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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Ginger's Works On The Beach

group notnow29 2018-05-29

He quickly pulled her back to the cooler and bent her over it as she moaned, "Oh Yes, do me from behind." Allen still hard from losing his place to Steve knelt in front of Ginger and fed her his cock. John asked if it was ok for them to be there and Bill spoke up and said, "sure the more the better." The two new girls stood back by the bathroom door and watched intently as Ginger sucked on Scott's big cock while Bill pounded her cunt at a fever pace. This got me hard again in no time and I was ready to fuck this new girl when she told me no she only wanted to suck cock and watch Ginger.


The Goddess Ramona Ch. 02

group JorisKHuysmans 2018-05-29

Suni dove in and Ramona grabbed Mia's tiny thighs and pulled her pussy down onto her face; and thankfully a moment later our goddess came noisily, her vast fat tummy and balloon-like tits vibrating like Mother Earth herself. "And you, as a skinny-ass little bitch who doesn't know what it's like to have the power and size of a goddess, are going to lick it all up." And before she had the chance to object, I grabbed Alicia by her bony little shoulders and pushed her, face first, into the slimy cunt of her fat bountiful sister, as Ramona looked at me in gratitude for the things I had taught her about the power of a large, beautiful woman.

A Man's Adventures: Surprise 3-Some

group Oops_Splash 2018-05-29

Holly was just grinding her pussy against Mollie nice and slow, letting the two clits rub together in just the right way. I watched as Holly slipped her tongue all up and down Mollie’s opening, sucking gently on her clit and moving back down while continually sliding two fingers in and out of Mollie’s wet pussy. Holly wasn’t having any of that though… Not yet… “I think your man should fuck me while I eat you then you can lick my pussy of his cock. It was a long night, one which I think about often, Mollie was never interested in knowing who it was, Holly was never above bragging to everyone in town what had happened, and I continued fucking both women.

Unexpected Threesome

group Joanmcarthy 2018-05-29

For many months after she joined the boat, Ned hadn't seen Amy in anything less than baggy knee length shorts and a lose fitting top which made her figure from her neck to the knees look like nothing less than a slim rectangular box. Amy's body moving against Ned's as she laughed and drank had long since converted Ned's light arousal into a fully grown boner, eventually having forced him to attempt an unnoticed readjustment of his speedos to let it grow vertically. As she sat down, Ned eyes started to adjust to the moonlight room and he suddenly realised that Amy was nearly naked; dressed only in a pair of tiny panties. If Amy was able to feel the hardness of his cock or the aching desire Ned had for her, she'd know the second question was unnecessary.


Vegas part 2

group fundat 2018-05-29

The big girl immediately jumps off of me and starts going down on him. 1 then 2 then 3, she kept going crazy and yelled if you don't take that dick and put it in my arse I'm probably not gonna cum again. As I started laughing the big girl said you better fuck her arse then. I was pounding her and her pussy continued to run and run, the big girl said I've never seen dso much cum. The big girl was some kind of cum guzzler because she got underneath us and started sucking my balls. St some point she got a gulp of her friends cum and started working on her pussy.

Alyssa & Jan

group Build_it_write 2018-05-29

Jan looked up toward Alyssa and said; "Okay, you promised, I am doing my part and I don't think he is going to cum very quick after you fucked him, so bring your pussy here." With that statement and request, she grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to a standing position while reaching for Alyssa's hand at the same time. She took her mouth off Alyssa's pussy long enough to look back at me and say; "Just cum all over my ass; I love that!" With that information, I pounded hard a few more times, then pulled out, straightened more upright on my knees and grabbed my cock with my right hand.


The nightclub gangbang

group 2018-05-29

I'd pulled his cock out of his pants now, for all to see, and as I started jacking him off harder, I felt a hand move from holding my elbow, to playing with my tits. I felt two hands grab my head as he thrust his massive cock in my mouth. I felt the cock in my mouth start to slow as he bent round to look at my sopping wet pussy. I could cum, I let out a loud moan as I felt his cum shoot inside of me, making my legs shake and pussy contract so hard, it f***ed his massive eight inch cock out of me, as his cum continued to spray across my pussy as it exited.


group Exakta66 2018-05-29

I have just never been told that my girl's best friend is a sex addict before. All I knew was she was my fiancé's best friend, she was beautiful and she was a sex addict. It was soon decided that Kim should get some pleasure and after a bit of finger magic on my part while Kate liked her clit, she was ready for entry. After a few minutes of what can only be described as a moaning munch-fest, three bodies were coming together in unison as Kim's pussy threatened to squeeze the life out of my member and Kate pressed her delicious pussy hard into my face, threatening to drown me as she came.

