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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Black Lit Room

group Bettybod10 2018-05-30

I gasped biting my lip as he sank his thickness inside me, behind me hands fondled my quivering breasts and another fat cock was sliding into my open ass. Another pair of cocks penetrated me and when the cock in my pussy erupted the new skull replaced his cock with his fingers gathering a handful of combined cum and forced his slimy hand into my mouth. The man in front of me spewed deep inside me and swiped his hand under me catching the cum that poured from my holes and tipped the goo into my waiting mouth. There were so many spurting cocks near my face that I just opened my mouth and let the creamy cum cover my face and pour over my tongue.

Good Friends and Good Times

group AR_erotica 2018-05-30

As John and Sherry had before Steve and Kim meet in a deep and passionate kiss. Steve's breath of surprise drew Kim's attention and as she pulled away from him she saw John gorging on Sherry's exposed breasts. John and Sherry pulled away from each other just in time to see Steve and Kim going at it. Having Kim giving Steve the most amazing head would have been enough on any other night to get Steve ready to go, but the added action of John and Sherry ignited a desire in Steve he hadn't feel in a long time. Kim and Steve had sex many times before with varying degrees of intensity but the naughtiness of onlookers, and the added voyeuristic pleasure of seeing John and Sherry turned her on like never before.

Senior Spelling Test

group phubby 2018-05-30

Mr. Williams gave a special nod of affirmation to Mary as he spoke the sentence, making sure she felt his eyes slither down her face and over her large breasts pushing out of her tight top with the plunging neckline. Both Aaron and Mr. Williams caught a glimpse of her soft, cotton shorts stretched against her crotch as she fanned her legs open, daring to give a hint of the folds of her pussy. "There was a sweet, soft, sigh that was both natural and welcomed as she felt a hand reach over and SLITHER down her top." Brian glanced at Lisa, her perky breasts now advertising her erect nipples.


Wishes and Fantasies Ch. 02-03

group HarleyGirl 2018-05-29

Kristen, having undone Brandon's pants, snaked her hand inside his jockeys and grabbed a hold of his huge erection, stroking it and rubbing her thumb in circles around its throbbing head, the drops of pre-cum lubricating as she continued. Not turning her head but looking through the mirror instead, Sami smiled invitingly at Kristen. Kristen, a little surprised by her boldness but completely turned on at the same time, could only stammer back, "I'm not offended at all, flattered actually." She could feel the heat rising in her cheeks, turning them a shade of crimson. Before either of them could change their minds, Sami leaned in and gently placed her soft, full lips over Kristen's.

The night I was fully used !!!

group Nightsdreamer 2018-05-29

Before I could think about anything she grabbed the back of my neck and shoved his cock so far down my throat I couldn't help but gag and choke on it which didn't phase either of them he took over by face fucking me harder and harder holding my head deep down on him at one stage he looked like he was going to cum right down me!!

Alternative Counseling

group Rufus2121 2018-05-29

While waiting in the lobby, Luke and Annie couldn't stand to talk to one another. Annie sat there and started thinking back to the day her and Luke met. Annie sat there quietly for about twenty minutes while they talked and exchanged smirks, until Josselin asked her for her input. Josselin went back to sucking Luke's throbbing cock. With vibes running up and down her body, Annie took off her sweater to let Luke and Josselin see her tits. Josselin watched as the couple fucked and made each other cum, which Luke did soon after. Once they were done for the night, Annie called her friend who recommended Josselin and told her, "You were right, I didn't regret going to see her!"

Insatiable Redhead meets another Lover

group HempDawg 2018-05-29

John jumps to his feet and is on her like white on rice.Insantly one of her boobs are in his hand while his other hand is exploring her pussy.She is busy reaching down and unzipping his pants,and stroking his cock.I almost forget to break out my camera and start taking pics.Before the shutter snaps twice,he has her laying back on the couch,with his head buried between her legs.He must have found the littlt man in the boat,because Red's face went all flush and she started with the moaning and crying of "No More,No More""Let Me Suck You".


group Alibaba 66 2018-05-29

Watching Bob and Sharon fuck got me unbelievably horny, and soon Darlene reached down and started to play with her pussy. I was expecting Sharon to come back into our room, but I soon figured out that she was going to spend the night with Bob and so I went to sleep. Darlene made a lot of noise while we fucked, and I guess that she woke up Bob and Sharon, as pretty soon I could hear them fucking. Then after coffee, Sharon stood up and took my hand, and Darlene did the same to Bob. They led us up the stairs and we all went into the main bedroom. Again I shared a bed and two more fucks with Darlene and Sharon slept with Bob.


