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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group Cumbaby 2018-05-26

I opened my eyes as something slapped me across my mouth; it was Luke's big black cock! As I was desperately trying to gulp down Luke's cum I felt a warm surge in my pussy, blonde guy was coming in me. I looked down into the eyes of the guy whose cock was buried deep in my pussy and I recognized it was Danny, the manager of the grocery store where I shopped. "Fuck me Danny!" I moaned as the guy in my ass shoved his cock home. As the unknown cock vacated my anus I felt Luke's huge black monster working into my sphincter before it tightened again.


Ashleigh's Carnal Friends Ch. 12

group a_diamond_geezer 2018-05-26

"The dirty bitch is wanking with cum," Geeta's husband said as he targeted his dick at my cunt, his voice rougher than when I met him in the bar. Cum started to rain on me from all directions: the dick in my right hand exploded first, over my tits and dripping down onto blue-eyes' chest; the black dick pulled out of my mouth and covered my face in white, sticky goo; the dick in my arse stiffened and sprayed cum up my arse, then it pulled out and finished off across my arsehole; then blue eyes gasped beneath me and his dick popped out of my cunt to pump cum into the air – hitting my stomach before dripping back onto him.


The Camping Trip Pt. 04

group Tetris07828 2018-05-26

I want to do something." Nikki said like she was on fire. "That's fine." Nikki said as she dove into the bathroom to grab the lube and towels. When she closed the bathroom door she said, "I want you to pee in my ass." He tried anal a couple of times with me but it hurt me too much even with his little dick." Nikki went on. After the water stopped I opened the bathroom door and handed Nikki the towel. One thing with Mike that made me feel real good about myself is that he may be taller, have a bigger dick and tons of muscles but I have better endurance and not as quick on the trigger as he is." I said.


Bed & Bath... and Babes Ch. 02

group mdiver 2018-05-26

Jane shook her head and reflected on her luck as she was giving a wax job to Pam. There were now two people who shared with her their need for sexual play and tension relief. She laughed out loud at the thought of having Pam and Alice join her, all naked and sharing vibrators, dildos, fingers, and all things oral. After a few moments and satisfied with her work, Jane looked up at Pam and said, "Paul is going to love this." After Jane applied the wax to her pussy, Alice shared her photos of Larry's cock. Changing places, Jane smiled to herself thinking that Alice would be very receptive to include Pam in their special sessions.


hotel fun

group 2018-05-26

We spent the afternoon fucking and watching the xxx dvds I'd bought in london the previous week...all white girls getting done by nice hard black cocks. I love to have a big cock in my mouth and another fucking away at my pussy at the same time. Conrad is totally turned on by watching Rob fuck me while I sucked him off...Or the other way around... I am an extremely visually stimulated person and the sight of watching another guy's cock slide in and out my mouth or pussy is a total turn on for me. By this time, we had now had three way sex in every position imaginable...Both with Rob in my mouth and Conrad in my pussy and visa versa.

The Ad, The Interview, The Threeway Pt. 02

group TheEroticPencil 2018-05-26

Megan smiled as she stood between them, just glad she hadn't been pulled aside for screening at the airport - there would have been a few choice items she'd have had to explain to security and, besides, she wanted those particular items to be a surprise for John and Sarah. Obviously excited by the weekend ahead, Sarah almost danced down the corridor to their room, hip-checking Megan and clicking her fingers over her head like a tango dancer, as John took care of the bellhop and Megan investigated their suite. Megan turned toward Sarah but left her hand on John's leg, moving it a little higher. Sliding her hand up under Megan's dress and onto her warm, bare thigh, Sarah began drawing gentle circles with her finger, eventually advancing over her leg and onto her hard, toned belly.


Store detective's dream

group pintofbest 2018-05-26

Undoing my belt and letting my trousers and boxers fall down to the floor, I said to the boy ‘your bitch is a good little cocksucker my friend and she is defiantly off the hook, now let’s see if you can do any better, assuming you don’t want to go back to my office’ he looked down at his girlfriend’s spittle and pre-cum dribbling down her chin and wetting her top, tears in her eyes and then I thought I saw him give in, give in deep down inside. ‘Shit’ he said as has he knelt back ‘Fuck, I couldn't help it’ I bent forward and lifted my wet arse off her face and she gasped for air, ‘need to clean that out I said and started to lick his fresh cum dripping out of her, my tongue probing deep in too her.

Every Woman Knows Her Limit

group Egmont Grigor 2018-05-26

He'd fed it to Cindy three times on his first night home and then the cook/housekeeper wanted her usual up the butt and widow Matheson from next-door said welcome home Captain Smee and dropped her skirt so that was another round gone. The next day Cindy whined to three of her friends – Stella, Rose and Mary-Louise – I've called you together to discuss Captain Smee's sagging performance. Rose let Captain Smee suck her tits while Mary-Louise and Stella anointed his dick with chili soaked in baby oil infused with a variety of arousal stimulants, including ginseng, Viagra and cucumber. When the women were plowed breathless, with Stella last to join her friends, Captain Smee's cum forming a pool between them, Rose said in awe, "Fuck me, he's good.

