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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sideline Hottie!

group SidelineHottie 2018-11-19

Together we ran our wet tongues over his sweet balls, each of us pulling one into a hot mouth.  Derrick moaned and lay back on the bed as we rolled them gently around inside our mouths then licked up his long shaft.  Slowly our tongues climbed up his cock until we shared a sexy kiss with his gorgeous head between our lips.  We took turns taking him into our mouths as our hands roamed over each other’s body, kissing each other’s cheek as we took that long pole deep into our mouths, sliding our lips up and down, sucking his delicious cock, making it harder and harder.

Summer Crush-Part 2

group Sandrine 2018-11-19

Chang pressed my face on his cock telling me to suck harder as I jerked Hideki off at the same time. Chang shoved his hard cock in my mouth and Hideki fucked my pussy. “That a girl, that’s a good girl, suck my cock like the slut you are,” Chang moaned. Hideki fucked me faster as Chang thrusted his cock in my mouth. My red, stinging ass was hot-wired to my clit as I slurped at Chang’s cock and Hideki violated my wanting pussy. “Good boy!” Chang said as he pulled his cock out of my mouth eagerly waiting to take his turn inside me. I stroked Hideki he watched Chang fuck me, my body engulfed in sexual pleasure.

taking susan dogging

group theninja 2018-11-19

The men who had followed us into the woods had by now come a lot closer and at least half of them had there cocks out and were wanking away as they watched me finger her cunt, I then pushed her to her knees and pushed my hard cock into her mouth and began to face fuck her, I continued to do this for a while and then got behind her and rammed my cock into her soaking wet cunt and began to fuck her as hard as I could,

Carol - Part Twelve

group mike8253 2018-11-19

I edged up behind Jill, and as Carol continued to hold my lubed shaft at Jill’s opening, I slid my cock through Carol’s sticky, wet hand and into Jill’s waiting hole. As Jill clutched at the bed sheets and pillows, Carol continued to hold my shaft in her lubed hand, and I slowly fucked both Jill’s love canal and Carol’s hand. As Carol held one hand on my ass, she moved her other hand down under Jill and cupped my balls, then held my wet shaft as I thrust into Jill’s love hole again and again, and finally made her way to Jill’s engorged clit.

A cruise with a view

group fn_lvn_guy_13 2018-11-19

Of course I was hard as a rock and my wife came over and grabbed my shaft and gave me a big wet kiss and told me to enjoy the show! He laid her on the bed and I could see her large nipples were rock hard and pointing straight up the ceiling and she was squirming her legs a little bit which meant her shaved pussy was getting wetter and wetter. Our friend got between her thighs again and started rubbing his semi-hard cock up and down her pussy. After a few minutes, the big guy looked like he was getting ready to pop. The noises were getting louder and louder in the room and the big guy started to explode inside my wife's ass.

Fantasy Night - Part 1

group blin18 2018-11-19

Despite our auto-erotic games in the dorm, I have always thought of myself as very much heterosexual, so I was surprised and a little shocked at the warm tingle of excitement I felt watching the girls getting into position. “But he was only seven inches and I never felt … ,” she searched for the right word, “… full … like with Silver.” And then with a voice hitching with tears, “I thought I would never have an orgasm, and now I finally have one and it’s with a girl. From personal experience you just never know when you’ll be kneeling splay-legged before a man with his hand up your school dress stroking you to orgasm while he’s inviting you back for a night of cataclysmic fucking on his nine inch cock.

Anne's Bust Ch. 02

group kimberlykitten 2018-11-19

So soft and firm for their size," moaned Heather, as she lifted one of Anne's enormous melons to her mouth and started sucking in as much of the tit flesh as possible between her eager lips. Anne's body was trembling at an all time high with both Greg and Heather's mouths plowing away at her delicious virgin cunt. Once half of his huge cock was inside Anne, Heather grabbed Greg's balls and began rolling them in her palms. Greg immediately started pounding her cum-drenching cunt and watched in amazement as Anne's enormous sweaty breasts rolled all over his chest. After Greg finished cumming, Anne and Heather took turns cleaning his cock off with their mouths and pretty much sucked him back to hardness.

Big Women Sex Stories

group Samuelx 2018-11-19

A five-foot-ten, average-faced, thick-bodied, wide-hipped, big-bottomed and bow-legged black woman from Chicago. This five-foot-eight, bronze-skinned, round-faced, shifty-eyed, large-breasted, wide-hipped and big-bottomed Mexican woman found her sexual talents in demand in this new country. Master Ebony was a tall, good-looking black man. One of the most sought-after bachelors in America, a professional football stud who had women throwing themselves at him had to pay for sex because he feared what people would say if they discovered he liked large women. Michael Lamont, the handsome Frenchman looked at Kali, the gorgeous large black woman. It's always good to see a man who likes large women. Michael lay on the bed and gently stroked that fine hair of hers as Kali began sucking on his erect manhood.

