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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A joint, my best mate and his girlfriend

group yevedj 2018-05-22

It was then I felt the glorious sensation of her removing my boxers down my legs and as we were still kissing, I wasn’t concentrating but felt happy to be free and have my hard cock out in the air. His hands were gently strocking my legs, his mouth sliding back and forth on my shaft and cock head. Paul was moaning as he tasted it being expelled into his mouth, both his hands moving up my side and slid over my chest to reach my sensitive nipples. Finally Paul withdrew from my cock and kissed Sarah passionately on the mouth as I could only watch and catch breath as this wonderful pair had just provided me with the most powerful orgasm of my life.

Jill's Adventures Ch. 01

group Cherrie 2018-05-22

Her inspection complete, Jill opened the door of her wardrobe and removed a short black cocktail dress. Jill surveyed her reflection one last time, and couldn’t help but give herself a silent ‘wolf whistle’ She knew she looked stunning and ready to take on the world. A small unassuming man, dressed in butler uniform took her invitation and then ushered her into a small room at the right of what Jill assumed to be the Library. As they approached the upper landing, Jill also noticed that the woman couldn’t possibly be wearing anything underneath, there wasn’t room for a start. Jill looked around the room for her friend Susan. As she approached the edge of the dance floor, she was suddenly aware that the room had gone completely silent.

The Party Ch. 02

group CyrusMann 2018-05-22

Bri rolled toward her pulling her arm out and smiled, saying, "Way too much, mine feels the same way!" Karen looked up to find Bri's tits again in close proximity to her face. Oh, I don't remember anything after we left the bar last night!" Karen admitted, flushing a little from the closeness of Bri's naked body. Bri looked down at her drool covered tit and said, "With the exception of using me as a pillow, I think not!" "Although I must admit, you did give me a little thrill there for a second." she smiled innocently! Bri laughed at her nervous exit and began howling in laughter, as Karen quickly turned on the shower and got in.


Happy Marriage

group yesplease8 2018-05-22

She usually just giggles and says, "We'll see..." I so desperately want my wife to make me suck a realistic looking strap on cock, teach me to deep throat, call me "a slut", or a "cocksucker", a "cum eating sissy" while holding my head and face fucking me. Kathy confessed to my wife that she had always fantasized about watching 2 men together and even told Susan that Tom had admitted he was curious what it would be like to have another man suck his cock or to fuck another man's ass. I loved wearing the sexy clothes and it only turned me on further that before we left, my wife strapped on her beautiful cock and made me suck it all the way to Tom and Kathy's house.

The Road to a Gang Bang Ch. 01

group snowbunny1978 2018-05-22

I headed for the shower again and made myself feel good, picturing Charles's wicked black tongue driving me up the wall. I wanted to orgasm so much I was stripping on the way to my bedroom, grabbed a towel from the closet as well as my toy, spread the towel, placed myself in the center of the pink towel, lifted the phone, and called Charles. I crawl on the bed, seeing your pussy lips gorged with your boiling blood, your lips all glistening, your hand all wet with love juice, I lift your legs by placing my arms under them, reach around and open your lips further and kiss the hard clit."

Touch Class Ch. 06

group Uzi_Johnson 2018-05-22

Karen's teen tits were perfect, much like Christine's, tapered, firm, medium large, perky, and topped by puffy areolas with hard thick long tips. "Karen, why don't you hold Jimmy's dick while I give him head?" Shiri then suggested. Christine got some goo on her fingers, shared some with her mother, reached around my side, and lubed and fingered my ass, while Shiri did the same to Karen. Meanwhile Shiri and Christine were busy lubing dildos and inserting them in my ass and Karen's. We got going, thrusting and squirming together, and ever-resourceful Christine took a three-pronger with very long arms, inserted one end in my ass, one in Karen's, and the third in her own.

Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 12

group oldhippie1949 2018-05-22

It's only about an hour from L.A. to Santa Barbara, but it only took Amy about fifteen minutes to look over the folder of paperwork Danny gave her. Shadow co-wrote and produced some of the most famous recordings of the sixties like "Leader of The Pack," "(Remember) Walking in The Sand"...He discovered the Shangri-Las, Janis Ian, Vanilla Fudge, Laura Nyro, New York Dolls...oh, Jeez, too many to remember. I called Danny to tell him and the next thing I know, he's in Betty Ford, drying out. So I know what you've been doing these days because I talked to Danny a couple of weeks ago and I checked out YouTube...really quality stuff. Fucking impressive." I handed Shadow a CD while Amy wrote him a check.


The Workshop

group Cat_photobuff 2018-05-22

Of course, the guys shouted and whistled, so Candy and I made a little show of it, removing each strap slowly, holding the top up with our hands over our breasts, etc. Candy was talking to some of her husband's friends (he was still passed out in the bar) and I was leaning against the pool wall in the shallow end talking to about five guys standing in a semicircle around me. Unfortunately, with my legs still around the neck of the other guy, my head went under, and I started to choke on the pool water. Looking over at Candy, she was kissing one guy and another was standing behind her running his hands up and down her back and ass.

