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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Camille and Brandy

group oldr_betr 2018-05-22

While we were drying off Camille reached down, grabbled my dick, and said, "Keep that big boy hard, lover, because Mama wants to fuck." Just as she said that, a voice at the door to the bathroom yelled, "Mother, what are you doing?" I turned to see a woman who looked to be about 35. Finally, I agreed because I really care about Camille and because my dick grew rock hard imagining Brandy rubbing her clit while her mother and I fucked. She's a fucking whore and she lives for a big dick up her cunt -- spank her hard." Brandy did just that -- slapping each cheek again and again with the paddle. Camille began to moan, looked at me again and said, "God, I love to fuck you." She started to cum.

Caroline's Bright Idea

group GoPrime224 2018-05-22

Jake always had a problem saying no to Caroline and started shooting his load onto her face. Soon as she got the dick in her mouth, the guy in her pussy blew his load. The guy she was jerking off started to moan and shot a load onto her face. The guy who was getting his dick sucked freaked a bit at first, but Caroline started rubbing his balls and he quickly calmed down. Two more guys started working on Caroline, she gripped one with her left hand and the other started fucking her pussy. Jake and the guy in her ass both came and pulled out. Caroline sat up with the cum starting to dry on her face, looked around the room and smiled.

Enticed and Humiliated Ch. 09

group FantasizeAndRealize 2018-05-22

Maria grabbed Sandy around the waist with one arm and said, "Honey we are now going to see the best show of our lives!" "Go on James, grab Ron's dick." "Get acquainted with that nice thing!" After everyone agreed, James went over to Sandy and started kissing her and running his hand all over her body. Sandy said, "It's too bad that you couldn't last longer." "I was having a marvelous time!" I reluctantly left Maria and took the whole length of James cock into my mouth cleaning it! Out of the corner of my eye I could see Sandy working on James's cock with her mouth trying to get him hard again I envied her but had my hands pleasurably full of Maria's ass.

Introducing My Russian Girlfriend to Group Sex Par

group captjim51 2018-05-22

Carol had a smile on her face and said “I guess I have been a naughty girl Dave, what should Joe do about it? Her hand went down to her pussy and she stroked her clitoris shamelessly, her mouth soon went down between her husband’s legs as she began to suck her husband’s cock. I commanded her “get on your knees bitch and suck my cock!!!” Sonya immediately dropped on her knees and placed the head of my dick in her beautiful small mouth. Then Sonya did her specialty that would make any man cum, she began moving her lips up and down the first three inches of my cock as it entered her mouth.

One Debauched Weekend Ch. 01

group Lionheart72 2018-05-22

As the strong hands continued to stroke over her bare skin, Ally remembered the feeling of Paul's athletic body pressing against her soft curves, and his firm muscles under her fingers. Ally looked at his thick, hard cock, slowly oozing cum onto her fingers, and realized that it was both thicker and longer than her date's had been. As Paul's hard cock filled her mouth, Ally felt another pair of strong hands grasp her. Ally quivered, her head bobbing vigorously in Paul's lap, her moans muffled by the hard flesh filling her mouth. A moment later, Paul's cock erupted and, for the second time this morning, her mouth was filled with semen. "Dude," Chuck breathed, looking down at Ally's naked, spent body.

Kim, Lynn, and Me Ch. 03

group john-the-author 2018-05-22

Lynn broke for just a moment to say "That's what I was talking about!" and went back to necking with Kim. Leaving the ladies on the couch, I walked back into the kitchen and poured hot water into the pot. "Okay, here's how I know about how much fun futons are." Kim leaned back a little on the couch, took a deep breath, and said "I had graduated from college and was living in the studio apartment I'd lived in for my senior year. Kim smiled and said "The shape wasn't bad, but it was hard plastic and a little pointed and I didn't like the idea of risking getting vigorous with something that could poke or scratch.


CO Beach at Lake Mead, NV

group 2nail 2018-05-22

I slid my lips down the entire length of him, taking him completely into my mouth sucking the remaining cum from his pulsating cock. Phil was saying things like: "You love this don't you, suck my cock, lick my balls and then his hips were starting to buck uncontrollably. "You don't know how good that feels." My answer came in the form of me bobbing up and down on his hard cock a little faster, stopping every now and then to use my tongue to lick it and slather around the large, purple head. I let his cock loose from my mouth and licked my way down his balls, and then went back to his delicious cock, once again taking all of him in and bobbing up and down, making his dick wet and shiny.

Big Daddy's Throat Stuff

group SafeSexting 2018-05-22

I can't believe that today is my lucky day." I tried to look around his huge shoulders to my Daddy but Uncle Mike caught my face between his hands and kissed me. "Good job sweetie, you're a quick study." Daddy pulled my shirt off and unhooked my bra while Uncle Mike took off his clothes. Uncle Mike pulled me onto his lap and Daddy helped him spread my legs and together they slid my dripping wet hole down over Uncle Mike's massive cock. I pulled at Uncle Mike's Hand and put his finger in my mouth. Uncle Mike's hand slid between my legs from behind and rubbed my swollen and bruised lips.