Strangers in My Apartment

group wardsteadman 2018-11-19

Before I could open my eyes or even spin my head around I felt two pairs of hands on my body. My dick began to harden at the touch and no sooner had its growth began when I felt a pair of lips latch on to it through the fabric of my pants. A hand went to my balls, caressing them ever so gently and while a pair of lips went along the length of my shaft and engulfed one of my balls in its mouth. I so terribly wanted to run my hands over these two bodies and explore their breasts, nipples, stomachs, asses, pussies, the whole nine yards. With that she began to bounce up and down on my dick as Eva continued to get even more and more acquainted with Sasha's pussy.


I thankful I live in Georgia

group woreout 2018-11-19

I was busy for a few minutes and didn't notice that he had picked her up and was walking around the shop still fucking her , her legs where tightly around his waist and he had her ass cheeks in his hands and he raised and lowered her onto his now foamy cock. I gave them a few minutes before I walked around the corner to see what they where up I wiped my hands with a rag I watched him set in one of the chairs beside the pool , my wife turned her back to him and eased her ass hole down onto his cock...he pulled her legs up on either side of his his cock fully buried in her.

Club Roxy

group chesty_tight_lick 2018-11-19

One Saturday morning, I found myself sitting on my bed, fingering the business card of Tony, the guy who installed the pole and platform, and wondering if he’d be available for some night work. I was so lost in lust thinking about Damien and Simon watching Tony and me that I didn’t realize his rock-hard prick was right in my face until the thing bounced off my nose, leaving a splat of precome in its wake. I got in touch with Damien and Simon and told them I was canceling our cam-date because I was inviting them to join me and another friend at Club Roxy on Saturday night.

Feels Like - 4. How it started.

group JM_fantasy 2018-11-19

“We had had a few drinks, then came back to my dorm room because I had explained to her that her birthday present was there. She was also loosely bound to the bed with silky ribbons, with the knowledge that she could pull free at any time, but I warned that could spoil her present. I handed her the vibrator, which was originally intended to be the whole birthday present. The low hum of the vibrator came to life, and Tegan uttered, ‘Oh, Jack!’ I couldn’t believe the enthusiasm in her voice. “Yeah, just as we got going, Riva grabbed her by the hair and kissed her. Riva slipped off the blindfold, ‘Riva!??’ she gasped, and we both said: 'Happy Birthday!'” I said. Watching Riva and Tegan undressing each other...

Call Me Daddy

group iamanenigma 2018-11-19

"I want you to fuck me," she says, sighing as Phil slips his hand right between her legs and strokes her through her jeans as the Indian man starts fiddling with her button and zip, trying to get it open. "I want you to fuck me, James," she gasps as the Indian man finally gets her jeans unzipped and Phil slips his hand inside, catching her clit between two fingers and pinching it while the Indian man buries his face in her chest. Quinn obeys, rhythmically squeezing the bulge as James lets his head hang low with his eyes closed, whispering, "Fuck me, Quinnie...You have perfect hands..." Khan opens his eyes wide and looks at Phil's face before letting his gaze drop down to Quinn's chest.

Hijab Lesbian Orgy

group Samuelx 2018-11-19

That Friday night after Jummah prayers in the mosque, I went to visit my friend Fatima Kader, a young Somali-born British woman who studies computer science at Algonquin College and brought our mutual friend, University of Ottawa medical student Khadija Abdullah with me. Fatima and I are lovers, and our friend Khadija is like us, a young woman who is sexually attracted to other women. While I kind of hesitated because receiving penetration isn't something I'm really into, Khadija squealed in delight and got on the carpeted floor, spreading her legs invitingly in Fatima's general direction. I watched, fascinated, as Fatima really went to town on Khadija, pulling off her hijab and grabbing her hair, smacking her face and biting her shoulder as she thrust the dildo deep into her cunt.


Webmeets Diary Ch. 06

group starbelliedboy 2018-11-19

Having achieved this, I glanced at my two partners: Pat was also hard and slowly jerking off watching himself fucking his wife doggy while she sucked another, rather swarthy looking, man's cock on the screen; next to him Ai Ling caught my eye and smiled, as she lightly touched her clitoris with one finger, barely in contact with it, and I saw she wasn't watching the screen but us two. I risked using one free hand to play with myself, managing to get myself pretty hard considering how I usually was with anal sex, then pulled my head away from the juicy pussy, pushing Ai Ling back, not saying anything as I moved forward, going slow so Pat would stay inside me, until I was in position.

The Saturday Night Club

group older-wiser13 2018-11-19

At the same time a tall white guy with dark shoulder-length hair and a really thick dick was groaning and fucking her mouth. One time a few weeks ago, she almost started laughing as they were doing this because the thought crossed her mind that it felt like she was trying to stuff a tennis ball in her mouth. They showed up right on time with an extraordinarily pretty young woman who had straight black hair and the kind of full ass that he liked. When they saw the black man put his mouth on the fat cock they each let out a short groan and their fucking got faster.

