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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sarah's Interracial bukkake and gangbang

group giggitygood69 2018-05-25

Sarah licks that black cock up and down, taking all 9 inches of it with her tongue. She strokes the other 9 inch black cocks making them harder. One black man lays on the floor for Sarah to mount, slowly taking his 10 inch cock in her tiny delicate pussy. The black man on the floor holds Sarah up giving her the ability to use her hands to stroke two other white cocks. She receives another hispanic cock in her mouth taking his thick 6 inch cock deep until she feels his balls on her chin. That giant black cock pounds her sore pussy further, cum oozes out of her slit. The black cock pulls out of her pussy and they drop Sarah to the floor.

A Gift for Anna

group Tim202 2018-05-25

There stood Anna, blindfolded with her hands tied behind her back, and Jennifer, her beautiful, well moistened friend who looked very proud of herself for having just tied up her lover. I moved around next to Jennifer, reached my hand over, and instead of touching Anna, slid my middle finger deep into Jennifer’s pussy. I slid my finger soaked with Jennifer’s juices into Anna’s mouth and she licked and sucked it as if it were the most delicious morsel to ever pass between her lips. Jennifer said, “I want to taste you.” I took the hint and reached my hand over to Anna’s pussy. Jennifer rubbed the head all over Anna’s pussy before nestling it right into her opening, then I began to gradually lower Anna on to my cock.


The Ex-Girlfriend

group Scott Alan 2018-05-25

"Yes maam." Rhonda said as she got down on her knees and moved her tongue towards Tamara's waiting pussy. Tamara slid Rhonda's skirt up and quickly started playing with her pussy. Each time Tamara's fingers would go deep, I could see Rhonda's mouth open as she gasped and relished every thrust into her hot, wanting pussy. A look of surprise came over Rhonda's face as my cock head reached her hole. Tamara was in full orgasmic pleasure when I inserted my cock back into Rhonda's ass. As my second orgasm approached, I reached forward and grabbed two handfuls of tit and pulled her back while pushing my cock even deeper into her tight ass.

Sharing Jessie from Afar

group The Needler 2018-05-25

The sky turned a bit deeper purple as I took my limit, and I let the string marinate in the water while I pulled out a nice cigar and kindled it to life. I'd stopped smoking when Jessie first came on to me a year ago: she didn't like smoke on my breath, but she was gone for a while and Missy was used to me having one now and then. I was aware my hand had gotten rough again, it must have felt a little like sandpaper, but Jessie loved my rough touch on her delicate skin and so did Missy, I guess.


Chasing the Orgasm Ch. 03

group thepussylyst 2018-05-25

"Please, punish the slave for her mistakes, master!" Katie replied, tears welling up in her eyes, the way she was being framed. He shoved his boxers in her mouth, effectively muffling her and brought his cock close to her lips, teasing her, just touching her lips, then pulling away, eliciting a wanting moan from Katie, as her eyes automatically shut down, enraptured in this sweet torture. Like a well trained submissive, Katie obliged, though the pain was too much, her nipples were aching, so was her wet pussy and red ass, and now her plugged asshole was running dry, making it all the more uncomfortable.

Mel's Wedding: More Extended Family Ch. 06

group Romantic1 2018-05-25

I watched as Carl fingered both Sarah and Holly on one side of the bed while Ray locked lips with Rachel, Lynn and Karen in a tight foursome. We love the way you cum." As I talked Alex kept jerking her fingers in and out of Chris' body. On her seventh thrust, Chris reached down and clutched Alex's hand, holding it with all her might as her body trembled and shook; her first orgasm of the night washed over her. I repeated the minute of rapid hard thrusting I had just done on Chris; Alex exploded as well -- cuming with a torrent of girl juice that flooded down our legs.


Desire in Mexico

group Dreamcreator 2018-05-25

Suzie my wife had long talked to me about me sharing her with other men or couples, but not in a sordid amateur event somewhere, but in a place where Romance meets seduction through a veil of soft cotton sheets and warm sea breeze. The warm Jacuzzi water splashed around as I pounded her pussy and by now there were maybe 4 or 5 other couples watching us from the side and playing with each other. Looking across my shoulder, Suzie was now on all fours in the water as well with one guy inside her from behind while she sucked another cock in front of her.

Coed to Cockslut Ch. 02

group mcdonng 2018-05-25

Moving her hand slowly up and down its length, she dropped to her knees and licked the small drop of pre-cum from the tip of my cock. Lucy, now completely conditioned, began to rub Claire's clit and then slowly pushed two fingers into her hot cunt. Her fat juicy lips looked inviting and without thinking I pulled out of Lucy and entered Claire in one stroke. Squeezing her left nipple between my thumb and forefinger she moaned softly and moved her hand to my crotch, rubbing my already hardening cock. I pulled out and the remaining cum landed on her face and tits, Claire and Lucy taking great pleasure in licking it off.