Office Assistance

group nicoloco 2018-05-22

"Dee, I need the sales summaries for last quarter -- Tom's review is coming up and he'll want to know about his bonus." Still, it was just girls talking, and despite the fact that Dee was her subordinate at work, Eva thought of her as a friend and peer. "You need some outside loving, hell, I can count the weeks that Mark's away by the number of times you snap at someone or pace the hall. He knows what I need and gives it to me straight, or any other way we can think of." She quivered a little as her body remembered. For the first time since this discussion started, Eva began to really consider what Dee was offering.


Sex After Run...

group d4david 2018-05-22

Hector was at my tender butt hole his massive Hispanic penis head was probing my anal orifice opening and pressing through into my rectum. With a mighty push Hector sunk his cock half way up my butt, my eyes bucked, my mouth opened into a silent yell as the sperm of forty or fifty deposits squished from around Hectors tightly fitted cock. Hector said to Enrico and Carlos 'Esto ha jodido culo tan bueno que todavía está viniendo de éxtasis. As my head tossed from side to side, Enrico and Carlos equally huge cocks slashed across my face and occasionally slipped into my mouth. Carlos and Enrico released my legs just as Hector rammed deep into my butt and emptied his testicles of his substance.

Vegas birthday gift

group bufffreak 2018-05-22

When I looked over I was a little surprised to see she had turned on her stomach and rolled down her suit to tan her perfect ass. Around 3 in the morning, Laura came my way; she was holding the hand of a young blond. The girls started kissing in the elevator and Laura slid her hand in this hotties dress. This girl hiked one leg up on the edge to give Laura a full view and access to her beautiful pussy. Laura moved behind Angie and started playing with her pussy as Angie sucked me. I watched as Laura licked and sucked Angie and then I took her conventional style one last time

Sister-In-Law's Super Bowl Hyjinks Ch. 02

group onwardbob 2018-05-22

Yeah, I sure didn't want to think about what my brother's hands were most likely doing with Leslie's luscious body. Hot hard nipples pressed against my chest as she huskily whispered "umm, yeah and I do so like the lovely way you wag that wicked, wicked tongue!" Happy to be so delightfully double busted, I wrapped my arms around her naked body, pulled her in even tighter, and eagerly returned a kiss packed full of carnal desire. Right, and of course what I'd been thinking ran something like, now that would be fun, two cocks, one willing girl, oh Hell yes, bring it on!" Oh sure, and I was pretty sure Leslie knew exactly what she'd said alright, and what it implied too!


The next weekend

group sexystu 2018-05-22

I felt movement between my legs again this was anna playing with the pussy that was riding my cock and I heard the extra moans of pleasure as sally got the extra attention from her new female lover, then she moaned suck my tits harder I love my nips being bit, this was driving me wild again I think she wanted filling up quick so she could get her 1st orgasm from a female tongue I didn’t mind this as long as I got my far share of the fun, she jumped up and stopped riding me so hard for a second as she shouted im gonna cum I want you to fill my pussy with your cum so anna can eat it from me and started really banging down I thrust up as much as I could and that soon had me filling her up as she went over the edge.

Pool Passion

group purpledreamweaver 2018-05-22

She folded her arms beneath her head and knew that Billy was getting a good view of most of her breast from the side while Jimmy would be getting a view of her arse with the thong just covering her pussy from behind. Breathlessly, Jessica pleaded with Billy to put his thick rod into her wet cunt as she took hold of Jimmy's erect phallus and slowly pumped her hand along its glistening length. With a squeeze of Jimmy's soft balls she rolled over onto Billy and worked his thick cock into her soaked pussy then lay almost motionless as one hand took her hot fluids from his large cum sack and moistened her arse hole.


Twistominoes Game 04

group vexcave 2018-05-22

The final order was Jake, Trisha, Mandy, Simon, Gina and lastly Alan who managed to get snake-eyes. Alan didn't want to climb across Trisha to get to her right arm, so he went across, intending to connect shoulders with Simon. Jake's left foot was buried underneath the connection of Simon's and Gina's thighs so he knew he wasn't going to be able to move away. Gina opted to drop her left arm so her elbow was in Simon's side while her hand could rest on Jake's thigh in front of her face, just the position she had been imagining. Mandy's wiggled her hand on Trisha belly until it reached under her armpit to Jake's knee, cutting an intrepid path across her right breast.


Farewell To The Lodger

group JakeLeBrux 2018-05-22

Tall and slim with blonde hair and sea-blue eyes, she had a beautiful face and body, a tiny round backside and perfectly rounded young breasts. "There are lots of girls I like", I replied, "but I'm going back to America soon, aren't I?" I got up to leave and said goodnight to the girls. I must have been in bed for about ten more minutes when I heard a voice, which I recognized to be Maria's calling me again: "John! My heart skipped a beat. My heart was in my throat. As it registered that I was looking at my gorgeous housemate Sylvia's naked derriere – something I had fantasised about many times before – I felt my penis begin to grow beneath my dressing gown. In fact, any thought of embarrassment or reservation began to fade.


