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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Las Vegas Fantasy

group cumquick 2018-05-24

Maria began to lick and suck on Cathy's pussy very slowly and lightly as Cathy let out a sigh of excitement. David inserted his dick into Maria's waiting, drooling cunt and began to fuck her as she sighed with pleasure. Maria ceased her licking and moved beside Cathy while David was thrusting in and out ever faster. Bill was next with a shout of joy as he shot his load of jizz into Cathy's waiting cunt which set her off again with another big orgasm. Maria moved between her legs to lick at the semen oozing out of Cathy's twat. David came over to kiss and lick Cathy's mouth as I sucked Masria's delicious juices from his cock.

Hot Summer's Night

group yayo233 2018-05-24

"Mmmm, tastes like lemonade," Jennifer said before diving into Sandy's waiting pussy with her tongue and fingers. I continue to suck and lick her and I feel Jennifer's tongue working in and out of Sandy's pussy from behind. As Jennifer continue's to probe Sandy's ass with her tongue, I stick my thumb into her pussy and begin to suck and flick her clit feverishly with my tongue. I begin to fuck Jennifer slowly from behind as Sandy continues to suck and lick her clit. As I pulled out I watch as my juices dripped from Jennifer's pussy into Sandy's mouth as she too moaned out in uncontainable pleasure as she came on her own fingers.

Beth's Birthday Threesome

group Bardsong 2018-05-24

I wasn't exactly surprised; Beth had told me about her bisexuality shortly after we started dating, and Lila was a good friend of hers and very easy on the eyes. I looked down and saw that Lila's hand was now full-on rubbing Beth's pussy through her black lace panties. I didn't want to leave Beth unattended, so with my free hand I pulled her dress and bra strap down her shoulder and arm, exposing her nipple. As they went at it, Lila moved her hands to Beth's shoulders and began to slide her bra straps down. Beth must have put her mouth to work right then, because Lila let out a little yelp of pleasure and clenched her ass for a moment before relaxing again.


Slut for a Night

group Jamie_in_dresses 2018-05-24

Now Fuck off and lock the door on yer way out." Chris replied before sinking his hot lips down onto my neck and resuming his long slow gorgeous pelvic thrusting. Might have te give that a try." Andy comes closer, looking me in the eye as I revel in the feel of Chris's hot hard shaft sliding deeply. I'm getting lost in the fucking, we changed positions a couple of times, I'm in heaven his cock and hands and mouth are amazing and it is feeling really really good when......... "Look at her mouth, Johnny, fucking gorgeous lips she's got!" This was from Andy, leering at me. Johnny came first filling my mouth with his cum,, then Andy and Chris both shouting out their orgasms, pounding into me with all their might.

Confessions Ch. 04

group SensualCealy 2018-05-24

Finding Mark in the middle of the room, Carla walked up to him, taking him by the shoulder and kissing him hard on the lips. Spreading her legs to rest over the arms, he spread her lips wide to show his shaft dipping in and out as Carla worked her way at Mark's cock. “You want a hot cock in your mouth again baby face?” he asked as he slipped free from his jeans. Standing over Mark with his cock slipping between Carla’s lips, Jim rocked his hips in rhythm with Keith. “I have something else in mind, anyone want to join me in the billiards room?” Mark asked as he turned, grabbing a beer on the way to the basement.

Educating Stan Part 2

group ondrae74 2018-05-24

Picking up a deck of cards off the table, I said "Anyone for a little poker?" Stan smiled, he loved poker because he always won, and replied "Sure baby, let me get the chips." I looked at Judy and smirked "I have an idea! Sitting back down and spreading my legs once more, displaying my pussy thru my now soaked panties, I said " We want you to oil your cock up and show us how you stroke it." He looked at Judy like he thought she might call it off but she just smiled, rubbing her pussy thru her sheer panties, saying "Yeah, baby jack that dick off for us."

Fun with Trevor and Maggie

group RobinAmourous 2018-05-24

They introduced themselves in return as Trevor and Maggie and offered me a seat at their table. Shortly after being inside, Maggie grabbed me and planted a huge kiss on my lips. Maggie broke our kiss as Trevor placed his hands on our exposed backs. In and out, his cock moved from my mouth as my head swam with the ocean of lust inside it. I watched as removed her hand and began taking more and more of him into her mouth. After nearly a minute she pushed her face forward taking all of Trevor into her mouth and throat. Trevor groaned from pleasure before Maggie pulled off of him. Maggie and I kissed again and licked Trevor's semen off of each other.

Maggie Ch. 02

group smiles1277 2018-05-24

After Maggie licked Mr. Safran's cock clean, she worked her way up his body to his mouth and gave him a passionate kiss. Justin leaned over to grab some KY jelly out of his night stand, and worked some into Maggie's ass while he continued pumping into her cunt. Justin felt Maggie's orgasm, and thought it would be the perfect time to work his cock into her ass. You're going to enjoy every minute of it my dear." Justin started pumping his cock in and out of her ass. Watching this sweet little thing getting pounded in the ass by his son, while she sucked his cock was too much for him.