Cruise Capers Ch. 06

group CalWriter 2018-05-29

Charles and Chloe had also dressed for the occasion, he in a charcoal=gray suit, her in a skin-tight silk sheath that displayed her body in full force. Chloe sat next to me while Charles cuddled up with Dea. Charles started putting the moves on Dea, who of course went along. I looked over and Dea was giving Charles quite the hand job. Charles came over and kissed his wife while Dea took his cock in her mouth. Charles couldn't wait to mount Dea and had his cock in a rubber and in her like nobody's business. Chloe came over and started rubbing my balls, helping prime me to shoot sperm in her husband's mouth.

The two drummer boys part two

group ab8715 2018-05-29

“God, I can’t wait to have my cock in you.” Jake said, his blue eyes gleaming as he sat down in his boxers. Along with the hands, I felt a hard cock rub between my cheeks, through the fabric of my boxer short. Both of them didn’t waist any time, Ben made a quick thrust in-between my cheeks while Jake pushes his cock and mine together. “We will start off slow.” Ben said as he sat back down, and laid down on his back on the bench, cock in the air. With this new found lube, Ben started to pound the hell out of me, all the while making Jake’s cock throb and shoot out more of his seed.

University Blues Ch. 05

group interestinglife 2018-05-29

Saturday came around without incident, and after an uneventful day, with only a message confirmation with Myriam for the evening, Tom dressed up nice for his sortie with Dana. Myriam welcomed her short light brown haired friend Tina and another taller red-haired girl by the name of Lea. Basic introduction were made. "Out of the country," Tom replied talking about Porter; his friend had enjoyed a great time in Tina's arms about two weeks ago. Tom removed his pants to reveal his boxer-type underwear, watching Tina open her white blouse to reveal a pale yellow bra cupping her small mounds, and Myriam pull off the sheer white camisole.


Beach Vacation I

group cptfritz 2018-05-29

As they dressed in bathing suits, Fritz noticed the son looking at his mother's body perhaps a bit differently than usual, and knew the images of her completely naked body were probably imprinted in the teen's memory. "And shaven like this, all bare and naked, it's just as nice to touch as it is to look at!" Ellen gasped at the unexpected sexual sensation, but she didn't pull away or close her knees or move her hand to push his away; instead Fritz saw her instinctively spread her knees and lift her hips, pushing her groin toward his stroking finger. Unable to pull his eyes away, he began an excited fucking, watching every stroke as he hammered his cock as hard as he could into his mother's hot wet cunt.

Amanda Brings One Home

group drewskimeski 2018-05-29

He looked at my hard cock, just inches from his face, wet with the juices of Amanda's pussy, just as his had been, when I came in and caught him fucking my girl, in my bed. I heard Amanda moaning too and looked over to see her fingering her pussy as she watched. Amanda crawled over and watched closely and intently as swimmer-boy sucked my cock. The swimmer-boy held held there, as Amanda whipped his ass and I fucked his face. I knew I was about to erupt so I grabbed swimmer-boy's head and rammed my cock back into his mouth just as I exploded, sending a stream of hot cum into his mouth and throat.

Different Rules Apply Out Of Town

group tomlitilia 2018-05-29

Since she didn't really want to sleep with complete strangers and that these were the people she most interacted with, it was not surprising that the three guys she had slept with over the past year were also her coworkers. It wasn't until she got in the car that she realized that the other people going were just Adam, Ben and Carl – the three guys from work she had already slept with. Her mind kept recollecting the events, and she actually felt herself blush slightly as she thought about how each of the guys looked naked. She figured that probably wasn't true, but as she said it she actually thought that the idea of them discussing having sex with her would have been quite hot.


Jenny's Second Surprise

group BluSkiez 2018-05-29

Ben took Adam's place and pushed his cock into my mouth. "If you want my cock," Ben said, "You must suck her tits." The simultaneous fucking made me squirm against my bonds, jealous that Adam's cock was in her and not me, but at the same time fulfilled by Ben's deep inside me. "Adam," she said, "go fuck this lovely girl." She hadn't permitted him to cum in her, apparently so he would stay hard for me. The finger was removed, and Ben pressed the head of his cock up against my opening, pushing slowly while holding my hips. "Wait!" the woman said, and Ben stopped, his cock deep inside me.


