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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Holiday Diary

group Mag58 2018-05-28

I could tell why Rob would think that they were gay; all 5 were very good looking, tall, cool and their bodies were very tanned and toned. It felt sooooooo sexy fiddling with my sticky clit thinking about those boys playing with my tits and legs, knowing that my husband was lying asleep in the next room. An hour later after telling Rob of my plans, I was lying topless next to a handsome 18 year old German boy on adjoining loungers. As Didi sat on the edge of his sun-lounger and bent away from me my stomach fluttered as my hands began rubbing thick cream into his skin.


Abigail Peters: H.S. Legend Ch. 01

group walterio 2018-05-28

The three boys stared at the teacher turned goddess before their eyes as she stood clad only in her bra, panties, stockings and garter belt. "Tommy and Jimmy you may now remove my bra but I want you to slide it slowly down my arms and let the cups fall away from my breasts," Abigail said softly barely concealing her own excitement at this point. Tommy and Jimmy I want you boys to fondled my breasts and buttocks," Abigail told them using the proper words. Jimmy's cock was still hard and stiff even though he had just cum but Abigail now turned her attention to Tommy purposely leaving Richie until last.


The Best That Money Can Bi

group bi_justin 2018-05-28

I replied, and after several exchanges peppered with lols, idks, and other millennial acronyms, I learned that their names were Mat and Joanna, they were 23 and 22, and based on their latest photo, very good-looking. Joanna's long hair pooled around my stomach and thighs and her lips glided up and down my shaft, each downward movement taking me a little deeper. I pushed my jeans off my thighs and we knelt facing each other on the bed; the men naked, Joanna still in her hose. Gently taking my cock from her, he took it in his own mouth, sucking me in a way that men like to be sucked. Mat once again took over with his expert technique, Joanna watching intently inches away.

Simon Pendleton Ch. 06

group zef4600 2018-05-28

"You know it doesn't take long to get frostbite in this weather." Jodi walked up to Simon, her jacket open exposing a light blue sweater underneath. "And I couldn't do this." Jodi jumped and screamed as Simon placed his cold fingers under her sweater against the bare skin of her back. Sasha smiled as she walked away but her eyes had told Simon more. Still under the blanket, Simon pushed Jodi's sweater up, caressing her stomach and sides with his hand. "We'll be right back," Jodi said, leaning into Simon to whisper into his ear. Maintaining her grip on Sasha's hand, she pulled her friend off of the couch and headed downstairs to Simon's room.


Nursing the Patient

group rockhard4uc 2018-05-28

"Oh, it feels more than good!" I murmured, watching her soft hands expertly stroking my cock shaft and washing the swollen head with that very soft cloth. She immediately sucked my hard cock deep inside her mouth and still managed to smile at me as I groaned again, deeply. "Yes, Maisy?" she asked brightly, here eyes immediately drawn to my hard cock lying in her colleagues hand. Hannah was just lifting herself up on my cock for the first time, after savoring the feel of my hard shaft being so deeply embedded inside her lovely body. Maisy and Hannah, two completely naked nurses, eased me off the bed, my cock still hard and sticking upwards.

The Pool Guy

group SirAsher 2018-05-28

Mike can hardly keep his eyes on his work as he hears Nicole moaning with pleasure as Thomas fucks her with his huge cock right in front of the Pool cleaning man. As soon as Thomas leaves, Nicole looks over at the pool guy and says, "Hey Pool Guy, do you want to clean something else besides the pool." And Mike has that look on his face like what is she talking about. My husband is gone for a little bit so you have a little time to kill two birds with one pole." Mike can't believe she is asking him to lick her pussy and asshole right there at that moment.

Sex in the train

group shadowdream 2018-05-28

Just as I turned and started heading towards the bathroom, I noticed 3 girls that were hanging outside their compartment on the hallway, all of them looking out the window, seemingly absorbed by the beauty of the mountains we were passing by. The red-head turned all the way around and leaned back towards the window, looking directly at me, with a shadow of a smile on her face, saying nothing. What I saw was the brunette, still spasming, on my cock, with her eyes closed and with her mouth open, with her hair ravished, and with her breasts and belly wet of sweat, glowing in the sun rays which were coming down directly on her from the compartment window.

Bad Kitty

group RelentlessPerversion 2018-05-28

"Now," Jenna said, her voice echoing in Liz's ear against the noise, "time to dance." They pushed their way out onto the dance floor, dark electronic music blaring as they began to move with the beat. They were still moving, Nora fully naked, Elizabeth in her black vinyl corset, her hands wandering all over the naked woman's flesh, exploring every inch of her skin. Distantly, she was aware of her corset being loosened, of her skirt being unzipped, even as she removed her fingers from Nora's aching cunt and pressed them against the pale woman's lips, letting her taste herself on Elizabeth's fingers. Elizabeth looked up at the ceiling, closing her eyes, as she felt mouths on the back of her neck and her breast simultaneously, four hands reaching up and down her naked flesh.


