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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Broussard Sisters Ch. 09

group JimBob44 2018-05-21

She actually envied the girl; Pam had two friends that came to her room all the time to visit her, and she had an unbelievably good-looking boyfriend that stuck his head in Room 133 every now and then. "It's not," Pam said as she finished getting dressed for a date with Cindy and Candy and Paul. "Love those jeans on you," she said and the two friends kissed quickly before Cindy grabbed her purse. "I'm pulling on my undies and she's all like 'Damn, your bush is so hairy,' and I'm like 'what're you doing looking at it?'" Pam said. "Oh, oh, okay," Cindy said and resumed stroking Pam's right thing while clutching the small girl's waist with her left arm. "Shaving," Cindy said and reached between Pam's legs.


Wife and Her Twin s****r Surprise for Hubby

group 2018-05-21

After dinner, Dan started to help her clean up but Jean suggested that he go upstairs and change into a pair of swim trunks and she would meet him out at the pool as soon as she was done. She rushed upstairs, changed into the same nightie that Jane was wearing and they both snuck down to the kitchen to make sure that Dan had not come in, but they could see that he was still outside, finishing his drink. Jane was busy putting the left over dessert fixings away when Dan came down wearing a sheer men’s thong that Jean had bought him a couple years earlier as a gag gift.

Never Enough Ch. 17

group Sweetcheekss 2018-05-21

I made a blind promise to David that I’d seriously consider getting out of the adult movie business once I’d fulfilled my agreement with James Harris and Colin Douglas. I felt Frank was trying to distance himself from the movie business. David took his time, making me wait. Frank informed me Jackie had wanted to quit six months ago but she didn’t want to leave me hanging with the huge investment to pay back. I told Frank about David buying the property in Colorado. After making a brief stop at his office, David headed for home, anxious to show me the pictures of the ranch. I figured David would already be in bed by the time I got home but he wasn’t.


Not A Bad Trade Off...2

group d4david 2018-05-21

Our host came over as I raised up on my knees and grasp my head in his hands and commanded 'suck this dick if you want, I don't care if you fuck them all.' I looked up confused and pleadingly as he took hold of my head and guided my face to his throbbing cock. Holding me up by the hips, my head hanging towards the floor, the gentleman slid his old cock back and forth like a pro. My face was poised directly above the old shaft, I parted my lips and before I could do anything else, a hand pushed my head down.

Learning To Share

group ~¤MzJones¤~ 2018-05-21

Josh moved behind me and began kissing my neck, letting his hands roam over my body. Behind me Ray had removed his clothes and I felt his hands move across my ass then slide in my panties to find my pussy wet and waiting, I let out a gasp, muffled by Josh’s cock engorged in my mouth. Josh pushed my head down further onto his cock and I then felt Ray put all his weight on the bed behind me his hands roughly moved my legs apart. Ray slid his cock out of my drenched pussy and took the spot on the bed that Josh had just been in.

Hitting the Jackpot!

group saucymh 2018-05-21

Julie couldn't help running her eyes over Cindy's curves as her friend dried herself slowly with a soft towel. At thirty-five Julie was seven years older than Cindy but didn't look it. "Oh yeah!" Cindy's eyes fell upon a wondrous sight; two good looking men, both of them young, well dressed and seemingly unattached. Cindy and Julie were soon seated in the bar with posh drinks in front of them and the possibility of a night of debauchery within their sights. Cindy oozed sex appeal with her curvy hips and ample cleavage whilst Julie's slender frame and long legs looked great in her tight fitting outfit. Julie had slapped her hand over Cindy's mouth - Drew was standing behind them, listening.


Commander's Inspection

group billy_campbell 2018-05-21

A few days earlier, I had instructed my chief medic to perform a "short arm" inspection on all the male soldiers assigned to my company. "Tell him I will stop by the infirmary at the end of the work day and we can discuss the exams then," I replied knowing that it would also allow me to inspect how they were maintaining the infirmary." I moan as it hurts at first, but as he moves slowly in and out it begins to feel nice and I tell him, "Yes fuck my ass!" Thrusting up and down as dicks go in and out of my ass and pussy I feel them both cumming in me and I cum yelling, "Oh God, oh yes, Mmmm!"

Young lads teach a MILF a lesson

group Roxana36 2018-05-21

Cum dripping down my legs I panted and my head spun while a 3rd young tool slip in my gaping wet pussy and began to pound, but this time I didn't have to wait to cum the whole session brought me to a constant state of Orgasm as my cervix was hammered by his long cock until he too filled my pussy. The cock pulled out and I awaited the next, but instead the last lad told his friends to pull my cheeks open, I felt my ass cheeks f***ed wife apart exposing my tight Anus, then a finger entered my bum, I was tight but he dipped into my pussy and wiped my own lubricant inside, then to my horror the finger fully penetrated my rear hole and explored inside me, then pulling out the tip of a cock began to push inside.

