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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Faire Play

group Ember_on_ice 2018-05-24

My pussy has produced so much juice that by this time I'm sitting in a puddle of it, so when Collum pulls me to my feet and bends me over, he has no problem convincing the bystander to slide his painfully hard cock into my asshole. The poor bystander thinks he's been forgotten, but Collum presses me close to him and calls to the man, "Fuck her in the ass again while I have her cunt." I'm not sure I can take them both, but Collum holds me in place and strokes me with his hands and cock until I surrender to the power of the pleasure.

Set Up

group cj8000 2018-05-24

Beth released her hold on my fingers, held out my open hand, and repositioned my palm on her breast saying, "I'm going to need much more wine first." After a few minutes, Beth pushed Kate backwards and started bucking on my cock, flipping her blonde hair around like a go-go dancer from the '60s. "Beth, switch places with Kate." I said as I kissed the top of mango, blonde head again. I reached over to paw Beth's breast and said, "We're about to come." Kate let out a long moan and ground down on me again. Kate's hand found the top of her head and she played a bit with her hair before tracing a line back up to my chest and shoulder.

Brainbox, the Daytime Quiz Show.... Ch. 02

group Lion24655 2018-05-24

Tony took his time, looking slowly up and down Lynne, letting his eyes gaze lingeringly at her legs, then slowly moving up her body, then staring hard at her tits. As Lynne chatted to her husband, Tony moved back to Stacey, and ran his hand down her stomach, pausing to let his fingers play in her pubic hair, before disappearing between her legs. Let's see if her ass is as good to fuck......" Tony pulled away from Lynne, his cock slipping out of her mouth. Do you hear that, Brian, he's going to put his cock in my ass ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh" Lynne's moan was long and loud as Tony simply pushed his cock into as far as he could.

Balls, Cues, & Bets (Version 1)

group EmmaB 2018-05-24

Suck it." And I do….oh god, it's so perfect in my mouth… feels so good sliding over my tongue, back and forth through my tight lips as I suck hungrily, my cunt getting wetter and wetter I'm so turned on… the sounds of me noisily sucking and the man noisily eating my wet pussy loud in the tension filled room. You close in on me and start licking my ass and I'm gasping, moaning, asking if you can taste all the cum dripping from my asshole and you're probing more with the thick stick and I start groaning, helpless, crazed, begging… "God, fuck me, fuck me fuck me." And I'm fucking the wet pussy with my fingers, licking her pink clit, grunting and groaning into her cunt.

One, Two, They're Both for You

group Bethyboo 2018-05-23

He pulled her to him, covered her lips with his...a deep searching kiss...his free hand tracing her heated slit through the nightgown. Her arms pulled up tight over her head...her ass pressed against the curtain....he kissed her hard, pulling the nightgown up to expose her wet sex and swollen nipples. The curtain wrenched back, releasing a cloud of steam, and a voice chuckled...wet hands caressed her hips, her ass, pressing between her quivering thighs. fingers invaded that heated cunt, a cock driven into her tight ass in one full , long, hard thrust. Her hair grabbed, pulling her head backwards, twisting it sideways until the man behind her can claim her swollen lips, his tongue delves into her mouth.

His Sexpot S i s Chapter 6

group 2018-05-23

Shawn backed into the lounge room and the door opened wide showing Edward "Aren't you hot in that plastic raincoat, my dear?" Andrew asked looking hard at Jodi. And I feel much better," smiled Jodi looking at Shawn. Maria put her hand on his arm and looked slow ly down between his legs to let him "Maybe you can teach Shawn a thing or two" Jodi said to Maria. "Hello," cried Edward, going over to Maria and Shawn, and he held his hard prick in "It's like velvet," crooned Maria stroking Shawn's prick head and fingering his cock Andrew eased his prick into Jodi's fuck hole as gently as he could, knowing that if he

Let The Games Begin!

group Many Feathers 2018-05-23

Paul was the first to reach the room, so he sat down on the bed which he wouldn't be sleeping in that night at least, and began to leaf through the booklet trying to decide which of the assigned tasks he and his partner might agree to attempt and get out of the way before being allowed to select one of the many optional "free-style" events for bonus points that could be attempted or successfully accomplished afterwards. Nude, though remaining beneath the water as Paul quickly slipped out of his own trunks, they took careful measure of where the camera lay, ensuring that they remain within the parameters of its recording in order to receive the full amount of points necessary for this particular event.