The Not-So-Innocent Voyage Ch. 01

group Cndrlla69 2018-05-22

The brochure clearly says that pool areas are "clothing optional," but, dare I admit it, I was quite shy about just stripping off my bath robe and showing myself naked in front of who knew how many female strangers. After the waiters carefully placed their trays on the deck and hurried over to her, I resumed heading toward the pool area with as dignified an air as I could muster. What a first day!" I muttered internally while eating dinner alone in my cabin, my ace-wrapped foot propped on the other chair, with borrowed crutches leaning near the door in case I should need them, and pain pills on the bathroom counter. On my way past the bar, I noticed that He was sitting there, nursing what looked like orange juice.


He Needed a Proper Girlfriend

group SierraSprite 2018-05-22

Mark announced that the first stop was at a bike place to get her a west coast bike, after which she would transfer to Charlotte's car for some shopping, including a field outfit and a dress for the dance tonight to which all three of them were going. Ron watched the confident way she checked the bike's action and said to Mark, "I hope you are going to romance her. Feeling foolish, with sketchy underwear and an old fashioned dancing dress in her hands, Marjory followed Charlotte into Mark's magic kingdom. Holding the bike with one hand, she pushed against his front and said, "Charlotte tells me you will ask to be second, so you can perv on my tight ass.


Aunt Anne and Her Friends Ch. 04

group swapnil104 2018-05-22

"I'VE seen you looking at my boobs through my dress, too, you naughty boy!" she said to me in a mock-scolding tone "Do you like them?" she asked more gently, sighing with pleasure as Jack stimulated her. "Do you like big boobs?" Caroline asked, smiling at me and cupping my hand harder against her lovely orb. This went on for several minutes -- though for me it was so intense that it seemed to last much longer -- Caroline alternately sucking one breast and licking one nipple while Jack or I pleasured the other. I was embarrassed by the sight of Jack as he shafted himself, but it was impossible not to look as he held his hardness close to his partner's big, soft, bouncing orbs.

(You Drive Me) Crazy Ch. 03

group ratedr22 2018-05-22

I grabbed Johanna again and kissed her and she went back to stroking my breasts over my clothes and getting my nipples all hard while I slid my hand up her skirt and began to stroke her nice firm ass and then slid my hands around to her pussy, it was nice and wet, just how I like my pussies. "Fuck yes," George said and she bent down and Michael took over sucking on my breasts and stopped fingering me to really grope my tits, squeezing and pinching the nipples while keeping one hand stuffed down his pants.


Caribbean Holiday Ch. 07

group B. Beattie 2018-05-22

I was fucking her for a second time when the captain stepped up and put the tip of his hard black cock up to Irina's mouth and began rubbing it all over her lips. Four white guys and me were standing around Irina with our hard cocks in our hands watching as the captain moved between her legs. Irina started to move her ass and moan, "fuck my ass" "cum in my ass." Irina now had her eyes open watching the captain fuck her in the ass and looking at the five of us surrounding her with our cocks in out hands. She was fucking him as all of us watched, rubbing her big tits all over his chest, when one of the guys walked up behind Irina and shoved his hard cock up her asshole.

Trial By Gang Bang

group hondo1906 2018-05-22

The next picture was enough to bring my hands to my tight pants as the two men on either side had lifted each of my wife's legs up and over one of their shoulders to plant the black cock deeper in her tight pussy as the man she rode now held her head on either side with both his large hands and f***ed his lips over hers. The next picture hit home as a black man now standing next to her held the receiver of the telephone to her mouth and ear as the two men with her legs on each shoulder appeared to be getting busy with their free hands beneath her ass.

Long Lunch Ch. 6

group Ms_Messalina 2018-05-22

I watched him place his hands on her face, stroking the cheeks with the back of his fingers. I felt him laugh a little, enjoying the sensations now flooding his mind, better than he had ever imagined and yet not what he wanted. I placed my face against his ass, standing on the side of the bed and began matching his strokes, face buried in him, breath pouring on his hole, now exposed by my hands. I just smiled and continued to lick his pretty ass while I gently slid my finger from him with a little sucking sound of its own. Lowering my head again, I found his mouth with my lips and continued to kiss her while he licked her and fingered her until I could not stand it any longer.

Summer Skin Ch. 01

group riverboy 2018-05-22

"So tell me about blow jobs," Summer said, turning the conversation on a dime with that twinkle in her eye again. "Marcy wants to get a place with me," Summer said. "You were right, it's really like, for married couples," Summer said, "but I called and talked to some guy and told him about us and he said it'd probably be all right." "We can at least try the three-way thing, right?" Summer said. Summer was telling me what you said about porn brainwashing us, but, it can be good like that, can't it?" Guy's think every girl they see is gonna want to try all that crazy stuff. "See," Summer said to Marcy, smiling at her over her glass.