Claribel, A Melody

group GreyGoose 2018-05-26

As they sat on the couch together, Claribel noticed Russell's eyes perusing her body during conversation. His eyes hadn't stopped prying at her clothes, but they began to feel familiar, as if this was the way Russell had always looked at her. Unable to restrain himself any longer, Russell slid the base of the bottle further up her thigh and rested it against the thin strip of cloth that covered Claribel's pussy! "Oh fuck yeah!" Claribel moaned, feeling Russell switch back to using his mouth for the umpteenth time. Watching sweet, beautiful Claribel lying there in front of him, Russell was certain that her hand job was going to make short work of him.


Parent Approved Party

group tastycandy 2018-05-26

The party was ok but we had to leave early after your dad's boss got a little too drunk for his own good and asked in front of everyone, including his wife and your dad, if I'd how did he out it 'like to spend the night riding his magic pole?' If I hadn't have stopped him I think your dad would be out of a job after killing his boss. "Well Jess," Kim said sounding a little nervous, "we were about to start playing truth or dare." The same thing all the guys here are thinking, sister or not Taby you hot great tits." Every one agreed, "Ok lets see Kim truth or dare?"


Houseboating Ch. 02

group Ronnie 1946 2018-05-26

I realised I was frantically pumping my own cock with my hand as I took in the scene before me and as Glen pulled his cock from my wife’s mouth and quickly stoked himself to orgasm I shot my own load onto the deck. I looked out and Catherine was doubled over the rail, legs spread wide apart, both her hands clasping each ankle, her beautiful arse pointing in the air as Glen pounded her arsehole with his 7” cock. Apparently glen just stroked her butt while she was filling the kettle and said, “Bend over Catherine so I can fuck that beautiful arse of yours” Catherine was face down on the lounge, a pillow under her stomach and Glen was astride her buttocks, his cock sliding in and out of her arse.


group hoo_hoo_boo 2018-05-26

It wasn't far to Mike and Wendy's but as we got out of the car the sari collapsed and fell round Jen's feet. He lingered when he held it out for Jen. With one hand she anchored the sari in place, spread her legs for balance and selected her little bite. Wendy and Barb kept looking at Mike and Ken, and didn't seem happy that the men were looking at Jen and me. After a look around the room, she started to mop the water off my legs with her hand inside the bloomers. I reached for Jen and held her hand as Barb started to fuck me.


Anniversary Party for Three

group ChantillyLace 2018-05-26

You both have always enjoyed that, while I go and get some more wine and some crackers to nibble on." Smiling at Gabriella, George took advantage of his friend's offer and went to her, "May I have this dance?" She got up and easily moved into George's arms, gently swaying her lithe body to the music. Leaning his head forward George gently started to trace his lips across Gabriella's sensitive skin on her neck, kissing her softly, then leaving little wet trails with his tongue. Seeing George stroke himself in front of her face, Gabriella leaned forward a little bit, starting to kiss and lick the head of his dick, while he continued to massage his hard shaft.

Fun in the Suburbs

group LadyFrederika 2018-05-25

I have a little office with a black leather couch, a stone-tiled floor, and a Modigiliani reproduction on the wall, right next to the beer casks. I made Parvinder stand next to the desk with her slacks and panties lowered to her knees, and the long tip one of my Italian leather shoes inserted into her hairy cunt, while I asked Trina: "So what makes you want to work at Aphrodite's?" "Jack off on me, you motherfucker," I tell Jake as I grind on Trina. That sets off Jake, whose come explodes over my tits: "Fuck! Fuck!" My body stiffens up and I climax right on Trina, holding her in place by the hair.

Bad Penny Ch. 15

group MVPrimetime 2018-05-25

I watched as Oonagh tried to do as she was told, and Tilly walked around behind Penny to squeeze and play with the brown nipples I so loved to suck, darkened and hardened by the blood squeezed into them by the restricting ropes and Tara's gentle teasing. She fell forward, head under the chair on which Penny sat, and I pushed in deep and hard, my mouth now on the smooth bare flesh of my girlfriend's pussy, tasting her come as I pumped mine into Oonagh. A bald, pierced, tattooed freak, muscled and skinny from hours in the gym, who sucked me hard and kissed me fiercely and told me to only fuck her in the ass, because Tilly, who for the first time she named as her Mistress, didn't like the taste of man come in her cunt.

My wifes daughter came to stay with us.

group jnthn1 2018-05-25

Holly's daughter Mary finished college & asked if she could move in with us. Mary looked like the spitting image of her mother when Holly was 22. She came back in the room telling me what Mary said. Mary naked, legs bent, opening & closing her knees. Holly said it's always been a fantasy of mine to see you fuck another woman. I stood up dropped my shorts, positioned my dick at Marys pussy. Mary was like her mother, oh fuck, that's it fuck my pussy, harder, give it to me, give me your cum. Unbelievably Holly came around & said my time for desert. Holly told me during her girl talk with Mary she mentioned her fantasy me fuckinging another woman.

