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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

All It Took Was Vodka

group AntiVenom 2018-05-27

"Greg likes to make vodka jokes, but it's my drink of choice, and if they are going to sit out there with the bugs, let's have party." "To tell you the truth," Rachel said, "I got so turned on by teasing him that night, I almost had an orgasm just standing in the kitchen. "Looks like maybe you got a little excited telling me about Preston," she said to me, staring right at my crotch as I lifted a leg to put on the shorts. "I'll tell you straight, Bess turns me the fuck on man, for real," he said with a wild look in his eyes.


Jenn's New Job Ch. 03

group marquisdeslut 2018-05-27

The day after fucking Jenn and Mel I started looking for a new job. Go." At Jenn's command, a thick black cock came into view and a hand started moving it into Mel's pussy. Jenn pulled the camera back to show Mel's long slim body, arched forward on the bed as the guy I didn't know fucked her doggystyle. Another tall black guy I didn't know came in, and grabbed Mel's chin -- he shoved his cock deep into her mouth as the first guy pounded her pussy. While Mel got sandwiched onscreen, Jenn knelt down to sandwich my cock between her juicy Cs. She sucked it a little first, sloppy and slobbering, to get it lubricated, then slapped her tits around it and started sliding them up and down.

Sinnndy Does Vegas Ch. 4

group sinnndy 2018-05-27

I started pumping Billy's cock with my hand, I looked at the couple and smiled, they were both attractive, in their early 30's, he had dark hair, and a nice chest, she had short brown hair, and the cutest feet. I started sucking his cock hard, my head going up and down, cupping his balls with my free hand. I stuck my hands inside Billy's shorts, and pulled out his joystick, I wish I could have seen the look on his face, and stuck his cock into my mouth. While Maria slowly lapped at my pussy, Roger, one of the guys who helped rescue me last night, had taken his pants off, and placed his knees on both sides of my head, and fed me his 6" cock.


The Triple Blowjob

group Carnevil9 2018-05-27

All I know is that my left ball, my right ball, and the sensitive, flaring head of my cock all felt engulfed in the warmest, wettest, most wonderful waves of pleasure I had ever know, all at the same time. Meghan and Sally sucked my balls into their mouths, popping them into those suctioning caverns with a pressure that danced again on that threshold between pleasure and pain. All I could see was three heads of hair: Sally's long blonde tresses flailing about on my right; Meghan's short brown locks bouncing on my left; and Julie's dark curls in the middle, jauntily swirling in beautiful arcs.

Good Guys Can Win Ch. 02

group Leftahead 2018-05-27

This is a continuation of the Good Guys Can Win, which follows the adventures of Candice, Mark, and Tom. Again, this is a complete work of fiction, and all characters herein are at least 18 years of age. She also wanted to wait to let things sit for a while, so the guys could hopefully figure out where they stand with what went on the last visit, and if or how they'd like to continue. Which, by chance, is a big reason I need lawn help." she answered, going on to explain that this line of thinking may be the reason she finds herself getting very horny when preparing laundry; that their visit a few weeks ago was alive and well in Candice's memory.


The Broussard Sisters Ch. 11

group JimBob44 2018-05-27

"Y'all know what I mean," Pam said and began filling Paul's thermos with the too strong coffee he and Cindy seemed to favor. "Yeah, every time I ask her if she needs anything, she always tells me she's fine," Paul said. "Yeah, hate the way Pam makes it; stuff's like water," Paul said as they pulled onto Highway 52. "Look at this God damned shit, huh?" Jake spat as they spotted the apartment building that Paul owned. "Damn right; God Baby, you are really beautiful, you know that?" Richard said. "Uh huh, and really want peach, hurry up," Bernie said, quickly pulling the covers back up to cover her nude body. "And Mrs. Hebert said 'Good, she smells like French fries,'" Cindy laughed as they finished their breakfast.


Holidays are Over

group ssself 2018-05-27

"This is where I belong," she thought to herself, "surrounded by hard cocked men." Any man that fucked Linda on a regular basis knew of Andrew's rules of filming anything he was not involved in, so when one of the guys saw the video camera sitting on a side table, he picked it up and started filming. Jay tagged Michael out from between Linda's legs and lined up his 8 inches of thick hard black cock with her pussy and slowly slid in. Linda loved the attention and was one well fucked lady by the time she needed the hustle the remaining men out and get ready to pick up her children from school again.

Alan, Amy & Karen

group anonsipen 2018-05-27

Karen put her free hand to Amy's stomach and looking at me said, "You know she's my favourite sister…" I entered the room fully, Karen moved to the edge of the bed, one hand slipping the little silver vibrator in and out of her sister while the other gently massaged her clit. Karen moved her hands to either side of Amy. Her eyes were closed in concentration as she bucked back into Alan, grunting. Karen looked up in surprise and watched as her sister ejecting me from her mouth to let out a low and hard moan, her body quivered causing the bed to shudder under her. I felt my erection being swallowed again by Amy. I stared at Alan watching him thrust in and out of Karen as she groaned beneath him.

