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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Irkutsk Ch. 22

group Wanda_5 2018-05-23

As the Ladies returned to their cabins, I thanked the Captain for his welcome, telling him that it had been a timely demonstration of Australian friendship for a group who had suffered much in recent years. Chris agreed to let the Captain handle all the arrangements for the wedding, even going as far as accepting his offer to provide a wedding dress - apparently a ship like this was prepared for any eventuality! Chris told me that the captain had been asked to have his five toughest crew members attack her any way they wanted, with any weapons they wished except firearms.



group 2018-05-23

I allow you to use my face and tongue to pleasure your bare cunt and asshole. I can hear the need in my voice like a burn on my face transfiguring me into something damaged but compelling. And you and your husband could fuck me like the first time when you made me lie naked on my marriage bed wearing only my wedding ring and you had me finger fuck myself to a frenzy for your amusement, while your husband took pictures with his phone. You tied me, sat on my face and pressed your sloppy cunt into my mouth as your husband fucked me harder and better than my husband ever has, you did this to me not because you wanted me but because you knew I would remember it.

Charles Atlas Help Me!

group RUlookingup 2018-05-23

Justine took me by the hand and asked me to bury her in the sand. As I turned to see who was watching us at the Greek fest an eighth of a mile down the beach; 5 well built black men suddenly were upon us and asked if we had been invited to the party. Beautiful young black women with clicking digital cameras soon were capturing the action as Justine sucked cock after cock. The young women simply stuck out their beautiful black asses and told me I could toss their salads. After 50 or so men came, one of our wildest submission fantasies fulfilled, I dug Justine up to the applause of those who remained at the Greek fest.

Carley Ch. 02

group JapleinViera 2018-05-23

The stocky black guy, George and two other guys whose names I didn't catch were sitting at the table along with Dianne and a girl named Ruth who would have been ordinary looking if not for her enhanced bosom and total lack of hair. With a straight face, she said, "Jack told me he likes fucking and getting head in the shower. You need a shower and something to drink." With Ruth's help, Dianne got Kay on her feet. The blanket was to protect the sofa from all the cum that was running out of Kay. Ruth got a glass of water and the girls sat on each side of Kay while she drank it.


Party On

group Sensualist2 2018-05-23

So there I was, on my belly, naked ass in the air, while this woman I'd only met ten minutes before, was standing over me, straddle-legged, strapping an odd contraption around her hips. He hands pushed my hips up on one side and she slid her face under my crotch, sucking my hard prick all the way into her mouth. We played like that for several minutes until Alice turned her head and said, "Will you please fuck me now? Alice flung out her arms, tipped her head back and pushing against my cock with her back hard against my arms, orgasmed with a long rising wail that turned heads and, for a moment silenced, even the television announcer.

Prankster Ch. 07

group Paris Waterman 2018-05-23

"I think she wants it up her ass," Deidre said in a matter-of-fact manner, looking straight into Tony's camera. Tony dropped to his knees to get a better angle of Deidre's actions, and caught her as she took her finger from Caitlin's ass, and replaced it with her lovely tongue, perversely working it feverishly inside Caitlin's rectum. Deidre pulled Caitlin's head up to hers and they kissed wetly, sucking wantonly on each other's tongue, dribbling long strings of saliva into the other's mouth and then drawing it back slowly, erotically, and Tony caught every second of it on tape. Barely, leaned his camera against the arm of the chair he was now sitting in, and started stroking his cock, jerking it slowly, evenly, up and down, as Caitlin delved more fully into Deidre's cunt.


Wife Talked Into Doing Black Bachelor Party - Pt 2

group nigosheeater 2018-05-23

I took it away from her and said “ah come on honey, be brave show it off and get into the roll starting right now, after all you do look very hot dressed up like that, so why not put on a show on the way up to the room it’s all part of your fantasy so who cares what others think?” I added “your not the first and certainly not the last striper, ok hooker to come to this hotel to do a party” “Your right” She said, Tonight I’m a stripper and a paid hooker about to be fucked by a bunch of black guys at a bachelor party” With that my wife tossed the coat back inside the car and said ok lets go, I don’t want to be late!”

One Strange Summer Ch. 01

group Baskerville 2018-05-23

After a while I glanced over to find the former couple making out on the sofa, "haha old habits die hard" I though and went back to the film, it was only when I looked back and saw she had sat on his lap watching the film, arching her back as his hands were firmly up her denim skirt and the other was lost in the relms of her bra. Like I stated earlier, my best friend and I are close and so with the influence of the vodka starting to kick in I reached my hand into my jeans and started massaging a steady erection as she moaned and squealed like a porn star.


group Fredlake 2018-05-23

After a few minutes I started playing with and then sucking his cock, and (well, it was a swinger orgy) he eventually shoved a foot of black sausage inside me, made me cum, and came in me. We were both talking to him and he said that a couple of weeks later there would be a theme party for married white women and single black guys. "Ok, ladies, get set for the fuck of your life!" Kabinda said, turning to open the door to the free game room, the one where no men wore condoms. "Don't worry," he said, "the photos will be given to you tomorrow morning to show your husband." He turned and took a picture of Stephanie riding the black guy.

