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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Donnia Ch. 1

group night traveler 2018-05-28

Yanti gently kissed me again as she whispered something to me that I didn’t understand, then smiling she moved her mouth to my cock and took its full length deep into her throat in one heavenly thrust and immediately began moving up and down the stalk, stopping every few strokes to rim my cockhead with her tongue. Ridwan placed his hand behind Donnia’s head and began sliding his cock in and out, fucking her mouth like a cunt. We watched Teguh withdraw from Donnia’s mouth splattering her face with thick dollops of hot cum at the same time Donnia let out a scream and her body convulsed in orgasm from Djdja’s oral action.


Hardintown Mom Goes to Gloryhole

group mooremike 2018-05-28

I walked home but my mind was swirling with the thought of anonymous cocks to suck and fuck with no messy relationships. I could still taste the other man’s seamen in my mouth and I really wanted to have my pussy filled with a cock. “Wow you sure fucked that cock!” said a voice from the other wall. “Ever fuck a black cock?” he said as a large black dick slid through the hole I had never even thought about having sex with a black man before but I looked at the large cock and felt my pussy sopping wet with my juices and a stranger’s seamen. I looked across the booth to see cock I had fucked earlier was hard again and sticking through the wall.


group ottorank 2018-05-28

High bright windows cast the afternoon sun in long beams across the marbled floors. A magnificent bed lay in the sun's light to one side of the large room, easy to the breeze, and the sheets were very white. I went down the corner to a place where the foreign papers came mostly daily and tried to find a copy of "The Times" of London and some American cigarettes. "Ohhhh, I like this kind of surprise," you said, and you reached out and touched my hands. At this, I removed the mask my cravat had made and you gazed upon the young man who thrust deeply into your body. Your arched leg about the boy gave entrance to a dark place as you rocked back and forth.

Kinky Nikki Ch. 01

group olderguy566 2018-05-28

Then Ron sat down on the couch and invited me to sit on it, which I did happily, gradually working it into my cunt, it felt so good, I started posting up and down on it as he continued to tongue lash my nipples. He was laughing happily, telling me I was a fantastic fuck and using all manner of filthy language -- you know, things like what a nice cunt you've got, God you can move that arse and wouldn't I like to fuck you there, that sort of thing. I just stayed where I was looking at him as he got between my legs, pulled me a bit closer and began working his lovely cock into my arse.

The Storm

group manifestman 2018-05-28

We went into his flat and sat down Harry put some music on and asked us if we wanted a drink, I thought oh well we are here now, we might as well enjoy it, So he poured me a whisky and dry, and another vodka for Debbie, who again was looking decidedly lively. Giggling at me Debbie said, "Hello Jeff, where have you been, I am having a great time with these lovely men, and she swung round, indicating with her arm, George and Harry. George pushed Harry out of his way and turned Debbie's now naked body round and pulled her to the floor, "Come on baby," he shouted, "come and sit on this."


Canoe Trip Guide

group m_storyman_x 2018-05-28

"This is Tiffany," she said, motioning to a slightly younger woman, maybe forty at most, long blond hair pulled back in a ponytail, very bright green eyes that seemed to smile almost as much as her lips. With a grunt I pulled the pack off the ground, tossed it up and took a half step forward, the pack rolling in the air just above my head and sliding down my back, the shoulder straps sliding easily down my arms and settling on my shoulders. "Okay, so that didn't go as planned," she said as she tried to push herself up off of me, pulling her soft little tit out of my face but leaving both of them exposed right in front of me.


Lee's New Apartment

group unexplored_worlds 2018-05-28

By the time Rob got there, Leah (whom they now called Lee) and Matt were already on their second beer. He started tipping his head back and closing his eyes, waiting for their mouths to meet, when Matt pulled away just an inch to say: "You know, Rob and I have been talking about you. "Hey Matt, I think our boy wants the dick," Rob said as he pushed Lee toward the bed. Lee got down on hands and knees, made his way on the mattress toward Matt's erect shaft, knowing fully well that Rob was behind him getting a view of his neatly trimmed junk.


The Hills: Something in the Water

group Sean Renaud 2018-05-28

You think I don't know?" Zoey reached over to her bedside stand and pulled out a packet of pictures and flung it at him they opened and spread over the floor. Every time they let me come up for air I begged them to fuck my tight little pussy." She snatched up a picture of her sitting on a cock, reverse cowgirl so she could face the camera, with a cock in her mouth. "You know it's fucked up been married to you for years but you Mr. big and bad won't eat no pussy got these white boys eaten my ass out and you know something?" Zoey licked her lips. That you would have wanted to leave it on their faces." Zoey took out one final picture of her face completely covered in cum.


group Moon Glade 2018-05-28

At 5:00 PM on my last day Ryan gave me my check, thanked me for the last two weeks and said, now that I was officially no longer an employee would I like to have dinner with him Saturday? I wanted him to think of me as a mid twenties sophisticated career girl, but standing nearly nude in front of him I felt like the eighteen year old virgin I was. Finally I said, "God I'm so horny I feel like I could just fuck all night long and you tell me you're done for the night…SHIT!"