Marlene, Kate, and Francis Ch. 02

group oneLuckyGuy 2018-05-22

Francis, I want you to come up in ten minutes when we call you, and leave your inhibitions at the bedroom door, because you are not going to believe what you see when you get up there." Kate said. As Francis watched, Kate ran her hands over Marlene's head, stopping to rub her scalp and pull lightly at the end of her long blonde hair. Marlene cupped her left breast and, slowly moving her eyes from Kate to Francis and back, lowered her head down and ran her tongue down the length of it all the way to her erect nipple. His cock penetrated deep inside of her now and he started to rock back and forth, slowly at first, then increasing in speed, while Marlene matched his rocking with a slow-then-fast tongue fucking of Kate's hole.


Mother Is MILF'd By Temptation

group Sludge11 2018-05-22

She looked over the very homely boy, again, and weighed his deplorable looks against the overpowering allure of the magical memories of the secret fingering work the guy had done under her skirt, so, in spite of how totally unappealing this little dork had turned out to be, the overwhelming enticement of the anal sex dream she'd been having about him, for the last two days, couldn't be overcome by the ugly facts, and her raging clit again won out over good sense. Steeling her resolve, she firmly re-committed herself to pressing on with her dream quest, and was willing to bear the heavy personal cost to her mind and body, of letting this revolting looking little asshole live out his MILF fantasy, by nailing her trophy wife ass, but good, in order for her to be able to reach her wine and clit driven, anal sex fantasy.


My Filthy Life Pt. 01

group CranberryCream 2018-05-22

Of course I had heard a lot about Spring Break and the things that went on in Acapulco, but I was sure, Tommy would take good care of me. I didn't have any way to compare, but since Tommy himself once said that his cock was larger than most he saw, I was pretty proud to have mastered cock sucking this quick. As we went along the city streets, Tommy and I constantly saw guys staring at my tits, my butt, my legs and my face. "The guys here literally undress you with their eyes, babe." Tommy said with a hint of jealousy in his voice. Tommy must have noticed me watching the people, for he squeezed my leg with his hand and asked. "Tommy has a big cock, you say?" Brian asked.


Catarina's Massage

group congo_n_bongo 2018-05-22

Sarah Mae spotted me from the corner of her eye, looked down dismissively and said, "It got hot for me working on Catarina...I hope you don't mind..." The next moment passed as an eternity. Just then Sarah Mae lowered her left hand between Catarina's thighs, beneath her dewy pussy. I openly smiled at this, and replied, "Ha ha, I'm not bashful!" In unison, Sarah Mae added, "It is hot in here isn't it!" and reached to pull her lacy black dance bra over her head. Their kiss never broke and when Sarah Mae pinched Catarina's nipples, she moaned while contracting her abdomen and projected her pussy up off the table.


The Circle Ch. 44

group SteveWallace 2018-05-22

As far as Matt could see her body was flawless, punctuated only by a couple of small tattoos, one of which said 'Love is forever.' He leaned over her and inhaled the nipple area of one breast into his mouth and sucked hard. Marlene inserted fingers into the juicy pussy and searched for Stacy's G-spot, tongued her clit, and sucked at Matt's cum. As Marlene started to fuck the second stud in the video, Stacy whirled around and dropped onto Jim's cock, driving the hot shaft deep into her body. Jim moved them around, and soon Stacy and Alice were right next to each other, even kissing and feeling each other's breasts and mons, as the two men fucked their shafts into the tight bodies.


More After-Dinner Minx

group pandsal 2018-05-22

Phoebe ushered Becky and Phil into the two central armchairs in front of the bed where Gill and I had sat the first time. Aware that Gill hadn’t come yet, and knowing that she would be tantalisingly close, I went to the bed and supported her in an upright position so that her opening was raised an inch or two above her partner’s face. I was aware of Gill erupting into another writhing orgasm shortly before Phoebe gasped, “I’m coming, Mark, go faster.” I did and felt her cunt muscles tighten round my cock as she drove herself over the edge.


Hot Tub Party

group Ryan283 2018-05-22

“Don’t worry,” said Marcus as he reached up to caress her cheek, “I’ve got friends making sure we won’t be disturbed, and the loud music will make sure nobody gets suspicious if we start getting noisy.” Natalie giggled knowingly. Jenny almost broke the kiss as another moan of pleasure was released, partially from Marcus’ tongue gliding up and down her cleavage while he gently squeezed her breasts in his strong hands, and partially from the sudden appearance of Natalie’s hand tenderly stroking the front of Jenny’s bikini bottoms. Jenny watched on as Marcus and Natalie kissed passionately, tongues dueling hungrily as his hand slipped under Natalie’s bikini top to fondle her breast and her hand disappeared under the water, brushing against Jenny’s thigh on the way to give Marcus’ throbbing erection a friendly stroke.


AMP Adventure

group Stormysailor 2018-05-22

Rich arrived home as Clare's TV show was finishing and he asked her if she wanted to hear his story. Clare thought about that and said, "Let's go as a couple, I will have male massage me and you can have a female all in the same room. A couple of weeks later Rich and Clare found themselves approaching the massage parlor, this time by appointment. Rich and Clare were turned over at the same time and again the chest, arms, legs and feet were massaged in perfectly coordinated time. Sandi gave Rich a covered blow job while Chu used his tongue on Clare's clitoris and labia. Rich asked Sandi for missionary position and Clare decided to keep things the same.