The Gallery

group Caroustabout 2018-05-23

For the first few days, Tasha was curious and scoured the web looking for some kind of spoilers, as well as trying to find sneaky ways to get intel out of Caitlin, but the only factual information she could turn up was that any attendees of The Gallery have to sign a NDA on entry. Tasha gave a quick wave back and then turned back to Melanie who was almost comically leaning forward and back, swaying left and right trying to align her face to the scanner, which seemed to be beeping impatiently at her. By now the crowd had moved beyond the first couple of rooms, and a tiny, dark haired girl very clearly lit up at the sight of the guy, so Tasha decided to keep moving.


Big Jenny

group HerLittlePiggy 2018-05-23

I jerked off three times that night thinking about the feel, taste and smell of Jenny's delicious pussy. "Make me cum Richie," Jenny said softly as my tongue slithered over her soaking wet pussy. "Relax that pretty asshole honey," Jenny said as she pushed a 6" dildo into my virgin ass. "Relax sweetie, jerk your cock while I fuck your pretty girl ass," Jenny said as she fucked my asshole with graceful fluid strokes. Often times I thought about licking up my cum or Jenny fucking my ass and other times I thought about eating her delicious pussy. "Did you like it when I fucked your sexy girl ass with my dildo the other day?" Jenny asked.


Black Journal Ch. 05

group Dhc000333 2018-05-23

Duncan Cyrus, age 21, Twins They left a mess and I had them clean it up together. They shared whispered communication as I stood there. I should've just left but they intrigued me. I never met twin plumpers before. It was hard trying to get an upper hand to gain some type of control. Due to the constant movement and switching I couldn't grasp a handle of the two. They totally changed their gameplay. It was totally sensual. My hands were on their ass cheeks. My penis stood straight up without help. It was hard trying to please them both. They moaned and demanded satisfaction and obedience. I couldn't hold it anymore and I released. I hissed in satisfaction.

Hide 'N Go Seek

group Shanbabe4u 2018-05-23

There's the four of us now, turning into the guys arms, massaging stiff cocks through their pants, switching until I'm kneeling in front of Ron, Cheryl in front of Dane. Cheryl and I are kissing, tongues wrestling, fingers playing over each others cunts until the guys poke us with their cock heads and then we are sucking and licking all over again. I press a finger into her hole, just up to the second knuckle and just as I roll my tongue over her clit, Holly scream and thrusts her hips up at me, pushing my finger deeper and my mouth all over her. Holly began to scramble away, but I put my hands on her shoulders and head and gently pushed her back down.

Haunted House Whore

group Art Martin 2018-05-23

She had almost everything a man could want, a dynamite body with large firm tits with big puffy aureoles and thick nipples, a slender waist that flared beautifully to her hips, a firm butt, long, shapely muscular legs and great looking, sexy feet. Of course she said 'yes', she always said 'yes' to Tim. She put on a black costume robe with snaps in the back and put on panties and a pair of tennis shoes. As opening time approached, Tim put on the rest of his costume and told Carol that he would be nearby in the maze-way. Someone mercifully slipped the chair back under her so that she could sit, but five minutes later, it was removed and the fucking began anew.

Hot Tub and Whipped Cream

group Athalia 2018-05-23

I remember when Paul was gone one weekend, and we girls were almost always making love to each other in a sort of dreamy, low-key way, keeping each other aroused, spending hours in bed teasing each other, drinking wine, and smoking pot. I know Paul and Sara wouldn't be home, because they'd told me they were going shopping that day for a new car. Paul and Sara came into the room, and were momentarily taken aback the sight of their son and housemate chatting easily, both buck-naked. When dessert came around -- strawberries and canned whipped cream -- Sara surprised us all by picking up a strawberry and, looking straight at Paul, painting her nipple with its juices, and then biting into it sensuously.


Apt. 201: Helping Hand

group Ronny 2018-05-23

Yvette jerked my dick with her hand as she licked and sucked my nuts. She stopped and turned her head back so that his dick came out of her mouth, and asked how come I was so quiet? He pulled his dick out, and asked if I needed "to take a break?" I walked to the other side of the bed, told her that there were no timeouts tonight, and pulled her to the edge of the matress. He put his dick in her pussy, and Yvette opened her legs wider saying "give it to me baby." He was pumping hard enough for the slap's of their bodies coming together bounced off the walls of the room.

