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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Truth and Dare

group funandsex_2 2018-05-27

Now let me tell you, I was no super stud but Ema, (my ex-wife’s friend) could get my cock hard with a head job after sex, quicker and better than I have ever experienced. "The dare Gary, if you decide to take it, is this." I was sitting there horny as hell with a raging hard on, and wanting nothing more than to grab Brea, bend her over and fuck her like hell. We all sat around talking about the dare and Brea made me tell everyone how good Ema was at sucking cock. The sight was pure sex; Steve had Brooke’s clit ring in his teeth and stretched it to its limits, with 2 fingers in her sopping cunt she was screaming out, “Harder, harder fuck you, Bill that feels sensational oooooogggggggggghhhhhhhh fffuuccckkkkkk”.

Threesome Goes Bye-Bi

group marleymusic2002 2018-05-27

He'd often talked about what a "hottie" he thought Kelly was, so considering we'd been drinking, were stoned, and horny, I guess it shouldn't have been a surprise to see John's hand land on the inside of Kelly's right leg - just above the knee. The thought that Adam could walk in briefly crossed my mind, but hearing Kelly's soft moans and feeling my cock throbbing under my shorts, I dropped to my knees, easily parting Kelly's legs a little wider and began to lick the inside of her thighs. I heard John say: "Mmmm, you are so hot" followed by Kelly's cell phone going off in her shorts on the floor.


Diary of a High Price Escort Ch. 03

group R_U_Romantic 2018-05-27

"Could I have please have two cherries?" I said as I lifted my hand slightly and let his middle finger slip into my palm. "How you doin Angel?" Frankie asked letting his Italian accent slip out a little. Let me talk to those two and see if they're in." Frankie said before turning and moving down the bar. As Frankie turned and motioned for me to join them at that end of the bar the broad smile on the others face told me my craving for cock in every fuck hole would be satisfied also. "And I love having cock slip where that cherry just went." Letting them know that I expected a good throat fucking later.


Our Babysitter Watches Us

group WayneGibbous 2018-05-27

Our verbal play got us pretty worked up and we ended up fucking like crazy with Tracy pretending she was Andrea, telling me that she wanted me now that my wife was out of the house and stuff like that. As soon as I got back from taking Andrea home, I hooked up the videocam to our television and we watched as our babysitter came into view, opened the dresser drawer, reached under Tracy's panties and pulled out her favorite vibrator, a Rabbit. Tracy whispered something to Andrea and then got up over her, holding the headboard and lowered herself right down over her face and began swiping her pussy back and forth as I continued fucking her.

Life With s*s: Pt 12

group 2018-05-27

She asked if I'd been to the bathroom yet and I told her no, she reached for my hand and said that we should get our morning showers done before the other girls got up. When we got into the shower, I couldn't hold it, so I just started peeing on her pussy, she spread it open so I could hit her clit. I didn't believe what happened next, Steph got onto the floor and moved over to Lexie and started to lick at her pussy. It wasn't long before I heard Lexie start to moan and I saw her have an orgasm, Steph had brought her around quickly.

What Have I Become? Ch. 02

group walterio 2018-05-27

Then Katrina took the cock from her mouth and Nadir watched as she squeezed more cum out the end of his dick. Katrina's head was still on the bed and she turned it to one side and let out a gasp as Nadir's tongue licked close to her asshole. Nadir ran his tongue from her pussy to her ass causing Katrina to tingle in anticipation of what might be next. Nadir removed his tongue from her ass and ran his hard cock between her ass cheeks as he spoke to her, "I want to fuck you in the ass Katrina. Katrina had never felt so full of cum and there was no where for it to go blocked by Nadir's swollen cock buried in her ass.


La Playa: Polynesia Ch. 03

group Fog43 2018-05-27

The small crowd of people, some in formal evening wear, many in sexy party attire that left nothing to the imagination, a few in leather accoutrements and two girls completely nude, ceased their conversations, make out sessions, and cock sucking (the two girls rose up from their knees) to listen to the hostess. Bob and Jo Anne introduced themselves with heavy Aussie accents, and Steve could see that the two of them were primarily interested in the English woman, Mary. Jo Anne moved up and rubbed her tits on Mary's back, giving Steve a chance to reach over and touch the Australian woman for the first time. Steve moved in front of John and dropped to his knees, twisting his head to lick John's balls and nuzzle Bob's hand away.


The Seduction of Celine Ch. 02

group west120d 2018-05-27

I hold her tighter as you saunter in close enough for her to feel your hot breath slide down her neck to her breast and you finally grant them a slow lick upwards on her right nipple then her left. Leaning back with your legs spread you let your finger go inside of you as I continue to slowly fuck Celine. You take advantage of your position and return the oral pleasure to Celine, in the process you are licking my shaft as it slides in and out, it's an incredible sensation, and I moan with approval. I'm beginning my pre-orgasm babble "MMmm OH Fuck yeah, fuck yeah" I'm just about to shoot a load of hot cum and I pull out of Celine and into your open and panting mouth.

