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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Jim, Deb, Eric & Lois

group beau_eros 2018-05-26

Deb was feeling a sense of liberation of her own as she saw her friend finding it so easy to expose herself to her and Jim. As Lois slipped out of her sweater Eric gave it a casual toss to the side of the room. As the other three were starting to mentally question what should happen next Deb broke through the fog of uncertainty by slipping to Jim’s side where she was equally exposed to the other couple and looking Lois in the eye asked, “Would you mind if I danced with Eric?” As Eric and Jim simultaneously mounted their mates and slipped their hard rods into them, Lois reached out and took Deb’s hand, and as Deb felt Jim’s shaft plunge deep within her she gave her friend’s hand a less than gentle squeeze which Lois returned with full understanding.

Random Acts of Kinkiness Ch. 01

group canda 2018-05-26

So, I mimicked Carlos's actions, sucking on Amy's clit and sliding my finger in and out of her pussy, which got her to start moaning again. With those words he pulled the butt plug out of Nina's ass with a loud plop, rolled her on her side so she was facing Amy and me, put her left leg on his shoulder exposing her glistening pussy to the world, and slowly slid his dick as far into her ass as he could. Nina looked a little taken aback, I think she might have wanted this all to herself, but then she got a wicked grin on her face and said, "Grab that big black dildo and shove it in my pussy while I eat you out.


In the Booth

group SecretHowl 2018-05-26

A video started showing a woman on her hands and knees getting fucked front and back by two rather large blacks guys. In no time, I felt the cock in my mouth become very stiff and start to spasm. The guys pulled their cocks back through the holes as I heard a light knock at the door. I turned the lock on the door, and a guy pushed his way in. I looked back over my shoulder, and I could see that the door was standing wide open with a number of guys standing around watching me get fucked. As I was getting fucked for the second time, another guy worked his work into the booth.

One Hot Night on Long Island

group samoh2223 2018-05-26

This was an area with three rooms and a bit of open space with some wrap around couches. Meanwhile the single men outnumbered the couples and most looked a bit uncomfortable. As the night went on some groups of couples went back into the rooms with curtains and started to have sex. And each time she saw any instance of sex whether it be masturbation or an actual couple she seemed to be enjoying it more and more. Come on." He began to walk hand in hand with her towards a vacant room with a curtain on it when she pulled him towards the room with no curtain and two big vacant windows. I thought they would be asked to leave but the couple said nothing to these men.

Throwing Caution To The Wind

group ratlady 2018-05-26

Answering the knock at the door I was shoved backwards into the room; he came after me, pulling the dressing gown off me, his hands on my tits, his fingers twisting my nipples so that I gasped in pain. He pushed me down on the bed, pressed my thighs open and crouched to start licking my wet pussy. One hand reached up to pinch my nipple; the other pushed a probing finger inside me while he sucked my clitoris. I could feel my internal muscles gripping the shaft of his cock as he fucked deep into my arse. Saying I wanted it rough, wanted my tits slapping hard, my nipples abused, my arse fucked raw by all of them.

Best friends have sex, and then mother joins in.

group bedlam54 2018-05-26

I was putting my washing away in my room, when i over heard a conversation between the pair, Adam said to Carl " Do you want to watch porn... I said " Its ok boys, you're experimenting, i grabbed Carl by the hand, and pulled it away from his body, to see a cock standing to attention. He shouted " im going to cum, Should i pull out " i thought about it, and said " no, son fill me up, i want it to drip out " He unleashed ropes after ropes of cum into my arse. I told them to stand up, Adam placed his cock in my pussy, and Carl in my arse. I pulled away, and pushed them on to the bed, i sucked Carls cock, while wanking of Adam.

Mail Order Bride

group barbarianqueen 2018-05-26

"Andros," said Kel, "do you think Melea will stay?" They climaxed together, hard, hot, long pulses deep in her throbbing body. Tyr plunged deeply, savagely into her as she shrieked with release, her body throbbing strongly around his hard, pulsing climax. This time Kel mounted her first, riding her willing body with hard, deep thrusts until she climaxed. One at a time, they took her, as she was held helpless by the others, always feeling Tyr's hands on her breasts, his hardness between her buttocks. She arched and writhed against them, body trembling, throbbing as the immense, hard, hot erections thrust deep into her over and over, bringing her to climax again and again.

One Special Spring Day Pt. 09

group Connie_Ann 2018-05-26

Connie is tossing and turning but heading into a dream state, as she sees Dave standing over her and keeps hearing the words, "I will enjoy hiding, watching and waiting for the perfect time to take you again." Still in her dream, Connie is lying down and starts to feel helpless and is getting wet with thoughts of Dave looking down at her. Dave whispers into Connie's ear while she feels him pushing at the entrance and says, "Tell me how much you want my Big Dick to enter your anal cavity fucking that ass nice and hard."

