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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Koh Samui Afternoon

group indiajones 2018-05-25

"Hey no fair," said Priya as she saw me playing around with Nan. Reaching back she undid her bikini top and guided Jim's hands to her firm breasts motioning him to massage her breasts. After a short while of thrusting his hips hard Jim squealed as his cock convulsed in Priya's anal channel emptying his tiny balls into her. "I want to watch you fuck Nan," said Priya releasing Jim's erect cock from her mouth. He squealed as Priya stuck a manicured finger into his arsehole, and finger fucked him in rhythm with his strokes with Nan. The double stimulation proved too much for him as he climaxed almost immediately, his softening dick falling from Nan's dripping pussy as he fell back on his haunches now obviously spent.

Sex with My Ex Plus One

group aimeesassets 2018-05-25

Dave took off my teddy and I felt like a doll as both the men carried me to the bedroom, and soon I was lying on the bed, legs open, pussy wet and nipples hard. Dave started to kiss me as Matt knelt between my legs and started to lick my pussy, paying special attention to my clit, his familiar tongue going around and around it. Matt knelt in front of my face and I took his soft dick in my mouth and started to suck and lick our cum off it, paying special attention to the slit at the top which I remembered he liked.

Alicia & Shelly, Swinging

group simaddict 2018-05-25

We changed places and he sat on the seat while I rode his cock facing the front seat because I wanted to watch Shelly fucking. Shelly was riding Collin's cock facing the back seat so we could watch each other fuck. It thrilled me beyond words to feel Collin's cock sliding in and out between Shelly's butterfly lips, his pubic hair bumping the back of my hand. I don't honestly know what thrilled me more, the feel of Collin's velvety cock, or feeling Shelly's pussy lips clinging lovingly to the slick shaft buried deeply within her. We took seats at the round table, I sat across from Shelly and Collin sat across from Travis.


Bisexual Bonking in the Bushes

group danielblue 2018-05-24

The stranger's hands alternated stroking Jeff's thigh's and ass with tugging on his balls and prodding into his butt crack. The stranger gave one savage thrust and was soon buried deep in Jeff's ass, all the way to his fine blonde pubic hair. The stranger didn't miss a beat; he carried on stroking Jeff's ass and smiled at Helen. But then the blonde man withdrew from Jeff's ass and Helen saw the size and beauty of his cock. The blonde stranger rocked between man and wife, pleasured in cock and ass and when his orgasm came it was so intense he sounded like a stuck pig.

It's One Big Party

group patdown 2018-05-24

While Elaine was using three fingers to grease up my ass Jodie rubbed my back and squeezed my butt cheeks while tapping her 12 inch strap on against my ass saying, "What a sweet man ass you've got there Sam I love a nice big boy butt fuck. As she worked the first few inches in and out I was feeling good, having taken Lance's monster cock I was used to the size but as Jodie went deeper the thought crossed my mind that her big dong was never going to go soft and she could plow deep until she got tired, that made me close my eyes and take a breath.


Poker Party, Adult Style

group VirginiaK 2018-05-24

The rules were exactly like Texas hold'em (if you haven't played, it a shared poker game where everyone has two cards of their own and play a community hand of 5 more. One of the guys offered to sell her a chip for a kiss, which she smiled and took him up on. I clearly became a target, as the guys in the room (and perhaps a few of the women) wanted me out of my bra as quickly as possible. Finally took my bra off (to cheers in the room), let guys suck on my nipples. One really cute guy, Tommy, had been trying to get me to do the back room for nearly a half an hour, and I finally gave in.

rainy days and mondays

group daveeltnam 2018-05-24

Continuing to caress your body , her hand now moving over your knickers she without hesitation slipped cautiously a hand inside, waiting for a reaction, which would have resulted in her hand being removed quickly if not appropriate, with no reaction from you, Sarah continued to massage your bottom cheeks allowing her fingers to pass over the entrance of your bottom. You did as you were told as no request now would have been disobeyed, Moving to the head of the table Sarah placed a small piece of material over your eyes and without hesitation proceeded to raise her uniform, pulled her gusset to one side and place her wet pussy over your mouth allowing the juices to be smelt by your nose which was only millimeters away.

The Conference

group Elixxxher 2018-05-24

This was a nice start to his 'vacation' Colin thought to himself as he walked to the baggage area, and although he probably wouldn't see the woman again, she was a lovely image to think about just the same. "What brings you to this beautiful hotel, Colin?" Jen asked as she covered his hand with her other one as she leaned in a bit closer. Starting with quick breakfast and coffee before the opening remarks from a top engineering consultant, he'd spotted Jen at a nearby table and noticed a thin smile on her face as her head turned ever so slightly in his direction. Jen tentatively took the next step into the hot water and leaned forward to grasp Colin's hand while steadying herself on the tub's edge.


