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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Thursday Night Bad Movie Club Ch. 03

group Maxart414 2018-05-31

And then something else, delirious now: Miranda stands behind me, a head taller than I am and she is pushing against my back, I feel her slender high set breasts and nipples, sharp as quartz, press between my shoulder blades and she is taking her long long arms and hands, reaching around me, masturbating me, rubbing against my clit like only a girl would know how….and she is doing this while Arthur does something else to me, putting clothespins on my tits, my fat hard fat girl’s nipples.

Snow Shoveling

group m_storyman_x 2018-05-30

"Yeah some of the boys will do it for extra money." Trina said as she slid off the bed and walked to the window, pushing the curtain open to look down at the driveway. "Sure, is she supposed to be home soon?" Eddie asked, partly hoping that it wasn't too soon as he looked at Suzan's thin shirt and slightly protruding nipples. "I guess." Eddie answered, only now realizing that Trina was wearing a pair of rather snug sweat pants and a t-shirt, her much larger breasts poking the front of the shirt out significantly, her nipples showing almost as much as Suzan's were. Trina looked at Eddie expectantly, her knee bent and leg cocked exposing the colorful material was pull snuggly across her pussy.


Weird Fantasies 07: Blowjob Orgy

group TessMackenzie 2018-05-30

"A lot of people were interested, when I asked around." "What do you mean a lot of people?" I say. "Lots of people who know you, of course. People who've always secretly wanted to fuck you. People you work with, a lot of our friends..." I suck him off, as fast as I can, and he comes in my mouth, all thick and salty. I swallow it, and reach forward, stretching, looking for the cock, wanting to suck more. I know I've swallowed a lot of semen, and that's exciting for some reason. I think I've sucked about ten men off, and my jaw is starting to hurt, and my mouth to feel oddly dry. "But I don't want to stop if there's more people."

Intellectual Pursuits Ch. 01

group Artist1 2018-05-30

Jane started kissing Pauline and I felt a hand grab my cock and begin stroking up and down. As Pauline stroked my cock and wriggled her slim body against mine, Jane pulled Pauline hips up high enough to dive into her pussy with her lips and tongue. Jane moved a little further down and licked and sucked the head of my cock for a few moments then noticed that Pauline's face was right next to hers. I licked and sucked and nipped and gently chewed Jane's nipples as she moaned and Pauline meanwhile had placed my cock head between her lips while stroking my shaft with one hand and my balls with the other.

Girl Talk

group SexyJennaInk 2018-05-30

Knowing Gwen for as many years as I had, I knew that "dirty" to her was a deliciously wonderful thing to be. "Okay, are you ladies ready for my story?" We nodded, knowing that rapt attention was mandatory when Melissa was telling one of her tales. We paid the check and were escorting each other to our seperate cars in the parking lot, when I realized that Megan had never shared a tale with us that night. "I wasn't sure that everyone could handle the shock after your tale of two men, that's all." She looked at the ground and blushed, and I realized she was avoiding telling me about this new love in her life.

My Wife Services the Tenant

group DonPeterson 2018-05-30

As everyone loaded into the little red car and headed for home, Sweetie said, "Boy, Lilly I am sure glad you're driving" and he laid down in the back seat and closed his eyes. You let go of all the guilt and foreboding when he climbs onto the bed snuggles up to your back, slips his pulsing member into your pussy from behind and guides your face back to Lilly's flaming nest. Relieved you and Lilly return to pleasuring each other as you feel Sweetie rhythmically thrusting deeper and deeper inside you. A moment later, Lilly changes position straddling both you and you husband, alternately presenting her flowing love canal to be serviced by you and Sweetie.

My Greatest Fantasy...Ch. 2

group Runner 2018-05-30

I had just finished shooting a huge load of cum onto our back deck, as a result of watching my wife Kate, and her closest friend, Kitty, enjoy a rather intense session of lovemaking. As I began to pump my cock in and out of her, Kate moved up and plopped her dripping pussy right down on Kitty’s mouth, wriggling her hips in encouragement. After Kitty licked Kate’s pussy clean, Kate moved down and began to lick and suck Kitty’s tits, smiling at me amorously as she did so. After a few minutes of this, Kate moved down still further, and began to alternately lick my soft, half inserted dick, as well as Kitty’s pussy, cleaning up every drop of our intermingled cum.

The Kitchen Counter

group Lorino8u2 2018-05-30

I heard a sharp intake of breath (was it Paul or Tammy?) as I slid my hand between my legs and dipped the red-lacquered tip of my finger between the folds of my pussy and slid it slowly up to my clit. So I closed my eyes and continued to rub my clit and dip my fingers inside my pussy. It wasn't until I felt an extra set of hands on me and a couple of fingers slide into my pussy and my ass that I even remembered Tammy standing there. I looked down and she was kneeling beside her husband between my legs giving me the most incredible fingering I had ever experienced as Paul's tongue expertly ministered to my swollen clit.

