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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hot Sex Instead of Dancing Ch. 11

group SusanJillParker 2018-05-23

Finally, after we've made love, one at a time, you can fuck me and pound my pussy really hard until I cum with your cock in the way that I hope I cum with your fingers and tongue," said Linda. Climbing the stairs and once reaching the landing, he saw Jim, Henry, Tom, and Linda talking and laughing while having a good sexual time. All the while with three men swarming over Linda, Walter watched Jim, Henry, and Tom take their turn with his wife. Unable to focus, while Linda was having sex with Jim, Henry, and Tom, Walter couldn't help himself from thinking about having sex with Tiffany.


sex village IV

group chandan0707 2018-05-23

"You are one lucky young man.Prema is so gorgeous, mere thought of her is enough to give a hard on even to a man on death bed.I am sorry, I did not introduce.My name is Raghu, principal, that lady being pounded by that rascal is my wife, Sunita.This lady with wettest pussy in the village and the honour of being banged by me is Nidhi,wife of that rascal, Nitish." All of them said Namaste, joining hands.None of them slowed down or felt awkward.Both ladies' tits were totally exposed when thay said namaste, and I almost grabbed at them.

Roommates Ch. 01

group ScarlettSorelle 2018-05-23

I was about to tell her, but realised what she was doing; she knew her sister would come upstairs before their parents, and that Eva had to walk past the door to get to her room, giving her more than enough time to see Georgie and I going at it. Finally, I lined up my cock with her pussy, but evidently took too long for her liking; Georgie thrust me down with all her might, by grabbing my ass, knowing I was already lined up. I was shocked to feel that I was still hard, despite my cock having been dormant in her pussy for two whole minutes; the possessive manner in which Georgie talked about me did help matters; it really turned me on when she was like that.


Gangbanged on my son's wedding day

group carlyon 2018-05-23

Now came that defining moment in my life – I stopped, turned, looked at what was happening in the room, looked up and down the corridor to see if there was anyone I knew around, looked again into the room and realised that there was another woman in there, took a deep breath and WENT IN! I could feel the cock behind me pushing into my bum and instinctively reached around and put my hand around and grabbed the largest cock I had ever felt (bearing in mind that my previous experience was limited solely to my two husbands). My dress slipped to the floor and there I was – totally naked in a roomful of men, all of whom were obviously going to do all sorts of wonderfully dirty things to me.


group hotRobertXX 2018-05-23

My older cousin Jan 17 had a boyfriend and her s****r Tris who was three years younger the same age as me was a virgin. I was second naked and Jan was first and she bent over to me and took hold of my very hard cock and started to stroke it. Tris was now starting to moan so I slid a finger in her and nibbled on her clit until she exploded into her first orgasm. My cum was now about to explode into my s****rs mouth and am sure she knew it as she was now stroking it faster and deeper until my sperm shot out like a volcanic explosion.

A Titillating Tale Ch. 10

group MKvDeepSea 2018-05-23

Giggling softly, Billie kissed me, nuzzled my face and neck, and gently whispered in my ear, "Does it feel that good?" Pulling back a little I looked into her face, her eyes were soft, she wore a small loving smile, there was a light blush in her cheeks. So Billie went over and slipped her arm around Amanda and said, "So there you are honey," and laid a deep kiss on Amanda as if they were lovers. Turning to Billie, she said, "You're right, honey, it does smell nice." She then kissed its head. Billie looked a little shy when she said to Jennifer, "I was planning on giving him a graduation fuck, but you may not want me to do that."


Strooder and his friend want to DP me....

group Lateshay 2018-05-23

Hey. My friend and I can't stop shooting loads to your big hanging tits and plump juicy ass. Then before we shoot our loads you would take both our cocks in one hand, wanking them together for a bit before squeezing them into your mouth. Imagine the big purple heads of our cocks competing for space in your mouth, you sucking and licking them both until we explode together in your mouth. Then when our balls are completely empty you take our cocks in each hand, and holding the tips agaisnt your big nipples you franticly wank us off again and again, just to get every last drop of cum out of us.

Girlfriend Changed My Life Forever

group Tvluver1958 2018-05-23

I discovered my liking for female outfits after I my girl-friend, Jane, left her black bra in my bag & I found myself trying it on & wanking. It wasn't long after that evening Jane took my shopping & bought me my own,black,bra-36a padded & underwired, matching panties, lace tights & a black knee-length dress, also I got some hi-heel black sandals. Every chance I got I would "dress" for sex, which Jane admitted made her pussy wet & within 6 weeks or so, I had more items including a black,midi-skirt, white c-thru blouse, discovered I preferred stockings & suspenders over tights,& loved Jane when she fingered my ass.