Getting Fucked by Three Hot Men

group blondieB90 2018-05-28

Chris pushed back a strand of my hair and kissed my neck, while Rob ran his hands down my legs all the way to my ankles and back up again... Rob was licking away at my clit, his tongue hard and pointy, causing me to grind down into his face, while his arms reached up my body, towards my breasts. Rob started squeezing my breasts, flicking the nipples occasionally as he pushed into me, a little faster now, in, out, in, out, and Joss reached down to suck on my nipple. "Yes yes yes Chris, make me cum!!" I moaned at him as he thrusted into me, grabbing hold of my hips and pushing me back onto his cock.


group drsalt 2018-05-28

She gave my dick a last hard suck, jumped off the bed, and left the room. I felt hands (my wife's, I assumed, though I was beyond caring) begin to fondle and stroke my cock. Moving one hand under her ass and into the crotch I was eating, I slipped two fingers inside and pressed forward to rub, trying to find her G-spot. Then I said, "Help me spank her." The friend began to spank her round ass as I held my wife's hands so she couldn't cover herself. I was aware at one point of my wife's hand reaching between us to feel my dick sliding in and out of her friend.

Guy Time, with a Girl Ch. 2

group Blue Rose 2018-05-28

Rob decided that turnabout was fair play, and allowed his own hand to seek out her pussy. Peter began to feel a little left out of all this play, and moved his chair a little closer to Shelly. Rob increased the pace of his finger thrusting in her pussy and sucked furiously on her swollen clit. She closed her eyes as she soaped up her breasts, thinking about how Peter had sucked her nipples while Rob ate her out. She ran her fingers through the hair covering her pussy and tried to imagine what it would look like bald. She felt the slippery feel of her own juices mingling with the water from the shower as she came on her hand.

The Circle Ch. 45

group SteveWallace 2018-05-28

Bob paused, then said, "To these individuals especially, and on behalf of the rest of us as parents, fathers, mothers, and everyone, we want to thank you for the continued great care our children are receiving." Everyone stood and applauded the three women who blushed furiously. One of the hallmarks of the reality TV show was a discussion Bob, Alice, and a few others had about helping to set up other polyamorous groups around the country instead of annexing the thousands who expressed interest into their own circle. "I want to address one area that Bob glossed over, and I'm sure it will be of interest to most of you – Sex." Alice paused for theatrical effect, even laughing at some of the reactions to her open discussion.


Tender Love Hurts Ch. 04

group ImmortalRomance 2018-05-28

"Would you like to take a walk up to the crystal caves?" Erik asked, gazing down into Jade's lovely face with a grin. "Jade, would you mind if I kissed you?" he asked, gazing at her with intense blue eyes which seemed to be aflame in the almost darkness. Tears of love and need filled her eyes as Erik began to kiss her thru the damp fabric of her bikini top over her hard little nipple in which he had been caressing earlier. Suddenly Erik pulled away, gazing at Jade with blazing blue eyes. He looked so very serious as he stared into Jade's eyes and said, "Let's go walk down by the beach again, babe.

happy days

group JOHNFINASMITH 2018-05-28

When Ralph and Richie came a few minutes later Joanie hid so they would not Joanie broke off the kiss and told him, "Yes, fuck your little s****r." Joanie walks over to her father and gives him a kiss good night. When Richie brought Loribeth home to meet his parents Joanie felt like she Marion told Joanie, "I will not tolerate behavior like that in this house." After they rested up Marion told Howard, "I want to watch you and Joanie make deeply for about 3 minutes and Richie broke off the kiss and Marion started Joanie gave her mother a kiss and asked her, "Do you need some help?" When Howard got home he was told that Loribeth needed him.

Excise Duties

group oggbashan 2018-05-28

The two waitresses, Angela and Sandra, were distant cousins of Maureen the barmaid, but all three looked like sisters. I was aware of Angela and Sandra sitting on the arms of the chair, each with an arm across my shoulders. We climbed a short staircase and went towards another man dressed like Jeb, also wearing two pistols. Sandra and Angela pulled me down the bed so that Maureen was leaning backwards and I was looking towards the ceiling, if I could have seen it. Sandra replaced Maureen, clasping my head to her body. They repeated that several times during the night and I had no idea whose body I was inside, whose pussy I was licking, nor whose stomach was supporting my head.


