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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Losing My Boxers

group WayneGibbous 2018-05-28

"I'm Susan and as I said, I'm the bride-to-be, this is Heather, that's Jessa and this is Ellen, my bridesmaids." So, if you want, here's where we'll be," Susan said and they all went off laughing and having a good time. Of course, there was a good bit of tittering and giggling, you'd think it was four high school girls but then Susan leaned forward and kissed the tip of my cock as they all cheered and hooted. Well, two out of the four women being topless as I masturbated was sure enough as I felt the surge of ecstasy well up from my middle as cum began arcing out of my cock all over Susan's face and blouse while the others all cheered.

A Threesome to Remember

group libidinal 2018-05-28

"Hungry for cock, huh?" Yvette gasped, nearly breathless now, as she licked her lips and then opened her mouth wide and clamped her lips around the bulbous cockhead, sucking Raul as Steve twisted the shaft in his hand, stroking the steel hard penis as Yvette devoured it. As he slid his sleek body between Yvette's open legs, Steve took Raul's massive cock in his hand and guided it into Yvette's pussy. The pitch of her arousal by now was so intense that Yvette's hand trembled as she took hold of Raul's massive and magnificent cock, its girth so thick she couldn't get her hand completely around it, the shaft so erect it felt almost metallically hard, like a length of steel tubing, but alive, SO alive!


New Year's Eve 2014

group kristendixon79 2018-05-28

My own duties for the evening would be mostly "clean up", as you know if you follow my blog, one of my favorite activities, and light straight fucking and cock sucking. On the way, I related what happened to Master in the chef's office and he told me I was a "Good girl." The best compliment a sub or slave can ask for. She wiggled her ass and squeezed her cunt muscles, which sent a torrent of cum, from Lord knows whose cock into my mouth. He came over, and after I cleaned his cock of some slave's cunt juices, he asked me to suck him off. That is pretty much the way I spent most of my evening, licking cum from pussies and asses and cunt juice from cocks.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 40

group SteveWallace 2018-05-27

Mark arrives home from a trip to find a full-scale orgy underway that Elsa, Cindy, Melanie, and Sheila have orchestrated with the men they picked up at a club. I'd never seen this side of her in a close-up situation, but she was working overtime to be attractive to Nils: touching his arm or body at a witty comment, whispering little asides to him in a sexy voice, laughing comfortably at some of his remarks, focusing her conversation with him, twisting of her hair and gestures to her beautiful face, body language that invited him to come closer, and showing keen interest in his hobby – general aviation flying.


dinner and a movie

group W4m 2018-05-27

I tried to pull back so I could turn and look, but Matt grabbed my head and shoved his dick even deeper into my mouth. Number 2 walked up and started fucking me from behind and I loved it. Once I tried to ask how many guys were going to fuck me, but when I started to speak, Matt’s smile faltered and he grabbed my hair hard and said, “ just shut the fuck up and suck”, so that’s what I did. After Number 10, Matt said,” Now that we have enough money for dinner, I’m going to cum into your sexy mouth.” As his essence started to spurt into my mouth he said, “You better not spill one drop.

Eight of Spades Ch. 01

group Lady Malachite 2018-05-27

Jim found himself wondering what his trainee's mother looked like, if she was nearly as hot as her young daughter, but cut the thought short out of respect for the workplace. A little before he was going to clock out, Mark walked into his office, all smiles and waves, and reminded Jim of his promise to go play cards with him and the boys. Jim had some old clothes in a locker down there, and they smelled like stale sweat, but it was better than getting his work clothes dirty, so he changed into them quickly. In fact, Jim could tell that the beautiful woman was a little upset at her man for leaving her to play hostess, while she had research articles she should be reading.


Car Show Slut Ch. 11

group davidwriter 2018-05-27

It felt kind of like lying to your parents, or your grandparents, and the fact that he had made me up a lunch box only made it feel more that way. Normally, with the Wendy I knew, she'd be whooping and hollering if told news like that, having a great old time. I didn't want things to be uncomfortable between us, but I certainly wasn't enjoying a relaxing lunch with my friend now. "Anne," she said, looking me straight in the eye, "I know about that night we went the movies, how you did a little show for Roger in the back seat of the car." In a way it really did feel like we were organizing a night at the movies or something; something we might have done one hundred times before.


Jenny and Jack Pt. 04

group loveking 2018-05-27

I took another drink from my glass of wine as big boss then said, "Jenny, do you like a challenge?" As I willingly sat there with my jacket sufficiently open to expose my basque to big boss's very appreciative gaze, I realised I was feeling very flattered and getting turned on. Although I suddenly felt shy and apprehensive as I handed big boss my camera I could still feel the excitement and arousal not far beneath the surface as I said boldly, "how would you like me to pose?" As I stood in front of him wearing just my basque, trousers and knickers he took a few more pictures, getting me to lean forward again to show off my breasts.


