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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Happy Birthday to Me

group tk5555 2018-05-21

Shelly's tongue danced around my nipple, Fiona moved behind me, rubbing her breasts on my back. "Go head," Shelly said from behind me, "Fuck her tits." She was leaning to the side, looking down at Fiona with me. Shelly pulled me back, and then thrust me forward, moving my cock in and out of Fiona. I want to come on your cock the way I came on your mouth," Shelly said. Shelly pushed Fiona forward so her tits were rubbing against my cock, and settled above my face. After letting me watch Shelly start fucking me, Fiona straddled my face. "Yes, Frank, "Fiona moaned, "Squeeze my tits while you lick my pussy." She knew I liked dirty talk, and kept it up.

Three in a Bed...

group JuicyLemons 2018-05-21

I turn my mouth to first one, then the other, licking and sucking greedily, loving the taste and feel in my mouth, and then struggling to concentrate as hands roam over my ass and my knickers are pulled tight against my pussy lips, making me moan, legs trembling. I have my eyes shut and you tell me to open them and look at you, and fuck its almost overwhelming, your face so full of lust, the panting and groaning, three bodies sweat-drenched and moving as one, and unbelievably it feels like you are both swelling inside me, tight to the point of bursting as two cocks start to spasm inside me, hot spunk shooting up my pussy and ass at the same time, my hands gripping yours as I take it all, crying out with pleasure.

Hand Job

group jenyes 2018-05-21

I watch the thumb of his right hand casually move back and forth under the cock-head, down the shaft then back to the head. My eyes still on his cock and the hand moving, stroking it to fullness. My fingers wrapped around him, I stroke his thick cock in long sure pulls. The precum coats my fingers each time I do this and I use it to aid in keeping his cock slick and easier to jerk. His hips are moving, pumping his cock between my fingers even as they work up and down his shaft. Your hands turn my face along with a whispered, "Watch him." I pump him and feel the contraction in his cock, then see the hot cum spurt out.


Temporary Girlfriend: Honeymoon Ch. 01

group Romantic1 2018-05-21

That was how we started, yet some of the stories and events I shared with her went back to when I lost my virginity in high school, a threesome I'd had several times with an old boyfriend, my Sapphic relationship with Alex, another threesome, meeting Josh, and then all the various combinations I'd had over the past year leading up to this week on the Island. Amy shared with me the details of a swing club she and a prior boyfriend had frequented, then her integration into a neighborhood in California where she ended up adopting a less lusty and more loving approach to her sex life, the latter providing a more satisfying set of relationships and feelings for her.



group maturemancock 2018-05-21

David bent forward and started to lick my nipples, God I was so wet and aching to be touched, as he licked them I nearly came on the spot, as I ran my fingers through his hair my pussy was throbbing. As I popped Lennie’s cock into my mouth David’s hand moved down my arse crack, I slightly opened my thighs as his fingers slipped over my wet cunt, I moaned. Letting go of Lennie I had both hands on the floor as I cried and moaned my climax as David’s fingers were rubbing me harder than my husband does, too hard to be fair.

Polaroid Swingers

group Justtoold 2018-05-21

Of course, Jerry being a bit of a kinky guy had to comment that the only reason I had the camera was to take pictures of Sue in the nude. Once us guys heard that three of us started some teasing and complementing them on how good they would look in pictures in hopes of getting the girls to pose nude like Sue had. Not to pass up a chance to do something erotic us guy's continued to push the girls to pose in some nude shots like Sue had. The next thing that happened was Sue admitted to Deb and Colleen that she had posed for some more daring pictures than just the ones everyone had already seen.

Christmas Surprise Ch. 01

group nikkie 2018-05-21

Daria was kneeling on the little red bathroom rug, still dressed in the miniskirt, but her top was now off, and her majestic breasts were cupped inside a black lacy bra, waving back and forth as she was delicately sucking my brother's dick, or rather just the head of it. 'Swallow it, yeah, swallow it!' Once he was all inside of her, he kept her head there, 'Oh yeah, that's right, that's soooo good.' I could see that she started panicking, letting go of my dick and placing her hands on Martin's thighs, trying to push him out of her.


Afternoon Delights

group kezza6969 2018-05-21

Colin’s hard prick slid across the smooth skin of my vulva, the knob visible in front of my shaved pussy on each forward slide. That, and the touch of his hands and mouth on my back, sent hot shivers through my body. Ross, his long cock curving up towards his belly, reached for me, gathered me up in his arms and carried me into the room. His bunched fingers penetrated my cunt while his tongue stirred my love bud and his mouth suctioned on that small nub of super sensitive flesh. As my body cooled I relived the afternoon in my mind, while my fingers caressed my sopping wet slimy pussy and strummed over my hard sensitive clit.