Table for Four

group angrymanatee1 2018-05-23

There had even been the time when Molly's husband, Kevin, cornered Jason's spouse, Allison, in a hallway and kissed her. Underneath the table, when Allison was engrossed in conversation with Kevin, Jason's hand grazed the smooth textured tights on Molly's knee. Feeling as if he might come, Jason took his cock out of Molly's mouth. He moved his hands up Molly's legs, reached inside her dress, pulled down the remnants of her tights and her panties, exposing her lower half. She looked over at the couch, saw Allison sucking on Kevin's cock, as he watched Molly in the throws of passion. Then Molly, a mouth full of come, looked at Allison, moved closer and began kissing her.

Shower Towel

group LitEroCat 2018-05-23

"I'm pulling your thigh forward and open a little while my finger plunders your pussy in front of our friends and these former strangers. As I turned Shirl toward Maria and Mario, I also folded one side of her towel open and pinned it onto her hip and ass. Let's show everyone your fantastic legs and your obvious, swollen camel toe behind these lacy panties." Mario held her skirt back so it slid past her hip, deliberately exposing his wife's tiny panty to us. Within seconds of each other, Mario came in Shirl's mouth, Shirl came on Reg's mouth, Bob came in Reg's hand, Maria convulsed on my fingers, I came deep in her throat and finally, Reg came yet again when Shirl gushed in her mouth.

The Wank

group iconisclass 2018-05-23

Watching my dick, slick with oil get stroked by my right hand as my left hand stimulates my balls, ass and nipples, brings me incredible pleasure. Indeed Sharon takes pleasure in giving me hand jobs for precisely that reason: watching my beautiful dick reach climax is a rush. I was standing close enough to the bed for her to put her feet on my chest and the feel of her toes on my nipples had warmed me up to the idea of fucking this woman in lieu of enjoying my Wank. She put my dick in her mouth for some sucking, but also kept talking, making comments on how good a fuck I was and how deep my cock had entered her, and how thick, and so on and so on.


Oh not bored at all…

group rich5911 2018-05-23

The guys all were talking about how they were read for some nice piece of ass from this whore, which meant I was about to be fucked and if the fucking was as rough as the mouth work I had just enjoyed I was going to be treated in a way totally new to me. The second cock got into position to enter me and I did feel some lube being place up my asshole with a finger and then the group as a whole started telling the guys to fuck this shit out of me and make me the mother fucking cunt that I always wanted to be.

Satruday at the Truck Stop

group DangerousCurvz 2018-05-23

One truck was riding right along side us now, and a man leaned out, waved, and then pulled his pants down to reveal his cock. Then she climbed into the truck bed, crawled over me, and sat her pussy down on my face. I began to lick her gently as another cock was shoved into my pussy. I worked hard to hold my ass up for him and he worked a finger into my pussy, then another, a third, and I heard the men all moan as his fist disappeared into my cunt. I let my hand slide down to my dripping pussy and got my finger good and wet, then let it slip gently into his asshole.

Cheaters Never Prosper

group surface6669 2018-05-23

"How about you take care of this Glenn with that big dick of yours," she said, running her left hand through her pussy lips, "and you use my mouth Brian?" Mr. Hermann slowly and deliberately eased his big dick deeper and deeper inside Shelly's tight, wet pussy, while she squirmed and sucked down harder on Brian. "I know," Mr. Hermann smiled as he started to stir Shelly's tight pussy around and around with his big, wide cock, still buried as deep as he could get inside of her. The saliva from Shelly's wet mouth covered Brian's dick and balls, and Mr. Hermann glided what he could of his big cock easily in and out of her slick little pussy now.

A Hot Tropical Night

group PolAmour 2018-05-23

She leads you to the bed and, still kissing, licking, nipping and teasing at your mouth and neck she undoes your dress and slips it down around your ankles, her hands caressing your breasts and nipples as she eases it down your body, stopping to cup your buttocks as she pulls you closer, her tongue fully in your mouth as you suck it as you would a cock. Taking this as the cue she then brings her fingers, wet and lubricated with your saliva down to your sodden pussy easing them in, one, tapping gently on your g-spot, the second stretching you out slightly and making you push your hips down to meet her, the third is inserted into your willing body as she laps away at your clit and then all three press, gently first and now more insistently on your g spot as you both build to a crescendo.


Always Say Yes Ch. 02

group erossmantic 2018-05-22

"More than good," Steve said, patting Tony on the back and looking up and down Stephanie's physique. He also cringed at the thought of being stuck in the living room playing cards with two men while Tony was fucking Stephanie in another room the way he had fucked Carly a few nights earlier.

 Tony's three of a kind easily beat Carl and Marco's pairs, but was no match for Steve's straight.