Mandi and Her Three Black Studs

group 00ran 2018-05-25

Seeing this, Jim quickly came up behind me and started caressing my breasts and whipped out his own cock for some immediate attention. Just then, Don came back out to the deck and said “Hey, don’t start the party without me”, and quickly began removing his clothes and whipped out his great black cock too. Just then, Don came back out to the deck and said “Hey, don’t start the party without me”, and quickly began removing his clothes and whipped out his great black cock too. With Mike & Don fucking my ass and pussy, and me sucking Jim’s hard cock, we get a rhythm going. With Mike & Don fucking my ass and pussy, and me sucking Jim’s hard cock, we get a rhythm going.

Pool Boy Ch. 38

group BigZeke13 2018-05-25

Hannah released Vanessa's tits and moved one hand up under her ass and started finger-fucking her pussy. Vanessa's pussy came with my cock and she pushed me back on my back and slid into a cowgirl position with her knees at my waist, rocking her hips frantically. Hannah didn't want to miss out so she came around and pulled my cock out of Vanessa's spasming pussy and caught a shot in the face before she could get my cock into her mouth. The next salvo blew her off the knob and she was frantically trying to push my cock back in Vanessa's pussy but caught a round in the face first.


The Invitation

group miss TexAss 2018-05-25

Sherry's head goes back slightly and she closes her eyes, and a moan comes from her throat, but within a few seconds she is back to the conversation, right where she left off. My fingertips trail further up, and I start running my tongue further down her breast, as I softly stroke and probe her pussy lips with my fingers. Sherry's hips start to thrust upward, her back arching up off the couch, you see the muscles in her arm tense as she attempts to pull me deeper. I reach up with my fingers, and separate Sherry's lips, running my tongue from her pussy to her clit.

Sydney's Adventures Ch. 2

group LunaGirls 2018-05-25

"You girls ok?" My sister Mel and I looked up into the faces of two really cute ski patrol guys. Mel was already in the hot tub as were Greg, Pete and Tom. Everybody stopped talking when I stepped into view and I could feel their eyes taking in my scantily clad body. "But we had better get Tom inside before he freezes." I pushed myself up with my hands and (quite purposefully!) rubbed my extremely moist pussy up Greg's chin, nose and forehead, leaving a glistening trail of my juices behind. Figuring it was about time that the boys got some compensation for their hard work, I reached over to Greg and slipped my hand into his swimsuit.


Good Customer Service

group gustav_jorgenson 2018-05-25

Last year, a young woman named Nancy started working there as a server, and she quickly became John and Madeline's favorite. "Well dear, I think you and I have both noticed John looking at your body with interest..." Nancy looked chagrined and was about to respond, but Madeline held her hand up to forgo interruption and continued, "To be frank, our love life has been pretty dull lately and I am trying to spice things up a bit. "Honey, I felt terrible about being so rude to dear Nancy, and I have invited her back to our place for a drink to patch things up," said Madeline casually taking her seat.


Monica's Art Class Ch. 11

group GriffyD_Boy 2018-05-25

Angel disappeared through the doorway right behind Len and reappeared minutes later with the drinks Shawn and Monica had asked for. Monica was seated on one side of the table with Lenora and Ellie with Shawn, Dennis and Mark on the other side; each across the table from their significant other. "Yes indeed, Shawn did tell us," Len said as he leaned back in his chair with his hands folded behind his head, a satisfied look on his face. "Monica," Len said, addressing her as he rubbed his hands together, "you are tonight's guest of honour. As Monica watched Mark slip the ring onto Ellie's finger she thought of all the things that had changed for the two of them in the past few years.


Hunny's Night Out

group hunnyslutcatt 2018-05-25

Nick then asked Phil if he wanted to fuck Hunny's mouth or cunt. As soon as she did, Phil unceremoniously unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock, and pressed it against Hunny's wet pussy. I want you to cum hard for me my slut, my little fucktoy." Nick grasped the chain between her breasts, and began to tug on it rhythmically, matching Phil's hard thrusts into Hunny's juicy cunt. While she was pre-occupied with the delicious mouthful, Nick looked over at Linda and quietly said, "now." Grinning, Linda eagerly crawled over to Hunny, gently pushing her thighs apart and stroking her tongue over the cream-filled pussy. Hunny watched as Scott knelt behind Linda, pulled up her skirt, and began fucking her.


The Big Birthday Treat Ch. 2

group HangingChad 2018-05-25

He turns around, pulls his boxers down, but before he can show the girls what they want to see, Emily yells out, "Nice ass!" She then gets up from her spot on Jen's bed, and gives Frank's ass a good smack. Frank looks directly into her young eyes and says, "Good girl." Lauren smiles in a shy way. All the big girls say cock, not thing." Wanting to prove to Frank that they are indeed big girls, one by one they each say the magic word. "You must be very gentle with them when you touch them." Lauren looks at Frank and says, "You mean, we're going to touch them?" "Only if you want to girls," Frank says.