Five Nights Ch. 04

group toomuchinmyhead 2018-05-21

"M-mm, I feel his cock pressing on my ass, I'm so fucking hot, fuck, your balls feel so nice." Mike started pulling her robe off her shoulders, kissing them as he went. She panted and grunted around his shaft as I fucked her, watching her orgasm build, feeling her pussy clench on my dick, and then her body froze; her mouth opened wide and Mike's cock slipped out as a wail emerged from her, howling her orgasm to us. Fucking pull out, shit, switch, I want to taste my cum on your cock, fucking switch," she muttered, and as we moved, she got up on her hands and knees, and Mike was behind her, and entered her doggy style and her mouth opened.


Aftermath Confessions Ch. 06

group DMercator 2018-05-21

When the dance ended I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and told him I thought it was time I got you up to the room. Not the good stuff, as it turns out, but the time went by pretty quick and I felt like I was ending the evening on a high note. I thought I heard a small groan from Jeff and, for the first time, I realized I could feel his hard cock pressing against my ass from behind. With a bashful smile, she lowered her head and walk sensually to the bed, running her hand along Jeff's naked back and through his hair as she came.


A Housewife's Dream

group FelatiaAllday 2018-05-21

I needed his cock and wanted to suck, lick, and slide it deep down my throat for his pleasure. I felt the man fucking me doggy style when suddenly I felt a finger slide into my asshole while I had a cock in my mouth, one in my pussy. I remember hearing about a girl being fucked airtight by some soldiers one time and didn't know what it meant but then I was told it was a cock in every hole making her airtight. I know that reality says good girls do not do these things but the way the voice kept telling me how sexy I was and beautiful performing as if just for him.



group Art 2018-05-21

I started dating Bob about a month before the night I am about to tell you about, and got to know his roommate, Bill, through him and by going over to the apartment they shared. "Well, boys," I said as I got up from between them on the couch and moved to the center of the room facing them, "does this body look like it can handle the two of you?" I reached up behind my back and unzipped my dress. "It feels great and it'll get worse." said Bob. He was actually turned on by all that juice and come running out of me and getting us both sopping wet!


The Double Date That Didn't End Ch. 06

group bosombuddies 2018-05-21

I reached down and grasped the iron bar of his cock, grinning inwardly at our reversal of fortune since last night, when Shane had been the one in my bed, and Connor with Tracy. We aren't two separate couples, we're Shane, Ria, Connor, and Tracy. Ria nodded, "Last year, a couple days before our wedding night, I told Shane that I would be 'okay' with it if he fooled around with Tracy. Tracy returned a moment later with a bottle of honey bourbon, and smiled the sight of Ria and Connor making out. Ria looked over at me and called out, "Okay Shane, now it's your turn to tell us how much you enjoyed your night with Tracy.


A Night to Remember, and a Friend

group tylerstevensguy 2018-05-21

When my girlfriend, Jill, saw my bummed out look, she said, "If you just hang in there tonight, I promise you will be rewarded." She winked at me and went upstairs to change. Late into the night, while everyone was feeling the effects of the alcohol, Taylor turned to Jill and thanked her for making her feel better about the break up. You can stay here tonight and anytime you need me, I'll be....." Jill's words were cut short as Taylor leaned in and kissed her. Her nipples poked ever so slightly trough her shirt, which meant they were very hard as they had pressed through her bra as well. "I bet you liked that didn't you", she said, very well knowing I fancied seeing her close with other girls.

Bisexual Anal Party (Threesome MFM, black and whit

group naughty_bi_interest 2018-05-21

Looking me right in the eye, this sexy Black woman told me that she and her hubby had noticed me at the bar long before approaching me. I could imagine white couples where the husband or the wife was bisexual with both spouses trying to make the relationship work but in my experience with Black people, it didn't happen. I took one look at that fine, gorgeous Black woman and her sexy husband. This chocolate stud looked good enough to eat and his butt was the sexiest behind I'd seen on a man since a certain Black male model took the fashion world by storm. James ate Felicia out, licking and probing her pussy like it was the sweetest thing he'd ever tasted.


group flyboyB4 2018-05-21

! As I was contemplating my next move, Amy stood up, straddled my legs, reached down slipped off my swim suit, and took it off my feet, moved my hard cock out of the way, straddled both of my legs, facing me, with her tits at about my mouth level, and told me to ‘suck my tits’. As I’m sucking this girls great nipples from one to the other, and hearing her comment, my hand is cupping her ass cheeks making her slide up and down against my hard cock. Amy is letting her legs down rubbing her pussy with one hand and with the other she’s fondling one of Stacy’s tits.