Becoming a Starr

group Brittni4u 2018-05-24

Would you mind spreading your legs and showing us that beautiful pussy of yours?" Dennis first complimented then requested before grabbing the hand held camera to get a closer shot. The cool air felt good against my lips and the thought of the camera showing my most private part caused the excitement inside of me to rise. When I began to run my finger in and out of my mouth like I was giving it a blowjob, Dennis deeply groaned, "Ohhh fuck. I need to get some of that sweet innocent pussy," Dennis desperately exclaimed while helping me up and walking me to the desk with camera still in hand.


Phone Sex

group naughtylane 2018-05-24

Tell her to give me the cock!" Her voice was almost panicked as her desire increased with each stroke of Anna's deft, pink tongue on her wet pussy lips. Penny met Anna's thrusts with her own hips, grinding their bodies together like they used to, fucking like nothing else mattered, their pussies trembling with a deep hot desire as they rubbed together, mixing their musty wetness. Anna came suddenly again, bucking her hips hard into her friend as she screamed and Penny knew she too was there. She felt the orgasm break and wash over her, held back at first, suspended in time, than powerfully contracting everything below, flushing her body with languorous pleasure as she furiously humped Anna below her, forcing the hard cock deep into her contracted pussy.

Visual Pleasures

group Many Feathers 2018-05-24

I began pleasuring myself while she watched, while she in turn began teasing her clit first with the toy, long before slipping it deeply inside her, fucking herself. And then I began doing just that, watching as what felt like a gallon of sperm began to rocket out the end of my prick, spraying all over her magnificent breasts, coating them in what became a torrent of cream that soon ran down between them, soaking her skirt around the waist band even, though she certainly didn't seem to mind that at all. So I simply sat there, watching the trickle of my own come slowly drip down along the side of my prick while Carol furiously fucked her cunt with the toy, simultaneously frigging her very exposed clit now with her hand and fingers, pinching...pulling, even slapping it as she slid the toy in and out of herself.


The Gala Ch. 01

group Ashleigh_C 2018-05-24

The couple sat upon the small twin bed for a moment, the frat brother sloppily kissing Amy's neck as his large hands squeezed and kneaded her tits through her cotton tee shirt and lightly padded bra. Her eyes still struggling to readjust to the darkness, Amy tried to follow the stranger's progress as he made his way across the room to a pine desk situated across from the foot of the bed in which she still grinded into her lover's lap, eliciting grunts of pleasure from his lips. Suddenly Amy felt Mike's cock quickly and frantically pulse inside of her, spasming as it tried to send jets of his seed deep inside of her but instead filling the rubber reservoir of the condom.



group BadgerBabe11 2018-05-24

"You know, I've always thought you were really hot but I didn't want to say anything when you were with Dylan," Ethan said suddenly, looking Liz in the face to see her reaction. Chloe broke off the kiss and took Liz's hand, leading her into the bedroom where she found Ethan frantically looking for his shirt. "Mmmm, inside you," Chloe looked at Liz with lust in her eyes, then moved between her legs and lapped at her pussy, which was wet again with her own juices, which mixed with Ethan's cum oozing between her lips. Ethan felt like he was about to blow his load, so he pulled out of Chloe's soaked pussy, stood up, and allowed Liz to take him into her mouth.

Birthday Surprise

group dirksteele 2018-05-24

"we're going to make out like you want, but you're going to be too busy eating our pussies to see it," she said and lowered her pussy on to my face, pulling her strap-on to the side so I could push my tongue against her wetness. She stroked my hard cock a few times, but returned both hands to my hips as she drove harder and faster into me, finally letting loose with another yell as she came again., holding herself deep inside me with the vibrator pressed against her clit. Kate's mouth found my cock and she bobbed up and down on it a few times as Ali drove in and out of my ass, but then she stood and began caressing Ali's large boobs and kissing her, finally letting me see them enjoying each other.

Ski Weekend Surprise

group jpbiguy 2018-05-24

Only Kelly and I as well as Sydney and Kyle had lasted past "Nice body, firm, muscular, you know..." I felt Kelly's hand and I felt Kyle's cock slip between my thighs and he let out a low moan. As things got late, all events fell into place much to Kelly's Kelly had taken hold of Kyle's cock again and was pressing the rustled a little behind me and Kelly let my cock fall from her mouth. over to Kelly who took a break from kissing Kyle to have a taste of David's Kyle was half hard again and Kelly Kelly handled her triple fucking like it was a walk in the park. Kyle rolled off of Kelly completely exhausted.

Victoria the Slut Ch. 02

group Lifeisgood21 2018-05-24

The next time she stopped to take a breath I grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and started to fuck her mouth while she played with her clit and pulled at her nipples. I grabbed three drinks for each of us and made my way back to where I left Vic. By the time I got back to our little corner table I could to see Vic dancing surrounded by a group of guys. "Well actually she is a big slut." I continued, "Aren't you babe?" I asked Vic with Rob and Tyler looking on. We all heard her say that, Rob and Tyler stood up releasing her tits from their mouths "Wow the little slut is into this!" Rob said laughing and twisting a nipple.


