing Wives - a swapping story

group jesterwords 2018-05-31

Melissa being only 5’3”, with an ass that begged for a spanking, a P.A.W.G - she has an ass to die for…, was easily 4 inches shorter than Lisa, which created the fun awkwardness of Lisa’s tits, being right in Melissa’s face. Melissa was the first one to notice, and she told Lisa, who then looked up from Melissa’s tits over to my cock. It wasn’t long before Josh was ready to blow again, so Lisa jumped up off him and took his glistening cock into her mouth, begging him to cum for her. As Lisa was winding down next to Josh, I slid over to Melissa and stuck my cock back into her pussy as she was leaned over onto Josh’s chest.

Over the Road Blow Job

group rockettime111 2018-05-31

I eased into the left hand lane because I was slowly overtaking a green convertible up ahead. I checked my mirrors- we were the only vehicles on our side of the road, so I dropped behind to come up behind them as the convertible moved over to the left hand lane. The driver grinned over at me and yelled into the wind "She wants to suck you off!" I glanced over his head at her, and she was twisting a hand in her blonde hair nervously. I've been told my cock is kind of wide, which has offered a challenge to some girls going much past the head, but Alex took me root-deep with ease, and while I was fully sheathed in her throat she moaned.

Summer with C Ch. 19

group morefunnaked 2018-05-31

C did as instructed, seven or eight inches of the monstrous device buried out of sight deep inside her hot juicy quim, but another ten or twelve available for stroking away with both hands. A couple minutes after I joined C in the shower, the door opened again and in slid the now also naked maid to join us. Eventually I saw all four fingers disappear, then her thumb and finally her entire hand was inside C's fuckhole and she proceeded to slowly fist her at the same time slurping away on my dick.

Bottom Feeders

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-05-31

"Now, that's the Jan that I know and love," Bobbie chuckled, "Honey, if we were swingers and I dug chicks, yeah, let's just say, I'd be on both of you like butter on biscuits. My eldest, Benny, yeah, even then I went with a 'b' name, still helps me run the shop, the only one who will, though he spent a nickel in the slammer for a bit before getting back to work here. Given how much we smoke, drink, and eat fatty foods, I don't know how much time we have left," Bobbie mused before skipping off to take another order and keep the shop running smoothly. If Benny and Jenny want to make it a liquid lunch date, that's fine by us, right, Sally?" I smiled at my fiancee, who winked at me and then at Bobbie.


The threesome

group mhancho1705 2018-05-31

I was going to San Diego to help a friend move to Houston. Once we got there my girls friend said she was tired and went to the room to lay down. As she was doing this I had my arms around her running my hands up and down her body...gentally scratching my fingers down her stomach. So i started to continue to rub on her on my own...massaging her ass then running my hands back up to her chest and circling her nipples with my finger tips...I begin to feel her to start to move around a little while letting out slight moans.

I'm Not Like Most Girls

group Charlylovesoral 2018-05-31

I was sitting on the seat in the men's toilet, my skirt had ridden right up showing my pussy, I had cum in my hair and mouth, with some dripping down my chin onto my blouse and bare legs. He spent a lot of time licking my pussy until I was panting, then he started tonguing my arse while using his fingers deep inside me. He got me into a doggy position and started fucking my pussy, but it wasn't long before he removed the butt plug and pulled out of my pussy and I could feel his cock against my arse.



group mib14 2018-05-31

I told you that sex was ok with other women but not love ”, said Louise who got up and began to put her clothes on. Marlene walked the hallway while Louise followed a woman and disappeared into a room. Marlene found herself licking a woman she didn’t know while her Asian lady was doing the same thing. Tushi asked Marlene to lie face down on the mattress while she straddled her buttocks with her cunt. Marlene rubbed furiously against her lover and Tushi screamed as both squirted their juice inside the other’s cunt hole. Anna took Louise by the hand and walked into one room with a mattress on which two Asian mature women were kissing.

At the Truck Stop

group redking99 2018-05-31

Ashley then noticed the truck drivers hand reaching down to slowly rub the tits on the painting. With her pussy well lubricated now, the second guy stands up and lets his cock rub against the moist opening of her excited cunt. He then positions his cock slightly higher, allowing the huge head to spread open her pussy lips, letting her feel his girth. Her fingers probing her cunt and ass at the same time while her mind wanders to those large dicks, imagining that they are fucking her at once. She gasps out loud and moans satisfyingly when one of them grabs her knees rather roughly, pushing them back to her chest and instantly rams his large tool deep into her wet, quivering pussy.


The Stranger

group georgianblue 2018-05-31

I stood over him, straddling him with my legs and lowered myself down, letting the soft hair of my pussy rub against his nose allowing his to feel it's warmth as I moved down, letting my nipple pass over his lips for a moment, then wrapping my hot wet pussy around his still erect cock. My breasts were pushed up against the couch cushions, I took a hand from Marc's grasp and began rubbing my nipples, squeezing and pulling at them. I could see in the reflection the stranger was on his knees behind him, fingering his asshole like I know he loves, and Marc thrust hard and fast into me, shooting his hot cum into my throbbing pussy, still pulsating from my orgasm moments before.

