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A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

working offshore.

group naughtydarksecret 2018-05-25

James was sucking her big tits and kissing her i was wanking away on my bed praying nobody walked in, i didn't know the other lads names cos she didn't tell me cos now i was on mute, i could see them itching to fuck her, James was still going on her, i could hear Jane telling him to cum inside her so he must of been close, James sat up and i could see him cum by his face, he pulled out and his flaccid cock was dripping it was still huge even though he had shot his load, the other lad pulled Jane up and made her sit on him, i could see Jane's tits bouncing up and down they looked amazing her big arse bouncing up and down on his black shaft, the other lad pushed her forward so her arse was on show, he had his cock in his hand slapping it to get some bl**d to it, he spat on Jane's arse and he went for her arse hole, Jane was now taking 2 black cocks, she was screaming as he went in deep she couldn't take it she was proper screaming but i think it was with joy, she yelled out Paul i am squirting here my cum is squirting out, i fucking love it are you!!

Pam Sandwich

group Jaymal 2018-05-25

And both were dressed for a casual family gathering in jeans and sneakers, Patrick in a vest displaying his muscled shoulders more fully, Aiden in a tee and a loose-hanging check shirt. Pamela's looked-after bicycle and Billy's clanking hulk made their way through the quiet town of Rockport in bright April sunshine, residents smiling in amusement at the cheerful girlish screams and the goading of one brother to another - 'Keep up, you're going all over the road, and look at the weight I'm carrying!' The bikes they hoisted over the fence, laying them down in the grass, then leaped over themselves, Patrick supporting Pamela as she hitched the flimsy white of her dress up her milky thighs and made the climb.


Slut: I fuck the Stripper Slut Wife. part 3

group neilmc123 2018-05-25

We'll have a light bite and some fun at the table, where I'll be wearing something sexy for you, then you and I can come upstairs and I'll have you spunk in all of my holes for Jim to clean up in the morning!" Suzi giggled, teasing me and humiliating her husband. "He's here all week darling, so I'm sure we'll record a few of my stripper slut fuck sessions!" Suzi smiled, stroking my now semi erect cock. "I love sucking cock!" Suzi said still gently fingering my ass and stroking my cock "It's my third favourite hole to put a cock in!" She smiled shamelessly and placed my cock back in her mouth. My cock was standing at full mast, knowing I was about to fuck Suzi again and wearing something outrageously sexy, while her husband Jim listened and watched in his bedroom.

Adelle's Girls: Sheila

group svenjolly 2018-05-25

She suck your cock good baby?" Donna asked, pushing Sheila's head down harder. If she does, you're in luck, babe," Arthur murmured, pushing his cock deep into Sheila's mouth and holding himself there for a moment before pulling her off. I want to cum on your pretty face," Donna said harshly, grabbing Sheila by her blonde hair and pulling her in tight. With a final cry, Donna shoved Sheila away from her gushing pussy, closing her thighs tight as she shivered for a few moments on the bed, Arthur watching with a big smile and a throbbing cock. Sheila's lips and tongue were everywhere, sucking her lips, teasing her clit, lapping at her clenching hole, and all the while Arthur was steadily pumping his thick cock deep into her clenching ass hole.


Carol's School Tales Ch. 08

group SylviaG 2018-05-25

Now Jim and I had talked about me having sex with someone else last year, but he didn't like the idea of letting someone else fuck me. His other hand was busy up my skirt now, and I couldn't stop a finger worming into my little panties! I bent my leg putting my foot against the wall behind me, and Tommy pushed my thigh open a little wider. They went back to the groping and kissing and at one point I felt two love bites from two boys at the same time on my aching tits! Martin pulled away gasping, and then another boy actually shot his load on my arm. Now look at me covered in bloody spunk like a right tart!

Cop Slut

group MTinPA 2018-05-25

"Oh baby, I knew your mouth would feel this good." As she sucked Frank's hot rod, she felt Joe's hands slide along her waist, untying her flimsy bikini bottoms. Using both hands, Frank pulled her head down onto his stiff cock and he lifted his hips, constantly ramming into her mouth. Joe's hand dipped to her clit and rubbed it as Frank finger fucked her hard and fast, her hot juices dripping onto his powerful hand Joe watched her suck Frank's cock as he finger fucked her hot pussy and sucked on her hard clit. Lisa reached down and with one hand held Frank's head in place as he furiously rammed his mouth up against her clit.

Just the 3 of Us Ch. 02

group incorrigiblesatyr 2018-05-25

I took my mouth off of his cock for a second and continued stroking him with one hand as I sucked on a finger from my other hand, getting it all wet. As Billy's hips bucked, I took the finger from Maria's mouth and slid it between his ass cheeks, pressing at the entrance to his dark hole. Maria now had her hands on Billy's shoulders and was moving her shoulders left and right over his head, moving one breast then the other over his mouth so that he could suck both nipples. With that, his legs got tense and he put his hands on the back of my head to hold my mouth on his cock as he shot his cum into my throat.