Surprise Surprise

group mrklin 2018-05-27

Matt decided to get involved by stripping off his clothes and taking advantage of Lisa's wide-open mouth by first kneeling on the bed with his head between her legs, then gently placing the head of his cock into her mouth. Matt felt Lisa's body stiffen, her legs straightening on the bed as his pubic hair met hers, his cock fully embedded inside her. Snaking her hands through the tangle of bodies on the bed, she finally succeeded in taking hold of Matthew's hips, guiding his cock toward the places inside her that felt best. Victor stroked his own erection as he stood behind the couple, watching Matt's cock plunge between the lips of Lisa's wildly clutching cunt, filling her with cum as she jerked and spasmed beneath him.


s****rs give him a Night on the Town

group lickingherass 2018-05-27

Sissy opened the door and my wife said I need to use the bathroom real quick and headed down the hall. My dick came back out her mouth, but hurry she said, Sissy's in the bedroom getting ready for bed! She popped my cock out of her mouth and said Happy Birthday baby. My wife started snapping pics as Sissy took my loaded balls in her mouth. Holly then took my dick in her mouth as she handed me the camera. I shot the biggest load ever down my wifes throat as Sissy sucked both my nuts into her mouth! Holly gagged and choked as she grabbed my dick and shot the rest of my huge load all over her gorgeous s****rs face.

Blindfold Hot Tub Party

group CeasarBoobage 2018-05-27

She reached for her laptop, and as she turned away it looked like she had suddenly gone pale and got a bit worried. Well he was sure interested last night, and our clothes were coming off when I realized that he was just trying to get one last piece of ass before he was out of my life for good. Turning to face Karen, I saw she was distracted and took the opportunity to try to look at her body again. Well, tonight we were going to do a lot more than just look, but I still felt like I got caught doing something bad. Take your drink bottle in your left hand, turn to face your right side, and put your right arm up on the shoulder of the man in front of you.


Passing Grade

group CyberKitten221 2018-05-26

"Umm – I don't...." Lucas couldn't finish his statement because right there before his eyes Veronica slipped Victoria's blouse off her shoulder and her bra soon followed. Slowly Veronica lifted Victoria's right breast to her mouth and ran her tongue slowly around the nipple teasing it as it began hardening for her. The sensations were building up slowly and when Veronica took Victoria's sensitive clit into her mouth and began gently sucking it Victoria moaned much louder. Veronica licked Victoria clean and then turned to look at Lucas. When he was sure he was going to go insane from desire Veronica took him completely in her mouth and Victoria began massaging his asshole.

Living in Cockington part 16

group 2018-05-26

After a few seconds she leant forward and I got a good look at the big black cleavage she had hidden behind the apron before she started sucking on my cock. She was bouncing away with the enthusiasm of a woman half her age and i was really enjoying the feeling of this older woman's hairy pussy wrapped around my cock, then she reached into her apron and over her shoulder i watched her pull out two big saggy black tits with two big black nard nipples and start to pull on them. I sat still balls deep in her pussy as she started sucking on her husbands cock and then i started to move my hips and after a few seconds she was moaning softly as i started to fuck her.

Used by the decorators

group smallcock 2018-05-26

When he came down I was stood in the doorway talking to Paul when Peter put his hands on my hips and brushed past me, I must admit my cock twitched. My cock was rock hard I’d never been so turned on, as I ran my hand up and down Peter’s shaft Paul was rubbing his cock over my ass, the paste had made me easy to slip into, as he pushed his cock inside me I whimpered but it didn’t hurt as much as I’d experienced before. Peter stood up and slotted his cock into my mouth, as I sucked him Paul was ass fucking me quite hard and by the sounds he was making he was close to cumming.

The Game Ch. 02

group clank46 2018-05-26

"Are you sure you don't want to stay?" Katy asked, looking up at me with large puppy dog eyes, as she rubbed the head of my cock with her thumb. "Hi Sam. Hi Bill." I said, "afraid this is all a bit new to me, although I did have just a little introduction from Jean and Katy a few days ago." "Right," said Katy, "as you know, Dee can't be with us tonight as she has a bad cold, so all we're waiting for is..." At that moment the front door bell rang. As Katy went to let him in, I took a moment to look round the room. John here has, on very good authority, I'm told," Katy said, looking pointedly at Jean, "a very talented tongue."


Visit to the Spa with mature fuck buddy

group nigeltallguy 2018-05-26

Then there are the guys and couples there looking for sex, and the single guys are easy to spot as they often have a semi hard on, will have ‘strange’ hand action in the Jacuzzi as they adjust their cocks and these guys will ‘patrol’ around the spa and go into the play areas watching out for any action. I could see V was enjoying the attention and the guys sat opposite were getting a good view of her pussy each time she opened her legs. One guy could not hide his hard on under his towel and V whispered to me that it seemed one guy was enjoying the view, and as she finished her sentence she opened her legs very wide showing off her pussy lips.