First Threesome

group bluewaterguy 2018-05-24

She said "then come over here and suck on this nipple" and pulled my head towards her left breast. We complied as she directed and she took our stiff cocks one in each hand and began to slowly jack them licking one and then the other while we fingered her hairy pussy and pinched her nipples. She huskily said to Tracy "fuck me while I suck on Dave's dick". He tried a few times and finally I said "hold on" and I withdrew my cock almost all the way out of her pussy. Tracy was the first to come but he left his stiff dick inside of her ass as she continued to hump my cock.

natalias night out xxx

group bobafettshelmet 2018-05-24

I felt like such a sexy woman, nay, goddess, when, as each of them neared cliMax in Cynthia's hot pussy, they switched off to mine and, bucking wildly, screaming out even, filled me with load after load of their sticky, sweet, warm and wonderful come. Do you love it that I fuck other men and bring home delicious come for you to drink from my pussy? "Do you have to ask?" I enthused, "Yes, I love it, I love my hot wife and her delicious pussy filled with her juices and her lover's hot sticky sweet white come."

Dinner and a MMF 3 Way Ch. 02

group Tazz27 2018-05-24

"Jamie, I am not sure why but I need this." were the last words Beth spoke before she wrapped her lips around the young mans cock swallowing all 9 inches with ease. "I think you like my cock more." Jamie said as he could feel Ray's tongue on his shaft. "Come on this is what you wanted wasn't it." Jamie grasped the back of Rays head and started fucking his lips much like he did Beth's Jamie pulled his cock from Ray's mouth and inserted it back into Beth, but this time he did it with one strong thrust. Jamie slowly pulls his cock from Beth's pussy as he stood up stroking his cock looking at Ray still eating the pussy that he had filled with cum earlier.


Liquid Lisa

group Luke 2018-05-24

She turns away from Bobby and sticks her ass up in the air, leaving him staring at her freshly fucked ass hole, dripping with cum. Lisa turns to him, grabs his dick and begins to lick off the creamy white cum that came out of her pussy. Bobby seemed to be able to master his strokes, as he shoved his cock deep inside of her hole, then pulled it out, showing us how it stays wide open and how much juice flows out of her ass hole. She backs up on his cock and begins to hump her ass with his dick deep inside of her. Bobby loses control and cums deep inside of Lisa's ass. Bobby slides his dick out slowly from Lisa's ass, leaving her hole gaping wide.

Jason, Megan, and Lou

group Danman 2018-05-24

As Jason arrived to his dorm room he walked in and his jaw hit the floor.....Lou was lying on his bed with his legs spread and Megan was sucking his cock like there was no tomorrow. Megan took this opportunity and quickly wetting her fingers slid her finger inbetween Lou's ass cheeks and began to slowly circle her finger around his tight hole. Megan and Jason slowly stood up and laid down on the bed on top of Lou. Lou began kissing Megan, tonguing her ear and telling her how hot she was. He then moved onto Megan and sucked Lou's jizz from her pussy, they all met face to face and began to kiss and lick each other sharing the juices.

The Party

group 2018-05-24

He pulled her skirt off and layed her down and spread her legs and began to lick her pussy till his tongue got to her cunt and he then tongue fucked her as he felt her cum and kept swallowing her cum and soon she had cum three times and he then licked her clean and gave her clit a last minute suck. As she lay there well fucked the host grabbed a nude woman with huge tits and shoved her to the girl's pussy and told her to clean her cunt and ass. The girl was now screaming as the men sucked her big melons as the man fucked her cunt hard.

What the Hell Happened to Heather?

group DrMick 2018-05-24

Although I once thought this was a tacky thing for college girls to do, I couldn't deny that the jewel dangling from Heather's navel was making my fully erect dick start to pulsate. And then suddenly, without any hesitation, Heather is taking one of their huge horse cocks right into her mouth...and then slowly down her throat. "God, I fucked so many men in Europe, Carl," Heather said snapping me back into reality. In my mind, I pictured Heather's lips slowly and lovingly sucking on the thick meat of some lucky Euro-trash bastard...while another man spreads her legs and sinks his huge cock into her "good girl" pussy. God, the thought of my girlfriend getting fucked by a roomful of strange European men was turning me on like nothing ever had before.


Birthday Surprise Ch. 02

group Daringtotry 2018-05-24

I realised that Jo was continuing to apply the back massage, so guessed it was Mark that had moved behind me. Mark kept the tip of his tongue nestled as far into my body as my sphincter would allow. I began rocking on my knees, trying to maximise the contact with Mark's darting tongue and fast moving fingers. Frustratingly, and without explanation, Mark removed contact of his hand from my pussy whilst also retracting the tongue that had been inserted into my bottom. I felt the tip of Mark's penis pushing at the entrance to my love tunnel. I could not resist growling and making further attempts to push my face forward, to make contact with Mark.