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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Permission Given

group Redbush 2018-05-28

The hotel bar wasn't too far from the venue, and as I arrived I was joined by one of my colleagues - Celia, who had been working the concierge desk ensuring all of our priority guests were given the right levels of service, and she had the same beaten look that I was sure I was wearing. "I close my eyes and I hold on to that sensation for as long as I possibly can, because I know when the last tremors have left me, I'm back to being a good girl, a girl for whom 'fuck' is a word said only when you stub your toe on the door frame when no one is around to disapprove."


The Open Door.

group totallyurs 2018-05-28

I moved her onto the double bed to my left, easing her long black dress up to her waist with my left hand, as I abandoned Amise's tranny clitty for just a second, to leave Amy on her back, legs wide open to present a beautifully shaved pussy, with a slim sliver of fair hair from the top of her clit, to the base of her tummy. Reuniting my hand with Amise's rock like sex stick, I pushed my face through Amy's door, feeling the soft invitation of her smooth cunt, licking each side of her velvety slit, probing the widening hole with my ravenous tongue and flicking the proud clit, that had been protected by a locked door, just five minutes before.


group james4737 2018-05-28

don't want my roommate to know that I suck cock." She couldnt reply as I began to really suck her clit and lap at her sopping wet pussy. just push her down and fuck her so I began jerking off as she sat back on she began to tease me, spreading her cunt wide, "I bet you'd really like to If I didn't like her pussy would my roommate think I My roommate began to cum again and I could feel his shaft twitch under my in cum but by the time my roommate sat up and looked at us it must have facing me, straddling me, as I sat on the toilet, and she began to pee.

Halloween Comes with Big Surprise

group TheycallmeMrBig 2018-05-28

As she cupped my balls and sucked my cock, the woman who had groped me in the other room walked up to me and began to rub my chest while she positioned herself on to my lap. After a couple minutes of lap fucking, Shelly tensed up and released a wash of she cum all over my lap while wiggling her ass in Carmen's face. She took that cock like a pro and within a couple seconds he was thrusting in and out of her ass while I continue eating and sucking her pussy. As my cock softened, I pulled back from the wall and as I was turning around, another hand grabbed my rod while at the same time there was a bright flash of light that totally screwed my night vision up again for several minutes.

Holiday fuck

group 2018-05-28

By this time I’d stripped off as well and said “get her on the floor and spread those thighs, let’s have a look at that hairy pussy.” No sooner said than done and I got between her legs, kissing her from her tits down to her pussy. Now she was wanking Colin and Brian properly and Dan knelt over her face and said “open up babe and suck this, I wanna feel your lips round my cock.” She was good, and all three of them came, Brain and Colin in her hands and Dan in her mouth, and she swallowed – what a hot bitch.

Fun in the Sun Part 3

group funbeth 2018-05-28

As Paul browses the menu Sue leans over and whispers something in his ear and then there’s a surprised look on his face, she moved back and says to Colin yes all clear here and to that Colin leans over and I presume whispers the same in my ear, just need to check the dress code has been carried out and shoves his hand between my legs and my immediate reaction is to close my legs tight on his hand, now how am I supposed to check with my hand stuck there, I looked and Paul he knew what was going on pointed and Sue and made a zipping gesture, which I took meant Sue had had her hand inside his trousers, I said to Colin there’s nothing up there, he smiled and said I bet there is something gorgeous up there, I open my legs a bit and felt his fingers brush over my pussy for a second or 2 then move away ok so it looks like the meals on me and smiled.

Party Slut

group Biker Bones 2018-05-28

"Why not, you did it to me!" She was looking worried like I wasn't gonna do it and maybe tell someone about the fucked up shit this bitch wanted to do to her daughter. First you did that fucking cunt's talk show, second you bragged about getting "Banged", third you accepted an invite to one of my parties, fourth you started drinking a little too fast, and fifth you teased my cock. Oh, yeah, she tried to resist and made some pretty funny faces from the taste I'm assuming, but as she had more time to think about it and another dick rammed its way into her ass, she started to truly suck in earnest.

The Christmas Party

group FilthyAngel 2018-05-28

As she did, he moved his cock toward my mouth and I ran my tongue around the top of it making sure I licked up all the pre-cum before sliding my lips as far down his shaft as I could. Her pussy had a different taste to the one I get when I lick my fingers after masturbating - slightly more bitter and her smell was more musky - but I wasn't really thinking about that at the time. She lowered her breasts into my face and I ran my tongue around her nipple, moving her away from me slightly so that I could lick as well as suck. I absolutely love sucking cock, and I think I was probably a bit selfish about it, because she left me to it and started licking my pussy from behind.