Being Slaved By Master And Mistress At Delhi

group bottomnaked4u 2018-05-23

I went inside as she greeted me inn and like a perfect man I sat on sofa and her husband came and we started a chit chat and then he asked if I wish to have some drinks to which I said I don’t mind having few pegs and they the lady named Vanshika prepared 3 pegs and sat behind me and we started enjoying our drinks and chatting about each other life. I was licking her feet and Viraj was fingering fucking my asshole then Vinshika lifted my face and told me to suck her soft pink nipples and suck her beautiful 2 pairs of boobs and I felt happy and also relaxed and started sucking her boobs then suddenly Viraj brought his dick near my asshole and pushed in my ass and I cried with pain; in one go his half dick was in.


group Chimera44 2018-05-23

"It's a privilege to meet anyone willing to put up with him," Rob said, taking her hand but then pulling her close to plant a kiss on her cheek. Once there, he turned and settled his back against the arm, lifted his right leg onto the cushions and made a come-hither gesture at Brea, patting the couch in front of his lap. He turned partially on the couch to face her, leaning against the other arm almost like a mirror image of Ray. Brea took a big gulp of wine, then looked around for a place to put the glass. Ray's hands started back up her sides, underneath her top and Rob reached forward to rub her calves.


Kathy Came To My Barbecue

group Dave Evans 2018-05-23

Kathy walked out in the shallow water smiling at us all as we formed a circle around her, she first went around stroking our cocks, saying all kinds of nasty things, like, are you going to cum for me hon? Kathy told Jeff, "It was so neat, I was sucking away feeling the cool water in my mouth but when you came your cock swelled and I could feel the spurts of hot cum flowing in my mouth. Jeff said he didn't want to, he had a very early meeting in the morning, so he thanked me for the invite, and saying the food was great and he told Kathy he hoped he'd get to see her again, he went to her, kissing her lips and saying good night sweetheart.

The Pool Party

group AFGNCAP 2018-05-23

"Are you going to choose one of us or not?" said Greg, pulling his hand back because his fingers touched Paul's at her sternum. Greg didn't get the hint, so Kelly had to find his hand again, giving him a look suggesting that if he pulled away once more, he'd end up with Samantha. "Sorry, I forgot," said Greg, his soft cock now tingling from the suction as Kelly was sucking extra hard for fear of him trying to pull out again. Once Greg pulled out, Kelly wrapped both arms and both legs around Paul's legs, quickly sliding her head on and off his cock like a woodpecker.

My First Time

group jnny 2018-05-23

As I looked into Matt eyes a mischievous glint in mine I swallowed his friend's cum and licked his cock clean. After a little bit of time had passed Matt's friend sat up and kissed me hard on the mouth. I grabbed Matt's cock in my hands and started pulling him into my mouth. Then Matt walked back over to the chair and said to me "Now ride him." So as his friend laid on his back I took a moment to kiss and lick his body then I climbed over his waist. He spread my legs with his then grabbed his cock and shoved his hard shaft into my tight wet pussy.

Midnight Shenanigans

group jaxxspector 2018-05-23

Just thinking about tasting Kate's sweet pussy made me move my hips a little bit, instinctively, and Riley immediately got the idea and started stroking my cock faster. I let her stroke me for a bit longer, listening to Kate moan and watching her play with her tits the whole time, before I finally got too horny to handle it anymore. I moved my cock away from her labia, a tiny trail of her pussy juice left, before I moved Riley's hands down a little lower and rubbed my cock along her fingertips while I continued to watch Kate, who sounded like she was getting close to cumming.


The Plumber and his apprentice, and the law.

group 2018-05-23

I left both man and boy standing naked on the stairs and walked to my bathroom, to try to douche the double cream-pie running down my inner thighs, somehow the footage captured would be used continually for me to provide sex for both, maybe more men, I knew there was a chance I would be sold to men for sex, but I was not caring, it was the other thing that bothered me, I was a person who enjoyed sex with boys, I was a dangerous woman, and at that I smiled, and images of my three nephews, whom I babysat for my s****rs flashed before my face, as the Plumber voice echoed up the hallway, 'Hurry back bitch, I'm getting hard for you again', I opened the bathroom door, 'In a minute', I replied, somehow I realized this was going to be a busy morning for me.


group Mr Ed 2018-05-23

Tammy came over to tell me that the hot tub would be delivered Friday and gave me a key to the gate so that we could use it anytime we wanted. As I stepped in the tub with my cock semi-hard, Jenny volunteered to go over to our house to get another bottle and two more glasses. As I was watching Marie work on my wife’s back, I didn’t notice Tammy slide around in the tub until she was right next to me. As I moved out of the water I noticed that Jenny had rolled over on the table and that Marie had her face buried between my wife’s legs. Tammy told us that she is bi-sexual and was attracted to both Jenny and myself right from the start.

Sinnndy Does Vegas

group sinnndy 2018-05-23

Billy decided to upgrade our seats to first class, which I thought was cool, because it was going to be a 3-½ hour flight, and I had never flown first class and didn’t know what to expect. Billy pulled his cock out of my ass and pulled his underwear and pants up, gave me a deep french kiss, slowly opened the door, and left the restroom, going back to his seat. I then asked her if she had ever had more than one guy at the same time, she said that she would like to try it one day, but wasn’t sure she wanted to have a cock in her ass.