Wet Miranda's Gangbang

group Wet Miranda 2018-05-25

The guy behind me decides to follow suit, and when I feel him pull his dick out of me before he shoots a load inside, I know what he wants to do; he wants to shoot the cum on my body. I am getting fucked really hard from behind; my pussy gets yet another load of come as I attempt to swallow more cum from Julie's mouth. One of the guys in my mouth pulls out and shoot his load all over my messy hair, and the other one really shoves his dick into my throat and makes me swallow his cum.

Tales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 03

group Andyhm 2018-05-25

"We need to talk about all this," I told Julia, as she and Simone brought me breakfast and kept my coffee cup full. I just didn't understand until now that you hadn't realised we were seeking you out for help." She shook her head, "That's enough brooding over spilt milk; we have the rest of the week to talk and", she said pointing at Simone "your lady needs you." I opened my messages and they all seemed to say the same thing: 'We missed you, we love you, when can we see you, can I/we stay, please visit us.' I could feel the tears welling up, and Mike the friend that he is said nothing, just kept my glass full, and let me know he was there for me.


26 swallows on her 26th Birthday

group Johnnytames69 2018-05-25

management happy while our members play, we always let holding the ace joined Tammy in the booth the 2 their turn, they handed their card to the next member the Rhino women are there to play, the non members always Tammy sucked, licked, tongued the guy's cock and load of Cum. Tammy started jacking him off, that's Watching Tammy suck cock, has always been one of my pleasure from sucking cock and swallowing Cum. Tammy held the base of my cock with one hand, always such a high, such a turn on, watching Tammy suck my cock with her beautiful eyes smiling up at me When all members had their turn with Tammy, we load of Cum into Tammy's sucking mouth.

The Roommate Ch. 04

group Wolverine_G 2018-05-25

"Oh nothing," said Jenny sweetly, "I just had a great day and wanted to curl up and watch a movie with you know, see what comes up..." All the while she was slowly stroking George's cock and rubbing his chest, her naked body flickering in the light of the TV. "Yeah," said Sam with a slurp as she popped George's dick from her mouth, "and the first rule is this: concentrate on the job at hand, slut, and keep your tongue in my pussy till I say you're done." Jenny obeyed with a lusty smile, her tongue snaking out to flick Sam's clit.

Surprise Party

group LikeTwoHaveFun 2018-05-25

Another woman looked at me in surprise and covered herself saying, "Eek, a man!" At that point I noticed that she a few of the ladies were wearing bras and panties, and some in teddies, there were two on the couch holding up a pair of stockings examining them. No kidding." I said, "Looks like you are having lots of fun without me!" She laughed, "well, we decided to have a little lingerie party, just us girls" She appeared to have a pretty good buzz going. She grabbed a bottle of flavored oil and tossed it to Sue. Elizabeth said, "ok, who would like to try a sample taste of our cherry flavored body oil?" All of the girls started to hoot and holler.

Something Different Ch. 01

group bluedragonauthor 2018-05-25

I guess they had taken the time to change while at the office, because there was no way upper management would let them work in the clothes that now semi-covered their sexy bodies. Jimmy quickly suggested a trendy bar we had been to several times, one that featured a good DJ and a nice dance floor. He would probably trade her in for a new model after fifteen years or so, but Catherine would likely get a nice divorce settlement to live off of. I moved with her, matching her swaying hips as we came together, Francine turning about to settle her tight butt into my hips as my hands instinctively grabbed a hold of her waist.


Anal At Last Ch. 17

group scottishmeat 2018-05-25

"Andy, I've met Sam a few times over the last couple of years, and all of a sudden, just when Angela's leaving, she starts dressing better, showing off her figure, and so on? "Well," I said, "Stephen and Daniel are great friends, and I'm sure they will be at least until they leave school, and as such you and I are going to be around both the kids a lot, one way or another. "Thanks Andy," she said as she pulled away, wiping her eyes, laughing at how stupid she must look. Surely it's better that you reach out to me, than to some nameless man who doesn't realize what you're going through, will get angry if you don't put out, and will then talk about you down the pub later?"


Dawn and julie part 2

group joecool1962 2018-05-25

after drying off we went into mom and dads room to the king size bed where I layed down with dawn and we began making out when I heard Julie say "God you guys I want some" and as me and dawn were kissing Julie began sucking my cock. And she said "I don't care do what ever you want" then Dawn went down to share my cock with her s****r who were taking turns sucking me off. i pounded her a little more when it was my turn to cum so as i pulled out to throw a snack on Julies Back Dawn took it in her mouth and sucked me dry like so many times before.

The Duck Hunters Ch. 01

group writer64 2018-05-25

I was so horny and my head was swirling -- all I could think was that I wanted to show these guys a good time. I loved feeling his hands running through my short brown hair and moving my head to push his cock deeper in my mouth. It seemed like each cock just got better and guys loved every minute of it too! Not wanting anyone to feel left out, I took a cock in each hand and stroked them for a bit, while sucking one guy off. He ran his hands through my hair, but never really tried to force his cock in my throat like the other guys.