The Test

group craigool 2018-05-24

Jenny and Selena quickly agreed that they couldn't have me running around with them without knowing for sure if I was a lez or not." Bev said shakily. Jenny said it was time to start the second part, and Cassy touched them, so gently, yet firmly, knowing precisely what would turn a woman on. I knew the way you made me feel when you go down on me, and if Cassy was anywhere near that good, I was going to have several orgasms, every one without you." Bev said softly. The thought of Selena and Jenny watching me lick out Cassy's pussy drove me over the edge, and my body shook with a tremendous climax.


Camping Trip

group Pholkie Phred 2018-05-24

But , having the summer off, we decided to take a trip around the state (NY) and down to VA for a week or two, culminating in a stop at her folks place in Buffalo. Long before we got to Buffalo, we lived the rugged, rough and tumble life of the neo-Hippie with a day-job. I can see how little sis was a tad frustrated when I met her big sister. Little sis was asleep at my left while on my right a vision of splendor was tempting me to trip the light fantastic with her. She urged me to slide my dick between her breasts and gently, so as not to wake little sister, slide it forward into her waiting mouth.

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 04

group SilverFox300 2018-05-24

There were very attractive, young women with Jason and me and well-conditioned and good looking young men with Bronwyn and Dana. Dana and Bronwyn had came dressed in simple frocks, as John had asked when he called, which buttoned down the front. When her breathing had calmed, the sound of motors whirring began again and Dana was raised to a position above Bronwyn. She smiled broadly and reaching out with her hands, began to slowly jerk them off, while gently licking Dana's pussy and rocking on Jason and my cocks. John said, "To start the performance, I want each of you to come up on the stage just as you did today, in the following sequence: first, you Brett, then, Jason, then, Dana and finally, Bronwyn.


New Years Eve Party

group moodcouple 2018-05-24

Ron stood up, pulled his pants down, and instructed all of the women to “suck my cock.” One at a time, each woman knelt in front of Ron and worked his big dick in and out their mouths a few strokes. After Carolyn came, rubbing her wet pussy all over my face, we separated and she and Chris started groping each other. Somehow Bob, with his cock still in Pat’s mouth, began giving head to Steph. I recall at some point fucking Denise from behind as she was kissing Bob - who had Pat riding his cock. Ron, Carolyn, Chris and Steph went on home, but Bob and Denise stayed over the night.


group 2018-05-24

I've seen both Sara and Dani before both in solo sessions and a previous duo. I had sent an email a day or 2 before to find out where they would be then called the day of to set the exact time. We chit chatted for a couple minutes while we got comfortable and then Sara got me started with a CBJCovered Blow Job, fellatio with a condom.. Sara read me right and turned me over to Dani for the FSFull Service, Vaginal intercourse to completion . full service - BJ + Sex part of the session at just the right time. We all got dressed and chit chatted for the rest of my time.

My Family's Nudist Colony? Ch. 12

group regularguy13 2018-05-24

She grabbed her mom's arm for support and the two of them walked over to Paul, Peter and Pablo, the three guys they played volleyball with the other day. Peter elbowed Paul and the two answered at the same time, "We like." The curvy Chloe was always stunning. Peter handed Angie and Chloe a Jell-O shot and took one for himself as the other took theirs and said, Paul said, "In our version of 'Truth or Dare' you take a Jell-O shot after every question. Piper grabbed a shot for herself and Chloe and said, "You made the right choice, you look great. Paul and Peter chatted with mother and daughter while Piper and Pablo lunged into the cabin laughing as they went.

Friends & Benefits

group C Love 2018-05-24

Sheila had a sexy, seductive look in her eyes as she grabbed the back of my head and began to pull me in for a kiss. She turned her head to kiss him, while keeping her left hand on my ass, making sure I didn't pull away. Sheila turned her head towards mine, reached her right hand over my right shoulder, cupping the back of my neck, and pulled me in for a kiss. While my left hand was up her blouse, groping her left breast and nipple, Sheila was leaning towards Jamie, with whom she was locked in a passionate kiss while continuing to satisfy him with her left hand.

The Tenants

group EuropaSpins 2018-05-24

Turn that thing off!" David laughed and reached around Anne for the bucket, tossing soap and contents at Scott's head. Scott was built like wall of bricks, as tall as David he spent so much time in the gym that Anne often thought him muscle bound. "Is that you never shut up." Anne blinked and tilted her head up slightly, then back away from Scott, effective pushing David's mouth closer to her ear. "Well yea, it does have a zipper you know." Scott moved into the room and slowly lifted her right arm up, his head bent down above her breast. The hand on her thigh pushed slightly, raising her dress and easing between her legs "Besides Annie, Scott and I are good friends.