Fucking in porno movie - true story

group Jaque69 2018-11-18

We got a couple seats two rows below, There were some guys already playing with themselves as they watched the movie. Rick is squeezing my nipples, I come again from the friction of the other guy's fingers in my cunt. The guy hooks 2 fingers in my pussy and finds my g-spot, rubs it and I pushed against his fingers, I came like crazy and I felt a lot of my juices running down his hand and my leg. One was playing and rolling my hard nipples between his fingers and I felt I was about to come again, the other guy has two fingers up my cunt and finger fucking me.

Train Rides and Golf Clubs

group nickitaylor 2018-11-18

At first he almost pushed his way into my bum, but I seriously think he would have done me some damage, so I guided his cock into my soaking wet pussy and let him fuck me from behind. Simon unzipped himself and pulled his trousers down his thighs, then thrust his cock at me and said, "Go on, slut--suck on that." It was a nice looking young cock--smooth and slender. Simon was fucking my mouth with a will, and one of the other lads was deep in my dripping wet cunt (talk about sloppy seconds) the other two getting the hand jobs seemed to be just waiting their turns. Then one of the other two (a much thicker, but shorter cock) took Simon's place and started fucking my mouth.

Getting There

group peaches 2018-11-18

Nika kept sucking, feeling the warmth of his big hard cock getting deeper into her throat. One guy gave Nika his cock and she put it in her mouth, it was big and hard, while another started licking her ass and pussy. Nika thought to herself could this be worth it, was this really her, a dirty bitch only good for fucking guys and pleasuring their every needs. Nika got dressed, but while she was getting dressed the guys stared at her like she was a goddess or an angel from heaven as she slowly put her bra on, followed by her thong and her black skirt and top.

A Psychopath's Paradise

group Samuelx 2018-11-18

Alan really didn't like a black female officer being among the corrections people. One day, my man Alan had a black inmate eliminated, and that didn't sit too well with Janice. Yeah, the macho leader of the white supremacist gang was caught on camera getting his ass fucked by a black woman wearing a strap on dildo. In front of three thousand male inmates and almost two hundred corrections officers, Big Brenda and I fought each other. After winning the boxing championship for the inmates, I had become the prison's favorite man. Lots of these young black and Latino guys are gay or bisexual, but are worried about the entire prison finding out.

Mrs. Jessup's House (part four)

group Green_Man 2018-11-18

One day in the spring, after the desert winter had passed, my girlfriend Sarah came to Mrs. Jessup's house one evening from volley-ball practice, surprising me and Carol by bringing the whole team with her. I got another rubber out and then one girl put her long leg over my waist and slowly lowered herself onto my cock. She turned her fluffy head back to me and told me to get to it so I crammed my cock into her pussy and began pumping and pumping. It seemed to go on for a long time, but finally from her moans and huffing sounds I could tell she was coming.

Banging In the New Year

group WayneGibbous 2018-11-18

My hands were on Amanda's lovely breasts, feeling, squeezing, rubbing her nipples as she put her fingertips in a circle and began twisting back and forth over the head of my cock like it was a twist-off cap. Now, naked, my cock hard and ready, I went over and took the dildo from Jerry and began stroking his wife with it while he began embracing Sharon. I think she was sucking so hard on Jerry that he went right after she started, then my cock started filling my wife's mouth and right at the beginning of the first chorus of Auld Lang Syne, the one that is about 'taking a cup of kindness, yet,' that was when Sharon began humping my face as she moaned and groaned.

Nude Beach Experience Part 2

group mlaurie827 2018-11-18

I knew Peter was watching my husband and my husband was watching Peter because both of them were fucking our mouths so hard and fast… At this point I was truly no longer interested at watching Angela sucking my husband’s cock… I only wanted to suck Peter and taste another man’s cum… it’s been 12 years since another man came in my mouth and today I was going to taste another man’s cum. He grabbed my head and held it still while he slowly and deeply pushed his cock in and out of my mouth… I rubbed my pussy and fingered myself….first sticking one finger then two and finally three fingers deep inside my pussy… fucking myself deep and hard while Peter fucked my mouth, showing no mercy… I was gagging and taking that big fat cock in my mouth… his pre-cum dripping down my chin when he finally pulled out and let me breathe….

Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 12

group kimberlykitten 2018-11-18

"Well, Britt, since you probably wouldn't like scooping up the horse crap, I'll let you milk the cows then," said Babe as she handed Brittany a bucket. You've got some of the best tits in the world," moaned the man as he gripped onto the sides of Brittany's breasts and helped her hold them as she moved them up and down his dick. Brittany's eyes got wide as she looked down between the undernourished man's legs and saw a humongous cock with giant plum like balls hanging from it. Earl captured, as much of Brittany's right tit in his mouth as possible, sucking down hard on her breasts while his tongue flicked her big nipple.