Poker Night

group lordroxbury 2018-05-30

Her hand shot out faster than Eric could react and he almost fell out of his chair in surprise when Heather popped that digit into her mouth and nursed it like she was sucking a hard dick! Just in an attempt to keep things interesting though she raised the pot two more times and bluffed out Pete, Mike, and Eric, leaving only Anton and Tony sitting across the table from her holding their cards. The sudden addition of a warm, salty, cock in her mouth caused her swelling orgasm to swing into over-drive and she clamped her pussy down on Anton – trapping him inside of her – even as Eric gently began fucking her mouth!


Guitar Man

group kandie 2018-05-30

When Kandy read the email she went immediately into the living room and told John and said, "Oh honey, I cannot wait to hear if he sounds as sexy as he looks." John winked at Kandy and said, "Honey, I am glad you find him sexy because I cannot wait to see you sucking my cock while he slides his, into your hot wet pussy!" Kandy told John about the phone conversation adding that she was so fucking hot, she wanted to ride his dick right then and there in the living room. Kandy of course got on the bed first and said, "Mmm, looks like I get to suck your dick first, but I want to do it my way!"

Training Ch. 06

group needyou200 2018-05-30

Bobby watched as Tom held his hard cock in his hand and pushes the head into Jane's open, cum dripping pussy. He holds Jane's ass up with his hands and as he slams into her cunt, Jane's head is lifted and then hung back over the edge of the bed accepting more of the Paul's big cock into her throat. Her body is on the bed but her head hangs over the edge and her mouth is now being fucked by the big long beautiful cock Paul has between his legs. Paul let his shaft lay on Jane's body, the head and his very long shaft lay on her belly, she close her hand around it and begin to love it jerking it off making him moan and it grow harder.


At the Biker Bar Ch. 05

group Thecoffeeprincess 2018-05-30

She licked the outside of my lips before moving to the inside, it felt so good after the disappointment of the lousy sex I'd just had, as I moaned I reached up and started stroking the bulge in Jacks jeans. I knew how good that initial penetration feels as he stretches you out and evidently Amber was enjoying it as well, I felt her moaning around my clit as she sucked, and she thrusted two fingers inside me. I was starting to cry out and moan, my eyes still locked with Jack as I watched the pleasure crossing his face as he pumped into the woman making us both feel so good.

Me & The Boys

group misskittyclitty 2018-05-30

Then I turned to Phil and wrapped my hand around the shaft of his hard thick cock. While Phil was finger fucking me and sucking my clit, Ron moved up by my face. I could feel Ron's cock getting hard as I continued moving against it. I was moving my mouth back and forth on Phil's cock with the same rhythm Ron was fucking my cunt. Then Ron straddled the both of us, lowering himself so his hard cock was pressing against my ass hole; Phil grabbed my ass, pulling my cheeks apart then Ron slowly slid the head of his cock into my ass. Phil spurting his hot cum into my cunt and Ron pushed his cock into my ass as far as he could as he filled me!

New Orleans Nights

group Paulsfucktoy70448 2018-05-30

Eventually I felt Sam's cock grow soft inside me and I let him pull it out as Paul licked his own cum off my stomach. Paul hugged me tightly and then he kissed me, pushing me against the headboard, one hand on my waist, the other on my breast. I closed my eyes for minute and only opened them when I heard Sam say: "You wanna take her at the same time?" They were both standing at the end of the bed, each holding a full erection in his hand. He started thrusting hard and fast, but as I lowered myself onto him, forcing his cock in all the way, his movements slowed to a gentle grinding. I felt him lean over me, pushing me down on Paul, whose cock was buried in me as far as it could go.


Can I Get A Ride? Ch. 02

group fukensploogin 2018-05-30

I'll be right back." He left his guitar with Chris and wandered down the hall, looking at the names on the doors, till he found the door that read: "Lauren McCain." There was another girl's name on the door, a "Kitty Harris." Tommy knocked on the door. Lauren breathed the smoke from Kitty into Tommy's mouth, and when he turned to Jenni, he saw her making out with Chris. Lauren started kissing at Tommy's neck and rubbing her hands across his chest, and they both watched as Kitty got Chris's pants all the way off. At one point, Jenni went all the way under the blankets, her head between Lauren's legs, and ate out her pussy, and Lauren just moaned and kissed Tommy and grabbed onto his cock and jerked it slowly, holding it tightly.

Fondest Wish Ch. 10

group velvetpie 2018-05-30

Night fell quickly and an exhausted Kara finally left Donovan's bed at two in the morning, her body sore but well-loved. Kara looked beautiful with the big black belt around her tiny waist and she pushed her hair to the side, fixing her eyes on Amalie with a dark sexual glint. She took in the beauty of Kara's eyes and the deep look of love written in them, her body shivering as the dildo slid into her wet cunt. As she pulled Amalie's arm around her, snuggling against the woman's soft body, she drifted off into a sound sleep and knew that she'd never have to worry about being loved again.