Tricked into bi-threesome

group phelgen 2018-05-28

As my friends drifted away, i realized that there was just me and her left on our own chatting. The talk just got dirtier and dirtier and then she mentioned she was in town on business and invited me back to her hotel. He said they were married - he was called Dave and loved a threesome and did this regularly with Stacey picking up a man to bring back. Stacey asked me to go down on her and with my face buried in her cunt, i suddenly felt the blowjob re-starting. when they saw that, Stacey sat back with three fingers up herself and watched us two guys 69ing. we both unloaded into each other's mouths at the same time and had our mouths licked out by the wife!

Fun and Games

group whiteman369 2018-05-28

She took Chris's cock out of her mouth and pulled his head down to kiss him again as Adam's tongue now pushed into her sweet, succulent Russian pussy. Adam moved aside as he saw what was happening and Chris moved between my wife's gorgeous thighs and she stroked his firm, muscly young body as he pushed his tongue into her mouth and she felt his throbbing and hot glans rubbing against her gaping cunt lips before he thrust inside her, making her gasp deeply and moan heavily. Adam's hands were all over her sensational arse as she took Matt's cock in her mouth and sucked him hard.

Tag Team Fun

group firefighteral276 2018-05-28

The movie began and after a short time 2 teen girls, about 19 years old sat down, one onn each side of me. they both took turns rubbing and jerking my cock and rubbing my balls and I was in sheer delight. As I was taking turns fucking both of these girls another guy came in to use the bathroom. The gut opened his pants and pulled out his cock and began to jerk off watching me and the girls. I took turns going back and forth fucking each teen and the guy kept jerking off. Just as I came the guy started to moan and said he was going to cum.

Fun on the Beach!

group Macb75 2018-05-28

It wasn't long before a guy came a stood in front of us a distance away openly wanking his cock whilst looking at me. The second guy did not take long before he came and shot his warm spunk across my shoulder and body and this prompted the first guy to spill his load and he dripped his cum down my hand and arm. Three more guys surrounded me, touching me and wanking and I alternated which cock I played with, whilst still receiving oral from the older guy. The guys get so horny in the sun and it wasn't long before the first guy came which again prompted the other two to cum and I was suddenly covered in the spunk of three handsome strangers.

The Adventures Of Daisy Jones

group thecardcheat 2018-05-28

As a mental image flashed in her head of one of the men fucking her roughly from behind whilst she gave frantic oral sex to the other, she felt the familiar tingle of warmth and moisture between her legs as her nipples began to harden and protest against the lacy material of her D cup bra. Too late Daisy realised she had said the wrong thing, no sooner were the words out of her mouth when Bob the younger of the two men began to unzip his jeans. Taking their time the two men continued to enjoy Daisy, their hard rampant cocks taking turns to invade her warm willing mouth and carefully examining her sticky shaven twat and sweet anus with their tongues and fingers.

Learning Your Way Around The Cock

group adel5000 2018-05-28

I almost asked Courtney what she thought of Craig when we went to bed but figured I didn’t want to listen to a harangue. “Yes, it can also look dark and attractive like Derrik’s black cock.” I interjected as I approached the couple. Derrik, seeing the way my wife was eying him hungrily and biting her lip with anticipation finally gave in to my pleas and demands and pulled down his pants with a big wide smile. I know you want to experience his big long black cock in you tight married pussy and I want to watch him fucking you too…” I watched quietly, touching my cock, as Derrik went on to take my wife in many different positions and fill her mouth, pussy and arse with his strong seed.

Our Family Physician Ch. 03

group AuthorApril 2018-05-28

The next morning, with the kids spread throughout the house, Diane came up to me and whispered very quietly, "I have to ask: What did you do with Susan's panties? Smiles arrived instantly on the faces of both gals and I walked up to Diane and gave my blonde wife a soft, sensual kiss to ensure she didn't feel left out since I didn't know how she and Susan had greeted one another. As Diane left the room, Susan put her hands on my waist and looked up to my face and said, "You really played with my panties yesterday? After hanging the dress as asked, I entered the bedroom and saw that Diane's bra had been removed and Susan was gently rubbing my wife's small breast as the two women kissed one another.


Steve's Birthday

group opels 2018-05-28

Steve's cock was rock hard again as he then watched his girlfriend's head dip down to Sarah's tits to clean his cum off of her, suckling her nipples and licking at the soft flesh. Steve breathlessly watched the two, their naked tits jiggling as the blows were struck and received, the soft cries of mingling pleasure and pain coming from Cassie's lips and the small smile playing upon Sarah's. "Oh baby, your ass feels so fucking good," he moaned as he pressed in the final bit and his cock was buried inside her. Steve could feel Cassie trembling against him as Sarah knelt before them, her thighs spread, stroking the large dildo standing erect in front of her.