Lynn and Lee: Gift of Three

group LesLumens 2018-05-21

Licking her lips, Lynn said, "Mmm hmm." She beckoned with her finger, and Lee leaned in to kiss her again, ready to unwrap the babydoll from his third present. Letting out an aroused little growl, Angela said, "That's it." She pulled Lee from her breast, kissing him again. Lynn let out a chuckling moan, and sucked Angela's folds between her lips, making sure to include the blonde's clit. He sucked her tongue, tasting Angela's sex, and lapped the blonde's creamy juices from Lynn's face, when they broke from the kiss. After a couple more deep breaths, Angela locked eyes with Lee, and asked breathlessly, "Did you like watching her lick my pussy?" Pulling away from the kiss, Angela brought her fingers to her lips, sucking Lynn's juices from them.


Crystal Clear Ch. 30

group Romantic1 2018-05-21

Synopsis of This Story Up to This Point: After a motorcycle road trip laced with grief, love, incest, and sex (read my Road Trip series), Jim, girlfriend country singer Crystal Lee and her sister Ellen, a love interest named Claire, and a nymphomaniac housekeeper Nadia lived together. I think that Sean and Nadia each like being non-traditional, but they'll want a bigger bite of each other's time and attention. Sean paused slightly embarrassed at the last admission of why Nadia thought he'd fit in, and then continued, "She explained to me again about polyamory, and I like and can adopt that life style.


The Five Flirty Five

group Sarahxwritesstuff 2018-05-21

Two things should have warned me what kind of mood I was in; I didn't need to touch up my make up if I wasn't going out now and....I'd made no attempt to recruit Harriet, a fellow waitress, because deep down I knew she was single and the guys, and David, would love her. He remained stoney-faced as I looked up through strands of hair with big eyes, my swollen pussy on view between my legs as the group urged Adam to say yes. I looked into Adam's eyes as I kneeled, gripped his hips and swallowed the still growing tip of his cock, sucking it deep into my mouth and enjoying the feeling of it swelling with blood and hardening against my swirling tongue.


A Night Out Alone

group 2018-05-21

I walk into our bungalow discarding my clothes on the floor all but my heels and find you there, lying naked on the bed like a good boy, stroking your cock. I want you to have stroked your cock until the pre-cum oozed from its tip while you listened to them as they fucked me to heaven. I can see you’re eager to taste it, taste my finger, suck the cum off it and lick your lips when I take it out of your mouth I want to play with my well-fucked cunt and slowly tease open these cute pink lips until the cum begins to dribble out. I want to bring my mouth down level with the head of your cock as you jerk furiously, and open it for you.

My Fantasy

group EroticBrigid 2018-05-21

A row of men ring the bed, some wearing towels tight around their waists, others naked, towels over a shoulder, cocks in hand as they gaze at me with looks that range from intense to cool and passive. The second man shifts upward, still holding my wrists tightly, as the first man leans into me and slides his cock deep inside me. Several more men have joined me on the bed; one is kneeling beside my head, cock in hand that is moving furiously back and forth. The hand pulls out of me, and i feel another cock, furiously pushing. My hands move slowly, languorously, one pulls away for a moment until i feel him sliding into my mouth.

My First Threesome

group niceclit4u 2018-05-21

Then Chad told me to suck his cock Peter started fucking me with the dildo, and licking my ass, I was gagging from the force of Chad cock going in and out my wet mouth, he grabbed my head and shoved his cock down my throat, Peter told him to wait he wanted to see the cum shot, he pulled back and shot hot cum all over my face, then Peter started licking the cum off my face, off my eyes and forehead, I couldn’t open my eyes for the cum in them I had to go wash them out,

The Christmas Retreat

group Flynn77 2018-05-21

The girl – a curly-haired brunette called Vicky, wearing a black pencil skirt and tight white blouse which showed my sex-starved eyes a very firm set of breasts – politely asked we change for the evening and make our way back to the main house where she'd take us into the party. She wore a shiny, bustling number – a party dress which did not in any way draw attention to the figure it clothed. Moments later we got our answer, and I got to meet the hosts at last. There was silence as he finished his explanation. Silence. In her underwear, of course, the original bet. I wondered what the hell outside was going to feel like.


The Deal

group wallyfoss 2018-05-21

The fact was that there were infinitely more sex starved and virile young males within a few yards of her home than she could ever hope to find in the nearby town, and she also realised that they could provide not only strong, fit and lustful bodies, but other goodies that a defeated population rarely saw in the nineteen fifties; cigarettes, chocolate, coffee, clothes and some other foodstuffs and luxuries and, though she didn't consider herself a prostitute, she often made it very plain that the pathway to the heaven between her legs could be explored if there was some gift of these highly desirable commodities and so far, very few people knew of these 'private' arrangements. The door to the boiler room suddenly shot open and in the doorway stood two soldiers; Sergeant Mick Bolton and Gunner Frank Barnes.