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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Saturday's Surprise-Seduction

group onwardbob 2018-05-29

I liked the way Jan fired right back, staring hard at my cock, while she let Jackie know "Well sure, but forget about a long look! Voice smoldering with a barely restrained sexuality, Jackie brushed a slow kiss across my lips, before admonishing, "Didn't I tell you darling?" Eyes feasting on her girlfriend's sensational body, Jackie teased "Gosh Jan, I've seen you with more then one guy's hard cock in your mouth! Oh sure, of course Jan saw it too, stopped softly sucking my balls, deciding instead to challenge "Hey, I'd love hearing you cum darling...come on, lets see if you can get off, before I'm swallowing a big load of Alex's cum!" With Jan laughing at her menacing glare, Jackie snorted in disgust, and pushed a hand between her parted thighs.


Overtime Ch. 02

group Vessira 2018-05-29

Allowing his eyes to focus more on the person's face, Marcus was astounded to see it was none other than Jody's boss, Robert. Before he could react or try to shove his cock back into his trousers, Marcus silently motioned with his hand for Robert to enter the room. Robert realized what Marcus probably planned and he wasted no time shoving Jody's head back down on his rod. Marcus winked at Robert and said aloud, "Make her suck it deeper," before plunging his poised cock into Jody's well-lubricated hole all the way to the hilt. Moving slower now, Marcus took long, controlled strokes in and out of Jody's twat, grinding on her pubic bone every time he hit home.

Too Shy

group JukeboxEMCSA 2018-05-29

"Three times," Mei says, turning around so that she faces Rebekah and straddling George's head. But as she and Rebekah embrace, Mei knows that they have a way to pass the time until George is hard again. "Oh, God," Mei moaned as she felt the warmth of the other girl's body against her own, "Every time you brought a boy home..." Mei wanted to kiss her, and so before she could even finish the sentence, she brought her mouth up to Rebekah's. "Pussymind time," Rebekah says, and watches Mei's eyes glaze over again.

Girls' Night Out

group techsan 2018-05-29

Melony noticed with some embarrassment that Tessa seemed to take an extra-long time with one guy, watching her entire hand disappear into his pants; she was sure that Tessa had actually felt up the guy's big cock! And they did, but to the surprise of the women, instead of working at zippers and stepping out one leg at a time, the men gave a mighty yank and the pants pulled apart at Velcro fasteners down both sides and suddenly they were left wearing only a G-string with a special pocket - a pocket made specifically for holding their family jewels. When one of the young men squatted on the edge of the stage just in front of Melony's chair, she leaned forward and ran her tongue around the big purple head of his swollen cock.


Introduction to Sex Ch. 02

group Paris Waterman 2018-05-29

Wresting her mouth away from the succulent hole, Margie groaned, "No, never!" and quickly returned to the throbbing pulse emanating from Ellie's hot pussy, sending her tongue deep into her girl friend's clutching, quivering cunt. This play continued for several minutes, until curiosity more than anything else, caused Margie to put any reticence she might have had about tasting her friend's pussy from her mind; and allowing the trapped nipple to slide from her mouth, she let the impulse inflame her until, with an almost savage growl, she began nipping her way downward across Ellie's stomach.


Ganged Wife

group dk1955 2018-05-29

At this point I again needed a break and deciding to leave them alone for a while left for the bar, my wife later told me that as soon as I left this time Jim took control, which she admitted turned her on, and said “we are going in here” stood up and leading my wife by the hand took her into a room which had a huge platform bed which was big enough for three people to lie on pushed her back on the left side of this bed pushed her knees apart got between her legs and started to fuck her.

Playing with Friends

group sonorandragon 2018-05-29

All I knew is that I wanted to touch Des and I figured she wasn't going to freak out too badly since she had her eyes closed most of the time. I love to watch my lover as I give them pleasure and while Des's eyes were closed, Jessica's fingers were inside her panties, touching and rubbing and I wanted to taste her too. Des disappeared for a few minutes to "clean up and be right back." My eyes closed, I felt closer to satiating my own desires when I felt Jessica's lips disappear to be replaced by strong hands rolling protection down my shaft.

A New Way to Shop

group ruralgoddess 2018-05-29

"Your boyfriend just said he's willing to share you, and that's good enough for me." He moved his wet hand around her and rubbed her slipperiness from her pussy up the crack of her ass. Kara watched in the mirror as Phil's hands kneaded her firm, round tits, his fingers centering on her hard, reddened nipples. Kara began moaning as Phil started rubbing his cock up and down between her ass and her pussy. Greg had slowed his pace, sliding his cock in and out of her nice and slow, while Phil kept pushing bit by bit until his balls nestled snugly against her ass.