"That bra belongs to me," Steve said with a smile. With Stephanie's last piece of clothing at stake, Steve, Carl and Marco began working together to clean Tony out of his chips. "Not looking good for you or Stephanie," Steve said as he dealt four new cards to his friend while taking in the gorgeous view of Stephanie's near-naked body.


More Than a Massage

group raelene 2018-05-22

After a minute Jim's hands left my breasts and massaged my stomach, finishing only a couple of inches above my shaven pussy. When he concluded there he moved to the end of the table trailing his fingers gently over my skin as he went, allowing one finger to innocently pass over my swollen outer labia on the way and began to massage again at my feet. Jim came back to massage table, lifted my ankles back onto his shoulders, lined up his beautiful man meat with my still gaping love canal and with a deep driving thrust, he returned to the job in hand.

Another true public sex adventure - Germany

group april2010 2018-05-22

After my husband and I kissed I pulled down the top of the dress and my husband got down on his knees and lifted up my legs and started to eat me. I just held his cock in my mouth and let him fuck my mouth. The first guy held my head down on his cock when he came and didn't let go till I swallowed. At that point one of the older guys replace my husband eating my pussy. I turned around on the chair and he took me from behind while I continued sucking the second guy. My husband latter told me that my eyes got big when the guy came.

My Surprise Birthday Orgy

group 2018-05-22

Amy reached over and began massaging Big Boys balls and sure enough, within a minute or two, he pulled his cock out of her distended pussy and sprayed a knee-trembling amount of cum up and over Lisa's sweating torso. I tried as hard as possible to restrain from dropping my nut sack into her snatch but when Amy stood up and began to lap up the cum on Lisa's body it was all too much for me and two of the guys fucking her face, because almost at once the three of us began loading her up with sperm. Down in the bar most of the men were now having a drink with a nude Amy. Lisa however was sitting on the leather lounge watching one of the Asian guys shooting a load into his hand.

The Conductor

group Callia 2018-05-22

Svet reached up and gently caressed the side of their breasts lightly rubbing Twyla’s small firm perky left one with the small brown nipple he knew to be beneath the black dress against Leila’s right large round pink one he could see peeking from atop her lacy bra under her white blouse. Svet eased himself out from under Leila, let her lie against the cushioned arm rest, her eyes closed, head thrown back and her right hand rubbing her pink clit frantically as Twyla lapped at her labia and thrust her fingers into her.


Carmen's Fantasies Ch. 8

group nawty48 2018-05-22

The next thing I knew I was lying naked on a metal table with a lot of little green guys staring down at me. Actually, it felt pretty good, except I usually don't come on space ships with a bunch of aliens watching!' I kept wondering why the aliens wanted me to eat so much pussy, since going down on a girl doesn't normally get you pregnant--unless her boyfriend is watching, that is. I kept wondering if it was human or animal, because I sort of like dogs, and it would have hurt me to know that some sweet guy had been killed just for my benefit.' I came down on a bench and felt like going really bad, so I went into the ladies' room.


Bosom Buddies Epilogue

group bosombuddies 2018-05-22

Sensing that I needed something a little stronger than coffee to get me through the night, Jessica grabbed a bottle of cheap, room-temperature vodka from under her bed and we took turns downing shots until we were buzzing and silly. Grabbing that tiny waist of hers for leverage, I pushed inside the warmth of Jessica's body with a long, satisfying thrust that left us both gasping for air. I gave those tits a good hard squeeze as Jessica guided me back inside her incredibly hot body, her hips swaying like a hula dancer's all the way down.


Tribal Fantasies

group Lion24655 2018-05-22

Holly replied: "We know you won't use people, we know that if you do take any woman you will want to pleasure them, not hurt them. Within seconds her body was writhing, her pussy squeezing my fingers, until suddenly she exploded in orgasm, her hips thrust upwards, moaning loudly, her pussy now sopping wet. Within seconds she was breathing heavily, moaning gently as my mouth, my tongue took over her pussy, nibbling the lips, thrusting into her, tickling her clit. A few seconds later I let my tongue caress her clitoris again, while gently easing two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. We made coffee, we all went through to the sitting room, Ruth first, Valerie, myself, Holly, still arm in arm with her cousin Jasmine, last Sophie.


Waiting Out the Ice Storm

group lengthylarry 2018-05-22

I'm going to go to the bathroom real quick." Meg said handing the remote to Kelly. Then a hot little blond stepped in and said something like "Fuck my brains out!" The guys on the DVD all had huge dicks and they were pretty rough on the chick. Kelly looked up and said "Damn that cock is obscene in those pants." She reached up and pulled them down as I pealed off the sweatshirt. "Hey there big boy!" Kelly said looking up from Meg's crotch. A lot of girls just kiss or suck on my head since I'm so big, but Kelly was taking most of my cock in her mouth.