Hot Summer Nights Ch. 04

group RomeoNevathera 2018-05-25

Carina moans as you suck hard on her tiny nipples, goose bumps start forming all over her body as sweat begins to bead up along her skin, she is rubbing her hot wet pussy hard against your breasts as she straddles your magnificent chest. I know hat is happening, so does Carina and she reacts swiftly, moving a hand up under her chin she inserts a finger deep within your drenched pussy, moving it in and out like a miniature cock, fucking you hard and fast, rubbing on your G-spot vigorously. She is close, and she feels it, as you return to licking her pussy she yanks you by the hair so that she can grind her clit hard on your tongue, not wanting to wait longer for her turn to cum.

R&R Beach Day; Fun in the Sun

group biwifeplaying 2018-05-25

After Rob posted the umbrella in the spot Rayna picked and the chairs were set out, and the towels laid down we all started to relax. This day was turning into sweet torture and I remembered that we could go anytime I wanted but we drove all this way and saw it was only 1pm as I quickly checked the time on my phone. Rob turned on the engine and let the AC run while Rayna began to disassemble the rest of the items in their beach buggy, including the chairs, umbrellas, and towels and organize them into the trunk. "Gladly." Rob said and I felt the warm water on my skin and then the slick bar of soap in his hands making it's way down my body.


The Valentine’s Affair

group Lust_First 2018-05-25

"However," she said, stepping through the door and flipping a switch to bathe the room beyond in fluorescent light, "I think I can ring you up back here." She looked over her shoulder at me conspiratorially, and added, "Just don't tell anyone." Then she giggled, and I couldn't help but chuckle too. "Shit," Jen said again, turning and looking at me in alarm. I burned hot with embarrassment, but out of the corner of my eye I couldn't help but take in Jen's beautiful, wet body as she stood in the bath next to me, water up to her calves, resolute. All at once, Evelyn's insides gripped me like a handshake, and at that moment I pressed her body into the wall, wrapping my hands around her to smother her breasts with my palms.


Overseer of the Harem Ch. 08

group SexyGeek 2018-05-25

Meanwhile the second slavegirl, Maria, a fiery Spanish girl captured in the wars, dropped her red gown to the floor and stood naked in the middle of the room, her pointed nipples and shaved pussy waiting the attention of Saiesha. As those thrust their hard rods deep into the pink wetness, the two remaining men worked on the girls' tits with their hands and mouths. Soon the man driving hard into Brigette's pussy under its mound of red hair grabbed her hips and pushed deep as he came. Saiesha removed her mouth from the soldier before her and he moved to lie on top of Maria, rubbing his chest against her tits as he thrust his large dick deep into her dripping pussy.


Surprise Surprise

group WildaRaven 2018-05-25

Megan liked this feeling as it was different wilder and this man was not Tom he was exciting wonderful and Megan screamed in delight when Hank pushed a finger up into her tiny rear tunnel. The head of Hanks cock had hardly passed the tight little outer ring of Megan's youthful ass hole when the door open and Tom walked in. Hank turned to hand Megan a drink and said "My beautiful; Megan how would you and Tom like to join me at my home next week. "Megan my dear I would love to let you suck me off but I must delay this pleasure until later if you don't mind too much." Hank said as he pushed her mouth away from his throbbing cock.

DP Team: Madison, The Teen Nympho

group louisrod2004 2018-05-25

I start feeling a little jealous, so after a good few minutes of Madison getting her face fucked by John, I pull her head away and shove my cock down her throat. Madison lets out a little yelp, but she resumes sucking my cock as John works up another good rhythm, fucking her pussy nice and slow. So I go in again, this time a little more slowly, working my way up to a good rhythm that matches John's fucking of her pussy. "What a good little slut!" Mark says as Madison pulls down his pants and buries her face in his cock. Mark, probably feeling a bit left out, kneels right next to John and grabs one of Madison's hands and tells her to stroke his cock.


Delilah's Special Weekend Ch. 04

group DeeAnne 2018-05-25

"Mmmmm...I'm looking forward to that." Karen smiles back as her lips meet Delilah's, and her tongue slips into the warm sanctuary in search of its mate. She lets his throbbing cock slip from her mouth and sucks tenderly on his aching rocks while she works her saliva up and down John's long tool with a fiercely firm clutched hand. :"Oooohhh Geeeezuz, Baby Girl." John cries aloud as Delilah's experienced finger begin to massage his prostate. That's exactly what your Baby Girl needs; that hard cock jammed up into my hot wet pussy." Delilah coos as she begins to ride John's tool. "Uhhh, and what did Karen say?" John was a little surprised, but knowing Delilah's love for both him and Karen, he wasn't shocked.


School Days Ch. 03

group Marly_Evans 2018-05-25

Courtney watched his eyes devour Erin in her little shirt, the much taller man looking down at her breasts without any uneasiness at being caught. Courtney dutifully followed Erin and Tony down a level and through large doors into the dark and empty media room. Looming bigger than life in front of the little audience was the couple Erin and Courtney first saw in the dining room. Erin, Tony and Courtney watched attentively as Chad moved up Amber's body and placed his throbbing cock on top of his lover's breast. Below them, Tony continued to lick and suck Courtney's pussy even as his thick cock was unrelenting in it's exploration of Erin's slit.