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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Steve Gets His Chance at the End

group NDW76 2018-05-22

The moans of pleasure and the squelching sounds of the huge cock furiously pumping in and out of his wife's pussy compelled Steve to turn his head to watch the erotic scene of his hot wife being fucked by the fourth stranger that night. In the interim before another guy took his place, fucking Julie's well used pussy, Steve looked down at the cute hottie kneeling between his legs, stroking his cock. The cute hottie and his wife were going to get back to work, liking, sucking, and fingering each other to orgasm; all while Steve watched. As his cock took its turn to flood his wife's pussy with his cum the cute hottie continued to thrust her strap on deep into Steve's arse.

Jeanie's Law Office Ch. 03

group jeninflorida 2018-05-22

Mike smiled and looked at Jeanie, "Okay, so tell me what you think about the new employee contract?" Mike wasn't sure what it was about hose that aroused him, "I love the way a woman looks in a short skirt and black pantyhose. Amy took a deep breath and leaned over against Jeanie, "Mike is this, what you want." She gave Jeanie a sexy soft kiss, while with her free hand reached up and started to tease Jeanie's breasts. But before she took Jeanie's nipple into her mouth she looked at Mike, "Is this the type of company spirit you want?" Amy turned the heat up another notch by pulling up her dress and exposing her thong to him.


Double Header

group SueandSteve 2018-05-22

I continued to sway to the music and started moving my hands over my body as Steve stepped away from behind me. I felt hands tentatively touch my breasts and realised that Richard and Colin had moved up close and taken matters a bit further. I decided I was going to have to share my favours so I moved towards the Colin's cock, edging away from Steve's hands. As I took Steve's cock in my hands one of the other men came up behind me, reached around and started playing with my breasts. Richard and Colin both sat down on the sofa and started stroking their own cocks as Steve started moving in and out.


Ann and Frida

group Shenthus 2018-05-22

The only time Ann came across as a bit kinky was when she wondered aloud what another girls breasts would feel like. The three of us have played strip poker, my girlfriend is drunk and asleep in our bedroom and I am on the floor licking my way down to this naked goddesses pussy, she is laying back, legs spread watching me. The girls moaned as they kissed and fingered each other, then Ann moved slowly round, licking as she went and slowly down to Frida's pussy. I felt Frida's tongue on my balls and that took me over the edge, I rammed my cock deep in Ann's wet pussy and sprayed her insides.

The Pool

group AverageBloke 2018-05-22

As I turned my face to breathe I caught a sudden glimpse of her passing the other way, long perfect legs kicking her slender figure through the water in the lane beside mine. Her lips parted and she bent slightly at the waist, which dropped her left breast to within inches of my right hand. She responded by moaning and leaning into my hands, bending further forward until her wet hair was draping my thigh and I could feel her breath on my straining cock. Tamara moaned around my cock and rocked back and forth slightly as Geoff started sliding in and out of her. The rear of her cunt flexed open and closed as Geoff's cock moved in and out of her butt.

Nude Surprise

group regularguy13 2018-05-22

From a marketing perspective, you might want to go with the tunic and pajama bottoms since you can sell it to men as well as to women," Lisa said with a laugh. "Let's go try them on and see how fabulous we look," Nell said. There's no bacchanalia planned if that's what you're worried about," Nell said with a kind laugh. "I'm going to turn the radio on," Nell said as she slipped into the pool house. "A super hot ten year-old," Lisa said with a laugh. Nell and Lisa both looked to her Dad, specifically his exposed and shaved genitals. Nell turned to Lisa and said, "As you have probably noticed, my mom thinks she's quite the comedian."


Fragments: Lesbos Fact and Fantasy

group dasx2 2018-05-22

Jana picked her up from the hard counter – one hand under each taut buttock to lay her down on the table, surrounded by Danni, Greta and Anna, who took turns discovering all her erogenous zones with fingers and tongues. Then Alexis pressed her hips forwards:, the strap-on dildo lifting the hem of her dress – stroking against Jana’s bare thigh: “Naughty girl – what have you got down there”? Jana dropped to her knees – hands behind Alexis thighs – pulling the dildo into her mouth – riding it hard, twisting it between her teeth: “I hope you know how to use this”. Alexis looked down her lovely Mediterranean- colour body, over her proud, high breasts, perfectly flat stomach to watch Jana standing firmly between her legs, lifting her ankles high and wide, exposing her young sex.

The LawnBoy Ch. 02

group silverace1 2018-05-22

What I saw drove my mouth even further down Earl's cock as I felt him throbbing in my mouth; there was Sheila propped up on the big pillows against the head of the bed with her legs spread wide and four fingers buried deep in her squishy cunt and her other hand was pulling furiously on first one nipple and then the other as they became red and raw with passion! Those cries were enough for me to jam my cock hard into Earl's hot mouth while I sucked and stroked the remaining part of his shaft - now all but 2" inside my mouth and throat – until I could feel his cock expanding in my mouth so much that I could scare breathe and with a howl he let go with burst after burst of his thick gooey cum.

