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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Kelly Ch. 2

group mmumbles 2018-05-21

They knew Kelly and seemed pleased to see her with Dan. Shannon and Sandy behaved. When Sandy offered to help get the car over to Kelly's, he turned her down. They drove the two cars to Kelly's place and carried their purchases to her apartment. Kelly probably wouldn't willingly be alone with Sandy and if he watched, it would be hard to keep from joining in. As she drove back to school Shannon made Sandy undress and sit close with a blanket draped over her shoulders. She knew that Shannon wanted in Kelly's pants. She knew Dan wanted Shannon. They knew Kelly was friends with Dan's sister.


group Carack_in 2018-05-21

I kneel in front of both of you and while looking you right in the eye I lean in and lick slowly up the underside of Julian's cock. I stopping sucking Julian's dick, but keep hold of it with my right hand, softly stroking my thumb across the wet head. I sit back and watch amazed as my husband kisses a big smooth cock head, then licks it, then opens his mouth and takes it all in. Julian started grunting deep and hard, then all of a sudden he pulled out of you and jerking his cock furiously he shoots three long globs of come all over your back.

Very Close Friends Ch. 01

group fraoch 2018-05-21

As she adjusted herself on the cushions she laid her head down so she was looking directly at Jerry's ass and balls going back and forth as he fucked Pam. As I spread her legs, I could see where her pussy juice had been running down her seam and made a shinny coating on her asshole. When Pam got on her back and Jerry entered her, Kim's hand moved to her clit and started masturbating while I fucked her. The sounds of his balls smacking her ass, Pam crying out in pleasure, her tits bouncing back and forth on her chest and the feeling of Kim's pussy wrapped around my dick was getting me close, but I wanted to hold on.


The Gala

group Olgentleman 2018-05-21

Your stomach quickly tenses you can feel Jim's fingers touching places that have never been touched and Harry's dick still pounding your hot little pussy as the rush overtakes your as your body begins to cum all over. He starts pushing it up your asshole as Harry now holds still you arch your back trying to accept another cock in your little body and sucking on Jim. You feel the head slowly pass the outside of your opening and can feel it stretching, then like magic he is up your ass.

The Wives

group dep258s 2018-05-21

Tim, Justin and I jumped up, turned our backs to the Joyce applied the ruler to the top of his dick and Joyce just looked down and said "Ha! Joyce and Susan both gasped and said at the same time, Joyce took the ruler and started to looked over to Gabriella while pointing to Justin's Justin's hips started to pump back and forth and Joyce After a few minutes of Joyce's manual attention, Justin Then Joyce looked at Tim and I, our hands still wrapped joined Susan and began stroking Justin's cock again. Justin flopped into the sofa while Joyce kept Joyce joined me in admiring the show and started pumping my cock while staring at Justin and Susan doing it very

Awakening The Monster

group HerLittlePiggy 2018-05-21

Logan climbed onto the bed and eased his big 8" cock into Marissa's waiting cunt as my wife continued to lick her clit like a puppy. Logan pulled his dripping hard cock from Marissa's gaping cunt and slid it into my wife's waiting mouth. Logan continued to pound his big hard cock into Carrie's pussy while Marissa walked over to me. I pressed my mouth to Marissa's wet delicious pussy and licked her lips and Logan's hard shaft as it slid in and out of her. Marissa continued to fuck my ass as I sucked her husband's big hard cock until he filled my mouth with his thick creamy cum.

Fantasize About This

group Wanda 2018-05-21

It says " I need to give your clothes to the dry cleaners - could you take them all off" You do and then discover another note that says "your pleasure awaits you in the bedroom" you walk slowly to the room sipping wine, your cock is waking up! The girl that's close to me licks her way down to my pussy and seriously begins to fuck it with her tongue - ooh such exquisite torture, but she stops just short of my orgasm each time making me dipping wet and hot. The girls continue their tongue work till your cock head is a hair's breath away from my pussy. A few more licks to your cock head and to my pussy lips by each of the girls make us even readier.

Friday Night's Alright With Me

group Mike Franklin 2018-05-21

As I was kissing her I kept my hands on her body, caressing her breasts, her nipples and then moving down between her legs to rub her clit or slip a finger inside her. I began to kiss down her torso, stopping to spend some time sucking on each nipple, twirling them around my tongue and giving them soft little bites. "Michelle wants you to fuck her tonight," Kimberly said as she took my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me. "Michelle wants you to fuck her tonight," Kimberly said as she took my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me. Michelle walked over to the couch and looked at my hard cock in Kimberly's hand.