The River

group ellaesunvampiro 2018-05-27

I decide to call his bluff and slip my hand under his towel and start rubbing his cock. I start taking him very deep the way that drives him crazy and he is getting close so I pull away. I turn my head and begin to suck Rob's cock giving him the same treatment as Vaughn. Vaughn moves between my legs and starts rubbing his cock on my now soaking wet pussy. Now I have his rock hard cock thrusting in inside me and I am going crazy on Vaughn's taking it deep in my mouth and sucking very hard. Rob goes to my mouth and I run my tongue all over his cock and balls before taking him deep in my mouth with long slow strokes.

A Different Kind of Vacation Ch. 05

group jim313 2018-05-27

He kept sucking me long after my last spasm passed and finally lifted his head with a dazed look in his eyes as he smiled and told one and all that he loved my cock. She had just dropped the kids off at her mother's and we got into Paul's car as he told us that they were going to show us some of the sights in town and then drive us to Las Cruces, NM which was a short distance away where we could see the quarter horse races and have an early dinner afterwards before heading back to their place.


We go camping and get spit roasted

group bufffreak 2018-05-27

Cindi reached back and pulled of her seet lace bra as she kept dancing Cindi kept dancing and the gal played with her nipples from behind Injun Joe grabbed Cindi's head and guided her mouth to his crotch. I watched as Cindi took his massive dick in her mouth Teh crowd closed in and cheered as Cindi pleased both of these hoodlums Injun Joe came gobs in her mouth and it spilled out, running down her cheek Another guy took his place and Cindi was going non stop As Cindi began her licking and sucking the other gals played with her tits and ass I couldn't believe I had a bike in my ass and my mouth while Cindi was licking pussy

A Sexy Convention

group adele.darkstar 2018-05-27

With her eyes closed she now noticed the soft scent of his deodorant on his body, mixed with the manly scent of his sweat, and the feelings began to return to her womanhood nestled between her long legs. Howard closed his eyes and concentrated on the wonderful feeling of her hand as she slowly began to wank his stiff cock. With a loud inaudible moan into her wet slit his cock jerked hard into her mouth and she delighted at the feel of his hot, thick cum spurting into her in globules that slid easily down her throat and into her waiting stomach.


Of Course

group Algonquin Twit 2018-05-27

Gloriously Claire was wrong and while she and six other men and women worked furiously to prove her wrong, Allison was on her back with a cock sliding in and out of her pussy while one woman, who was getting fucked doggie style, ran her tongue hungrily over her clit. Claire, her best friend was the one taking it doggie style as she worked Allison's clit, coming up for air only to ask, "Are you there yet?" Her clit seemed to quiver beneath Claire's expert tongue and yes, it was Matt, his huge cock glistening as he made one last thrust. Claire looked at Mike who nodded and then pulled Marie down on top of him burying his face in her huge breasts.

75% orgy

My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 20

group Freddyj881 2018-05-27

Her old neighbor couldn't help but smile as Katie soft kissed his lips and then whispered, "I'll do anything you want." Phil thrust his tongue into her mouth as he wrestled with the sexy wife's. "Wow!" Phil beamed behind her, "You're perfect!" The old man stared at her long black nylon covered legs, her petite hips and ass, and her small breasts that protruded out of her blouse. All the men stared as Katie walked upstairs as the men looked at the short skirt barely covering her perfect small ass. "Hey!" Mike stated as he looked at the married woman with lust in his eyes, "Phil thought you might want to see my war medals."


Girls at the Office Ch. 4

group Diablos 2018-05-27

Melissa had already grasped hold of Anne's tits and was gently teasing her large nipples to an erect state again as Anne's other hand gently pumped Tom's dick in between Mel's lips. Grabbing hold of Melissa's hair, she pulled her off of Tom's dick so that she could kiss her deeply, her tongue delving into Mel's throat. The feeling of Tom's cock pumping away inside her had already triggered a series of minor orgasms as she had been licking Mel but she knew the next one was going to be big. As his orgasm hit, Tom wrenched his cock from Anne's throbbing pussy and stuck it straight into Melissa's waiting mouth.

Wife and I Get a Roommate Ch. 05

group tonyl65 2018-05-27

There were no booths available that didn't have an open buddy side so Carol grabbed our hands and we went back into the store to walk around a bit or cruise if you will. David's shirt looked like a very short dress that exposed Carol's ass a little. Carol looked at us both, gave us each a kiss on the mouth, and as she played with our cocks she began her lecture, "Now you boys will have to just hold off on fucking each other until I say so, now give each other a kiss and let's get in the car." Right in the parking lot, with cars zooming by and people walking around, we kissed each other long and hard.