Sex, Drugs, and an Unexpected Threesome

group enderfling 2018-05-21

An hour went by like this until finally Carolyn crawled up on Lydia's face and pressed her pussy against Lydia's mouth. "Get over here and let me watch you fuck our little slut," Carolyn said, the tone of her voice naughtier than I've ever heard. "Now fuck her again." Carolyn said as she slapped Lydia's tight little ass Lydia let out a pleasure scream and tried to break free to stop my cock from plunging into her ass, but Carolyn and the ties held her still. Finally, Carolyn got on her hands and knees on the bed, facing Lydia, their faces only a foot or two apart. Finally, Carolyn decided it's time for me to cum and motioned for Lydia to come to the bed.

Cruising and Swinging 2 - Cabin Serviced

group lankybacon 2018-05-21

Mel sucked my cock into her mouth and as he knelt behind me, guided Roger’s shaft to my back entrance for the second time. I kissed her legs and belly between Roger’s thrusts, Mel was sucking my cock and fondling Roger’s balls and arse as he fucked me relentlessly. Roger’s breathing was becoming harder, Mel began slapping my buttocks with one hand while fondling Roger’s balls with the other, he grabbed my buttocks as he stiffened, he pushed me forward and pulled out of me spurting cum all over my back, balls and cock and smothering Mel’s gorgeous face. We fell on the large bed and began touching each other sexually, cocks were rubbed and sucked, pussy licked and lapped, arses fondled and penetrated.

Jim and Nick's Bi Adventure Pt. 02

group Tazz27 2018-05-21

"Oh my god, I don't want to like this but I can't help it." Nick said as he dropped to his knees and scurried across the floor to his friends hard cock. Jim's pulled his cock from his friend's ass, as Nick collapsed from the arm rest and onto the living room floor. Jim smiled as he look down at his friend, Nick's cock pointed straight up at the ceiling as a thick glob of cum rolled down his shaft. The moment did not last long as the rhythmic thrusting of Hayley's hips was to much for Nick he was soon cumming for the second time this time inside his best friend's wife.


group ladyroxanne21 2018-05-21

I desperately want to gasp so that I can take a new breath, but I feel the orgasm coming closer, and I know that I only need to wait a few more seconds. "If I should happen to not come home, please tell my hubby that I was walking around the block and decided to go to the park, okay?" "I know, but it's the only place that I can think of where I might actually find a man who is awake and horny at this time of night," I told him honestly. The first guy – who I'm going to call the dealer to differentiate him from tall dark and short blond – had a hand cupping my ass.


Recollections Ch. 18

group Kaadorix 2018-05-21

Merissa loved this particular bassinet because we could move its swivel to position Asher whenever we wanted around us and then easily turn it away if needed to get out of bed. Yet the caregivers claimed that Asher would look like a totally different baby in the morning because the swelling would go down overnight, and they expected the creases on his head to simply fade away. Not wanting to overwhelm Merissa and/or Asher with too many visitors at once, when Alexa and Angela stepped away, my good friend Mike and his wife, Pamela, took their place. Originally, Mom wanted to be here for the live birth, but changed her mind once she realized that Cooper and Madison needed a babysitter for a few days while Alexa and I stayed at the hospital.


Body Corporate Chp 15

group northstar44 2018-05-21

It was heavenly for Darren, he didn’t want it to end but again he felt his climax coming and so did Cindi but this time she let it build and slowly pulled back allowing his orgasm to fill her mouth with cum. As Darren started to relax Cindi took his cock once again and put it into her mouth and let it linger in its own cum, massaging it with her lips. Darren lay on his side with Cindi’s bum against his stomach and very satisfied cock He pulled her back into his chest and cupped one of her beautiful bosoms massaging it gently as he slowly drifted off to sl**p.

OneWild Night

group BigStick4 2018-05-21

Most women smile when I walk by; I think it’s because I’m 6’6” and wear tight clothing. Amy and Angelina wrapped their arms around mine as we went into another room. Amy was pumping my rigid cock with her voluptuous titties and then I felt her kissing and sucking my shaft up and down before she put me in her mouth. It’s a good thing I’d fucked one of my models yesterday; at least I could hope for some endurance. When I accidentally popped out of Angelina, Amy was quick to give my cock a f***eful sucking. “Keep at it!” Amy said to Angelina. Amy sat back and rubbed her pussy, showing me her inside flesh.

Cathy - SexFest #25

group longlastingwm 2018-05-21

"Jeff?" said Cathy incredulously as she saw bodies writhing about on the screen. Cathy's orgasm began and she moaned with joy, loving the feel of Jeff's thrusts driving her into ecstasy. That night she'd discovered 8 for more than half an hour as Jeff continued his slow jackhammer-like motions, driven on by her hypnotic cries. Cathy loved when Jeff took her that way, forcing his cock down her throat. Cathy could only imagine that Jeff must have found some special type of condom that kept him hard, because he was going on a couple of hours of sex now. "That's a promise I can keep," said Jeff, climbing on top of her to begin kissing her neck and working his way down.