Sex School Ch. 09

group Skibum 2018-05-29

He was starting to get used to seeing Janet and Sara dressed in the provocative outfits, but the sheer volume of exposed flesh on display at dinner had him stealing surreptitious glances, especially at one very well endowed redhead at the next table. The reaction of the newlyweds was not lost on Sara and Jim. Janet was showing the type of response that the Institute wanted from students, while Mike was still a little behind in the program. Elizabeth began to moan softly as Stuart hands continued to caress her breasts, now in full view of the watching students and coaches. Holding her ass with both hands, Stuart began to raise and lower Elizabeth on his cock, fucking her in a standing position.

Second Male Massage

group maxfuckedher 2018-05-29

What if I reached for his cock and it was Jacob and he didn't know about the massage Alex gave me. Moving back to the end of the table he placed a hand on each foot and traced up both legs slowly all the way up to her ass. This gave his cock a better trajectory and now it was rubbing right over my hole, the sensation was like nothing I had felt before and I didn't want it to stop. Cum started pumping out of my cock so hard I could feel it all the way from my balls to its rocketing escape out the tip.


on the beach

group 2018-05-29


Double Date

group RedJohnny 2018-05-29

'He knew she liked the idea of playing master and slave, but what turned her on about it?' (She knew he knew the answer, but having her say it out loud was part of the game.) 'What did she want to try that she hadn't already done?' She found, without much surprise, that having to answer these embarrassing questions in this public place was turning her on tremendously. She loved to look at the way the cut of the dress shaped her body – it was elegant and almost sleazy at the same time in the way that it emphasized her breasts and the high slits on each side of the skirt exposed her legs to the upper thigh - and teased the imagination with the possibility of more – with every step she took.


My Second Apartment Ch. 03

group Waynegod69 2018-05-29

I looked up at Cindy just in time to see that she too was watching Tina, her right hand touching the flesh around her own silver dollar sized nipples. Looking down at Tina's pale hand against the darker flesh of my cock was something I could've stared at all day long. Shane was standing in front of Tina now, his cock level with her face as Cindy continued to taste the other girl's juices. Shane pulled away from Tina's lips as he reached for Cindy, taking a handful of her hair and raising her head to his prick. I was just in time to see Cindy bracing herself with her hands on the arms of a chair as Shane began to work his cock into her awaiting ass.



group Fever 2018-05-29

I shot a load of cum on Lauren's stomach, she reached down and rubbed it in her skin and down into her cunt lips, then her and Tricia took me by the hand and walked toward the shower where Karen and Gina waited with open legs. I lost track of Gina and Tricia but it didn't matter, my cock was ready to explode, Lauren's hands worked my balls and cock to a frenzy while Karen finger fucked me from behind. "When I said no holds barred, I meant it" Gina purred in my ear "if you want to fuck us you have to earn it, we like it rough." With that Tricia started slapping my ass hard, and with one hand reached between my legs and grabbed my cock roughly.

Clown for a Day

group regularguy1313 2018-05-29

Wonda said, "Do you notice that every women here is wearing a broach like the one you picked up in the garage?" Wonda said, "Let's mingle and see how long it takes for someone to discover that we are party crashers." I told you she was fun. One of the other women, I think her name was Connie, a short redhead with a lean and firm body said, "She is right and you are in luck, you are the only first timers here tonight. At the same time, the man seated behind Wonda removed the clown nose from his ample cock, grabbed her around the waist and guided her down on his erection.


group athenamystique 2018-05-29

As I continued watching Ryan, I felt Derek's hands on the button of my shorts. Whereas a caress would generally end once a hand is removed, now it continued on it's own; seismic ripples causing my body to writhe beneath Derek's weight. I continued my rhythm working down his shaft, my tongue tracing patterns on his cock, flicking him, teasing him, as Derek began thrusting his fingers into me again. Suddenly, I felt Derek's nails running down my thighs and I let out a loud gasp, letting Ryan's cock fall from my mouth. Derek turned my head, breaking my kiss with Ryan, and placed the balloon to my lips. Derek began massaging the lube into my ass, slowly working a finger inside me as Ryan continued to control my hips.


The Makings of Ellen Ch. 08

group dsoul 2018-05-29

Eric closed back the door and Annie turned to look at Tim, smiling up at him while his cock stood erect two inches from her succulent lips. Gerald and the boys arrived at Eric's pad at about the same time Annie was swallowing the last drops of semen from Tim's cock, which was 9:27 P.M. They arrived in two separate vehicles, and they had to drive down to the mouth of the next street before finding themselves suitable parking spaces. Eric had assigned two of the husbands, Billy Maddox (a heavyset man in his early fifties) and Kenneth DeLuise (average height but athletic with a crew-cut type of hair, who lived down the block from Tim) to help arranging the floor mats in the middle of the room for the boys.