Linda's Boating Adventure

group Johnsexlife 2018-05-27

Linda soon was shaking with a violent orgasm as Jim filled her mouth with shot after shot of semen. Especially for a multi-orgasmic chick like Linda could care less who it was and continued to suck the strangers cock as Jim continued to fuck her. Linda again was having multiple orgasms as the two new guys thrust their massive organs into her mouth and vagina. Linda did not care and as soon as the 4 men recovered she took one in her cunt, one in her ass and managed the two other in her mouth until all 5 of them reached nearly simultaneous orgasms filling her every orifice with hot semen.

Kate Ross: Nasty Slut

group TheDarkCloud 2018-05-27

Right now Kate is in the store room of the Tesco store she works in, where she is supposed to be putting out a box worth of custard creams but is rather on her knees with an eighteen year olds cock in her mouth giving him the best blow job of his young life. On one of Emily's two sofa's that surrounded this erotic threesome sat Miriam with one of her young workmates head buried between her thighs eating her out with terrific vigour (he had been promised that if he made Miriam cum with just his tongue he could fuck her ass). So while Kate and Miriam wrapped themselves into a sticky, messy sixty nine and licked themselves to orgasm once more that night, Emily slotted her strap on into Claire's pussy from behind and fucked her like a dog.


Rape of the Lock Ch. 1

group belab 2018-05-27

As she quickened the pace, she started jacking Craig off with one hand while she continued to suck on Peter’s massive tool .I could actually see her smiling around Peter’s big dick as it continued to penetrate her mouth. He started grinding his hips and his moaning had become heavy sighs as Mum stopped sucking his cock and started slowly stroking him with a tight grip using her right hand. The foreskin of Craig that bunched up around her fist as she stroked him was incredibly smooth Mum with her only free hand then grabbed a handful of Matt’s hair and began moving his mouth on her hairy pussy.

Tempting of Sandra

group romparounder 2018-05-27

"Happy birthday Auntie Sandra," said one of the men and continued, "I hope you enjoy it as well as Paula did last week." This brought smiles to the group of friends. The first hand saw Peter lose and Paula took his right foot and I his left one and removed his shoes and socks. Paula lost the next hand and I watched two men on each leg remove her shoes and then all four managed to suck her toes. Paula lost the next hand and watching her bra being so gently removed had me squeezing my legs together again.

Daisy Chain

group MsLinnet 2018-05-27

As usual I got my share of come-ons from the men that were able to stand up straight, but while I was trying to be discreet the memory of the foot under the table had me thinking of the feminine sex, so telling each man that it was my time of the month soon sent them running. Kelly slid down the dancer's legs and started to lick around his cloth covered prick; she fondled his balls with one hand, grabbed his arse with her other, then looked over to me and winked right before she pulled his thong off, then opened her mouth and took as much of his shaft down her throat as she could.

Sue, Rita, and I

group Justtoold 2018-05-27

When Dave had first started working with Sue she had told me that she liked his good looks but it hadn't taken more than a week until she found his obnoxious attitude was a real turn off. Rita obviously was feeling the drinks she had earlier and interrupted us then and stated to Sue, "Can I help you out back there, and while I take care of your boyfriend you can get Dave to take care of your pussy," I guess Rita watching us and calling me a stud, and Sue a cheap slut, whore and other demeaning things was affecting the two of us, because we both did not last long and came like mad.

Musical Chairs in a Hot Tub

group OneWhoKnows 2018-05-27

It was really nice, just like the owner had told Tom. Tom walked over to a big sliding glass door, opened the drapes, and there on the deck was a huge hot tub. Tom, Chuck and John all got in and went to set next to their wife. Willie went up the steps, made a couple of body builder poses for the girls, and then got in, sitting down next to Wanda. John and Chuck said right together, "Let me help you, Miss Wicked Wanda!" Tom was with Christy, Chuck was with Wanda, Willie was with Janice, and John was with Tammy. Wicked Wanda said, "I think everyone can go one more round, so guys, get up and move to the next wife."


Bi - Try

group trumuff 2018-05-27

Not even thinking about it, I licked it a couple of times, gave it a good long suck, and stuck it back into her cunt. He knelt down in front of Barb and started eating Her pussy with his cum was leaking out. He was still eating her pussy and started licking my cock as it slid in and out. Stroking harder each time, feeling his hard cock on mine, thinking of how they had both tasted when I ate that same pussy and cock earlier, it didn't take long to feel a cum starting. As I shot off into her cunt, feeling my cum rubbing into his cock, I felt him shudder and moan as his cock pumped cum into Barb along with mine.