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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group 2018-05-30

Last month he did a party for several married women and one of them pulled his sling off and and another grabbed his dick and he ended up fucking one of them on the table with the rest watching. Then two others sucked his cock and balls and they were rubbing their tits in his face and he ended up eating two pussies and finger fucking the rest. Ben got lost in the moment with the tongue kiss and the big tit and her wet pussy and found himself finger fucking her as the other women cheered him on. They then grabbed the birthday girl and laid her on the table and hung her head over the end and pushed Ben to her and guided his cock in her mouth for her to suck.

Be Careful What You Wish For.

group blndEE 2018-05-30

I am 5’4, blond hair, blue eyes, nice firm full C cup breasts, and I work hard to keep my body fit. He said that the way I walked around flaunting my body to all of his men, and “accidentally” rubbing up against them was getting to everyone. He got down on his knees behind me and I couldn’t see a thing because James was still ramming his now rock hard brick into my aching mouth. I felt an orgasm building and started pumping my ass and my mouth fast and hard wanting to have all of the cum in me that I could get. My pussy, ass and mouth stretched from the huge and many dicks that I had taken today.

Blue Dragon Sex Club Ch. 1

group Praxus 2018-05-30

The guys, Tamara's boyfriend Eric and Dana's current lover Curtis, always watched the games in the living room- it was closer to the kitchen and besides, the basement room had the VCR for the ladies. She was twenty-eight, had a pretty face and shoulder length dark blonde hair, a good body, not huge boobs like Dana's but nice ones- and that dumbass boyfriend of hers was watching television! "You know," said Tamara sitting down on the couch next to her friend, "I don't feel like watching a movie tonight. "Look Curtis, I'm not trying to move in on your woman, but we are sick to death of you guys watching football while we stew down here with fucking rental movies.

Dance Panderer

group LitEroCat 2018-05-30

While Red danced in just her top and shear panties, Blondie's partner helped Mandy's skirt slide up to her hips and expose her bare ass to me and everyone. Each time he squatted, her partner patted and kissed Mandy's bare cheeks and slid a hand high up between her legs as she pushed Red's panties off and licked her bare ass. Mandy, sit on her face so she can drain your sodden pussy clean." I pointed to Red's mate's big cock. As I spread her cheeks and watched Blondie finger and nibble on Mandy's reddened labia and clit, Red's mate crawled between Blondie's legs and began vigorously fucking her with her knees on his shoulders.

A Big Risk

group kb4addct 2018-05-30

My top fell quickly, so I reached out to Red and Chris' pants and I yanked them down. I grabbed Andy and Chris, dropped to my knees and wrapped my lips around Red. I could hear cars in the parking lot leaving and vague sounds of voices. After a minute or so I reached down and began stroking Red. Andy and Chris noticed I was back in, and they moved up. I pushed Red off me, grabbed Andy and pulled him under me. They put up with my new position for a couple minutes; but Chris and Andy's arms were getting tired, so they set me down. Again I licked him clean and turned to Red. I wasn't sure whether or not he would even produce any cum.


Alejandra's Day in the Country

group The Archer 2018-05-30

Alejandra slipped her fingers into the thin waistband and pulled them down and off, then stood with her hands on her hips, legs slightly apart, now naked her ass, tits and shaven cunt on view to all these dirty rough men, as well as quite a few of the gypsy women. They both cum soon with the one at the back then making Alejandra suck the gooey mess from of his cock and balls while another old man who must have been in his late sixties or early seventies took his turn with her ass.

The Meeting

group jass1960 2018-05-30

Andy shook hands firmly with Craig then bent to Beth and kissed her on the cheek, his right hand resting gently on her hip. 'Thank you, Beth' Andy said 'I know that we aren’t going to have sex tonight but I would just like to say that you look extremely horny and that you excite me tremendously. Andy was sat with his back to the restaurant and he quickly unzipped his dark chinos and pulled his erect cock into view, Beth sighed as he held it in his fist, pulling back his foreskin to reveal the bright purple glands. And Craig did, not even waiting to get undressed he ripped open his flies and shoved his painfully hard cock into Beth's wet and willing cunt.

The Club Ch. 03

group woodcarverII 2018-05-30

Sharon decided that she needed Steve’s tongue and settled over his face then leaned over and started sharing his cock with you. The timing was perfect because at the same time Steve pushed a finger deep into my ass and I moaned into her mouth. “You okay buddy?” Steve asked me as he was sliding that long assed finger in and out as slow as Sharon was sliding on top of me. “He’s fucking her mouth to the same rhythm she’s fingering your ass.” Sharon was still managing to slide up and down my length while she was talking to me. I felt Sharon shifting some and then she was impaling her own ass onto my cock just as Steve started sliding into me deeper.