Who Is Your Daddy?

group Sensual_Caveman 2018-05-22

I don’t know how long they watched because I was too into myself to notice the door open, but as I looked over my shoulder I saw all four men standing there with their pants tenting and their eyes glued to my naked wet pussy. I don’t know what came over me, but I turned to face them, pulled off my jeans and panties, sat on the kitchen island, and spreading my legs said, “Who’s first?” I smacked the top of his balding head and said “just fuck me before I lose my nerve.” He got up, pulled down his pants, and tried to aim his hard cock into me. He came over to me with pre-come dripping from his cock and a look on his face like he was trying to hold back a big orgasm.

Snowed in

group 4eyedbrit 2018-05-22

Andrea grabbed her gear and went off out of the door with Terry, stopping at her car on the way. "The lane looks a bit deep, I wouldn't risk it if I were you." Terry said as she came back through the door. After a long pause Terry said, "I know we'll play a game," trying to change the subject. "It's time for Terry's truth or dare – do you find me attractive?" Andrea asked looking straight into her eyes. "Sure I can get myself off in less than 30 seconds if I want to." Andrea said passing Terry the dice. I proceeded to finger fuck Terry whilst Andrea watched, open mouthed.


No. 10, Place Bicêtre

group Christie Ellison 2018-05-22

I felt shy, having this handsome guy looking me over; and I could sense the electricity crackling between Helen and Alain as we sat in the small lounge drinking wine. Alain looked deep into my eyes, holding my attention as Helen worked the straps off my shoulders, then reached around to free my breasts from the cups. I slid my hand down to my cunny and ran my fingers over my hot, moist lips, feeling the small suck and squish I’d only previously felt alone. I felt my back arching to accommodate it, and, although I’d tried to avoid it, I couldn’t help but look down between our breasts to watch as the long, thick, red, shiny plastic slid inside me like some snake vanishing into a hole.


group ConfusinglyDelerious 2018-05-22

Sometimes a hand grabs you head, pulling you towards one, other times a hand pushes you head away, making sure that you suck equally eagerly on the other. As hands make sure you ride up and down on the cock already inside of you, you can feel another starting to make it's way into you. Hands are groping you from behind, grabbing your breasts, you feel fingers on your clit, at some point your hair is pulled, but you have by now lost track of everything, and can't tell by whom. A moment later another grunt, and the cock between your lips slip away, and you feel something wet splashing on your face and on your chin.

Party of Five Ch. 02

group BigginBen810 2018-05-22

Madison's muffled moans stopped muffling as she kept pulling Mark's dick from her mouth to curse her pleasure or to get a deep breath. With one of her legs straight up in the air and the other pointing towards the door, Mark put his hands behind Madison's thighs and began to pump furiously into her pulsing cunt. As soon as he announced his intentions, Abby ripped off his mask, Chloe released his cock from her pussy and all four girls bent down to have a chance at Mark's cock with their mouths. Chloe and Bree had their mouths on his balls, soaking them in saliva, while Madison and Abby slurped in unison up and down Mark's massive shaft.

Pound Cake

group cowboy109 2018-05-22

"Pound cake is handing it out to every guy who asks her. So, he took all the courage that his little stature had to turn his head over his shoulder, cup his mouth with a hand, and ask, "Who is cupcake?" You take a swing at Jason after class, if you can muster that much balls, we'll tell you who pound cake is." Pound cake stopped for a moment and thought, "I don't like fucking. Ernest looked at all the guys facing the center of the shower room to talk with each other. Fuck my mouth next time," said pound cake. Ernest felt the surrender rising inside his groin that made him let loose of the cum that shot into pound cake.

Backalley Girl

group Reaper8436247 2018-05-22

Dropping her to the floor, the trio pulled her body around, one of them holding her legs apart as he barrelled into her cunt with his stiff cock, another shoving his meatstick into her mouth while the third grabbed her hand in his and wrapped it around his member. He pushed in gently and his colleague at her mouth pulled out to give her the chance to moan, which she did with wanton abandon as the cock slid up her anus, filling her completely and matching thrusts with those of her pussy assailant, pushing her against the penis in her mouth.

The Thai Maid Ch. 04

group victoria.vixen 2018-05-22

I was transfixed by the sight and the sound, Bee going "oh oh oh Sir oh oh" and X groaning, Bee's taut thighs straining as she would squat and then raise herself again, squatting and lifting, squatting and lifting, the sweat on her forehead glistening in the morning light and her beautiful grimace, her petite hands -- one hand on the bed to help her balance, the other stroking her pussy -- with their beautiful and slender fingers, and finally, oh, finally, the site of X's erect cock sliding in and out from between Bee's sweet round cheeks. "Yes Sir," said Bee. With both hands on the bed, she bounced her ass in his lap, his cock pistoning in and out of her anus. The breath left her body, and as her pussy squeezed with pleasure her asshole twitched and relaxed and I sucked and sucked and sucked feeling it twitch against my lips until X's cum burped out of Bee's ass and into my mouth.