Nicky's Day

group Layne Bryant II 2018-05-29

It wasn’t much after discovering the pleasures of a hard cock that the treasures of pussy were found out. “Oooooooooh, Ben,” she moaned, “I need your big cock.” The hot woman jerks the clitoral head furiously juice covered fingers. “‘Cause if your mouth this that good,” he answers standing Nicky up, “your pussy gotta be better!” “Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeee!” Nicky squeals as a set of pink pussy lips spasms. Ten fingers gripped a set of rounded asscheeks harder as a stiff rod fucks deeper. “Oh fuck!” Steve groans feeling his balls tingling, “I’m gonna cum!” He shouts, “You bitch! “I knew you were a real slut,” he moaned feeling the experienced hands stroked the erect cock. Her hand continued to jerk the young hard cock.


We Love One Another

group sintax 2018-05-29

I could say something to Molly, and then Lily would come into the room and know what I'd said. As Lily's tongue invaded me, Molly leaned over, and we entered into an open, three-way kiss. Molly slipped off the bed long enough to strip down to a pair of orange panties, and then went to work on my shirt, undoing the buttons with care as I kissed her sister. Molly began to kiss me again, and my heart nearly exploded when I felt Lily's hands pulling my undies off. I grabbed Molly and held her tight as I kissed her, her breasts pressed against my chest as Lily slowly worked her way down my shaft. While her sister struggled to get as deep as she had, Lily rested her hand on the back of Molly's head.


Sandwiching My Ex-Girlfriend

group dpingjessie 2018-05-29

Almost as soon as Miles was sliding back and forth in one end of Jennifer, I began to fuck the chick's face, holding her head in place as my cock slid forward and back in her oral cavity amid her grunts and moans. Miles slapped Jennifer's sexy ass hard a few times as his cock pummeled that twat, and I pulled on Jennifer's long hair, continuing to thrust in and out of her mouth. I stepped off the bed and watched on for a minute or two as Miles continued to lie on his back, this time not only seeing Jennifer face him as she hovered over him but also having her slip his cock into her pussy, giving her ass a momentary respite.


Lisa's Party

group Stiffy 2018-05-29

I began looking through the various rooms and finally entered the game room and seated with her back to me on another black guys lap was my wife. "My turn" he declared and the black guy under Lisa mumbled something and I nearly spit my drink out as I saw him lift my wife off his lap. A big fat black guy was the first winner and I moved to get a better view as he reached under the table and pulled Lisa toward his spread legs. The black guys cock slid into Lisa's mouth and after a brief pause as he forcefully entered her throat, never stopped until his pubic hair was pressed flat against her nose.

Gloryhole first timer

group cocksucker1966 2018-05-29

I walked in and slowly browsed around, looking at the lingerie and dresses, just enjoying the feel of all the different fabrics and the unique, incredibly sexy smell that is a combination of stripper perfume and sex toys, with just a hint of dirty old man thrown in. I headed to a local strip club – I figured maybe a lap dance could be fun – some hot stripper noticing that I was wearing lingerie under my clothes should be sufficiently humiliating for a sissy like me.I wandered around the strip club’s adult boutique for a while – looking at their lingerie and sex toys. I then got dressed and headed out, cum still glistening on my chin and neck, the acrid salty taste fresh in my mouth.

All Three Holes Pt. 06

group CandiNyse 2018-05-29

It was kind of amazing, that we were all so comfortable together: Susan, on her hands and knees, gently licking my pussy, her sweet round ass and moist cunt suspended over my face; Bobby, starting to slide that long cock up and down the cleft of her ass, his sweet rod growing thicker and harder; me, on my back under Susan—her big tits pressed against my belly—with Bobby's ball sack in my mouth. Bobby was in heaven, fucking this gorgeous woman, shoving his dick into her hot, wet pussy with his balls slapping her firm, round ass, alternating with his adoring wife's open mouth and welcoming throat.

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 62

group Paris Waterman 2018-05-29

"Look," Gerry said, leaning toward Val, "we like to watch porn, right?" She nodded absently, more concerned with the people surrounding her than Wanda's wandering hand or Gerry's last minute comments. Up on the stage, the woman was sitting on the edge of the bed now, one hand moving under her camisole, the other cupping the man's balls as she took long wet sucks on his cock. Val jerked her head toward the man on her right who had removed his hard cock and was stroking it slowly as he turned back to watch the sucking action on the stage.


Deidre Ch. 03

group Paris Waterman 2018-05-29

Then I put his nice, red juicy crown in my mouth, pressed my tongue against the underside of the head, and jerked him off hard and fast until he came in my mouth with a little wail; gobs and gobs and gobs of hot, sticky, salty-sweet boy-come. The guys traded places and Dominic maneuvered himself behind me and gave me a pretty good fucking while Jack snapped his pictures. I could feel my pussy contracting on itself and juices were flowing and I couldn't hide it, especially when I felt the guys hand on me, his fingers sliding between my labia and pushing into my hot little cooze.


