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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Supersize Me Ch. 04

group twoup 2018-05-26

Fuck it felt good and soon enough I was bouncing up and down pounding Tim's cock as he held my huge tits in his hands and sucked the daylights out of them. "Yeah tit-fucked, you know having a big cock slide up and down that cleavage before blasting shot after hot shot all over your huge tits just like that cream did," said Brad. "Baby I thought you'd never offer," I said turning around to see Tim standing there watching what was going on naked with one hand stroking his own massive cock while holding a ruler in the other.


Locker Room Surprise

group LadyDonaLee 2018-05-26

A hot shower did feel good, and when she came into the locker room and turned on the water in the stall next to me, I thanked her for her thoughtful suggestion. It was my shower door, and when I opened my eyes, I saw Mary standing there, naked. What we didn't know was that the maintenance man had put a sign on the woman's locker room door that it was closed for repairs, and he was watching our sultry shower massage and enjoying himself immensely. I loved sucking on his dick, knowing that it got hard watching Mary and me, in the shower. I sensed the maintenance guy was ready to come when he abruptly pulled out of my mouth and switched places with Mary.

Los Cinco Hermanos Ch. 10

group eidetic 2018-05-26

In the glow of the video playing on the screen, Sandy was panting hard and looked like she'd been through a wringer after Pam and Vicki eased up and turned their attention to the screen. Pam was occasionally breaking off from making out with Sandy to look up at the action on the screen as Paul gave way to Jerry, then Ron, then Jackson. I sucked her swollen clit deep into my mouth and started suckling it like I had her nipples about the same time the guys on the screen turned on the fucking machine and Sandy started to howl.


Memorable Holiday

group knobbieknobbs 2018-05-26

Jenny writhed about on the sun-bed, trying to keep her mouth full of Andy and Max's cocks, but not doing very well. When Grant was finished, Jenny experienced the third, fourth and fifth cocks of her life as Max, Andy and Darren serviced my sweet, sexy girlfriend. Jenny jumped up from the sun-bed, and despite being a little unsteady on her feet, she took Tommy by the hand and led him into the apartment. None of us left the complex the next day, sunbathing nude the whole time, and Jenny got fucked by each of us over and over again for the rest of the week-long holiday.

Honeymoon at Home Ch. 02

group Beejayne 2018-05-26

Lenny's heart was pounding as she anticipated the idea of Chucker and Doris joining them and by the time the other two came in her blouse was already off and Karl was kissing her breasts. Doris got up and kissed Lenny, then took her hand while Karl watched surprised. They both moved to sit on the bed, kissing again, but now Doris's hand touched Lenny's breast, found the nipple and rolled between her fingers. The pleasure she was feeling was exquisite, but she had to know, and asked Doris: "Are you a lesbian?" "Lenny, you wonderful, innocent girl, you saw me fucking and sucking those two men.

A Birthday present for a virgin

group fotisampini 2018-05-26

Peter sat on the bed and pulled off his black socks one at a time. Aisha and Gemma had almost no experience with guys at all. their usual instincts, but both Aisha and Gemma wanted to suck him. Gemma un-clipped the catch on Aisha’s skirt and then Aisha did the same Aisha looked down at his cock and bit her lip in contemplation. the girls dropped to their knees, stroking Peter’s legs, keeping their “I think we should cut to the main feature,” said Gemma, looking at Peter cupped one boob from each girl in his hands and squeezed them Cock in hand he stood behind Gemma and guided himself between her pussies and entered Aisha, his cock throbbing and covered with Gemma’s

MMF - The Hotel

group mwm69writer 2018-05-26

Jan looked over at Paul and smiled and quietly mouthed the words "I love you." as Carlos gently pushed her backwards onto the bed. I'll open her lips." Paul spread open Jan's pussy and before Carlos put his cock inside he lent over and licked her pussy and tasted her cum. Faster and faster they went and within minutes they were both cumming inside Jan. Paul pushed up hard as he exploded for the second time causing Carlos to push in deeper as he came inside her arse. Paul slipped easily into her pussy from behind and Carlos made no time in positioning himself in front of Jan's face so she could suck his cock again.

Wendy does her dad with Toni

group fotisampini 2018-05-26

Toni tried to go back and forth between Ron and Richard as cum gushed from their hard cocks, but mostly she ended up with a sticky mess all over her face and hair. Occasionally Jim pulled his cock from Toni's cunt and shoved it into his daughter's mouth. Jim could see Wendy squirming her ass hard against Toni's thrusting tongue. While he was sucking the juices from his daughter's cunt, Jim felt Toni's mouth work its magic on his cock, bringing it back to life. Toni quickly moved her head between Wendy's legs and sucked his cum drenched cock into her mouth. Wendy lowered her ass over his cock while Toni sucked on her pussy.