Tina and Her Bosses

group Matybone1 2018-05-21

I would ask her about her bosses Tom and Jim all she would say was that they were strong willed men who took care of her at the office, little did I know just how they were doing that. Before long my wife Tina walked into tom's office I walked to her and gave her a kiss hello and told her I was going to surprise her by taking her to lunch. As Tina worked Jim's hard cock into her mouth tom reached down and began to hike up her skirt she was wearing thigh highs, I had never seen her in thigh highs before. After depositing his seed Tina quickly turned and began to clean his cock with her mouth as Jim began to mount my wife.

A Private Party

group _Lynn_ 2018-05-21

The things her hot mouth was doing to my cock made me remember the night Hank told me how good Jenna sucked. Pulling out of Jenna's mouth, I turned to Sally, my hand cupping my balls. "I was going to let him join us, but you said no, you wanted him to yourself," Sally went on. "He's got a huge cock, Joe, and I want it all for me," Jenna said to me. Jenna talking about Hank's cock being big had hit a nerve. I'd never seen Hank with another woman since he began dating Jenna and told Karen that. With breakfast over, the rest of the crowd went home, leaving just Hank, Jenna and me.

Two Glasses of Wine

group BleedingRomantic 2018-05-21

He began kissing her softly, massaging her breasts and running his hands down to her legs, over her thighs and teasing her crotch. She took his cock in her hand, and slowly began stroking it, and quietly she glanced over at her boss and smiled with a wink before taking it into her mouth. She began sucking with more and more vigor, and his hands gripped her hair, she was putting on a show, and she looked down and saw that her assistant had slid her panties to the side and was fingering herself while she fucked her lover off. They each took turns taking him in their mouth, before the young girl retreated down her body, kissing her stomach, and fingering her clit.


2 for 1 Special

group Fanny_Bancroft 2018-05-21

The first thing was, I had just dumped the guy I had been dating (a whiner, a Debbie Downer with a dick) and I felt like getting out there and letting my hair down. My mouth sank further down on his cock, and I started the slow rhythmic movements of head, tongue, and lips that make me feel like my mouth is my pussy, and like I can fuck a guy with my mouth just as well as I can with my pussy. Mike held my head so I couldn't turn to see the man's face, and he kept up the pressure on my head, making sure I continued to move my mouth up and down on his cock.

Joe's Surprise

group Stormysailor 2018-05-21

On the way to the airport, Mary turned to Joe and said, "You know I've been thinking, we were both virgins when we married young, we have been faithful to each other, perhaps it wouldn't hurt if you and Christine had a bit of fun. When Christine took a break and sat on the mat, Mary made frantic hand signs suggested that Joe release Christine's bikini top. Joe stared in disbelief, face to face with her pussy, until Christine told him she couldn't stay that way all day and Mary told him to get on with it. Mary took a few days leave from work and Joe's business was very flexible so they had ample time to explore everyone's fantasies.

A Fond Farewell

group StackedAction 2018-05-21

I heard Jack chuckle and I looked back and he made a "well let's go then" gesture and Jane said "Thank god you didn't get all oh, well I don't know on me!" and she turned and headed down the hallway. Jack guided Jane's dildo into me (she'd been wearing her strap on the entire time) and Jane fucked me with long deep strokes and Jack moved up so I could suck his cock. I knew Jack was getting ready and when he announced he was about to come I took his cock out and aimed at Jane as she let go of his balls with a pop and slid back out some.

Triad Ch. 01

group SteveWallace 2018-05-21

I responded, "Abby, I was married for seven years of that time, but the relationship was only meant to last that long, so we mutually ended it. Towards the end of that summer, Jean came by one evening while Abby sat reading and I plugged away at my computer keyboard. I just wanted to let you know I thought about you every day you were gone." She pecked at my lips again and I have to admit I kissed back automatically. That summer, as I opened up my seaside home one June afternoon, eighteen-year-old Abby appeared. I want you to date and have fun, just know that it's not going to be with me." I could see Abby deflate slightly at my statement; apparently, she wanted me to be jealous.


Cabin Fever & Me

group toysrfun 2018-05-21

She started crying out, "This is a great fuck, I love it when you spank me, my ass still feels warm and I loved having your tongue in my ass, fuck me, fuck me... I took my mouth off of Mar's cock long enough to tell Jeff how good it felt to have his cock in my ass. The look on her face as she watched Jeff fucking me while I sucked Mark was one of pure lust. I could feel Jeff's cock begin to swell inside of me and then his hot cum flooded into me. Right about the same time Mark's cock started to expand in my mouth and his cum spurted into my mouth.