My First Threesome (MFM, bi-male)

group naughty_bi_interest 2018-05-23

I looked up to see if Clare was enjoying the enthusiastic attention I was putting into her pussy, but Rob was balls deep in her throat. Rob pulled his big cock out of her mouth and Clare gasped for breath before grabbing the sides of my head to pull me up to her. I looked up at Clare's face and she was grinning like a Cheshire Cat. I could see both her hands pulling my head into her pussy, but I could still feel the warm sloppy sensation on my cock. I tried to ignore the salty taste of his cum and keep licking Clare's pussy when I felt Rob's mouth on my cock again.

Jessica's Changes Ch. 1

group Cybersk1 2018-05-23

Valerie grinned wickedly looked at me then said "well then you've never had a good giant sized cock before?" Jessica shook her head no and said Mike is the only man I've ever had. My wife was talking to Valerie and as my eyes focused she looked at me and said, "Valerie and I have decided to teach you a lesson for cheating on me." When you passed out I decided I'd try a nice big cock and Steve is the lucky guy. Steve was very close to cumming and moving his hips up, forcing more of his cock into my wife's mouth. Valerie said it did not take long for Steve to get hard but that Jessica's pussy was so tight That it needed more prep.

Our First 3-Some

group Big_Mike_M 2018-05-23

You ride me hard till I fill you and then I pull out and eat your cum dripping cunt from a doggy position. We all get in the hot tub and he licks his cum from my face. As soon as his balls touch your ass you cum and ride him hard. You get between and under me and start to lick my cock and he tells me how great your mouth feels on his rod and balls. I start to cum and you pull away and drop to your knees telling me and Brendan to cum on your face! You call me over to the bed and I slide my penis into your cum soaked hole.

The Girl Next Door Ch. 02

group sarahsmith1989 2018-05-23

"You told me it was big...but I never thought..." Jen said holding my soft cock as she looked to Meg. Hitting the back of Meghan's throat was a wonderful feeling, watching the little girl gag on my cock was just the cherry on top. I could imagine Meg's tongue thrusting into her friend's mouth from witnessing Jen's reaction to the each deep kiss she received. Now kneeling in front of Meghan on the bed, Jen leaned over her friends torso, angling her mouth at my crotch. In a make believe huff, Jen moved around Meghan's torso to position her head just below her friends crotch. "Peek-a-boo!" Jen said looking up at me through the small gap left between Meghan's ass and my stomach.

The Day After Tomorrow

group patuk54 2018-05-23

A bad liar at the best of times I tried to tell him I had not and was relieved when knowing I was lying he put down the teacups and told me that he had better leave. 'Wife not well, unable to come.' I felt every bit of emotion drain out of my body at that time; there I was in the arrival part of the airport expecting two weeks of uncomplicated fun when those six little words shattered my nerves completely. Continued silence next door, my eyes were refusing to close this particular evening and so in darkness, I went out on the balcony to look at the wonderful sights of the moon hitting the sea and the distant glow of nightlife in the town close by.


A Wild Birthday Month Ch. 02

group Rave303 2018-05-23

David: "Yeah, I know it might sound ridiculous, but I guess I just wanted that total fantasy of two beautiful women doing me in high heels like you see in the porn films. Not wanting her to feel left out, I broke my kiss with Elena and moved to do the same to Sarah. While pleasuring Sarah, Elena took my cock in her hands and began to slowly lick it from base to head. We kissed deeply and I continued to pleasure Elena just as I did Sarah, sucking on her massive tits and playing with her wet pussy through her thong. Every time Elena bobbed her head up and down on my cock for a bit, Sarah went to sucking and licking my balls.


Briget Ch. 03

group velvethammer 2018-05-23

But Tuesday night we talked about our days, then she asked me if there were any hot chicks working there that I’d like to fuck. I’m drunk and horny and it’s all your fault, boy, telling me those stories about sucking cock and fucking all those girls, so you better call this Briget and you better call her quick.” Then she smiled. I kissed her on the cheek she demurely offered me, and then turned to Anya, who sat there with somewhat stunned look on her face. “And I just want to say,” said Briget, looking between Anya and I, “that I would really enjoy sucking and fucking, being fucked and sucked by the two of for the rest of the night.”


Beth's Sexual Awakenings

group hrshie40 2018-05-23

As I gently brought his cock to my lips, I thought of all the times I had imagined Josh oh top of me, fucking my pussy until I screamed. "As the Sergeant you get the choice sir but I can tell you this little slut has the best mouth for cock sucking I have ever felt on my shaft" said Eric. As if in a dream I heard my voice saying "Only if Eric fucks my ass as I suck your hard cock." Neither man needed any more encouragement. As I got to the part about the threesome with Eric and Bob, Aarons' hand started moving down my sides.