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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hotwife Orgy part 2

group sly77 2018-05-24

I’ll make sure I give her some extra special attention.” I started to ask him to let me loose but corset girl was glaring at me so I just said “Yes, Sir.” Without so much as a backward glance, Jimmy laughed and walked toward the ladies. As Jim’s cock began to come back to life he pulled away, waved it at me, laughed and moved counter clockwise around the bench to the next hot wife. “I told you before, no touching your own dicklette.” One of the other husbands whispered, “The only way we’re going to get any pleasure is if each of us jerks the guy to his right.” My brain said no way but each of us reached over and took hold of the next cuck’s penis.

Wild Rose #1

group discretion_is_a_must 2018-05-24

Rose went on to tell me that Orlando was a friend and former co-worker of hers- a fit and handsome black man with a big cock that she just loved to suck on and feel deep inside her pussy. As I enjoyed the view of her little asshole peeking at me while my cock violated her cunt, she once again took Orlando's dick in her mouth as he stood in front of her. Needing no further suggestion, I pushed Rose down on her back onto the bed and was quickly on top of her, fucking her pussy deep and hard just as my darker-skinned counterpart had done earlier that hour.

On Lute and On Lyre

group golden smog 2018-05-24

"That's kind," Colin replied lightly, "But I've left someone waiting for me." The dancing women were indeed enticing, but he thought of Owen and Sylvie, and turned his steps back to their parlor. When it happened that Owen and I developed a violent attraction for the same woman, we first had a memorable drunken tavern brawl over her, then sat down like civilized men and talked about what to do." His hand cupped her breast through her gown. Partially undressed, Sylvie allowed herself to be pressed back into the cushions by Colin, who lent over her, running hands across her breasts, and pressing his lips into the hollow of her throat. Colin looked down to where Owen had pushed up the hem of Sylvie's gown, exposing her graceful legs, spread in a delightfully wanton manner.


CvsN 15: All the World's a Stage

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-05-24

"If you'd like some help taking care of that," she said, her hand once more reaching down to caress my straining rod, "I'd be more than happy to assist." She leaned in and whispered to Beth, "Honestly, how does it feel to have that whole thing buried inside of you?" She gave a tug at my towel, and it opened, falling to my feet. "Maybe some other time," Robin finally said, letting go of my cock, but taking one last opportunity to draw her hand down Beth's bodacious body, her fingers brushing against the teen's breasts, down her belly, and even down to the opening between her legs.


Ladies Cocktail Night Ch. 05

group masterandmargarita 2018-05-24

"Liz, I want you to meet Colin," Malena announced as she pointed to her friend with the short sandy blonde hair and blue eyes, "and Anthony," she said as she pointed to her handsome black friend in the grey wool coat and scarf. "Here you go," Liz said as she handed Ted his beer and winked in Finley's direction. Malena had obviously told Anthony and Colin about her wild group sex experience with his wife Vera, Liz and himself, which was certainly fair in this situation. "Yeah, that's Malena's forte," Ted confirmed causing Anthony and Colin to laugh knowingly. "Vera, I would like to introduce you to my guests for the evening, Mr. Anthony Knight and Mr. Colin Keating," Ted announced formally.


Sasha Finds Two Men to Play With

group KentuckyK 2018-05-24

Even though she had no choice, she loved what she was doing, and losing her self in his nut sack, she felt two firm hands grab her hips, putting her into a perfect doggy position, with Jon sitting on her bed with his face in her lap, and tyler starting to explore the insides of her skirt with his fingers, and shortly thereafter his mouth. So she opened her mouth once again as wide as she could, but this time Jon pulled her arms behind her back, both exposing her GIANT breasts to his good friend tyler, and giving him a new wet hole to fuck.

Lori Pt. 03: Lori Has Visitors

group WoodsLord_3540 2018-05-24

Through the front windows I saw, down beside the mailbox, a flash of headlights and thought to myself, "It's time." I turned to Lori, smiled at her and gave her a little kiss. Eric, having been to our house before, took Lori's hand and led her down the hall to our bedroom, and to our bed. Lori, looking a little bemused, gave me a half-smile and a finger wave as they left the living room. "Mike, he was great, I came three times, he came twice just like the guy last night, I felt so good." Lori took his hand and said, with a big smile, "I guess you know what you're here for, right?" She smiled at me and led him down the hall.


Bethany's Birthday Box

group ZotDragon 2018-05-24

Dropping the material to the floor Bethany place her hand over Gia’s pussy for just a moment before the dancer pushed her probing fingers away. She then danced around Bethany for a few more minutes, rubbing her tits and ass alternated against Bethany’s arms, chest and face before finally straddling the guest of honor one last time and, simulating a particularly vigorous session of sex, rubbed her pussy up and down Bethany’s body until she came. My wife isn’t shy about sharing her orgasms with her partners and I’m sure Bethany was surprised and delighted to hear Penny’s gasps and watch her petite body shake uncontrollably under the powerful influence the little death. “Uh-huh,” said Penny, pushing Bethany backwards off Eric whose cock slipped from her sopping cunt.