The Third Wheel in My Relationship Ch. 02

group alexander200386 2018-05-21

Craving release so bad and hearing about the mind blowing sex you get all the time isn't improving my need." Robyn said looking like she was a little out of breath. As I heard Robyn walking down the hall back to the living room I shifted expecting Claire to remove her hand from my hard cock. As I was watching Claire move Robyn dropped to her knees on the floor and began kissing the head of my cock. "I love that feeling" Robyn said as the toy went all the way in, how could I forget she had the exact same toy because it was a replica of me and I had pictures of how wet it got her.


The Present

group BenLong 2018-05-21

I groaned, followed moments later by an "Oh Fuck, Neilah," as you pulled away, leaving me wanting more, but you dropped to your knees and I felt the ropes go around my ankles. I felt your breath exhaling against my cock, and suddenly your tongue, reaching out, contacting the base, slithered up the shaft to the head where once again you dropped your mouth over the top. "You said you wanted to taste me," you teased, pulling your fingers away from my mouth – only to return them seconds later, freshly coated and slippery. You ducked down, licked and sucked a nipple, and then continued up my body, licking my neck, and chin, your lips momentarily touching mine before you pulled away and I felt you climbing higher, positioning yourself.


Addicting Boricua

group Poetika 2018-05-21

I am making sure I continue drinking to not cause attention to myself because I feel my pussy getting wet and actually throbbing as if I was being penetrated with a huge cock, one my husband does not have. Corey is getting her undressed and kissing her back, licking her huge breasts, licking her nipples, pulling on them while Kassandra is moaning and gagging at the same time. Mara gets off the sofa and starts sucking my husband's dick hard, she sticks it into her throat and gags and gags. I go towards Mara and my husband, I crawl under her and start licking her pussy while he is deepening his dick into her asshole.

What I do for my wife (MMF Bisexual)

group 2018-05-21

My wife looked at me, and with a d***ken wry smile she said: As she leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes, she let her hand slowly linger on my crotch. The officer nodded and looked over at my wife. We where right next to the passenger door, but my wife just nodded with her eyes closed. She looked beautiful where she sat, and I knew she wouldn't want to go anywhere else but home right now. I was incredibly turned on as I sat there watching him undo the buckle of his belt, unzipping his pants and taking out his big cock. I couldn't fully close my pants, but held them together with one hand as I got back into the car.

Olympic-sized Night

group Kev H 2018-05-21

A young man laid a hand on Yun's hip, pulling her a tiny amount, and she wiggled in his crotch for a few moves before sliding to the side and turning to face him, weaving him into her dance. Feeling Yun's slender hand on my shoulder, I let myself be turned and with a quick step, she was inside my zone, slowing to half time to make sure we didn't injure us. Through my buzz, I saw the man who'd first bought our drinks kissing my friend, and before I could tell if she was having a good time or not, Jing distracted me by sliding over to take up the slack left by his sister as she began planting moist kisses against my pussy.

Our First Time

group Canary2 2018-05-21

We played a couple of games of pinnacle and were getting a little plastered when Carla said, "Why don't you teach us how to play poker." Chad and I occasionally got some guys together and had a poker game. Chad lost the next hand and drew a red card along with Alex and me. I let them play until Chad suddenly moved a hand to stop Carla's stroking. "I am going to come," Chad said as he reached down and squeezed hard on his prick to stop himself. Chad guided Carla onto the couch and started sucking on her huge tits before making his way to her pussy.


Meeting Drake

group honeydew 2018-05-21

I swam for awhile and was getting tried so I went inside and i must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew was when I open my eyes and saw Drake laying next to me whispering to his dog. I felt his tongue slip in and the kiss that started gentle turn into a hot, mouth watering kiss that made me want to open my robe and press my body against his. "Yes, that's it baby, cum all over me, baby, get me nice and wet so I can get up your lovely hot ass while I watch you suck my daddy's hard cock." he said. Come honey I've wanted to have your sexy mouth around my cock when I saw you." Frank said.

Wife Makes Friends at Casino Ch. 02

group altego 2018-05-21

Their reactions were predictable as the looks on their faces followed the path of emotions from confusion, to uncertainty, to finally settling on full comprehension of what Abby had said. Susan breathed heavily into my neck and regained her senses while I took note that in the time her and I had been making out that Abby's breasts were now naked above the top of her dress while Derrick and Greg sucked on her nipples. As Susan's mouth slipped over my cock, Abby quickly recovered and got up on her hands and knees so she could take Derrick's big cock into her mouth for the second time that evening, which brings us up to where I started the story.