My Friends

group Andy5v 2018-05-26

You sure you want to hear this, Tom. If you ever tell anyone I will get you," I said feeling a bit insecure about revealing this secret from my past. We lay on our own bed having several drinks when I noticed Tom's hand move down and begin to play with his cock. "Yeah, we are looking for panties and a matching bra but we don't want to spend much," Tom said. "Oh, I think these would fit him okay," she said as she picked up a pair of white silk panties and handed them to Tom. With a hard push Tom's cock already lubricated with the lady's pussy juice slipped deep into her ass.


Tammy Sluts It Ch. 1

group jamespatrick2001 2018-05-26

She loved Jay to bits, she adored him, but sometimes when she was flashing her tight little panties to some hunk in a bar she’d feel her pussy juice up more than maybe it should have done. Then when they’d get home and fuck – the more she flashed, the more they fucked, it was a real equation – she’d imagine that it was the stud she’d flashed who was driving his hard cock into her sweet, hot pussy instead of Jay. When she thought those thing,s she’d cum quicker and harder than usual and her husband would shoot her strange looks. Now, if Tammy told the truth she would have loved nothing more than knowing that her pussy flashing was the talk of the town, but she didn’t want to hurt Jay’s feelings by saying so.

Home For The Holidays Ch. 07

group Erotiscribe 2018-05-26

After rubbing myself through my moist panties for several minutes, I paused from sucking on Danny's cock and turned my head to see Brad standing by the doorway, pants down to his knees, stroking his own stiff prick. When, at last, we all were drained, I let Danny's softening prick slip from my mouth and Brad leaned back on his heels causing his wet cock to fall from my cunt with a "plop." As soon as Brad and I climbed off the bed, I crouched down in front of him and took his slimy dick into my mouth, cleaning off our combined juices.



group Malinov 2018-05-26

"That's quite a bone you have there." Her words dissolved into a muffled groan as she took the head of his mighty cock between her lips. Instead, Jack and Steve and Rick began to unfasten their pants in an organized disrobing effort. There is nothing quite like watching two good friends fucking for you. As things got started, Stacey sucked the dick in her mouth while jacking two cocks, one on each side. After a time playing see-saw between the dick in her cunt and the cock in her mouth, Stacey straddled a thick one and took herself for a ride. Nothing spells pleasure like getting some friends to help out with the effort.

Biker Bitch 6

group albertaman24 2018-05-26

The boss took the dildo from her when she had did what she was told and he started to feed it up my wifes tight little ass hole. After about 5 minutes of getting her ass and throat fucked the Boss said it Rick lets sandwich the slut. My wife started to scream as he pushed it deeper into her he just laughed and slapped ass and told her to take it you little slut. She fucked them bother again until they fell to the bed totally spent after about an hour the boss told her he needed to take another piss and he emptied his bladder down my wifes thoat once again.

The b*****r Inlaw

group northernvtcouple 2018-05-26

Little dick was working late, so I told my b*****r In Law I was going for a dip in the hot tub. When I went to bed that night, I told little dick I saw his b*****rs hard dick in the hot tub under his shorts and how good he is at rubbing my shoulder. My fucking goodness,,,, I thanked them for the massage and told them it was too hot in here and went back to the house,,, I left them both out in the tub,,, It was hard,, but there was no way I would hurt my s****r inlaw by going farther.,,,,Grrrr moral values suck sometimes. Little dick said fuck it, to his b*****r and pulled down his shorts and put his cock near my hand.

Bad Vibes, Good Times Ch. 02

group Alexandra 2018-05-26

'Hey babe,' Kurt called after greeting Greg with a hug, 'how about some more Vodkas?' I closed the door, resisting the temptation to slam it, walked past the little trio, accepting the bottle of Vodka with a forced smile, then headed into the bedroom. 'So your arrival was poor timing for the birthday boy,' I added, handing Greg and Ashlyn their drinks before retrieving Kurt's and mine. Wanting to feel his tongue in my mouth, and hopefully give the others their cue to leave, I spun around to sit sideways across his lap, my legs resting across Ashlyn, and thrust my mouth onto Kurt's. Ashlyn's mouth hung slightly open, and reaching up I pushed her face towards Kurt's, guiding her by the chin.


Serendipity on the Dance Floor

group jesterwords 2018-05-26

Not that anything usually happens, but when Chrissy danced behind me as I was grinding on Bethany, and unzipped my pants to reach in and grab my cock; I am reminded as to why I do not wear them. So Chrissy is there jerking me off into Bethany's ass inside the mass of people on the floor. It was at this point that a few people around us had realized that Chrissy was getting fucked silly on the dance floor. I took three more pumps and Bethany bent over, grabbed my cock out of Chrissy's wet pussy and shoved the head into her mouth as I blew blast after blast onto her waiting tongue.