Just Another Day in Paradise

group IslndNiteAngel 2018-05-30

I started making long deep slow strokes up and down Jeff’s cock as one of Ray’s hands moved down to my slit. I pulled my mouth off Jeff’s cock and kept moaning as Ray reached up with both hands and grabbed my tits and pulled me down harder on his tongue. When Jeff started fucking me a little faster I started to come again, moaning this time around Ray’s cock in my mouth. I felt Ray put his finger in my ass again and I nearly went ballistic, squirming on Jeff’s cock as he kept fucking me and I kept coming. Then Jeff pulled me off his cock and started stroking himself as he shot his come on my tits, rubbing the head over my nipples as he groaned in pleasure.

The Couple at the Club

group sej5994 2018-05-30

The guy, Jim, started stroking his leg and Jamie couldn't wait to get his cock out. Liz took that as a challenge and sucked Jim all the way down her throat. I was surprised but took the change of partners to start stroking Jamie's tits. As she was starting to cum I noticed Jim's cock and Liz's mouth getting closer and closer to my pussy eating. I was about ready to get my head out of the way because Liz was lining up the cock and pussy. Just as Jim's cock came out of Liz's mouth aimed at Jamie's pussy it poped out of her mouth and right into mine. Jim pulled his cock out of my mouth and shoved it deep into Jamie's pussy.

An Unplanned Overnight Stay - Chapter 4

group Carlanna 2018-05-30

Watching you do that to Ilke is making me so horny and wet.” Her face distorted in a mixture of pain and pleasure as she slid the butt plug into its rightful place in her arse. Picking up another of Ilke’s floggers she’d placed on the desk in readiness she started to slap her open cunt lips with the flat leather laces that comprised its business end. Sensing, she was close to orgasm I picked up the curved glass dildo and slid it into her gaping wet cunt, no lubrication was required as she was literally running with her juices several small trails apparent on the inside of her thighs and a small white droplet hanging from the hood of her clitoris.

R and R

group Adamus76 2018-05-30

The tall blond girl was called Regina, and her dark-haired friend Rianne. I felt Rianne press her body closer against mine as Regina and I kissed, her face very close to ours as she watched intently. Regina looked into Rianne's eyes as she moved her face down, taking about an inch of my cock into her fantastically moist, wet mouth. After another deep throat by Regina she pulled her lips from my cock, pressing my shaft down against my stomach to prevent Rianne from taking it. With my hands on her inner thighs I pushed Regina's legs open a bit wider as I knelt down between them, moving my face closer to her pussy.


Sealed with a Loving Kiss

group ladyheat 2018-05-30

Her hands restrained, her feet dragged apart, her hair pulled up, suspended spread-eagled, as floggers caressed her body. Her eyes closed as his friends once again covered her breasts with their mouths, licking, nibbling, and biting her. Intense pain in her breasts as they were manipulated and clamped, a tongue licking her pussy as the dildo was pushed into her arse. Licking her Master's cock, letting her tongue trail around it, gently nibbling and sucking him, taking him further and further into her mouth. Her Master's hand pulling her head down, bending her body forward, offering her arse. Cocks pumping slowly into her cunt and arse, their pace, slowly driving into her, taking her to the brink of wanton need.

Spiders Web

group 2018-05-30

“Where’s Adam” I asked, “Off on business trip, the project has hit a problem so he’s away for the rest of the week” and with that she put her hand on my thigh and started to rub slowly, getting closer to my cock with each stroke. Like Sally, the aroma of a wet fanny was too much, I pulled them aside and started to nibble on her pussy, sticking my tong into her wet fanny, eventually I covered her hole with my mouth and sucked and played on her clit. Sally and I stayed like this only for a short while, working her fanny mussels around my cock while lying there breathing heavily, I held her on and steady with one hand and tweaked one of her nipples with the other while kissing and nibbling at her neck and ear.

Andy and Jackie’s Big Adventure

group jonny_jay 2018-05-30

He was saying with this guy the similar thing was turning him on too, he said Jackie was sat on his riding cock and sucking Omar’s big knob and this guys massive thighs were pressed against his and at one point he said Jackie was on her back and he was kneeling over while face fucking her and squeezing and playing with her tits and Omar was bull fucking her pussy, lost balance a bit and grabbed on to Andy’s biceps and Andy then grab his arm and steady himself as he continued holding on and pumped away...

Teacher's Pets

group FemmeYen 2018-05-30

Kate shot a glance back at Sydney who was wasting no time getting to know a dark haired guy who resembled Antonio Banderas. "You look the same." Zachary said, moving his eyes up and down her body. Niko laughed modestly; Zachary had his eyes still fixed on Kate. As Kate danced to the beat, she glanced back to her table and found Niko and Zachary staring like they did in high school and, once again, Kates face was red as a strawberry. Kate was happy when the dark haired guy found Sydney on the dance floor and diverted her attention. Kate said, knowing she probably smelled like carp." He looked at Niko and nodded, prompting Niko to lick his full lips.