Desert Heat - Pt 19

group jdwhitings 2018-05-25

A young, good looking guy turned the corner and asked if he could help by taking the stuff that Ginger had in her hands up to the counter. Ginger looked at me, smiled and asked if we could talk about arrangements now and they said to follow them to their back room. Ginger looked up at her and then pulled her blouse open to the one side, revealing her breast to the waitress and asked if she liked what she saw. I told her we didn’t order it and she said it was for Ginger’s birthday and I started to say it wasn’t her birthday and Sherry gave me a look telling me to be quiet and go along with her.

Almost Enough Gangbangs

group mitchawa 2018-05-25

"Oh, you've got a nice one, let me try it out." She straddled his lap, pulled her pussy lips apart, and spindled herself on his shaft groaning, "Aaaaugh, I needed that." She sat still enjoying being filled, and she lifted her breasts to his face. "I told you before I don't like the butt plug." Aside from the invasion of her ass she enjoyed the good tasting cock in her mouth, the throbbing on her nipples and massaging of her body, and she especially liked the rod being run in and out of her passageway. Each cock and each stroke added to her pleasure and when the fourth man massaged her clit as he pounded her sent waves of electric-like shocks throughout her body and mind and she climaxed with a howl: "I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming, daaaaaamn!"


Flirting with The Neighbors Ch. 03


"We'll let you out of the pool, Bonnie, if you take our cocks in your mouth," said Jim holding out his stiff cock to her while stroking it. "C'mon, Bonnie, just mouth my cock a little," said Jim, "and we'll let you climb out of the pool and dry off." All three men were rewarded with Bonnie briefly taking their stiff pricks in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head of their cocks and cupping their balls in her hand. "You know," he said holding his hand up to his mouth acting like he was sucking a cock.

One of These Nights

group Eagle1 2018-05-25

I could see Jamie eyeing us from the bar, so I moved in a little closer to Cathy and we started to dance dirty. When she'd come out of her room, I would have liked to fuck Cathy right then and there, but didn't want to pressure Jamie any more than was necessary. Cathy had just told a joke and we were all laughing when Jamie suddenly, and uncharacteristically, reached over and started stroking her breast. Just when she started stroking my ass more urgently, I obliged her desires, stealthily slipping my dick back inside her needy hole as she let out a long squeal of delight.


Tales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 18

group Andyhm 2018-05-25

"Let me check around," Simone said, "I know she has an address book." Angie said, "I think you need to call the university as well and see if she's been in class this week." Angie and Simone looked at me, I was pacing up and down the room as I spoke. He said Angie had already called to say Lisette was missing. Simone said, "I suppose he would just have needed to say that there was a problem with the children or her family and he'd been sent to get her. Simone said, "The police think that it's misguided revenge; they suspect he wants to take something precious from us. Angie walked into the room and said, "It doesn't feel right getting a dress fitting while Lisette is in danger."


Stranger in The Night

group lickingwet 2018-05-25

After asking to be introduced to our madame, Sherri, Melanie walked around the room, looking each one of us up and down, like the first impression was the only thought she would take of each one of us, her cowboy boots clicking on the wooden floors. My jaw slacked a little to moan, but as it did, my cunt, wet with my thrill and the come of the various men I had had that night, filled with three of her fingers and I let the air ring out with a pleased, "Mmm." I caught myself, heard my own voice. I must have looked scared for the other girls to hear us, because Melanie said, "Aww fuck them.

Celluloid Carrie

group restrained 2018-05-25

Nick calls and asks Carrie to be in full 80's porn flick lingerie, nylons, and heels, whatever she likes. Nick is acting like a director and asks Sal, Jen, and Ed to come down to the rec room with him. The camera guys asks Jen to pull my cock out of Sophia when it's ready to shoot. Nick decides we will end with Ed and Sal cumming on Jill and Carrie's face. She asks Carrie what we all have planned for the evening and Carrie in a matter of fact way tells Loni that she is going fuck me and Holly all night long.


Evolution Ch. 04

group mikey2much 2018-05-25

Jamie came up onto the road that enters the park only to be faced with a line of cops standing in front of two cars that sat side ways across the road. Holding a hard dick in each hand Jamie turned and lowered his head onto Simon's smallish cock. As he spoke those words Jamie took the length of Simon's dick into his mouth, he started to suck and swirl letting his tongue do a sensual zigzag as it pushed up against the fat underbelly of this cock in his mouth. Jamie was as hot as a firecracker as he sucked and fondled Simon and James was driving him to the point of another climax with his hands and the things that he was whispering in his ear.