A Canadian Cum Loving Encounter Ch. 02

group Brittni4u 2018-05-26

Patrick had that look in his eyes and his mouth began to open, just as he got close to blowing his load, I stopped and got off his cock, much to his dismay! Because I was already enjoying the taste of Karla's pussy, Patrick didn't have to pump me very long before I was twitching in orgasm. I wiped Karla's juice off my face before swiping my phone to answer, all the while, Patrick continued to fuck me from behind, "Hi baby. I had a load of Patrick's cum in my pussy and Karla's juices on my face as we walked out of the gondola, smiling, hand in hand.


The Doctor's Office

group Fantasy Girl 2018-05-26

The nurse reached down and began to lick and suck my nipples, at that I couldn't control myself any longer, all my muscles tensed up and I was cumming, I was really cumming in his mouth. The Doctor left the room to go wash up and with my legs still up in the stirrups and the nurse still caressing my body and my nipples. The doctor told me just relax I am going to penetrate you now and it will hurt some but I will be gentle with you. The doctor started to let out groans of pleasure and we were all making animalistic noises because we felt so good.

Diamond Valentine

group MrLoverman1986 2018-05-26

"Well, Lisa got an eyeful didn't she?" Tessa said as her fingers slipped up the leg of his boxers. "I want you to come for me," Lisa said in a rush as Tessa's hips began to buck upward and her writhing intensified. Mark grinned when he saw Lisa looking at him and licking his wife's juices from her lips. I want to watch you make her come," Tessa said, and then turned to Lisa to beckon her with a crooked finger. Once Lisa was on her hands and knees in the center of the bed, Tessa pushed two pillows under the arch of the younger woman's body. Once their lips parted, his wife looked at him, held up the hand with her new ring, and hugged Lisa with the other.

Sharon Models for Porn Shoot

group SharonMWF 2018-05-26

When she heard that my husband was a photographer the first thing she asked me was, "Do you pose nude for him?" I explained that I had earlier, but they were mostly art studies where I wasn't able to be recognized, and I hadn't done any in the last couple of years (I lied). About a week after my husband got the first e-mail from the web site, when I got home he said, "I got an interesting e-mail from Europe today." "They love the images and thought the model was beautiful, and they asked me if I have any images of her with one or more males having sex."


What a Day

group DemonicAnge1 2018-05-26

Staring up into those eyes of his… I found my self nearly pressing a hand against my skirt. I didn’t protest one bit though… Deep down in side I knew I wanted to be their dirty little company whore. Our boss wants your cunt for a bit of a long time.” The moment he finished those words… He moved from my vision. I heard a deep groan in front of me… As the sticky fluids of the bastard fucking my throat went down into my stomach. I slowly sat up, my right hand reaching down scratching over my bare hairless cunt… Gobs of cum leaking beneath me from my puckered anus and my pussy. “Sounds good, so tell me… Same time tomorrow?” Guess today wasn’t as bad as I had thought…


Sweet and Spicy Horny Toads Ch. 20

group TxRad 2018-05-26

I handed my coffee cup to Sue and leaned toward Kim. She was sitting on her lower legs and feet. "It's a little early and I wanted to finish my coffee but..." Kim started and then laughed. This is serious," Kim said looking hard at Matt. I like the way Karen and Sue look with their slick hairlessness. She looked closely at Karen and then at Sue. The three all smiled and got off the bed and headed for the bathroom. Slowly I stood up allowing the head of my hard manhood to graze along the edges of the swollen partially open lips. I just wanted to let you know Sue, Matt and I are going to take the rest of the day off and relax.

After work delight

group eaglefree 2018-05-26

The first guy had a dick almost the size of her purple and she immediately sat on it swallowing the whole thing in her still soaked pussy. She sucked on him for about 20 minutes as she was getting fucked very thoroughly by big dick. The 2nd guy was standing next to me stroking his cock trying to get it hard again and after a few minutes my wife said for me to "help him with that." He pushed it closer until it touched my face. I started sucking on big dick as the 2nd guy fucked my wife. The guy fucking my wife kept fucking her until he finally came again several minutes later.

How my pal fucked my wife

group frankie1944 2018-05-26

He wanted to know any thing about her aslong as it was naughty stuff.He knew she liked to keep her fanny shaved & loved her nipples sucked & how she was a great cock sucker etc etc etc. I knew she wouldnt come out with us so he suggested a plan .The plan was to tell her the four of us (Me & Her & Frank and his wife) would go for a meal at the weekend but he said when we get to his house his wife wont be there. Once he pulled out of her & also cos she'd cum she was very embarrassed lying there with her tits out & her fanny bare with spunk trickling out of it so Frank being a gentleman got out of the way for her.