Fucking with Strangers Ch. 04

group mandywilluk2000 2018-05-24

I moved mine and started to softly massage the cheeks of his bum as Ken concentrated on Paul's left leg and Dani on his right. But as I stroked Pauls bum so Dani would reach across and stroke my breast and Ken would use a tree hand to caress his wife. Paul sucked my nipples for some time, before turning his face to look down at his cock and the male and female hands on it. He and Ken hadn't gone anywhere near that as Dani and I had kissed, cuddled and stroked each other looking on as they alternated with sucking each other's cocks.


Beautiful Stranger

group Lucky_Charm 2018-05-24

I was unaware of what had happened to my boyfriend as I was completely enthralled in the woman now laying on top of me kissing down my neck to my breasts before lightly licking and sucking on my nipples. My boyfriend came to the bed then completely naked and kissed me passionately as this mysterious woman moved her kisses further down my body slipping my panties over my hips and slowly down my legs her kisses moving in their wake. As she reached the heat between my legs my boyfriend moved and slowly slid is cock into my mouth and deep down my throat. I came hard into her mouth and she sat up rubbing her hands along my body and up onto my boyfriend kissing his mouth as he continued to fuck mine.

Sweet and Spicy Horny Toads Ch. 19

group TxRad 2018-05-24

Kim, Sue, Karen, and Martha were lying across the dinning room table. After a few moments of just sucking, Karen started running her lips up and down the shaft and flicking her tongue. Her eyes were wide and got wider as Greg eased his large shaft slowly forward into her vagina. Greg rubbed the head of his manhood in a tight circle over Sue's wet opening. I heard a loud groan and looked to the left to see Sandi and Karla trying to swallow each other's husbands like Sue was Matt. Beth sat down hard on my manhood, while Martha straddled my head and stuck that long clit of hers in my mouth.

Grace Ch. 03

group aristidis 2018-05-24

Grace went quickly on all fours, spreading her legs wide, arching her back, pushing up her ass. The women were on the other side of the cage, only centimeters away from the cocks and tongues sliding into Grace. They saw up close how Grace's area between her legs was red, swollen and throbbing. She was on the floor of the cage on her back, spreading her legs as wide as possible, pushing her pelvis up. Grace turned around and pushed her bum up, opened her ass cheeks with one hand and spread her legs wider. She eagerly spread her legs really wide to give the men and women the best possible access to her red holes.

Revenge... Served Hot

group bigcanuck 2018-05-24

She was wearing nothing but a sexy black bra and thong, and as we stood together at the foot of the bed, looking down at Jen, Shannon began stroking my cock. "I want you to fuck me harder than you ever fucked that stupid bitch," Shannon said as she pulled her face away from mine. "That feels so fucking good Shannon," I said as her head bobbed back and forth on my cock. "Bitch, you have no idea what you're missing," she said, looking over at Jen, who had moved her head so that Shannon's thong wasn't on her face any more. "She fucking loves your cock!" Jen said to me, finally giving in and enjoying the situation.

Here We Go Again

group Grey Eagle 286 2018-05-24

I sat up and got a good look at her as she had changed to a cute little dress and heels. I wasn't ready for that and sat and watched Betty dance with a good looking guy. We talked about Saturday evening and she said that she and Dave had changed their minds and were going to take us by boat to the Yacht Club for dinner and dancing. We joined the guys and Betty walked right up to Bill and kissed him on the lips and welcomed him to her home. Girls, Dave and I were talking while you went to the ladies room trying to figure out how to talk you guys into a little group sex.


For Justin

group califsand 2018-05-24

she teases your ass with the tip of her finger, then slides it in a little bit and I feel your cock swell inside me, stretching me tight around you, you let out a growl and tells us that you're going to cum... I can feel her licking my ass and I'm done, I start to cum, my pussy is so tight, so hot and wet it pulls you in with me and your body tenses up, with one last hard, deep thrust you start your orgasm, your cum pumping out of you and oozing out of my pussy with each thrust, the little bar slut eagerly lapping up both of our juices until we both are totally drained...

Club Pick up

group slapnuts69 2018-05-24

She got on all fours and looked over her shoulder at me and said "Fuck me hard." Only too happy to oblige I got behind her standing and really pummeled her. We got back to the bed and I was ready to crash when she said "Oh yeah, I called my friend Jess, she should be here any minute. She came over and said "Don't stop, be with you in a second" and started digging in her bag. She came over to me while rubbing the dildo with lube, "So you like ass sex huh? Laurie scrambled to get behind her and worked the dildo into Jess' ass. I could feel the dildo in her ass rubbing against my cock and soon it put me over the top again.