Los Cinco Hermanos Ch. 08

group eidetic 2018-05-27

When the fifth stroke fell, she cried out "OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!" and started cumming like Sandy came, all pushing and humping and thrashing, even as I told her, "Cinco, Sandra. "Let me know when you want to switch the oral and I'll spell you," Molly told me as she slipped first one and then two fingers into Sandra's ass. With no place for her hands, Sandra had them on Molly's and my shoulders, steadying herself while she kept watching the screen and Los Cinco Hermanos taking turns fucking and deep throating her. Molly slid in to take over the cunnilingus while I turned to look at the screen, where Sandra was staring at Ginger straddling Sandy on the bench and Sandy going to town on her.


Shared Cindy: Judy's story, part four

group uklvr69 2018-05-27

Well, I wasn't going to be ready for a while because just as she spoke, my spent and softening cock slipped wetly from Judy's cum-filled pussy, followed by a flood of thick, white, almost-lumpy cum that dripped out of her slack opening in thick curds and long strings that plopped down wetly onto the towel-covered couch. Judy and I watched Cindy make love to Joe’s cock and balls until he sat her butt on the cushioned arm of the couch and knelt between her widespread legs and began to devour her dripping pussy. With all eight inches of his thick, throbbing penis still fully buried deep inside of Judy, Joe leaned forward and kissed Cindy in the same way before he too told her, “thank you”.

A Sexy Nightout

group adele.darkstar 2018-05-27

Jayne suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Howard, she gasped "Oh God, I'm cumming..." and promptly orgasmed against her fingers, her arse tightening and squeezing the finger inserted up there. The girl got up close to Jayne, placed her mouth by her ear and started whispering to her whilst running her fingers up the front of Jayne’s dress and over her tits. At this point Jayne ran her hand down over the back of the girls dress and stroked her bare arse cheek before starting a long, slow kiss with her. Adele looked into Jayne's eyes and asked 'Would you like some more?' Howard was shocked when Jayne replied 'Yes please baby, that was incredible, I want to know were you learnt to do that'


What Are They Doing Here!

group thecavedweller 2018-05-27

I had no idea where Stacy had gone, but I assumed she was doing a good job keeping my mother's boyfriend Paul, and his son Cory occupied, which I was definitely grateful for! I watched as Stacy slid her tongue up the shaft of Cory's thick cock and kissed the tip of it, before sliding her mouth all the way down on it, burying her nose into the open fly of his pants as she sucked him. When I saw the birthday boy's fat cock being sucked on by a pretty girl like you, I just couldn't help it!" I said with a giggle, wiggling my ass.


Night to Remember

group pet 2018-05-27

after all a good hostess would never have a single guest arrive before her. This thought still lingering in my mind, constantly scanning the room for any guest that may need something... You remember that with all of the people here tonight and such a hurried introduction at the door?" He looked at me with dazzling amazement. "No. This is just a treat for tonight, my way of celebrating the success of the project," she said humbly. "Yes. A developer in need of a canvas for my fantasy project," his eyebrows raised and his eyes sparkled as the words passed his lips. I started caressing the stem of my martini glass, his eyes were locked on my slender fingers dancing up.....

Hot and Sweet Ch. 04

group errant_dreamer 2018-05-27

As the next song began Kriszta said, "All guys like fake lesbianism – let me take your bra off." Jana stepped closer to Kriszta and reached up to put her arms on Kriszta's shoulder. We kissed passionately as my hands moved over her tight little body, caressing her legs, squeezing her firm ass, rubbing her engorged clit, sliding lightly along her firm belly, squeezing her small firm tits, and pinching her up-thrust nipples. She let out a soft moan and said, "I want to watch too." She climbed off of me and turned around then sat back down, again taking my cock in hand and guiding me into her dripping wet pussy.

My first rough gangbang:)

group 2018-05-27

I then told Luis to pull my hair and make me take his cock like a good little whore and before I knew it I was being face fucked . I started sucking both of there cocks at the same time , and all I could hear was Patricks hand slapping my face while he was mumbling something rude , Patrick then f***ed my face to the ground and violated my azzhole, I screamed and felt someones foot on the back of my neck, I then heard Louis ask me if I wanted more cocks and I told him "yes daddy I want more cocks" , he said well I'm gonna get on moco and find someone.