The Best Friends Ch. 03

group TxRad 2018-05-29

"You got that right, girlfriend," Chandra said with a chuckle and then she added with a thoughtful look, "Hmmm, maybe I should give it a try, I might find a whole new side of myself." She sat the bottle on the table and then she blew out a breath before she said with a pouting look on her face, "I knew I was fucking up when I didn't let him eat me. Looking at Chandra I said, "I think our little Madison likes kissing you." I paused a second and added, "The fact that we were playing with her nipples and I was rubbing her pussy probably had nothing to do with it."


Wait For Him To Go First

group TurtleWB 2018-05-29

I began to kiss down Sweden's chest and stomach, moving purposefully down his body; my hand continuing to lightly stroke his soft dick. His hands resumed playing with my large soft breasts, pushing them together, massaging and squeezing them, fingers twisting and working my erect nipples as he began slowly, rhythmically thrusting. His breathing was rapid as I stroked his shaft; he turned to me, kissing the side of my neck, a hand slipped inside my robe to feel a breast. The past two nights I'd finished him off with my hand, letting cum on my chest but tonight he wanted to finish in my mouth.


Three Men, Three Ways

group Otazel 2018-05-29

Ryan was looking maybe a little uncomfortable, but Seb gazed openly at the nipples I knew were showing between Paul's fingers. I could sense Paul looking over my shoulder and smiling as he deliberately showed me to his friends, squeezing my breasts and tugging at the nipples he'd got sandwiched between his fingers. For a several minutes I sucked Ryan's cock, letting my tongue swirl around its head, then listening to his grunts of pleasure as I took it as far into my mouth as I could, until eventually I could tell that he was getting close to coming. I began to suck my husband's cock, looking forward to a mouthful of cum and highly aware that other men, complete strangers before tonight, would be watching me getting it.


The Interview

group jclancy3 2018-05-29

Emily kept working Blythe's tits as Rick's hand reached in and grabbed Em's own stiff nipple, causing her to let out a small sigh. Rick reached into his own pants and released his throbbing cock, gently stroking it with one hand as he watched Emily and Blythe make out and feel each other up. Emily looked over and watched the rhythmic movement as well, placing the palm of her hand below the swinging tits so that Blythe's nipples brushed her palm with every pound from behind. "Oh, thank you so much," Blythe said, hugging Rick, then hugging Emily, their naked tits smashing into each other for one final meeting.

My Brother's Back Ch. 02

group FinalStand 2018-05-28

I move between her legs, pushing her knees apart and motion to Regina to fall back so Jewel and I can make eye contact. From her own descriptions of her sexual life I know that Jewel has never had sex like this, pushing her toward this level of fulfillment and the best thing is I'm far from done tonight. At first Jewel doesn't appear to know what is going on but when she does she turns her head and looks to me in a pleading gesture. I look over to Regina who grins and gives me a nod so I pull Jewel onto my cock once more and fuck her with more force.


My Sex Life Ch. 13

group Slutty_Julie 2018-05-28

As Lindz kissed and sucked on my tits, I surrendered myself to her touch, savouring the feeling as she used her tongue and hands to turn me on. As I begged Lindz to let me cum, her tongue flicked softly over my clit, my back arched, my body began to shake and I came, moaning softly as waves of pleasure washed over me. Having Lindz's tongue on my clit as Grant fucked my tight rear hole with long, hard, powerful thrusts gave me tremendously intense sensations. With Grant's cock pounding her pussy and my tongue on her clit, it wasn't long before Lindz came again, moaning loudly and body shaking violently. As Lindz cleaned Grant's cock, I began licking his cum from her pussy.

Friends - And More! Ch. 02

group vangelsdorp 2018-05-28

The girls had had their own discussion and, from the look on their faces – and from the way Jill smiled at me and Sally at Mark – a repeat performance was high on the agenda. Sally and Mark took the sofa; Jill and I the big old armchair. As we watched, Sally pulled back her head, grinned wickedly at Mark and moved up to kiss him. My wish to witness Sally enjoying anal sex was being fulfilled and the sight was proving so stimulating it had accelerated my recovery to the point where I was now ready to 'abuse' Jill in the same way. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like you a lot,' he assured Sally, 'but no way does us having sex with each other make we want to leave Jill.'


From Nerd To Stud In One Month Ch. 03

group walterio 2018-05-28

Lisa was 10 years older than Henry but she was attractive with short blonde hair, small tits, shapely legs and a great ass. Melissa got me started with anal and then Anna and Carol let me do them too," Henry admitted. Patty took off her tee and rubbed her small firm breasts as Henry made love to her ass. This went on for several minutes before Carol told Anna to ride Henry's cock. Carol went to the other bag and produced a set of pink anal beads and showed them to Anna and Henry, "These are for your tight ass," Carol announced. The string with a small tab dangled from Anna's ass as she continued to ride Henry's cock.