How to Become a Nymphomaniac

group REDnMIST 2018-05-28

"Well I said a big fuck you to faith that night and I followed those guys to the hotel room. They were actually cool guys and it wasn't like I headed out the door that evening and said 'hey why don't I be a big ol' cum bucket tonight.' I had not planned on meeting anyone, I just wanted to get out the house but when the opportunity presented itself, I sort of just......let it happen. I knew what I was allowing was wrong but that foreign person who used my body and voice was encouraging them on, saying things like 'yeah fuck the shit out of that goddam pussy' and they were using my hands to grab their asses to make them pump me harder.

Beach Foursome

group lstorywriter 2018-05-28

Both Mina and Sarah were playing with their pussies as we stroked our cocks and started telling us how much they liked watching a guy masturbate; encouraging us to stroke harder and cum for them. Troy and I were both stroking fast and the noises coming from our mouths started sounding like some alien language getting louder and louder; Mina and Sarah's voices kept getting louder to keep up with our grunts encouraging us to beat off and blow a load. I was watching the whole scene; my finger working my ass and my hand firmly stroking my cock as I could feel an intense orgasm moving up inside of me.

Going Where We Had Never Gone Before

group SuperBill 2018-05-28

The girl said her name was Suzy and suggested that we get together later to get "better aquatinted." Mary liked the idea, so Suzy gave us her room number and we set a time to come by. Suzy lowered her head and began to suckle on Mary's tits, eliciting deep moans from my wife. Suzy was enjoying herself on my wife's ample chest, then she told her to stand up and Mary did. She spread Mary's legs and began to lick her pussy like it was an ice cream cone. This time, as Mary moved up and down, Suzy spread my legs and got between them. Mary moved a hand down to Suzy's box and began to squeeze her clit.

Charitable Spirit-Respecting Elders

group watchingyou2 2018-05-28

Like the other men, she knew that the man at the other end of the phone needed her to provide things that he wasn't getting at home. Cheri always thought it funny how the men liked to hold her head so tightly, pushing her mouth down onto their hard cock as if they were forcing her to take it. Cheri tried hard to keep both men happy, but at some point they realized that there were other ways that this hot little teenage slut could be used to satisfy their needs. Cheri wanted to look back to see the face of the man that was behind her, but Mr. Knox kept a tight hold on her hair to make sure she didn't let go of his cock.


Back for More

group Thedemonfox 2018-05-28

Andre folded her dress over, and Caity felt her panties slide down around her knees; the boots kept them from sliding much further without intentional removal. The sounds of his lucky night followed her the entire way, leaving her remarkably wet by the time she reached the door. She rubbed Caity's boobs for her, freeing up her hands to hold Andre's head where she wanted it. Caity let out a brief scream, and Lyndsey felt a soft hand sneak under her waistband. Emboldened by the attentions of her dual lovers, Lyndsey pulled her pajama pants down to mid-thigh level and mounted Caity. Caity reached between lyndsay's legs to finger her while Andre worked on her hind end.


Captain Jack Ch. 03

group Captain Jack 2018-05-28

Joe left Pfizer and started his own company, of which they developed the pill that Sheree had given me. Jason was working for Pfizer as a comptroller and left with Joe. Jason was married to Sandra, who introduced him to Sheree. Sheree and Joe were now getting some sun; lounging on the deck chairs and having coffee and we were talking. Her eyes were rolling in her head and she was moving her hips like they were meeting the strokes of my cock. After dinner Sheree, Joe and I sat on the deck having and other Remy Martin, cognac. She was smiling, the tips of her lips were up turned, her mouth slightly open, her eyes were sparkling they looked like emeralds.

Island Fever Ch. 06

group Jeremydcp 2018-05-28

At various times I have liked Pamela, Trish, Lindsay, Amy, and Devon the most. "Yes, but you were sweet and innocent." Kristanna smiled at my words as I added, "You still are - just like Lindsay." I had to pay for a veterinarian to come out here from the mainland two weeks ago." Kristanna suddenly looked frightened as I continued, "I could tell that Lambinator was sick and not feeling good. Basically, Devon told her counterparts here at the dinner table the same thing she had said to Camille during their first night here (when I eavesdropped on them by way of the voyeur room).


One of Her Fantasies

group 2018-05-28

Suddenly we have him on his back arms pinned above his head, she is gently sucking on his nipples as he plays with her wet pussy, I'm sucking his dick and i can feel his climax building, the head of his dick is throbbing in my mouth and his moans are deep and I encourage him to cum and to let us both taste his sweet semen, as we kneel in front of him he takes his dick in one hand and grabs our hair with the other, he jacks it as the cum squirts ands flows all over our faces and into our open mouths......we all collapse on the couch, time for round two......................