Bi MMF Chance Encounter Ch. 02

group Kayden 2018-05-24

At the same time Sally started licking up and down my shaft and tickling the head of my cock with her tongue. Sally spread my ass wider again as I felt the head push a little harder. “Just relax,” he said as he pushed hi hard cock in a small bit at a time. Sally was now moving my cock all the way into her mouth and out again in rhythm with Ryan’s fucking. Ryan started fucking me harder and his cock was now all the way in. Sally moved in closer and grabbed his cock and started sucking it clean as Ryan bend further over to suck the last few drops of cum out of my cock.

Fun in Rio

group icemania 2018-05-24

She withdrew the huge black rubber dong that measured a full ten inches and looked at the glossy mixture of oil and her cunt juices dripping off its thick and incredibly life-like veins and then glanced down at her gaping pussy slowly closing upon itself fascinated by the fact that this huge rubber thing in her hand had been stuffed up that tiny hole. Moving the dildo back to her cunt she thrust it back into the waiting hole in one long fluid motion and at the same time using her left hand to squeeze the nipple she had been licking causing a wave of sexual ecstasy to coarse through her body.

The Welcome Home

group AnonHome 2018-05-24

I don't know who was moaning louder, Sandy or Don. I pulled her hips up, kneeling behind her, and started rubbing my cock against the now dripping lips of her snatch, teasing her. I've never had sex with a woman who was vocal during sex, but Sandy liked to let you know exactly what was going on, so it was no surprise when she started shaking and yelling just as Don was dumping his load in her. We rested for a few minutes, and then finished our shower, and retired to the bedroom, where we took turns enjoying Sandy's talents pretty much all night long.

The Homecoming

group yachtmasteruk 2018-05-24

In the taxi Ned closed his eyes and pictured Clare naked on the bed, her blonde hair splayed over the pillows, dark lashes fluttering against her cheeks, long lean legs stretched out. Not long now and he’d be sliding his rock hard, throbbing cock into Clare’s hot wet pussy. A quick nod from Clare and Sally turned to face Ned. She took his throbbing cock in her hand and started to lick the tip. Clare was quick to lower her head and begin lapping up the wetness as it oozed out around Ned's cock, still firmly embedded inside Sally. He quickly withdrew his hard cock from Sally's soaking pussy and began to wank it, as Clare opened her mouth wide.

Cock Sucking Jail Whore

group germanboi4bbc 2018-05-24

About this time the guy in my mouth started to shoot his hot load down my throat and into my waiting belly. Some guys couldn't wait and I started to feel hot cum hitting my body from several different angles as they shot their hot loads on my body, face, and ass. Some of the guards even had the hots for me and would drag me off to a quiet part of the prison and ram their hard dicks down my throat till they came in my mouth. But in the back of my mind I knew I wanted to be back in prison where I could be fucked by groups of five to ten guys at a time again.

Attempt to Spice it Up

group smackmepls 2018-05-24

I started stroking my cock and looked back at my wife. She was sucking Peter's cock vigorously and she had her hand on the back of Steve's head pulling his face into her pussy. He leaned forward and pushed his enormously hard cock into my wife's pussy. Steve had moved over to the bed and had started fucking Janet right next to Peter and my wife. Then I lifted my wife's hips a bit and pushed my cock into her pussy along with Peter's. He walked over to my wife and grabbed both her wrists, pulled them back and forced his cock into her ass. Steve's face contorted and he pulled his cock out shooting cum all over my wife's back and legs.

Sharing Her Best Friend

group mforj 2018-05-24

I moved closer to Sophie, slowly cupped her cheek in the palm of my hand, stroking her gently. Moving back up to kiss her mouth, I whispered to Sophie that I wanted to taste her. Nibbling and licking my way up her legs, still gently massaging, til I reached her naked cunt. Then I moved back to her face, told her to kiss me, to taste herself on my. He moved me till I was bent over a chest of drawers, my legs spread wide, my wet cunt on display to Sophie. Marcus lay me across the bed, he then moved Sophie til she backed up on me, her body lying directly over mine, her back to my stomach.

The Adventures of Andrew Ch. 03

group Soren338 2018-05-24

Andrew stole a quick glance out the second story window to see Paulina, Kathy's mom, assist her twelve year old daughter Dawn into getting the groceries out of the car. Well well well, Andrew wasn't being a cheating bastard, even though he damn near looked like he was, Ami thought, maybe I'll give him a second chance. Funny in a way." Andrew replied with a sly grin, turning to look only at Ami's face, "He first married some French bitch after Italy. "You mean the hair you grab for a blowjob, the face you fuck, the tits you maul, the ass you screw, and the mouth that works wonders over your big, thick cock." She emphasized "big" and "thick", "But it's the thought that counts."