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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Good Girl Gone Bad Part 14 - Fucktoy Free For All

group Kali_Urriah 2018-11-18

I rubbed my clit and finger-fucked myself, cumming multiple times as he used my mouth and throat like the fuckhole it was. Mr. Bradford wrote phrases like fuck my ass, pound my cunt, drill this bitch, twist my nipples, spank me hard, and pump me full of cum. "I am going to drill your fucking ass," the other guy said and rammed his dick inside my ass as far as he could and kept it in there trying to press deeper and deeper inside of me. I lost track of time as cock after cock fucked my ass and mouth taking turns on me, calling me names and yelling obscenities, using my body and filling my mouth and belly with cum.

Gang Bang Ball - Saints | Sinners memories

group fruswife 2018-11-18

As Steve gripped M by the ass cheeks and fucked her, bouncing her up and down on his cock, Barry decided to get involved again, and headed onto the dance floor approaching his wife from behind as her body moved up and down, his friend's cock buried deep inside her pussy as they fucked. As Dee watched the action, Barry pumped his own cock, still wet from the woman's saliva, in his fist, as the man fucking his wife pulled out his cock, and sprayed his cum all over M's belly and boobs in a number of white, sticky spurts. A moment later, Steve filmed his own wife, Dee, stroking Barry's cock as they watched the show M was putting on, until John approached Dee from behind, and her second hand found the monster cock she had fucked earlier that night.

Blonde Strapons Blacks Ch. 05

group Samuelx 2018-11-18

The tight asshole of a big-booty, chubby white woman expanding because a big black cock is penetrating it. I came up behind her and placed my long and thick black cock against the tall white woman's tight-looking backdoor. I buried my big black cock so deep inside Veronique Angling's tight asshole that I can honestly say I'm surprised it didn't come out of her mouth. Unlike her friend Veronique, who was moping over her sore asshole nearby, Christine didn't scream as my twelve inches of big black went up her booty hole. The fat white woman spread my ass cheeks wide open and shoved her dildo up this black man's ass.

Demarcus's birthday present - Chapter 4 - Jen takes two

group submissivemom72 2018-11-18

I did fall deeply in love with my husband, and I even as I lay there, gently kissing Jen's inner thighs, savoring the sweet, subtle scent of her vagina and caressing her firm buttocks, I knew I belonged to Tom. I was his, and he was mine. I felt loved, content and well satisfied as I lay there, cuddling with Jen as Tom and Demarcus watched. As I withdrew my fingers from my best friends backside, I told Tom, "Baby, that is so freaky the way I could feel his cock from her ass. When Jen said the words 'he's too big', I saw Tom's cock swell slightly and arch up, stretching her tight anus more. Once Tom withdrew completely, Jen kissed Demarcus and said, "I love you.

An Adult's Night In

group rxtales 2018-11-18

After we finished dessert, Rick and Ava weren't gone yet so we decided to play a game. We chose our playing pieces; Rick was brown, Greg was blue, Ava was Pink and I chose Orange. I knew Greg wanted to get Ava out of her clothes, and I wouldn't mind seeing Rick out of his. “Okay Rick, I dare you to remove my girlfriend's bra and rub her breasts for one minute, and I think she would like it if you licked her nipples.”. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep thinking about the next time we would play a game and I could have the excuse to get fucked by Rick.

Threesome with Uncle Raul

group DeliaStar05 2018-11-18

You think I haven't noticed you checking me out?" Brooke asked a little offended." Look if its Lily, I really don't think she's going to mind, if she even finds out!" She walked towards Raul who was backing away again. She pulled away from Raul, got off of him and took off her now wet panties." I know what I want to do." She said seductively looking at Raul's thick cock. Lily began sucking Raul's hard throbbing cock stopped for a minute looked up at Brooke who was watching." Do you want to help?" She asked smiling. "Oh yeah I do!" Brooke got on the opposite side as Lily and they both took turns licking and sucking Rails cock.

Me and the Hockey Team Chapter 2

group emilyadina 2018-11-18

But then he leaned in and whispered erotically, “But that doesn’t mean you’re not going to be MY slut.” My mouth fell open and I stared after my new boyfriend as he turned and walked away. Actually, I prefer to fuck right away, but since you offered and you’re seriously hot, get your pretty little mouth on this cock.” I didn’t hesitate. He was going to let another guy cum in my pussy… Nick just smiled at me and grabbed my head and started kissing me so it wouldn’t be as bad. “Well, if you’re lucky maybe Nick will be nice enough to let you come back then.” I winked at him and turned and walked away, purposely swaying my hips more than normal.


Making New Friends In The Woods (Part 2)

group Pegasus4 2018-11-18

Jason and I stepped closer, our rock hard cocks in our hands, and watched Jay gently lick Sally’s clitoris. It was such an intensely erotic sight watching my wife press her face against Sally’s smooth, wet pussy as her husband and I held her legs up high and wide apart. She then placed my cock against Sally’s tight little opening and watched closely as I slowly and tenderly pressed forward, the swollen head of my cock gently slipping inside as Sally quietly groaned in deep satisfaction at having two cocks at once. I felt Sally’s gorgeous backside push up to meet my thrusts into her tight little butt hole and then down to meet Jason jerking up, driving hard into her hot pussy.