Mary Christmas

group dgthomas 2018-05-29

Jay walked over and helped remove his shirt off of Dee as he pressed his hard cock against Dee’s body and she pushed her ass back against him. “I’m going to cum…lick my clit…bite it, Dee. Mmm fuck my cunt with your virgin tongue.” Jay began to pound her pussy moaning and slapping her leg as he fucked her pussy raw as he watched her eat Mary. Jay started to cum when Mary sat up their mouths met kissing as he ground his hips into Dee’s cunt spilling his semen into her cunt. I’ll be right back.” Mary left the room and Dee smiled at Jay and got on her knees to suck his cock. Mary slid into Dee and kept sucking Dee’s nipple as Jay watched over Mary’s shoulder.

The Office Slut Ch. 06

group Lady Grey 2018-05-29

He opened up my legs, positioned himself between them, and then he gently fingered my dripping pussy before his large cock eased the lips apart and he slid in with very little discomfort for either of us, deep into my waiting hole. "But I think I still might manage you one more time, Samantha, so get yourself over here and get your wonderful lips wrapped around this," he said, opening his robe and taking his already hard cock in his hand. He came over and started chatting me up which was rather flattering, but when I informed him that I was David's birthday present, he looked down at my body with an interesting expression on his face.


Porn Try-Outs Ch. 02

group GoldenPhoenix 2018-05-29

As they continued to kiss passionately, his rough hands came up under the nightie to cup the twin globes of her ass, lifting her up so that her cunt rubbed right against his hard cock. Her moans increased as Daddy slid onto the bed under her and began to lick her leaking pussy, paying special attention to her tight little clit. As he began to leak pre-cum onto her hands, she slid forward on his body and sat down on his hard cock, sending it up into her tight pussy. I've never seen an amateur take to it like you- especially with three guys at one time and being a virgin," Roberts said, coming up to the bed as the crew began to shut down the lights.

That Was Some Party

group AlwaysHungry 2018-05-29

Luisa began, almost imperceptibly, to shift her weight from one knee to the other, and her wonderful pussy, all engorged and wet and wide open, was tantalizingly close to my mouth, but I couldn't take my eyes off Catherine. And as our climax subsided I heard someone else's moaning; Catherine rolled partially off me, toward the head of the couch, and I saw, a few feet away, Luisa in the armchair, naked, her knees up over the arms of the chair, and both hands slowly but fiercely kneading her pussy. I didn't know who these hands belonged to, but then Luisa's head appeared, leaning over my hip to somewhat awkwardly take my cock in its mouth, and I knew then that it must be Catherine's fingers that were pinching Sauda's nipples.


Sleeping Eva

group jasexy28 2018-05-29

I sat up and put my hands under each of her knees, then pushed her thighs open as I look up at Eva. She was out cold and her chest was rising and falling with deep breaths as I leaned forward and placed my cock down between her lips. I moved in front of her and pulled her left thigh up a little higher to open her buttocks a little wider for him as he placed both hands on top of her hip and shuffled his knees up against her, then reaching down to his cock he took hold of it and looked over at me.


What's a MILF? Pt. 11

group barkirk 2018-05-29

Groaning with pleasure as he slid his cock into her mouth, throat, and feeling the woman's tongue massage the shaft as he pushed in, he was thrilled when he felt her hands on his ass pulling him all the way in. Feeling on the verge of cumming, Elaine pushed Chris off her and begged him to fuck her, "I want to cum on that nice cock of yours, and I want you to fill me with your hot sperm." She groaned in pleasure when the young boy spun around and drove his recovered erection into her in one hard thrust.


Elevator Surprise

group banks111 2018-05-29

Cindy turned around to look at Lauren, giving us an exciting view of her ass. Once in position, Lauren eagerly started lapping at Cindy's pussy, running her tongue as though she was licking a lollipop. Lauren grabbed a hold of Cindy's breast then leaned in and kissed her pouty lips. I got into position and lifted Cindy's head up from Lauren's pussy. I wanted to hear her scream so I pulled out of her mouth and readied myself to fuck Lauren. Tom pulled back and out of Cindy, causing her to stop moaning. Tom got in position and Cindy didn't waste any time taking his cock into her mouth. Once I was fully in I began to pound Cindy as fast as Tom was fucking Lauren.