Two's Company, Three's A Party...

group pompeybloke81 2018-05-28

Stu still had no idea what we had in mind, and I didn't know how he would react,so the plan was to crash on his couch, and watch a film, and Lyd would test the waters, so to speak. He soon figured it out, when I whispered to lyd, and she moved her hand from his thigh to his hard cock. As stu sat down, she turned and kissed him too, and I knew how good it must have felt to him, because I heard him gasp. I certainly had no trouble easing my fingers into her lovely hole… pretty soon stu had taken her top off, the her bra, liberating her fantastic breasts, and letting hi get his first good look.

Meeting in the Park 02

group Camilletv 2018-05-28

As I am thinking about how much I would love to be sucked, I feel a hand pushing mine from my cock. Our eyes meet and he opens his mouth, bends forward, licks my cock head before opening wider as he begins to suck me. My friend who had to see what was happening now sucks with even more vigour while I lick and stroke the breasts of the girl above me and while she is taking my friend's cock deeper and deeper and while her boyfriend is behind her and fucks her with abandon. The girl crawls forward to go lick my juice from my friend's face and in so making; her boyfriend's cock pops out of her cunt.

Five Girls Allowed

group TheDarkCloud 2018-05-28

As the four of us enjoyed every thrust from Nicola forcing Kimberley deeper onto my cock and Nadine's tongue deeper into my ass, I peered over to see that Sarah and Cheryl were now stark naked and in an incredibly hot looking 69 position in the centre of the room. Distracted, Cheryl moved her attention to my cock and she began tasting Nicola's sweet ass on the end of my prick and it was a mere seconds before she had got off Sarah and was taking my cock right into her mouth and down into her throat.


Locked Inside

group Exakta66 2018-05-28

The only way to unlock the doors was to key in a special code, which would send current from an emergency battery power supply to an additional set of electromagnets, which would then unlock the doors. Playboy had decided to purchase our alarm and phone systems for both the headquarters on Michigan Avenue in Chicago and the Playboy Mansion, which at that time was nearby. Lois opened the service entrance door and took me inside to where the alarm box was located. I took a good look at the old power supply and noticed it was mounted to the wall with nails instead of screws. I took out a big screwdriver and started to pry the old power supply away from the wall.

My Birthday Surprise

group questionNOW 2018-05-28

"Mmmm, you like her big titties David?" Nicole asks, pulling away from Jessica. Jessica continues to suck on your cock, her hand moving more rapidly back and forth, and her mouth sucking on your head, moving along your shaft, her tongue following right along, licking, dabbing, and flicking in and out. "Mmmm, yeah you like fucking that little slut?" Jessica asks, leaning over Nicole's ass to watch your cock slide in and out of her wet pussy. "Yeah, you want my big cock inside of you, you blonde bimbo?" you ask, still ramming into Nicole's quivering pussy. I want to feel you fuck her on top of me, slamming onto my ass." Both girls continue to moan as you push in and out of Nicole's pussy.

Dave and Linda Ch. 04

group platilove1 2018-05-28

Dave point to the bag, "have a look." Kim grabs the bag off the table and opens it like a kid at Christmas. Dave then pulls Kim's body tight to his and begins the heavy kissing. While still embracing her in this most delicate embrace, Dave begins to build a slow methodical rhythm as he makes love to Kim. The deep kisses do not stop as Dave continues embracing and caressing her. Linda looks him in the eyes and then pulls on his body hard. Dave points to Kim's sleeping body and says, "I wasn't fucking her, I was making love to her." Fuck my ass!" Dave pull his dick all the way out of her ass and then pushes it right straight back in.


The Contact Magazine Ch. 2

group Wendy 2018-05-28

"Harry and me would like you to wear a nice outfit to travel in, we have picked out a lovely set, we hope it all fits alright." Jane showed Wendy into a bedroom were the clothes were laid out, "You get changed," she said, "Give me a shout if you need any help, I'll just be in the next room." "He likes your scent," Jane said, "He has got a huge hard-on." Harry, after a long while handed Wendy's panties back to Jane, who opened them out so she could see the damp patch and held it to her nose to smell.


my wife take double cream first time

group 2018-05-28

He fucked her slowly at first and then sped up, he said he didn't wanna cum too fast so he pulled out and asked her to turn onto her back and then they kissed not to long but it was a real kiss for the first time that they could truly feel each other. He slowly fucked her so as not to disturb me, He wanted as close to a private fuck as he could get, it was quiet and he got a good long fuck from her kissed more than usual and came again of course staying inside her to fully enjoy.