A Three, Four, and Five-some

group GamerGirl10 2018-11-18

With my lip-lock on Ally, I can feel Geoff tense, twitch, and spurt deep in her sweet pussy, letting me lick up the rivulets that have escaped like a cat after stray cream. A quick suck, lick, and polish off for both Wade and Geoff has them both flying at half-mast, until I tell the whole room that I’m ready for Round Two. It only takes five seconds, max, for two more guys, Larry and Shane, to walk up and show their dicks ready and waiting. A dick in my pussy, ass, and mouth, all fucking away, turn me into a big, dripping wet slut with one thing on my mind.

Thanksgiving Sex At The Cottage = Part Two

group stockingsandgarters 2018-11-18

“That's it, your clothes are coming off for a start, Melanie Ann,” Sue announced pouncing on her friend and rolling around the bed with her giggling as she wrestled Mel's tee shirt off. “Why would I want to?” Sue answered as she went up face first into Mel's pussy and began using her tongue to good effect. Mel re-positioned herself so that when the track finished all Jake had to do was pull his cock from Sue's face, turn ninety degrees to his left and slide it into Mel's waiting pussy while I scrambled over to her head. Next track, while I am doing Sue's pussy and Jake is doing her face, she orgasms like a tropical thunderstorm, quivering from head to toe as she floods just when the song finishes.

Becoming a slut at 17 part 3

group sweetconcubine 2018-11-18

I felt more excited from seeing John touching Deb than by Dan's ministrations to my body. He was pushing his hard cock in my mouth as John was spreading my legs even wider. John played with my pussy, fingering me while he sucked hard on my nipples. Suddenly I felt rough hands grab my hips, a hard cock slipped into my hot cunt. I opened my eyes to see John shoving his cock into Debs mouth. John's head was thrown back and I watched as Deb gobbled his cock like a pro. I had been fucked, eaten and sucked some hard cock, and to top off the experience I had enjoyed my first taste of pussy.

Reliving Last Night

group ahotwildcpl 2018-11-18

Before we started the next round, Gibson said that if we lose again that Rachel would have to give him head and I would have to blow Rick.   Gibson grabbed her hair from behind and told her to tell Rick how much she wanted to suck his cock while being fucked . In between rapid breaths, Rachel said “Rick, I want to suck your cock while Gibson fucks me.” Rick was now hammering my pussy as I was watching Gibson pick up the pace of his deep thrusts into Rachel’s ass.   Rachel’s scream were even louder now, and Rick was so turned on see his wife getting ass-fucked hard.

A Cold Winter's Day In January

group jcfrgb1 2018-11-18

It's Friday, and with the work week over, Kay and her husband along with their photo loving friends Ed and Jan are at Marcus's house - the house where she and Marcus's wife Terri have had so much fun and where there has been so much sweat. She loves this heat, for it means the cameras are on and the sweet sweat involved in stroking and sucking young men's cocks will be preserved. She spends a minute watching Kay who is on the blue rug on her back, sweating with her legs wrapped around the black haired young man fucking her as she slowly sucks the brown haired guy.


A Teacher's Fantasy: Part 4

group AGreyFoxxx 2018-11-18

Before we got started, I heard a lot of moaning and humming, looked around and saw a saddle-like object that Elaine had produced and was demonstrating to the other girls. Once cleaned of the sticky honey, my lips were replaced by one of the girls, who, once seated, turned the control up, moaning and rocking as the vibrations stimulated her clit. I pulled out, asking her to flip over so I could eat her as Morgan wrapped her lips around my still stiff cock, sucking the honey from the shaft and slit. Walking over to her, my cock bobbing before me, I planted a wet kiss on her bald pussy lips before rubbing the length of my shaft along the moist cleft of her cunt.

The Limo

group mscleavge 2018-11-18

But no, you want more; you reach up with both hands and pulled apart the material that covers your breasts to expose both of them to the world and all who must be watching from the cars around us. These men now begin to suck each nipple while I continue to eat your pussy and drink its delicious juice; and you have a tight grip on a cock in each hand. What a sight, you across the fender of our limo, me eating you, two men you never met sucking and fondling your breasts, you pumping their cocks, men and ladies all around us lustfully devouring each other, all exposed to whoever was watching from the buildings above and surrounding cars.


What She Craves...Pt1

group rafel010 2018-11-18

He was the freakiest man she knew. She came all over the piece of plastic as she thought how he sucked her clit and fingered her ass all while he fucked her with a vibrator...damn! Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed some movement at the window. At first fear had a hold of her. Immediately she thought some pervert had just watched her take her wet panties off. Then, her sexual needs took over and she smiles to herself wickedly. As she thought of some perverted man watching her shake her ass, Caramel bent at the waist and spread her legs. Rafel eased her down onto Janean's hungry mouth as he continued pinching twisting and sucking her large nipples.