Being Joy

group KerrieOKeefe 2018-05-30

She closed her eyes and took his fat shaft in her mouth, sucking him slowly the way he liked, and when she looked up at him with cocksucker eyes she saw Anna Marie beside him, playing with his nipples and licking his neck while Danny tried to get some leverage on her for pussy-eating. It burned all the time Jack was positioning himself in the middle of the bed, all the time Anna Marie was lubing up his fat cock and easing her skinny ass onto it, all the time Red was kneeling between her legs and pumping her pussy, all the time Danny stood over her and let her suck him to an orgasm that was one painful squirt over his usual limit.


Audrey & Judy & Pete Pt. 06

group 3Pete 2018-05-30

It’s been a big day and there’s so much running through my mind!” She gave Judy a big hug, kissed Pete chastely on the cheek, and went off to her room. As Pete continued loving her voluptuous breasts and Judy stroked her moist lips and clit, she suddenly cried, “Kiss me, Darling!! Then Judy said, “Oh, Pete, Dearest, I want your hard cock in me when I come the next time. And you’d better hurry!!” She tugged on his stiff rod.Pete moved between her widespread legs, pressed his rigid cock deftly into her clenching cunt, and began thrusting rhythmically against her clit. As they devoured each other’s mouths, murmuring love sounds, Audrey reached down and timidly touched the hard lump straining in Don’s trousers.

Lexi and Cass

group Tyler5658 2018-05-30

They chatted about life, work, the doldrums of normal day existence, and in the end, after both of them were aroused and curious, they shared very ordinary but fun phone sex, each of them masturbating for the other, Lexi with her wet fingers and toys on her dripping wet pussy, playing with her nipples, and Cass stroking his large hard cock for her, exploding together at the end. Cass began to fuck Heather’s mouth as Lexi sucked her small tits and finger fucked her hard. With that, Lexi slammed her cock into Heather, fucking her tight teen pussy over and over again, rubbing it raw, watching heather’s expression change from fear and disgust to pleasure as the toy began to vibrate over her small clit.

Party Favors

group owlsowlsowls 2018-05-30

Goddess smirked at me, and turned her attention over to Sophie, who like always, returned her look with a dreamy gaze of her own. I had received a little less time than Sophie had to warm up, and we sensed that Goddess was coming to the end of her list. Sophie immediately began making a cup of coffee, and I rose to my feet, feeling light headed even after a quick moment with Goddess. Sophie was left sniffling as a slave brought Goddess a cool glass of champagne. "Okay, let's give these other guys a turn" Goddess said, shooting us a smile, and gave Chris a playful smack on the ass as he turned to mount Sophie.


Gangbang Under Supervision

group EroticDiscovery 2018-05-30

Brooke is a 29-year-old software tester at a Silicon Valley start-up: huge breasts, ready smile, always eager to do what Ryan tells her. Male Voice #2: Wrists, ankles...I like the little fuck-pillow, too, man. Male Voice #2: She's ready to get fucked, just like you said at dinner. Ryan: You boys are going to fucking love how that toy feels up against your hard-on when you're pounding her cunt. Ryan: You're going to eat out Nadine's pussy while you get fucked, slut. Male Voice #1: Brooke eats pussy real good while I'm holding this Magic Wand up against her slit, doesn't she? Ryan: You like being covered in my come while you get fucked, Brooke?

Sheila's Adventures in Adult Videos Ch. 04

group SteveWallace 2018-05-30

We ended the day when Em, Maryanne, and I took on Cal, Kurt, Ryan, and the other three men in a beautiful swinging orgy scene where we each got to fuck each man. Inside were Ted, Ann, Jon, Bert - a lighting and staging guy, Nancy - our makeup artist, Mike and Brad - two actors, and a man named Pete who drove the rig. We got into the back of the RV and peaked through a curtain as Ted and Ann filmed Pete, Mike and Brad looking out a window and trying to pick girls they wanted to ride around with for the day - even girls they'd like to start something serious with.


Mom and Daughter Shared Ch. 02

group Biglupe69 2018-05-30

Paul bottomed out his cock inside mom and came with a loud announcement, Kevin did the same thing as he emptied his load in mom's mouth. I told mom it felt like I still had mud in my hair even though we had washed off at the spa, she said the same and suggested we took a shower together so we could get good and clean. I moved into the doggy position as Paul mounted me from behind, while Kevin laid on his back so I could suck his cock. I still had the taste of Kevin's cum in my mouth as mom pressed her lips to mine asking me if I enjoyed it, I responded with a sleepy yes and drifted off to sleep.

The Watchers Ch. 1

group captivate 2018-05-30

A guy, nice looking and well built, was showering on the other side of Erik. He stood very still and watched as Erik's hands moved over his body. He gazed with unabashed appreciation when Erik took his cock into his hands and began slowly washing it. One night, when I thought he couldn't get any sexier, Erik took his cock in hand and massaged it until he came. One night, Erik smiled at Jim and asked if he would like his back washed. Then Erik said, with a smile, "Sara can wash your back and you can wash me, if you like." Erik stood very still with his lovely hard cock jutting out from is body.