Crossdressing House whore fuck toy

group sexboi421 2018-05-28

I love to dress-up and pretend i'm a girl and fuck myself in the ass with a huge dildo. Sometimes, i wish i could get fucked by a huge black cock. They would even throw big parties for fellow gang members in other cities and they would come in huge groups, just to fuck me. Everyone would love me because even the biggest cock could still fuck my ass all the way to the balls. Any guy at anytime could come up to me, bend me over, lift my skirt up, and go to town fucking my ass. After a while, when they have enough videos, they would create a website just for me, where im a tranny slut that likes to be used like a fuck toy.

One Step Closer

group TasteMeImYummy 2018-05-28

Not at first, but they seemed to look at each other, then suddenly the girls kissed, their hands exploring each other, the throng of dancers seemingly blind to what both Ian and Gary found themselves being turned on by. Fiona lay back allowing Tammy to explore her body, feeling the warm kisses on her neck send tingles down her body, knowing the two guys opposite were being turned on watching her nipples being rubbed, she parted her legs and placed a hand between them, rubbing herself, feeling her panties get wet. The loose skirt covering Fiona's head, she began working her tongue, licking Tammy's lips, probing her pussy then sucking her clit, suddenly she felt a pair of strong hands on her arse.

Cheating Together - Part 1 of 3

group Sugardaddy6969 2018-05-28

The exchange of messages got hotter and before it was over Becky was rubbing a vibrator on her pussy as Ken had his cock sucked by Jenny. In the messages Ken had posed as Jenny and he had told this guy named Jim that she had a fantasy about having sex with a black man. As Jenny read the hot exchanges and looked at some of the sexy pictures that Jim had sent and she became aroused and curious. “All night long!” Jim said as Jenny smiled and Ken who was just out of sight was stroking his cock. Then she pushed her finger up her sweet pussy as she licked her lips while looking at the camera and watched the impact it had on Jim who was stroking his cock just out of sight of the camera.

Circle of Friends

group 2018-05-28

Over the course of our conversations and exchange of pictures online, he had soothed away most of my fears, so effectively in fact that I told him that it would be ok to bring a friend, if he liked. I began to suck with real purpose and the most delightful sounds filled my head as his cock slipped to and fro over my lips. Like a blind man, I held out my open hands and was immediately rewarded with a pair of hot thick cocks. I love the taste of fresh semen and the sensation of having it pulsing over your lips, splashing over your tongue and being smeared all over your mouth by a nice hard thrusting cock is pure ecstasy, better than any d**g out there.

Richie's Place Ch. 01

group hollywoodjim 2018-05-28

Elena saw Lucy's legs were spread and Scott's face was buried between them as she caressed her big tits. Linda began to touch Elena's tits while she watched Lucy climb off Richie's dick. Elena reached down and felt Sofia's pussy, it was dripping wet and Danny's dick was hard too. "We should have some fun, honey..." Sofia said with a huge smile as she turned to kiss Danny and then Elena with lots of tongue all around. "Let's see what Lucy's been getting." Elena said as she touched his rapidly growing dick. Sofia, the hot busty Latina bouncing on Danny's dick, while Lucy was getting fucked from behind by Richie.

A Superbowl Party with the Guys

group Kiss_This 2018-05-28

As it slid down over my hips, and my mound became exposed for them to see, I started hearing moans from the guys...I had not told them anything about always keeping my pussy clean shaven, and this was an added surprise for them that they all liked. I started off by sitting in a computer chair that we have in our room, and each of the men took a turn at letting me suck their cocks. He took me to the very edge one more time and then stood up and said "I have to have my cock in this sweet little cunt!" Bill looked at him and said, "Go for it, that is what she has been waiting on buddy!" I looked at the other guys and asked if they were going to let my pussy stay so empty like that.

Grandpa Scores With Soccer Moms

group ADOM 2018-05-28

Go ahead baby, enjoy." I apparently sucked too long as she pulled her tit from my mouth and said, " You a hungry little bugger. I thought, we could have our own World Cup. Yvonne was Mexican, Kim was Chinese, Shanta was African American and Sarah was good old U.S of A. Shanta lowered her pink chocolate cunt on to my throbbing cock as Kim pushed her bald pussy down on my lips. We were in a daisy chain I was eating Yvonne, who was sucking Kim, as she licked Sarah, as she worked on Shanta who was gulping my cock, when we noticed the time.

Go Ahead - Take a Chance

group clarissaj1982 2018-05-28

Chance put his hands on my bare hips and lightly brushed my bush as he moved his hands first downward and then upward and under my cropped top.He squeezed and kneaded my breasts before pushing my shirt up higher to expose my small, but firm, tits. "Again?" I begged, and again he complied but this time slower, pulling almost all the way out of me before pushing back inside, tickling my cervix as he worked; after a few moments, he changed the action from long and slow to a short rapid push, followed by a short pull. I sat back and let him rub my nipples with his thumb, I watched them grow as I fingered Angela's pussy and felt it dampen even more.