The Big "3-0"

group shavedkitty23 2018-05-27

Kara was not choosing us instead of her boyfriend; she was trying something out and helping us to explore something that we would have a hard time realizing any other way. With us both out of our dresses and my husband noting how much more I was wearing than our new playmate, he suggested to Kara that she should help me remove my stockings. My brain barely had the chance to process the compliment that my ears had relayed its way as Kara told my husband that his wife had such a firm hot little ass when she surprised me completely by planting a new series of soft kisses all over my backside.


Maggie's Revenge Ch. 02

group okayjack 2018-05-27

She told me to have a good time as she had a "couple friends coming to our house that evening." I was left in the hotel room with the lovely and very talented Marie along with the three men previously described. I said to Marie, "I think Maggie had a good time but I'm not sure how she will feel after the weekend. Maggie was relaxed and said, "After the events at the hotel I was still very horny and since I basically had a free pass with you fucking Marie, I thought what the hell and invited him to come over."


The Talk & The Touch Ch. 02

group DonP 2018-05-27

Katie dropped one knee and pulled his cock toward her cunt. Matt pushed the tip of his cock against Katie's lips. She reached up and grabbed Josh's semi-hard cock and stroked it above her head. "Too late, shithead," Matt said, pulling Katie up by her shoulders. Josh felt the blood flow, but this new news and the look on Matt's face was almost too much. Matt was rubbing his dick against Katie's cunt. Katie pushed Josh onto his back and rotated her body around on her knees, maneuvering her hips over his face while still keeping his dick in her mouth. Katie ground her cunt down hard on Josh's face, rubbing it back and forth.

Great Loop Ch. 02

group Creekman 2018-05-27

The dealer offered to have a captain bring the boat south to Long Island, but I wanted to do it when I could ride with him so I could learn the boat, the electronics, handling, the joy stick docking system, etc. I thought she might like to spend the first week of my trip with me and I wanted an extra set of eyes as we went thru the waters around NYC to the Hudson River and points north. I want your cock buried deep in my pussy and I better cum several more times before you dump your load." I think I counted four orgasms before I blew my balls deep in her pussy.


Last Dance

group LaJan 2018-05-27

The line outside wasn't long but it was all guys so I did the 'brush-and-bump' right up to the front, with Jaime close behind. When an older couple departed, the two guys in the front of the line didn't even start for the door; they looked down at Jaime and offered their places inside if we promised them a dance. My guy bent down, gave me a small kiss on the cheek and said, "We can sit over there if you don't want to leave her alone with them but I think she's all right." A gentle, quiet question ('Are you sure?'), a slight nod to the left and right, and a boy moved his head between Jaime's legs.


group FANTASYMAKER 2018-05-27


Cleveland Playtime

group 36FF_Tiki 2018-05-27

I had worn this long flowing purple shirt, black tights and knee high boots, Carl had on a nice button up shirt sexy black jeans (that really show off his cute butt) and work boots. Levi got in the tub and I was about to get out and start playing with Carl, when Bailey stood up first. I'm not sure how long we were kissing but soon his shifted a little and could feel Levi right at my entrance. All the sensations pushed me right over the edge and I think I startled Carl and Bailey ( probably Levi too) when I called out I was coming.

Some Dream

group simply_cyn 2018-05-27

For a moment, the room seemed to stop, all eyes turning to the girl screaming above them and Fiona shrunk back at the hard gazes and then erupted into tears as laughter filled the air and then men and girls resumed their activities. "What he sees in you, I'll never know." For some unexplainable reason, that angered Fiona to the point where she wanted to spit on the girl but feared to do it even as she followed the girl's orders, her humiliation great as she watched every movement that followed: desperate attempts to clean herself with soap and water, shaky fingers running through her hair. Tears rolled unchecked as she closed her eyes, shutting out the horror of her realization, her body on fire as a mouth locked around a hard nibble and another finger joined the first one, probing the burning need throbbing between her legs.

Living With a Goddess Ch. 05

group WellHungNerd1 2018-05-27

"You're the disciple of a sex goddess, you're dressed perfectly appropriately," said Helena. "Schmight shmish shmay shmem," said Helena under her breath, and she took me by the hand again and practically pulled me as she led me down the staircase. "Oh, sex goddesses are by and large more attractive than we death goddesses," said Helena. But I really was glad to be there if it meant spending time with Helena, so I held her hand as we walked around the room, past the plinths that displayed various strange artefacts to the guests. "See you in thirteen years, Daljhin," said Helena, taking my hand and walking over to the exit. "Maybe they are all..." said Helena, then gave me a pointed look.