Swinging Tales

group cmau 2018-05-31

Recently, she finally went all the way and let me splash the roof of her mouth, filling it with come, then watching as it ran out of her mouth, down the shaft of my cock and onto my balls. I did as ordered, bringing her to another orgasm (Charlot like the hardness of the long necked stubby bottle, especially the feel of the base of the neck pounding her clit). I lifted Charlot’s head and inserted my anal retentive cock into her mouth and began fucking her face. I lay on my back in bed as Charlot went to work on my limp slug, getting it hard again. Charlot invited Dee into our bed and I moved to make room for her.

Double Trouble Ch. 06

group The_Unicorn 2018-05-31

We've heard so many good things about you," he said with a big smile as he stepped to the side of Robin and stuck out his hand. As I shook his hand Robin said to me, "John, this is Alex." "I hear you've swept our Robin right off her sexy little feet," Alex said as he concluded his handshake. Alex returned to the kitchen and started pouring what looked like strawberry daiquiris as Robin approached the lady sitting at the bar. Chris and Dana accepted their daiquiris from Maria as Robin said, "John, this is Raine. She pulled her head back, still rubbing my crotch, and said, "So this is the big cock that's been regularly stuffing Robin's little cunt.


My First Apartment Ch. 1

group T@nman 2018-05-31

As classes started, I quickly settled into a routine of school, a part time job for cash, and working around Frank and Kathy's home to pay part of my rent. "Rich, I want you to meet Ruth, a really good friend of mine." With that, Kathy swung her one leg over Ruth and turned and sat on the foot of the bed almost in front of me. Kathy would lean back towards me and place one hand on Ruth's cunt and feel my cock as it slipped in and out. Kathy got off her face and pushed me back so my cock dropped out of Ruth's pussy. Kathy said they had just enough time to shower before Frank got home from work.


Sharing At A Swing Club

group billstew 2018-05-31

Hubby then got between my legs and really started to fuck me hard. With the action was like a green light, I had a number of guys hovering near me, so here I was on my back, hubby fucking me, sucking on a cock and a couple of guys waiting their turns with my mouth whilst playing with my breasts. My husband fucked me fast and then slow, trying not to come for about 15 minutes, in the meantime I was busy and had sucked off three blokes, cum all over my face and neck with a few of guys over my breasts and tummy. With all the excitement and guys touching my breasts and clit as my husband fucked me, as he came I came again.

Posta in familie

group pleyer24 2018-05-31

Atunci Relu a dezlegat-o, a trimis-o sa se spele, si cand s-a intors din baie mi-a dat-o si mie, tipa a vrut sa ma sarute, dar eu mi-am tras capul si i-am zis ca in gura ei poate sa intre numai pula mea, nu si limba mea, doar trebuia sa o umilim, Carmen s-a pus in genunchi, in fata mea si mi-a luat pula in gura, sugea si lingea, iar Relu si cu celalat se uitau si asta ma scotea din minti, mi-a placut sa fiu cu pula in gura lui Carmen in timp ce alti doi barbati se uita la ea.


Pregnant Whore Next Door

group lovethembigger 2018-05-31

I decide to go back inside the house for a beer and went upstairs and got my binoculars and look in the back yard of my new neighbor. My wife went to the dresser and pulled out a big purple strap on and inserted in Tyler pussy and got to fucking her. My wife slapped Tyler ass and then said "honey come her and fuck this virgin ass while I teach this slut to eat pussy. I called Tyler and heard Rick sl**ping in there bed and told her that I was bringing over I surprise for her tomorrow and to be ready for a day of fucking. I love you big hard cock." Tyler finally turned and saw Rick standing there with a a cold expression.

Halloween Hooking

group dr. Jocelyn 2018-05-31

Paula explained that we made nearly a couple of hundred dollars each from kissing guys, and letting them cop the occasional feel when they paid more. "Brett my man, your being awfully quiet over there....come over and get to know the girls" Trevor said as he waved the one shy guy over to the couch. When I looked over at Paula, I saw the guys had her doggie style on the couch, with Trevor eating her hairy muff from behind and Ryan screaming, as he came inside her hungry mouth. The guys got our phone numbers, called a cab, and handed us our purses as Trevor walked us downstairs.

First MMF Threesome

group tall_texan54 2018-05-31

My eyes followed the actions of Maria and her husband as she took his hard dick out of his shorts as she continued to caress it. Maria went back to sucking Joe's dick as I began to slowly fuck her. I felt myself getting ready to cum so I pulled out and stroked my cock until I came all over her stomach and pussy. Once I covered her with my cum, I put my cock back inside her and continued to fuck her hard until I felt the inside of her pussy tighten around me. I reached down and rubbed her clit as I watched Joe's large dick hammering in and out of Maria's pussy.

fuck my wife

group tetylili 2018-05-31

Many days, then every time I made love, instead I kept imagining strange to see my wife having sex with a pack of Ganda. "Yeah, right I'm not lying, that's why I want to see you play with Billy, but if you do not want, deh yah same who do you like ..." I said again. And my wife looks so lust sucking big black penis belonging to Mr Ganda. Pak Ganda smiled, "oh yah want," Mr. Doubles start licking my wife's vagina. Then my wife said "please dong Mas, set the same so I can play doubles, then nOur new anti-naked, again pengen nih .. Billy continued, shaking his penis in vagina hole Sheerly.