The Perfect Couple Ch. 2

group MikeAndJan 2018-05-24

Mike quickly got out with Sherry right behind and, glancing down at Jan's hand on Bob's cock close up, unlocked the door and stepped back for the first couple to go in. "Sounds good to me Sherry." Mike took little time to remove his shirt, jeans, and underwear and had a seat on the couch where he could watch Jan and Bob still standing, now nude, caressing each other and kissing. Sherry finished taking her last item, her panties, off and sat down beside Mike and took his hard cock in her small hand and began to masturbate him while she watched her husband and Jan make out a few feet in front of her.



group Hitchhiker007 2018-05-24

Kita noticed my shaved pussy and asked me what it was like and I told her that it was really nice and clean and tidy and that I wouldn’t let the hair grow back again.” Mai broke her story and knelt beside me with an expression of mixed feelings on her face. With those words Mia revealed Kita to me pulling the robe from her shoulders and holding the folds of fine fabric back framing Kita’s perfect young body before letting the silk slither to floor. “Don’t mind me” I said as I pushed myself up to lie with back to the headboard, my hand went and started to stroke my cock as Mia and Kita started to kiss and fondle each other.

Foreplay For Fun

group emisweetie 2018-05-24

I took jessie's hand, tracing her fingers over my naked stomach, letting her run them down over the denim between my legs. As she kissed my neck, I sucked my fingers, staring over at Dev. Jessie groaned as my fingers ran down between her legs. My fingers wandered over Jessie's body as my tongue circled Dev's balls for the first time. Jessie moved onto all-fours above Dev. Her pussy was directly above his cock, allowing me to glide my tongue up his shaft and over her juicy lips. I spread my legs wide, staring at Dev. We made eye-contact and I smiled, running my hand down my flat stomach.


Shaken, Not Stirred

group Sean Matthews 2018-05-24

Like a man who has been thrown prime rib after a week long fast, he grabs your waist and pulls you closer to himself, devouring the feeling of your body on his. You then place your hands under your hips and ask the bartender to put the olives, vermouth and gin into your pussy. You put your hands on your ankles and pull your legs apart as far as they will go as he places his hands on your inner thighs and puts his fingers at the edge of your wet lips. Easing off the cock in your pussy ever so slightly, you pull your ass cheeks apart and allow this man to enter your most treasured of all places.

Frantic City Gangbang Ch. 01

group johnnieblue44 2018-05-24

"God," you thought, "Every damn thing makes me think of sex, I'm so fucking horny right now." The card simply said, "Open the box, take a shower, put on the contents, meet me in one hour at the 'B Bar' on the casino floor. Would you like to fuck Carl?" Carl had silver hair, looked to be about fifty, but very well-preserved with huge forearms and a rugged jaw. And this...," I hesitated, using my hands to guide your face to turn towards the most beautiful specimen of man you had ever seen, six-feet-six, you estimated, built like a triangle, golden blond curly hair, steel blue eyes.

Order of the Spear

group KenJames 2018-05-24

As the fire danced, the drum played, and the tribe chanted, Golden Bear claimed the virgin asshole (it must be virgin - there is nothing before the tribe), fucking it slowly at first but going faster as the boy adjusted to his length and thickness. Copper Crow kneaded Silver Hawk's buttocks as the men pressed their crotches together, slowly sliding their stiff pre-cum slick cocks against each other. The tribe gathered to watch Copper Crow's cock sliding in and out of Silver Hawk's butt. Naked except for the shield and spear medallion around his neck, he moved behind Copper Crow, admiring the flexing of the young initiate's muscular buttocks as he fucked Silver Hawk.


Doris and Lisa Ch. 02

group highclassic 2018-05-24

After taking her tray to the collection window Lisa said goodbye to Sue and went to where Margaret, Doris and Betty remained sitting at a table. "If Lisa just 'happened' to find you in the shower and thought you needed something, maybe she could do it and gain some confidence in her abilities, and you could see yet again that your love button is nothing to be ashamed of." "Listen Betty, Lisa and I are sweaty from a hot game of tennis, where I kicked her ass by the way, and need to shower right away. Betty swallowed hard as she felt herself getting aroused by Lisa's touch, and wondered if Doris had taught her.


Experimenting with Penny

group muffin928 2018-05-24

Without John stopping, I quickly moved behind them and slid my dick all the way in her ass in one quick push. She didn't have the concentration to continue sucking my dick, but I quickly latched onto her clit while John started sliding back into her pussy. As he fucked her hard, it caused my cum to start leaking from her ass and running around his dick. John had Penny's hands held behind her back, her pants were around her ankles, she was bent forward with her chest pinned to the wall, and he was already pushing his dick into her pussy from behind.