Saving Gina Ch. 10

group LaPatitMort 2018-05-22

Yoni pushed me into the shower and said, "Keep your eyes closed." I was bathed by four hands and two circling bodies. Yoni on one side, Trey on the other, four hands began to rub my neck, chest and arms. My cock throbbed against Trey's and my first shot of semen flooded our dicks and flowed onto Yoni's licking tongue. She leaned back and Trey crawled forward and began to lick Yoni's clit and where my cock stretched her. I was kissing Yoni and her cunt was sucking my cock, when Trey's dick began to slip into her ass, making everything very tight. His tongue was every bit as good as Yoni's and his finger felt strange and wonderful as it slipped into my body.

Mom fucked by barber and his friend

group chandan0707 2018-05-22

Then I went to see TV and after some time I got remembered as my dad said to shave her hair under hands and at pussy so first I went to my mom who was in a sl**ping condition( fainted) and lifted her saree up to her pussy and saw lots of hair . Then I went to see tv and after some time I got remembered as my dad said to shave her hair under hands and at pussy so first I went to my mom who was in a sl**ping condition( fainted) and lifted her saree upto her pussy and saw lots of hair .

Threesome Among Friends

group pescaderoblue 2018-05-22

I had met Chrissy several times and we always got along very well, however, I never felt any sexual tension between us at these meetings, so I was pretty surprised when Mike told me one night, that Chrissy was fantasizing about a threesome with him and me. As I got closer I had a great view of Mike's fingers pumping in and out of Chrissy's very wet pussy. I had a great view of his cock being pushed past her swollen pussy lips and I couldn't help but give her clit a couple more licks while Mike was slowly fucking her. After some licks Chrissy moaned and her pussy contracted, producing a large gob of Mike's sperm.

Leanne’s Confession.

group 2018-05-22

  I felt another pair of hands on my shoulders, and as I turned to look up at the black guy standing behind me his huge dick appeared directly beside my head. As my orgasm subsided I felt completely relaxed, my entire body loosening, and I found that all my shame had disappeared despite that I was sitting half naked in a room in front of a room full of my friends with a naked male stripper under my skirt with his tongue lapping at my pussy. It felt really good having his hard dick slide in and out of my ass, it was so dirty it made me feel like such a slut letting this stranger fuck my ass right in front of a room full of my friends.

The Golfbang Event

group AdventuresofKathi2 2018-05-22

Rick sat on one side of her and Tom on the other side while Hank, the guy I didn't know, Phil and I leaned against the dresser opposite of the bed. Phil had moved up to her head and bounced his cock on her lips; Kathi opened her eyes, looked at me, and sucked Phil's cockhead into her mouth. The picture I had was my beautiful wife lying on a bed, with her dress bunched around her waist, sucking on Phil, having a guy on each boob sucking, massaging and pulling on her nipples and Hank getting his cock out getting ready to fuck her. The room is starting to fill up as there are about 15 guys standing about watching Big Mike fuck the shit out of my wife.


Swallowing Cum (Blindfolded) - The Taste of Lust

group Luscious_Skin 2018-05-22

He stroked himself slowly, feeling what would become his orgasm build and grow throughout his entire body, every stroke of his hand on his very hard and very wet cock brought him this much closer, like noise caressing his being from the inside, stronger and stronger, his cock, his beautiful head covered and uncovered by his foreskin, bringing him an indescribable pleasure until the shattering explosion he translated into a grunt, a man's ecstatic grunt as deep inside him his cum was being milked out and gushed into a first warm stream on this husband's pleading tongue.

Oral Lessons

group @tlanta Gn@ 2018-05-22

Chandra was not about to let me off that easy and turned to me and said, "He thinks it's disgusting that I would want to give him a blow job and literally gags at the thought of eating pussy!" "Well I think it is a tremendous turn on to watch a gorgeous lady pleasure herself." A very sexy smile came across her face as she said, "I think it would be a tremendous turn on to watch each other masturbate!" I wasn't sure right away if she was referring to her and me, or if she meant her and Al. Since she was staring at me, I took it that she meant me.


Little Dick, Big Dick

group sarahsmith1989 2018-05-22

"Look what I'm wearing, you have to dress like this if you want the boys to notice you." Tamara said. When we made our way into the house Tamara took my hand and pulled me toward a clearing, a makeshift dance floor. "Your friend looks like she's a little busy with my roommate." Steve said. I'd never sucked two dicks before, but I was a little disappointed with Steve's size and up for trying something new. I took my lips off Steve and locked them onto Dave. I looked over Steve's shoulder to see Dave leafing through a bunch of empty condom wrappers and my heart dropped. I was really looking forward to trying Dave, silently I kind of resented allowing Steve to go first.