Ann’s Hawaii Adventure and Homecoming

group Johnsexlife 2018-05-26

Their lips sucking her breasts and her clit as the took turns fingering her pussy as she was sucking one cock after another until all 3 guys had come in her mouth which she eagerly swallowed. Anne immediately took charge slipping the banana into her cum filled pussy and literally fucking herself to an orgasm while each fed her their cock one after the other into her willing mouth. Ann immediately came hard as my final vacation surprise entered the room a drop dead gorgeous blonde (one of my favorite fantasies) started kissing Ann while taking control of the zucchini and rapidly fucking Ann with it causing another orgasm as she licked the cum off Ann's breasts.


Big Dick Advertisement

group John sixfooter 2018-05-26

Jim walked up with a measuring tape and placed it along side my shaft and said "Eleven and a half inches." The woman just continued to slobber along the side of my cock, rubbing it over her face, and rubbing it with her hands. I heard something at the front door, Jim answered it, and walked back in with Mrs. Andrews and Mrs. Peterson and their daughters, Melody and Hope. Jim had us rearrange ourselves and I wound up fucking Mrs. Andrews from behind, Melody in front of her getting her pussy eaten, Jean was under Mrs. Andrews sucking anything she could get her hands and mouth on.

He Got Used and Didn't Mind (Part Four)

group mrman1982 2018-05-26

A couple days after all the play, Dave was busting his ass off at work just waiting to get home and spend time with Lucy because it was their anniversary. So while Jesse was on his way, Lucy went to Dave's bathroom in the garage that he used every day after a hard day at work and left him a few things looking like an anniversary suprise. While Jesse was finishing unloading inside Lucy, Dave just finished drying off, put on the blindfold started to the bedroom. Jesse heard the back door open and Dave say "Honey I'm home!" "In here sweetie!" Lucy called back. "Don't worry he will fuck you also while you fuck me." Once Jesse's cock was nice and wet, Lucy handed him some lube and pointed at Dave's ass.

No Limits

group InfiniteBliss 2018-05-26

Kat took Anna's head and pushed it softly into her pussy. To my surprise, Anna relented, putting her face into Kat's pussy lips. "All right, hon, I need to give your husband some attention." Anna looked up at me, her face wet with Kat's pussy juice. Anna took his cock in her mouth, rubbing her head back and forth, swallowing it deep. Dan saw his wife's ass bouncing, and slipped his cock from Anna's mouth into Kat's vagina. As Dan pushed Kat into my cock, Kat pushed my ass on Anna's tongue. Dan pulled his cock out, and rubbed thick, hot bursts of come onto Kat's ass. Pulling my cock out, I showered Kat's breasts with my come, smacking the head on her nipples.


Me, a Big Cock and a Big Cunt................

group 2018-05-26

Cameron started to whimper then a girly little squeal came from the corner of the room, where Madeline had reclined naked on a beanbag and was toying her pussy with a big pink toy, but her eyes were planted on her husband's cock and my mouth. Cameron removed the toy from her bum and I slid my slick fist from Madeline's pussy, both her holes stayed momentarily open from exertions, pulsating in time with her deep gasps. Without going into all the detail, I toyed myself silly on two occasions; the first when Cameron's more than substantial fist slithered and probed its way into his wife's distended pussy, the second was when that magnificent cock was wedged into his wife's bumhole which was fucked and filled with oozing sperm.

Cockometer Ch. 05

group voucher776 2018-05-26

The fragrance floated through the air, her slippery hand closed around the base of my cock, sliding up my shaft, fingers squeezing my tingling head, twisting her wrist, her fingers squirming over the sensitive skin, cupping my balls from the side as she slowly slid her hand up and down my aching dick, a bolt of hot lust surged thru me when I opened my eyes to watch. I my eyes closed and a sigh slipped from my lips, my whole body shuddering as my wife rubbed my hot load over my bulging dick head, her finger curled against my prostrate, rubbing the sensitive skin, the sheet crushed in my fists as I pushed my ass against her hand.


Who Do You Want?

group WayneGibbous 2018-05-26

I pulled the sheet down as I kissed Emma, she was responding as well, slipping her tongue inside my mouth, seeming to relax after thinking I might be angry finding her in bed with my wife, so far from the truth as I drank in the stellar body she had. Donna got up over her, took hold of the headboard and lowered herself down over her friend, placing her pussy right on her mouth as Emma put her tongue and hands up to meet her. "I'll bet Herb would love to fuck you right now, Em. Want his nice cock?" Donna asked her. "Yeah, yeah, mmm, fuck me, I'm so hot," and I got up and pushed right up into her and began stroking in and out of her as Donna started sucking one of her breasts as I fondled the other.

Louise: Las Vegas Showgirl

group Hot_Lips_0129 2018-05-26

Turning on her side- seeing Kelly licking her lips and admiring the hard pierced nipples, Louise holds one in her hand and offers it greedily Kelly sucks it into her mouth, putting the tip of her tongue through the ring, sucking and tugging looking at Rick. Taking his hard shaft and the thread in his hand, and stroking slowly and feeling his tension building as he watches Kelly sucking at those dark nipples, exciting him feeling the pressure building pumping harder and faster, hearing moaning he looks and sees Louise moving her hips as he strokes himself and tugs on the string. Rick's hands slide around her body cupping her beautiful breasts with their chocolate tips while he moves slowly into Monique, thrusting in and out of her while watching Kelly and Louise fuck with their toy.