Before We Met - Part 4 - More Background - short a

group dspb08 2018-05-30

SD said that she almost panicked when the man (later found out his name was Ray) grabbed her by the hair and pushed his cock against her mouth with the other hand. Ray let go of her head and she was guide over to the next cock which she took into her mouth and began sucking without any coaxing from the new man. SD said she heard the new man say “she needs more practice to be as good as Dee W” and the man held her head and fucked her face. SD said she sucked Dee’s tongue like a cock and Dee W pulled back and told her that she did great – five blowjobs and two ass fucks.

Sex on the Beach

group scuik 2018-05-30

Louisa grips her hands on to Doug's hips and takes him in her mouth once more as she feels Ethan's cock edging between her thighs and towards her pussy. Louisa grabs a firmer hold of Doug so she does not take him too deeply in her mouth as Ethan pushes against her with every bump of his hips. Louisa finds that she very much enjoys having two cocks to please her and sucks eagerly on Ethan's dick as Doug fucks her with increasing vigour. Ethan pushes his hips into hers as his dick slides back and forth deeply in her pussy, while Doug pounds himself into her ass with long, powerful thrusts.

Blind Grope

group digitalCoquet 2018-05-30

I ask Marie if she is ready, and she smiles me a "Yes." We pick up our custom fitted earpieces from the bar and put them in, one in each ear as labeled: left and right. I tell Aphrodite that we are ready and the far door opens. Aphrodite suggests we start with the game room as a good way to be acclimated. I tell her that I was intrigued with her oily ass in the game room a few minutes ago. We each direct Aphrodite to enable a ping locator and I head for the water room. "When you would like to leave, let Aphrodite know and someone will assist you" she says, "Would you care to join the public conversation?"


Wiedersehen mit Gianna Michels

group lasse_Luft 2018-05-30

Ich würde jetzt nicht behaupten, dass sie meine Freundin ist aber doch wir haben schon eine Art Beziehung aufgebaut. Schnell lag ich nackt auf dem Bett und Gianna war über mir und hatte meinen Schwanz in ihrer Pussy. Das könnt sie mir aber nicht und steigt von meinem Schwanz ab und setzt sich auf mein Gesicht. Der Arsch von ihr ist so schön eng und so dauert es diesmal nicht lange bei mir bis ich meinen nächsten Orgasmus bekomme. Nach einer Weile will Gianna aber auch mal mehr von meinem Schwanz und gibt Naomi ein Zeichen. Ich lecke mich wieder auf das Bett und schnell habe ich Gianna ihre Lieben über meinem Schwanz.


My First MMF

group taraross 2018-05-30

Claire left the bedroom where we were chilling out and went to the toilet, as I continued chatting with Andrew and smoking our spliff. Andrew handed me the joint, and I took a deep toke and handed it to Claire with a conspiratory wink. Claire's hand went down to his crotch and rubbed his packet as he started squeezing her tits through her shirt, their tongues kissing deeply. I knelt beside her, grabbed a handful of hair and started working her head back and forward on my cock as Andrew banged away between her legs. Andrew sat against the cushions, and I fucked Claire doggy style as she knelt between his legs, sucking his cock.

The Call Girl, The Lawyer, The Wife, & The Voyeur

group mashlover1974 2018-05-30

Short, exotic, and all the other accoutrements: garter, stockings, matching panty and bra." A smile evident in her voice and eyes as I was looking into a mirror imagining the outfit and could only hear her voice. The conversation to the Wendy's downtown residence was jovial, and I caught Janie looking at my legs and panties several times as we waited at traffic lights on our journey. "I know your mother, and your father." She answered my puzzled looked as she came and gathered my arm in hers and began walking me into the dining area. Wendy picked up a remote and dimmed the lights but not too low, started some soft jazz, and announced to her senior partner's "We had another wonderful year, and in thanks tonight Kelly will be entertaining us.


Curers of the Grand Royal

group ThePatriarch 2018-05-30

Hayley worked at the Grand Royal as a 'Customer Relations Advisor', in which the ability to make men, and women, putty in her hands was paramount to the job. Including the young man who had opened the door, there were two others in the room who Hayley, from looking at their clothes, expensive gadgets dotted around the room and the fact that they were staying at the Grand Royal, deduced were rich kids. She looked around the room meeting the eyes of each of the other young men and addressed the room: "I'm here to make this problem go away, ok" and lowered to her knees in front of Lightbulb.


Wife fucks best friend

group emmauspaul 2018-05-30

I suggested to my wife Sharon that she might like to have Nigel fuck her, at first she thought it was a little strange, but we were young and looking for kicks, and finally she agreed to give it a go, she said it would be interesting to know what it was like to have another mans prick between her legs. I asked Sharon “how would you like it if this was Nigel’s prick between your legs?” “you’re always saying that but it will never happen” she said. Sharon lay back, forgot her wedding vows and spread her legs widely in anticipation and to accommodate Nigel as he positioned his prick at the entrance of her hole.