House of Desire Ch. 03

group Pinocchio 2018-05-22

Christine awoke the next morning, her face, her hair, her body, her maid's outfit all caked with dried cum. Before Christine descended into the tub, Anna kissed her firmly on the mouth. As she dried her off, Anna touched Christine's face, shoulders, breasts. Anna told her, "Follow me; it's time for the morning meal." Christine was taken aback. Without uttering another word, Christine stood, and followed Anna out of the room. Would men use her--use her mouth, her breasts, her hair, her body, as mere things in which or on which to ejaculate? As it pumped in and out of her mouth, Anna thrust her fingers into Christine's cunt. Pauline and Sophia continued to service the other men in the room, but Christine barely noticed them.

Fantasy Vacation Ch. 18

group Silverfox0551 2018-05-22

"Ginny was sitting with one leg on each side Ed's hips riding his hard cock up and down slowly when I heard her tell Randy she wanted him to fuck her in the ass. You should have seen the look of surprise on Ed's face when he felt Randy's cock sliding inside Ginny's ass." "What kind of story is Janice telling you all that's so interesting or is it something we men really don't want to hear?" Don asked as he walked over and sat down next to Carol. "Yea Janice, tell us what happened after Randy had his cock inside Ginny's ass?" Carol said as her bare leg encountered Don's.


It's Only Fair

group oldnavy55 2018-05-22

I placed a water with some aspirin next to a note on the nightstand and apparently made too much noise as Holly looked at me and growled "Go away!" I smiled and left our room as quickly as possible. She looked up at his tall body and barked "Take off your clothes and put on a condom!" The boy pulled his sweat shirt up over his head and both Sherri and Holly gasped simultaneously. She unsnapped the side clasps to her thong and let the front piece sag loosely at the same time she took her foot and began teasing the young man's dick. She took her left hand from Holly's extended nipple, grabbed her hair forcing Holly to look into her eyes.


My Cuckold Story

group cuckstory 2018-05-22

As I got into bed with my wife that evening she said "You know Karen's husband, Rob." I nodded that I did. One Monday, during one of their chats after my wife had taken care of Rob, Karen mentioned that she thought things were going really well with the overall situation. She said that she'd been thinking and would be happy for my wife to continue with Rob on Wednesdays as long as she spent some time satisfying Karen too. They both knew that Rob was experimental and one thing he wanted, Karen said, was oral sex from a man.

A Threesome Between Friends

group Alexis661 2018-05-22

I slid one finger into her tight pussy as I continued to tease her clit with my tongue. I sat on his cock facing away, my pussy wet from her tongue. As I entered her with the massive dildo, she slid her hot mouth over his still erect cock. She spread her legs wider to allow it to go deeper and she screamed every time I rammed her hot little hole. The reddening pussy was glistening with cum and I greedily slid my tongue between the swollen lips. I buried my face deeper, probing the hole with my tongue and flicking her clit all in one motion. Slowly she slid beneath me, her face now at the base of his cock and on my clit.

The Swap Meet: Week 01

group Gary_Alexander_2 2018-05-22

And come to think of it, since you're the last couple we're greeting tonight..." He took his wife in his arms and gave her a kiss that made her groan slightly, and then they went their separate ways. I looked back at the dance floor and saw one generously-busted woman dancing with her shirt completely open, her breasts covered only by a lacy bra, Another couple danced very close to me, the woman's back to me, his hands on her almost-bare ass, pushing the back of her short dress high enough to expose her red thong. "Geri was moaning like crazy now, and she said 'fuck, fuck, Bob, fill me up with your hot cum.' And then, as I heard her shudder, I did.


Coming to America Part 1 by BigBad

group 2018-05-21

Claire got out of the way as best she could and Andy let the door come open. Andy had to scramble to get pictures of some of the angles Claire let guys look up her dress. The table top was clear glass, and he watched as Claire crossed and uncrossed her legs, letting the dress ride higher, until he could also see her wet pussy peeking out. Andy was pleased to find other girls dressed like Claire. Claire wore her little black dress, Sue's was similar, and Tanya wore a little skirt with bra-like top that bared her beautiful shoulders and midriff. As the girls 69ed on the bed, Claire brought Brad, then Andy to cum.

A New Kind of Party

group randombeauty 2018-05-21

So I turned to look and Eric had his left hand inside of Emma's sheer blouse and was firmly massaging her right breast as their tongues were now openly exploring each other's mouths. Without hesitation I walked across the room, passing Karen and her full mouth along the way and having my ass grabbed by the beautiful Renee, until I was about four feet from Emma when she said "come closer." I got closer and she said with 110% of her Latin accent, "all the way to me." So I made my way right up to her in between Eric and James, who were still fully engaged on her boobs but now also rubbing her all over, and she kissed me.