A Snippet from a Threesome

group Cap007Cook 2018-05-23

Kissing her pussy one final time, I sat up on the bed and looked at them; she, Meera, my beautiful wife, sucking Gary's lovely cock. A deep moan escaped my lips and I tasted the mix of his cock juices and Meera's saliva. I closed my eyes, smiled with joy, and started fondling his balls and sucking his cock. As I came close to coming, she put her hand on my chest, "Hold on, honey," and I stopped and confusingly looked at her. Following her eyes, I saw Gary behind us, holding his again-hard cock. Heavy pants, loud moans, wet sounds that can only be made by lovemaking, sweat, and cock and cunt juices filled the thick bedroom air.

George & Martha Ch. 03

group joaq123 2018-05-23

"Yea," said George, "we should have a great time this weekend." As usual, he gave me a wink, and Martha cozied up a bit closer to me. She sat back up and stroked me for a moment; then George grabbed my ass and took me completely in his mouth. When I tumped out my cigarette and swallowed the last of my drink, I sat down on the bed to watch them, stroking George's ass and lightly tickling his balls. George slowly raised himself up, and I bent down to kiss Martha, stroking her nipples. As I lay limp against Martha, I felt his tongue once again at my opening, entering and probing me, sucking his cum from my aching ass.

Annie Pistol Lips (Part 2)

group ms_cream_puff 2018-05-23

The native woman's pretty eyes soon looked towards Annie's horse, and the tied up french guy stuck on it's back. Annie stood next to the horse's hind leg, and watched as the beautiful semi-naked native woman walked over to her. She gasped desperately, her feet tapping the ground, as she watched and listened to the sucking/slurping sounds coming from Thomas' crotch and Dah'ni's head. Dah'ni spoke with her lips smacking off his big stiff throbbing cock, while looking back towards Annie with one eye on her, Of course, it wasn't long before she didn't need a hand down there, as Annie went down on her and gave her pussy lots of loving attention with her lips and tongue.

Overcome Ch. 08

group DesertLust 2018-05-23

Tattoo man sat across the room and watched her take Big Rom's large cock up her ass. 'She's fucking amazing,' Big Rom complimented as he thrust his cock in and out of the ass of the moaning, tied-up, submissive girl. Still in her stilettos, and Big Rom's cock thrust up her ass, she was made to walk across the room to where Tattoo man was sitting. The other men laughed and egged Big Rom on as he slapped her and ass fucked her while she slowly was forced to walk over to Tattoo man. 'I am your dirty little sex slave,' she said automatically and then moaned as Big Rom thrust a few times in her open wet ass and spanked her again.


An Experiment Ch. 03

group justtheone 2018-05-23

She's never been the kind of girl that would mess around with a guy in the backseat of a car. They're not really messing around; they're all just sort of stuffed back here. Ku-chunk. "Fuckin' faggot punks!" Ka-chunk. So with that kind of crazy coming after them like the wrath of God, no wonder everybody got mixed up in different vehicles than the ones they originally rode over in. She had been sort of grateful for that attitude, and yet also slightly irritated. Yeah. Yeah. Some of that, from the knees down, was sand stuck to her from the beach. "Yes. Please. More." And when he obliges: "Yes! "Totally, yeah.


Fantasy Fulfilled

group EvansP 2018-05-23

Noticing your "situation" I quickly think of a way to approach this and walk over to you and say: "PJ, what a surprise, my friend Shelly and I are going out to dinner tonight, how about you and your friend joining us?" Shelly catches on as well as you and you audibly moan when you see her nipples stiffen, and laugh to yourself when you realize you don't even know your dates name, just that his cock is hard and you want to fuck. You lift your head off his cock and look at Shelly who leans over and kisses you on the lips as your tongues entwine Bills cum is shared between you.

Night with Shanda

group nwnnguy 2018-05-23

She took after her mom, who was an easy DD, but Shanda was smaller, probably a good C, but they looked huge on her short, thin frame. "They aren't taking Shanda with them?" she responded, her eyes moving from her laptop to look at me for only a short second. "You have a good talk with Shanda?" My wife asked, her body language said busted, but her smile said this was gag. "Ok, come inside while I get a few things." She said, and quickly turned and went back into the house. I pulled my shirt off over my head and gently placed my hands on my wife's bare shoulders.


The Engagement Ch. 08

group Grouchojim 2018-05-23

"Rosa, I'd like you to meet two very good friend of mine, Alice and Robert Ruark." The black couple looked knowingly at each other and politely laughed while Dutch flushed, embarrassed more by Rosa's deft handling of the situation then of his prick, which was now full blown and throbbing enroute to ejaculating. Rosa slyly placed her hand back on the table and tried to jerk it away when Alice grabbed it and gave it a lick. Rosa stroked him, wishing she could see what she was feeling-his hot, thick come hitting her hand and stomach. "She said she thinks the two of you are hot." Dutch grinned and winced when Rosa elbowed him in the ribs.