Two for You

group _brent_123 2018-05-21

"OOOoooohhhh............MMmmmm" she moans as she can now feel Jason's hardness through his open jeans in one hand while she continues to stroke Grant's hard throbbing member with the other. Leaning over more now Vanessa moves her lips down Grant's neck and past his chest.....She wants to take his cock in her mouth. Some dribbles down her cheek as he continues to pulse hot cum while Vanessa rides Jason's tongue and finger through her orgasm. As Jason pulls her up, his hands spread Vanessa's ass - Grant takes this opportunity and darts his tongue out taking a quick lick across her tight rosebud. They can hear the sounds of their passion now - the slapping of their bodies and Vanessa's wetness, as Jason plunges his hard cock into her quivering pussy.


Turned into a Ladyboy slut Chapter 1

group 2018-05-21

18 hours later we finally walked into our front door,My Father said "into the den every one" I sat on his leather sofa joined by my Mom, Dad and Brad took the other sofa across from us, Me and my Mother were told to stand up then he ripped the clothes off of us, Dad and Brad stripped too, I saw two huge erections, I looked at mom and she told me welcome to a mans world darling, My dad said all right sluts starting sucking our cocks, Mom grabbed my hand f***ed my mouth over dads big cock while she did the same to Brad, we sucked them for 15 minutes, at first I hated it,but it felt better as time went on.

To Bask in Breastford Ch. 12

group bustyalix 2018-05-21

Coach Steven Blue was in heaven as the beautiful and busty milf Natalie Knockers bounced up and down on his hard cock. Coach Blue moaned from between her busty hooters as he felt her massive boobs bulge around his entire head. Coach Blue moaned as their big boobs rubbed up and down his chest and abs. Coach Blue shivered at the thought of having his fat wife and her fat friend in bed together. Coach Blue could tell she was wearing a sports bra by the way their bouncing was brought to a halt in a comfortable manner, however; they continued to jiggle, beautifully, even once the rest of her body had been completely still for a minute or so.



group carlajayne 2018-05-20

David came a little closer, he started to nip my skin along my shoulders and neck, and brought his hands down my legs. He wavered slightly at the hem of my skirt, looking to Ryan, who again gave him a little nod, smiling, and he carried on kissing me, fondling my breasts. I started to rub Ryans cock through his jeans, knowing it would make him want to fuck me then and there, and with my other hand started to trace Davids cock through his shorts. He pushed me onto the sofa, and David came to my side and whispered in my ear "Dont worry, it will happen soon beautiful" He then spoke louder to me, "Play with my dick, slave".

Do Women Enjoy Watching Two Men Have Sex as Much a

group daviea9 2018-05-20

Anne was rubbing her pussy vigorously as I told her how when we had each emptied ourselves we turned around and kissed hard and long, full on the mouth, while rubbing our sticky cocks together and it wasn’t long before she came to a shuddering orgasm. I heard Anne gasp and say “why couldn’t you have got it like that with me?” Colin laughed and said “I know, but then again maybe if Dave can keep me interested with his cock you can have some fun with mine”. I lay back on the bed stroking my still eager cock expecting Colin to lie down beside me, but Anne had got hold of Colin’s cock and she was rubbing it firmly saying “I want that cock inside me”.

Mrs. Chamberlain Ch. 06

group pretty_randy 2018-05-20

"Like this," Barb knelt down to show her and suddenly had a strong urge to remove Cora's panties and kiss her 'there'. After ordering drinks, Cora asked Barb, "Did you mean what you said about the pinup thing? Eventually, Barb rolled to her back and the girls were lying face to face with Cora between Barbs thighs, tangled up, making out like long time lovers. Barb whispered, "I want to Cora, I do, but I can't yet." Randy kept on fucking her. Oblivious of the girls' conversation, after Barb's orgasm, Randy immediately moved back to Cora and fell into a hard hammering rhythm. As his climax was imminent, Randy quickly withdrew from Cora and wasted no time getting back inside Barb.


Our First 3sum with a friend (MMF)

group 2018-05-20

Me and S had discussed our sexual fantasies and I knew she wanted to try a 3sum with another man, the thought of 2 cocks always got her hot and the thought of dp would make her juices flow. Whilst she sucked my boner, Stu got in behind and enter her arse. As I pounded her wet pussy, I watched her suck Stu's cock. S started begging me to fuck her but I refused, ensuring she was horny as hell when she finally got some cock. I watched as they both came together and then I got up from my perch, took her by the hand and then bent her over the sofa and fucked her arse before I filled it with my man muck.

The Movies

group nightsky87 2018-05-20

She knew what the stranger wanted her to do, she pulled up her skirt and began stroking her pussy, which just felt oh so good to her. The strangers hand reached up her skirt and hooked a finger around the band of her lacy silk panties and tugged slightly, Leanne knew what this meant she stopped stroking her soaked pussy and hooked both fingers into her panties and pulled them down her thighs past her calves and over her beautiful Italian shoes. She felt different hands grip her hips from behind as she was bent forward another penis was plunged straight into her saturated pussy, she pushed back in ecstasy, but he withdrew, she kept pushing back, she wanted this dick inside of her filling her up, she was on the brink of another orgasm.