My first threesome Part 1

group onlythistime 2018-11-18

The date was set for a Tuesday night to meet up at their hotel lobby where the husband would come to receive me and after a small chat we would head up to their room. A thousand thoughts ran through my head as I prepared myself to stay calm, look confident and prepare for a situation that I didn’t want to be involved in. Just before we got up to start towards their room, I asked what he thought about what should happen. He handed me some massage gel which I placed on the desk as the wife walked in naked from the shower. I loved the feeling of controlling her with my fingertips as I teased her pussy and started sliding my hands between her butt cheeks.

A Day at the Nudist Resort

group goodchemistry 2018-11-18

Leilani's husband Jim then came and did the same thing with his lounge chair next to Dany. Dany also has a shaved pussy and her legs were spread so that Jim could see everything. I was very happy to see Dany slide her hand along Jim's inner thigh and then start stroking his balls. Jim was now sitting at the edge of the bed and Dany was giving him one of her amazing blow jobs. As soon as Dany started to cum, Jim blasted his hot semen into her.  So with Jim's semen dripping down Dany's thigh and my cock shiny with Leilani's saliva, the four of us left the room and jumped into the cool water of the swimming pool.

Familiar friends

group Murfey 2018-11-18

Whilst stroking the woman, Becky turned her attention to the man whom, to be honest, she hadn’t really been fully aware of. Becky decided she wanted to take it to the next level and asked the woman if she would like to play with the man, or carry on with Becky orally. She bent over so that the woman could continue to finger and play with her, whilst Becky passionately kissed the man. The woman could sense the man was close to filling Becky’s pussy with his cum, so moments before he was about to shoot, she gently cupped his balls with her hand, enough to increase his sensation so that he could not hold back any more. The other woman immediately started fingering her and, to her amazement, licking his cum from her pussy.

Poker Night with a Twist

group Kim 2018-11-18

On the sixth round, Brandy dared Amy, and things got interesting. Her hips bucked against my hand, and she sucked Amy's tongue in rhythm with my fingers. Amy cupped Brandy's breasts, then broke the kiss to pull off the blonde's shirt and bra. Amy's cries of pleasure were muffled, as her tongue was fucking my pussy hole. “Your turn,” Brandy said, as she pulled the cucumber out of Amy's pussy. Taking the cucumber from me, she fucked my mouth with it, as Amy resumed sucking and licking my slit. Amy pushed two of her fingers in my pussy, as Brandy pinched and pulled my coral colored nipples. “Put a finger in her ass, Amy. She likes her ass played with,” Brandy told her.

An Unexpected Bonus: Menage a trois

group TXGirl 2018-11-18

I’m too surprised to react, but suddenly I remember that Rick is standing right there and this must really be turning him on: his naked lover, freshly fucked, with his cum still dripping from her pussy, making out with his ex-wife in front of him. I balk a little at the fact that a woman, Rick’s ex-wife, is licking my pussy, but at the same time, she really is making me feel I decide I don’t care and I’m just going to enjoy it, especially because Rick is enjoying it so much. As I’m screaming with this orgasm that won’t subside, Rick begins fingering Leslie’s clit, and suddenly she is slamming her hips back and yelling “Oh, Rick…fuck me hard, baby.” His pace increases, and I can see the concentration as he works to contain his excitement.

Final Fantasy 7 - Underneath the Rotting Pizza

group vgss 2018-11-18

Pairings:  Aeris+Tifa/Don Corneo's guards, nc            Aeris+Tifa/Cid, oral     Aeris and Tifa exchanged mute expressions of shock as Don Corneo proclaimed boldly, shoving Aeris into the center of the room while Koch As such, Aeris and Tifa had been going Aeris and Tifa's bodies did not inspire the men to disregard their innocence, Aeris slumped back and let her cum-streaked thighs lay bare     Like Koch, he penetrated Aeris hard and fast, giving no heed to the felt the thug's massive shaft pump deep into her sloppy womanhood, Tifa rod shimmying its way inside her, Tifa bucked her hips against the man     All in all, Aeris and Tifa had a pretty good life.

Gangbang Submission

group silkstockingslover 2018-11-18

I looked at Tina who nodded her head in agreement and I went to the couple, bent down and placed the ruler under Frank's impressive fully erect cock. Deciding to keep the naughty game going and answer the question that had my pussy all wet, "Would you ever actually let someone suck your husband's cock?" Shelly announced, "While you were gone, Bridgette, we decided since your birthday is next week we are going to play a special game of Bridgette-enhanced Truth or Dare." He flipped the coin and caught it and showed it to me, "Heads." He paused, seeming to think what to dare me to do before looking at Shelly who gave him a slight nod.


The Apartment, Part 4

group fog43 2018-11-18

I had agreed to give Roger access to the apartment alone so that he could prepare after his workday, so Carol and I got dressed and took a walk out around our neighborhood, watching the cabbies play soccer in the local park between shifts. Carol then made me hold the pad while she took Roger’s cock in her hand and pulled him close, then kissed him fiercely. Then we switched, with Roger now eating Carol and sawing the dildo in and out of her bottom, while she sucked my cock and fucked my ass. Carol came three times on Roger’s tongue before Roger and I reached our peaks. “I want his cum inside me,” Carol whispered to me as Roger prepared to fuck her.