Valentines Blindfold

group authorotica 2018-05-25

It would be too late to talk to Chris about a date, but maybe I could suggest both calling in sick to work and having a decadent day in his apartment. "So have you got any plans for Valentines?" Eddie asked me as soon as Kent went his way to get our mimosas. "I wanted to've talked about it a couple times," he said, all of a sudden sounding nervous. As soon as he said that, I wondered how I would manage that, but within just a moment, the hands that were still working on my breasts had started playing with the tender, aching nipples. Chris and I started to kiss again and I moaned into his mouth as the soft fingers worked at me.


Pissed off by two hot women 4

group 2018-05-25

Well, I saw Sarah and Tanya were looking at how she opened her lips and kissed passionately. Now Sarah pushed her mouth over my dick, she took him deeper and deeper into her mouth, I heard a short strangle, and already she had swallowed him up to the stop. Tanya could not otherwise, crawled out from between my thighs, stood over us and looking so down on us.Where they really just looked at Sarah, as she took up my whole cock with her mouth. Sarah looked at her now, my cock still in her mouth. Sarah blew and blew, now also Tanya sat on my stomach, still bubbling from the spring and I could see how Sarah opened her mouth, savoring the beam of my girlfriend.

And Roommate Makes Three

group Diver1978 2018-05-25

I tended to spend most of my time studying, usually in the campus library so Mark and Susan could be alone when she came over in the evenings. As I turned to leave, Susan, who had pulled her shorts back on, said, "Wait!" I froze. Susan smiled and turned back to Mark and began to slowly pull down her shorts. Susan smiled and, snapping my briefs elastic waistband against me, said, "I'm going to take these off. She turned back to me and said, "Steve, are you going to fuck me or not?" I approached her and, after a brief hesitation, pulled down her panties and entered her from behind. I began getting a rhythm going while Susan went back to sucking off Mark.

Brave New World Ch. 02

group AltheaRose 2018-05-25

"Steph, I don't know how to...oh shit." Kimberly had three fingers in my pussy, one in my butt and her tongue was turning my clit into a nuclear trigger. She told me that Cory was happy that I was helping them to celebrate his birthday, but he didn't know what Steph and I were planning. He looked at me and said, "All week long Steph's been promising the most fabulous dessert. "Why don't you let us undress you and then see if you want to ask that again?" Steph replied and pulled me next to Cory. Steph moved my head away and took the last of his orgasm as I worked his cock and balls to be sure we got all he had to give.


Anna Ch. 02

group amani195 2018-05-25

She then shut me up good and well when she turned to me and took my face in her hands and kissed me, deeply. I sat there, erect penis exposed, with Anna, the love of my life, and Julie, a former co-worker, looking on and giggling. All of a sudden, Anna kneeled down next to Julie and took my cock in her mouth. Julie looked on as Anna slowly took me in her mouth and ran her tongue up the underside of my cock. I felt Anna's hand on my balls, slowly caressing me as Julie took me deeper in her mouth. Anna continued to work on Julie's clit, and her other hand grabbed her left breast and squeezed it firmly.

A Real Teacher Ch. 04

group techsan 2018-05-25

I knew when Jessica lay down beside her mother but turned in the opposite direction and then Ted climbed up behind her and, holding her legs, pushed his cock into Jess's pussy. Finally Ted began stroking Jess's pussy with his own cock and I found myself watching another man fuck a woman while I plowed one of my own. Amy and Jessica had both been screwed twice but Jamie only once so Ted got under her and ate her pussy while his balls recovered. It was fairly like the other times I had pierced a female's ass hole except that I could definitely feel the hard tube of Ted's cock inside Amy's cunt as my shaft slid in atop it.


Fantasy and Fiction Ch. 02

group RomanAdre 2018-05-25

My hand was inside my skirt and I quickly began to trace circles around my clit as I watched Jenny get more or less throat-fucked by the two boys. His length was already covered in spit from Jenny's sloppy cock-sucking so after a few moments I was able to start working his dick into my throat. I held my hands behind my back and allowed the boy to fuck my throat again, this time I moved my head to meet his thrusts and it didn't take long for him to start to buck and twitch in my mouth.

My Sexual Adventure Ch. 06

group PhoenixLord 2018-05-25

Grinning back at Adam, I kissed his lips for a second, then got up and went over to Amber and put my dick inside her pussy, while Adam followed suit with Zoe. We fucked them hard as Jeff continued to fuck Linda, and the six of us started to fuck in sync until Jeff came inside of Linda, and pulled out and walked over to mom's bed, pulling the covers off. I told him about my friend Jeff and how he had a misguided method of getting off when he heard the word 'no', and that we tied him to a bondage wheel and that our plan was to get him to see the consequences of his actions by having someone he wasn't expecting to fuck him while he said 'no', and that I had suggested either Leo or one of his brothers to help out, seeing as Jeff had never had a foot long dick before.