My First Time at a Swinger's Club Ch. 01

group Puddin36 2018-05-26

It turned out to be my lucky day, my friend said he would be honored to join me at this club. They had no sooner walked into the club when she went down onto her knees, unzipped his fly, pulled out his cock and started giving him head right there. Before long there were quite a few men standing nearby the couple, almost like they were waiting for their turns to be sucked by this woman. I walked up to the man and coyly smiled at him and said, "Looks like you enjoyed the show as much as I did. My head and hand still going up and down at a good pace, I slowly began to swallow more of him.


group VivvyK48 2018-05-26

"mmmmm...God, you smell and taste soooo good, I love the feel of your clit under my fingers"...she moaned, arching against me, spreading her legs wider for me. I began to move down her body, going for more tit play, nuzzling her neck again I whispered all she wanted to hear "mmmmm, you taste fantastic, your clit- so hard under my fingers, I'm going to lick and flick your nipples while your husband fucks you, and you are going to come for us". Tennis guy must have known what I wanted, for he slowed down and nodded to me, as if to say "your turn", and went back to sit in his chair, rubbing his cock how men do when they plan on coming shortly.

Mina's Muse

group lstorywriter 2018-05-26

Marcus was rubbing his cock through his pants and I was gently stroking myself watching Mina push aside Sara's panties and begin to lick her slit. Marcus and I were both about ready to go pounce on the two of them when Mina said, "If you want some of this the two of you need to do each other first." I was stroking my cock again and I heard Marcus say, "You gonna suck my dick or what?" I looked back at Mina and saw that gleam in her eyes and decided it was time to just fucking try it. We continued to lick up and down Marcus' shaft as Sara worked on Mina's dripping hole and my cock with her hand at the same time.


Seven Year Itch

group zimabean 2018-05-26

My husband has been pushing me to have sex with a stranger while he watches. I sat up and noticed that the first man was getting hard again, so I pulled him over and guided his cock back into my sloppy pussy. When the men were gone I opened the door to the mini van and my husband was sitting there with his cock in his hand, he grabbed me and pushed me onto the seat and pushed his cock into my super sloppy pussy. I must say that I never wanted to fuck strangers before but now I cant wait to have some stranger man fill my cunt full of his hot jizz and then walk away.

My First Time Ch. 02

group iwant2692001 2018-05-26

As we're talking, Sarah reached over and started rubbing my cock through my pants. At one point I was sucking on Sarah's tit, fingering her and stroking Joe's incredibly hard cock. Despite what happened in the car earlier, I wasn't sure if Joe would go for it, but I just wanted to suck him dry at that point. I practically dove for his cock and started sucking like a mad man. Joe gave one last really loud moan and a grunt and started to fill my mouth with his hot cum. I couldn't believe how good it felt and how different it looked to see him sucking my cock, instead of Sarah.

Linda and Susan and Me

group Handy Andy 2018-05-26

She sat up straight and pushed her smooth wet pussy down on my face, grinding her hips back and forward as my tongue snaked into her and licked her lips, sucking her labia into my mouth and she squirmed with pleasure. Linda closed her eyes and began to slowly lick the insides of Susan’s thighs before turning her attention to the wet smooth pussy an inch from her mouth. Occasionally one would bend and suck the other’s nipple, all the while Linda was fucking up and down on my rampant cock and Susan was grinding her pussy into my face, coating me with her sweet honey.


Madison, Hubby's New Girlfriend

group hotladyvanessa 2018-05-26

Kelly became a bit clingy and was making noises of becoming exclusive with him (jealousy is a big turn off for Bru), so he gently offered her a parting gift (a very nice diamond tennis bracelet!) and said "thanks for the memories". On the night of the party, Bru could not take his eyes off of her and we had very hot sex imagining the sultry Madison in bed with us. (Hey, I said we didn't screw the interns...I didn't say we didn't fantasize about it!) That night in bed with me Bru kept imagining what type of lingerie she wore under her somewhat conservative clothing. Bru did not want to involve himself in any potential law suit or difficult situation at work, despite his desire for this beautiful young thing.

Costume Party Fun

group Moxon4 2018-05-26

We began feeling each other's bodies, I discovered she had on no panties, and she managed to get my pants down past my cock, and placed her hot pussy right above it, and finally sliding me inside her. Katarina, smartly, closed the door and locked it, something I didn't think about, and moved over to us, and began by kissing my wife while I watched and started feeling up their legs. My wife and I went back to the party, we didn't look too disheveled and continued with drinks and dancing, Amber is a great dancer, but she was feeling exhausted, and I took her up to a room in Tom's house, put her to bed, and closed the door.