A Fantasy Fulfilled For My Slut Wife

group gandj130 2018-05-28

She licked her lips and dipped her head as she licked Ray's hard black cock as Tony knelt behind her and crouched his huge frame over her tiny body, both the guys skin in vast contrast to Jayne's milky white body. She took Ray's huge black cock from her mouth, looked back at Tony and said, "Please fuck me". Tony knelt on the other side of Jayne’s face, I am sure my horny wife was in heaven as Ray started to slide in and she stared at two hard cocks just inches above her face. Jayne looked up at me as Ray thrust his hips forward, his black cock disappearing between the saturated lips of my wife’s cunt. "You love some big black cock Jayne!" Ray said as her whole body began to convulse again.

House Party

group dreampilot79 2018-05-28

Sally said little in their discussions but seemed to have that same lost smile and no comment as Pat, when the subject of sex came up. She thought of John and smiled and silently thanked him for the fun of the last year but she also wondered if he knew what he had created. The very next night, John had told her that he had talked to Rod. Pat held her breath. Rod and John couldn't wait for the evenings sexual activities to start, and it was obvious to Pat but she was less enthusiastic. Pat's fears about John had totally dissolved and she began to think of the fun things three people could do.


Mead Gets His Wish

group zabeet 2018-05-28

Tracey was a nice girl, with a hot little body of her own, but we had been friends so long I thought of her more as a sister than a possible love interest. Karen wasn’t as hot as Michelle, but she had a nice little body of her own, and she was the school flirt. “Hey guys”, Karen piped up, “while we are waiting why don’t we play a game? They couldn’t believe shy Mead would go for the dare. The hottest girl I had ever laid my eyes on just asked for a dare. I couldn’t believe Michelle had asked this. “Dare” cried Karen with a look of fear starting to creep across her face.

Carol tells a story.....

group BellDonn 2018-05-28

Belldonn quickly got undressed and joined me in the shower, I teased him by rubbing up against him with my naked body then licking at his ears chest and mouth, by now my husband had moved into the bedroom and was watching from the bathroom doorframe. My husband watched through the frosted glass shower door, as I moved to my knees in front of Belldonn, teasing his cock with my tongue, I started to suck his cock full f***e, making him moan and making my husband begin to undress to join us. My husband moved to just outside the shower door and waited for what seemed like eternity to me, I sucked Belldonn’s cock and played with my cunt, then I told him I needed to be fucked so I bent over in front of him and let him slide his thick cock into my cunt.

The Discipline of Art Ch. 02

group ticklethekitty 2018-05-28

'But there is someone at the door!' Ellie couldn't believe Rob was arguing with her, the front door opened straight into the living room, and she was quite sure that whoever was at the door wasn't going to miss her if she was still living over the sofa arm! Ellie needed a moment to think about things, she wanted to do well in class, and she couldn't deny that she had enjoyed this morning with both Rob and Sam, but she hadn't considered that she would ever face herself in this situation before - it was actually quite exciting ...


Five Guys in the Woods

group dthrnd 2018-05-28

"Sluts don't need condoms huh," Dan says, brushing his fingers affectionately through Josh's hair as he shoves his mouth down on Matt's cock. Max pulls Josh's head back and spits in his mouth before holding his head still in front of Matt's and Dan's cocks. Josh manages, yeah, and everything is all very crowded and Matt and Dan are actually fucking his mouth at the same time as Max holds his head in place, both fists tight in his hair. "Yeah, well," Dan says as Max climbs off him, "I think we can help you stay warm enough without your clothes." Chris pulls out and the four of them all but rip the clothes off Josh, stripping him.


A Baby - Family and His Brother Ch. 02

group Nicole48606 2018-05-28

He said, “Don’t be nervous, Jan is a great person and will be excited to see that you came.” I looked at him and said “nervous yes, excited at the same time, yes, but it felted strange to be in someone else’s house and not know what is going to happen to me”. Her hand then slipped down to my mound and her finger worked its way to my clit and she rubbed slowly, turning her body and kissing down my stomach she reach my vagina and then flicked her tongue onto my clit, then she took my clit inter her mouth and started to suck on it and playing with it with her tongue.

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 45

group riverboy 2018-05-28

I know it sounds crazy but just watching Bonnie Banks take a hard cock into her mouth is one of the best things that's ever happened to me, and Margie, who was on her knees with mine in her mouth could read it all over my face. "I swear to God I'm not gonna make it through this," Mark said as he knelt next to Margie and watched her scoop his cum off her face and lick it off her fingers, still laughing quietly like the Devil was inside her. "Steve fucked poor Margie unconscious their first time together," Bonnie said with a little smile, "and his nurse neighbor had to rush over and resuscitate her."