Happy Anniversary Ch. 03

group AliceMorgan 2018-05-26

Your hands cup my tits, squeezing gently, and I gasp when I suddenly recognize the feel of your hot breath getting close to my pussy. The dildo begins to fuck me at a medium pace, sliding in and out while your tongue laps at my clit like a dog laps at his water. You eagerly lick at my clit, tasting me as my cum spurts out around the vibrator, covering your hand as well as your face. I am cumming so hard, that my pussy is like a vice, holding the vibrator inside of me. The vibrator finally is pulled free of its trap between my legs, and I feel myself shudder, and close up behind it.

More Adventures With Sunny

group JerseyCop 2018-05-26

When she did, I would signal the moment to her and she would stop sucking and start stroking my cock as I shot my load into a now empty coffee cup, looking closely as she got me off. At the time Iggy’s opened, the big go-go bar song was “My Sharona.” When the juke box started playing the song, the crowd erupted, the go-go girls began dancing their asses off and a bunch of the guys at the bar began to encourage Sunny to get up on the bar and show what she had, which was plenty. Tim was startled and stunned but he enjoyed every moment of it as he gently caressed Sunny, eventually causing her nipples to stand on end in pleasure.


The Party Ch. 01

group CyrusMann 2018-05-26

About hours drive or so, from Karen's, Bri motioned at one of the little bars that sat back from the Interstate, it looked to be about as local a joint as possible. Karen smiled at Bri, then back at Joe, "Thanks for the tip, I think we'll hang out and see what this place has to offer. Anyway we're in no hurry and we could use a good time, it's been a long day, right Bri?" Karen said in a teasing tone. Joe brought in a fresh round and said, "This ones on the house girls, enjoy yourselves!" He smiled at them and made his way back out of the room pulling the door shut.


Interlude Ch. 03

group WifeWatchman 2018-05-26

"If you help me get my tongue on Melina's slit, then I'll let you fuck me, Todd." Britt offered. "Mmmm, that's enough." Britt said, breaking the kiss and gently pushing Todd away. "Mmmmm," Todd said as they broke the kiss, "are you sure you don't want to get started with me now, Britt?" Britt smiled as she remembered the answer: she wanted to sample Todd's cock as well as Melina's pussy, and she was "killing two birds with one stone." "Mmmm" Britt moaned as she tasted Melina's lips and felt the sensation of her mouth being invaded by the younger woman's probing tongue. The room was filled with moans, gasps and the slurping of Britt's mouth on Melina's wet pussy as she tongued, licked, kissed and sucked her labes, clit and vaginal rim.


One Night

group mrbill4u 2018-05-26

I reached over opening the door to the car as Chris was staring at Kathy's gorgeous tits I smiled at her as she started to cover them I said "Ahh at least you could let him look at them, please." She looked up at me with mischievous twinkle in her eyes saying I guess he can look?" opening her blouse to show Chris her big tits. We kissed as I worked her buttons open then her bra once more I could see Chris trying to watching in the mirror and hoped he wouldn't wreck my car as Kathy undid my pants pulling them down around my knees giving her free access to my pulsing cock.


Maggie's Shared Shower

group Graf_Severin 2018-05-26

John slowly turn the handle of the door, almost trembling as he continued to hear the jetty of water that was so steadily bringing Maggie to her high, moist plateaus (with men in suits and purple pricks bulging from their uniforms begging to be sucked--for what she imagined more and more was the look of male orgasm, the eyes-rolled-back ecstasy as they coated her body in that protein paint called cum). As John pumped her, her hand hummed left and right over her clit as woman cum dribbled down her thigh and onto his precumming cock, mixing white with white in their desperate fucking.

Ready for Takeoff

group gottschalk03 2018-05-26

My left hand reaches down and finds the stewardess's head, bobbing back and forth on my cock, while my right hand does the same and lands on Cathy's blond locks, shaking back and forth as she labors over Chloe's pussy. I fuck her hard, my face shifting from her immense, jiggling breasts under me and her friend's more modest but delightful tits hovering in front of me, and I can feel her pussy grip the shaft of my prick as it slides back and forth. Chloe smiles at me mischievously, rubbing her blond friend's ass, and as she slides a slick finger in Cathy's anus, she leans in and kisses me hard.


Kinda-Sorta-Maybe Nerd-Boy Ch. 02

group bluedragonauthor 2018-05-26

I finally ran out of juice around midnight, having cum more than ten times that day, the last one with her fucking on top of me facing my feet and sucking on my toes as I fingered her ass. Disappointingly, Kendra told me there was no Sorority event that day, but offered that maybe Amanda just wanted to hang out with her friends and Sorority sisters. On the other hand, Kendra was my best friend for years and we'd always shared stupid things, including sexual secrets. Kendra wanted to know what ways I'd had sex with Amanda because she'd heard a lot of things from her friends and "experimentation-girlfriends" and what they liked. She was picturing Amanda and me fucking like rabbits and I was picturing Kendra in a four-way lesbian tryst.