Smita Was Pure Lady But Her Husband?

group 2018-05-29

This time session last long little more and ended Abhishek lying naked on Smita’s hot naked body with his penis in her vagina deeply in and his penis was throwing sperm in her pussy and his hands on her shoulder ,chest on her boobs , lips on her lips kissing passionately. For few seconds both were looking in each others eyes like true lover and then moved for long missionary session which ended in same way as yesterday with one more thing that in Mahesh was sitting in chair near to them like defeated king tide by knot and winner of the battle was Abhishek having his dick in Queen’s pussy.


group 2018-05-29

As the ten hands probed and massaged her body; as cocks slammed into her face; as tongues traced around her labia and teased her clit; as fingers buried themselves deeper into her pussy and ass; I saw her young muscles grow tense, I saw her skin bloom scarlet, I saw her knees buckle as she came. "Here you go" said the ass-fucking-guy as he reached behind her knees and spread her legs to reveal her soggy pussy squirming above her dick-filled asshole. Asshole Boyfriend stood by watching and pulling his own pud when he suddenly croaked, "I'm coming!" and brought the tip of his cock to Lisa's lips.

Three is a Prime Number Ch. 02

group AltheaRose 2018-05-29

On the first night at our place, my girlfriend, Phoebe, told me that she and her old friend, Abby, had been lovers and wanted to pick up where they left off more than a year ago. Regan took my order and said she hoped I wasn't driving tonight. Angie swung by and said she and Regan decided one of them would drive my car and the other would follow in order to get me home. "Guess we'll have to drop the 'snail-man,'" said the blond, whom I now remembered was Regan. "No, Jamie, other than passing out drunk, you were a perfect gentleman," said Regan. "Jamie, I think you need some undisturbed time to review all that material," Cassie said.



group PureTrouble 2018-05-29

But the instant Nick heard Alyssa's slightly sleepy, wholly aroused voice ask, "Do you want to fuck me now, Ben?" all rational thought drained out of one head and pumped hot blood into his other one. Lamely Nick shook his head, trying to form coherent thoughts, when all he could think of was how amazing Alyssa looked after she'd been pleasured; her skin warmed and flushed as blood rushed to the surface, the nipples of her heavy swollen breasts still perking upwards, the slight abrasions on the inside of her thighs where Ben's 5 o'clock shadow had rubbed mercilessly during a bout of hot oral pleasuring… "'Lys….


Madison's Confession

group madison018 2018-05-29

"Are you finding your body acting in strange ways that feel good?" Feel good, I thought to myself, felt great having my ass over my teacher's knee while each time he spanked me my pussy ached. I don't know, I've been very bad, sir." Gosh, I wanted to tell him everything about how I felt and how good it all made my pussy feel, but I was hesitant. As the tongue lapping at my swollen pussy never let up and another man fuck his cock into my mouth with such force that I didn't have much of a change to swallow as his balls slapped against my chin with each fast thrust, the third man began gently assaulting my nipples perfectly.


The Proper Rules For Strip Poker Ch. 04

group PaulSandarac 2018-05-29

"I hope your parents don't think the skirt is too short," she said, "I tried a whole bunch on, and I really liked this one best because it's simple. Good thing my Mom answered; she's a lot softer a touch than my Dad. He won't be very happy when he gets home from work and finds out that Debbie and I are here alone, without your parents. "That's a good point," Kathy said to Scott, "so, mister, if you want to stay in the same room as me, you better behave yourself, starting right now!"


Club Paradise

group dutchpantyraider 2018-05-29

And a smallish built girl draped on a high round pyramid-like platform in the middle of a room, surrounded by semi-naked people who at the invitation of her husband took their turns fucking her. "I don't mind," Linda said, "it's too hot to sleep already, and I don't feel going home anyway. After some ten minutes chatting and I admiring the thin summer dress clinging to Linda's features and the firm ass of Karen enclosed in her tight designer jeans, the metal roll-down door came alive. "The way I feel right now I cannot leaf at midnight..." Linda whispered in my ear. Cynthia walked right to the edge of the pool, let her robe slip from her shoulders and stepped into the water.


Vicky Gets Taken

group doom333 2018-05-29

The big man didn't like it so he grabbed the back of her head and started pumping. The man behind her began pressing his cock to her pussy. Vicky began moaning around the dick in her throat. The big man loved the feel of her throat and grabbed her head forcing her all the way down his shaft. She took his dick into her mouth like she was starving for it. Vicky was still reeling from her orgasm when the guy in her mouth came. The feeling of it cause Vicky to cum a second time. She didn't have much time to enjoy it though as he shot his load into her ass after about only five minutes.

My First Unexpected Bi-MMF Threesome

group TheLantern 2018-05-29

The kept goofin around, tickling back and forth and one way or another Claire ended up on her hands and knees, her head by my lap, and her ass by Tom, she huffed and threw her head into the blankets to catch her breath when all of a sudden Tom grabbed ahold of the waist of her pants and pulled them down to her knees. A few minutes later Tom had removed all of her clothes by now and was behind Claire, I could see him aiming his cock directly at her pussy, he grabbed ahold of her ass and started rubbing his dick all over her clit.