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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Widening the Circle Ch. 03

group fntsymn 2018-05-20

The main characters Robert, Vanessa, Edward and Pamela were introduced in the first story and this is the continuation of the voyage of these four people to discover new aspects of their sexuality and of themselves. Edward and Vanessa began kissing as they danced to the slow music and Robert was enjoying feeling Tina's large breasts pressed against his chest. Vanessa and Robert went first and when they came out they told Pamela and Edward they would wait for them down at the beach. On their way to the massage, Edward and Pamela met Al and Tina, fully dressed, and they explained they were going to spend the day in town doing some shopping but were looking forward to joining them later that night.


Um casal muito interessante

group cindycoxxx 2018-05-20

Eu já estava entendo o plano da maluca da Marla , mas me surpreendi quando entramos numa sex-shop e ela comprou dois vibradores especiais , conhecidos como strapon , fabricados com cintas que serviam para prender nas pernas e quadris , mantendo-os como verdadeiros cacêtes quando vestidos por uma mulher. Para que , pelo menos uma vez na vida , vocês saibam como nós mulheres nos sentimos , vocês dois vão se travestir de mulheres, dos pés a cabeça , com algumas roupas que compramos , maquiagem , perucas e tudo mais .

88% para

Holiday Park Slut

group The Archer 2018-05-20

I lost count of the times she had her mouth, cunt, and ass shagged that night, but by the end of it she was covered with cum and love bites all over her tits thighs cunt and ass, and whats more she could not remember where she had put her dress and underwear, so had to walk back to our caravan naked and covered with cum, one of the men with a felt pen had wrote on her belly and ass that this slut had been well and truly fucked, I must say see looked a sight naked, stockings all laddered, just like what she was a real slut whore.

Fooling Around Andrew and Kiars

group Norwayadventure 2018-05-20

I let him watch me suck on the large nipple a bit longer, my hand softly stroking him as the other one laced into Kiara's hair. When she started to get into it I removed my hand from the cock, holding onto his jaw and lustfully kissed him while a very eager to please Kiara sucked and enjoyed my cock. Dance a bit for us." He said harshly as sirh a smile his bitch stood up, leaving the cock and began to expertly and sensually move her body. Andrew sat and watched as I hungrily drank and dag the cum out of his girlfriend's cunt. Kiara at this point was just with her ass up, her head down on the hard wood table enjoying as a girl eats her girlfriend's cum outta her.

Labor Day Party Ch. 03

group nully 2018-05-20

"Don'" Donna has her hands on Derek's ass as Maria wraps her arms around Marcus' broad back. I want to feel your fat cock blow deep inside me." Donna's hands squeeze Derek's ass cheeks. "Hey cuckie, you have some work to do," Marcus says as he slides his cum-covered cock out of my wife's freshly fucked pussy. "I can't wait to give you some more cum in exchange for some more of that wonderful tongue on my clit." Derek looks down at me and laughs, knowing that I have been reduced to a cum-eating, cocksucking cuckold who has let both his wife and his best friend's wife become black cock whores.

Neighbors Wife Melissa Is Fucked By f***e

group Johnnytames69 2018-05-20

As she felt my cock head begin to swell, she pulled way back and then took me in down to my pubic hair in one swift motion. After the 4th strong spurt, I felt her breath blow out around my cock, and as I looked down, our visitor had inserted his finger in her snatch and she was cumming around his intruding finger. Our visitor moved around in front of Melissa at the back of the couch and took out his cock. Melissa went wild as she felt me empty into her and pulled her mouth off of the cock and screamed out her release. Then Melissa's eyes dropped from mine to my cock, and she reached out, wrapped her hand around it and once again took it into her mouth and gave me another beautiful blow job.

Fat Tuesday Flirt Ch. 02

group Jake Marlow 2018-05-20

"Sorry, guys, but Katy's got to go home, so you'll have to find another way to fulfill your fantasies." Mo said. "Let's hear you say that when Brian's around," Katy said, coming out of the kitchen with three bottles of beer. "It's okay, Jeff's just telling me he's a big prick." Katy said sweetly, which brought a hearty laugh from all the guys. "You guys are all pigs," Katy said with a sigh, but she did bend over, giving Den a perfect look down her sweater. "Brian," Max said, knowing his friend would be able to hear him, "I'll put Katy to bed for you, if you'd like."


Harri: Face the Slut Within Ch. 06

group thenry 2018-05-20

And I think Matt could tell, said I had nothing to lose, that I should face my fears, you know, be like you a little. "I'm gonna suck if for you, Jimmy, and you're gonna love it." I wrapped my hand around his cock again, felt it angrily flex inside of my fingers. I licked the head of Jimmy's cock again, then, this time, let it slip inside my mouth. "Not being - ah, fuck, Jimmy - sometimes little sluts don't know what they want. "When it's outside it feels like the skin on - fuck, my cock - that there's too much inside, that it's going to explode." Jimmy pushed back in, not nearly hard enough for me.


Stumbling Towards Sex

group soft_touch 2018-05-20

But at that moment every muscle in Matt's body froze as Erica said, clear as day, "Gee, Cath, looks like we're being watched." "I think he'd split open any woman fortunate enough to fuck him, what do you think?" Cathy turned from looking at Matt's groin and kissed Erica again. In turn, Erica lowered her own dripping pussy - Matt could easily see the wetness that coated their upper legs glistening in the light - onto Cathy's leg, and began to slide her lower body up and down Cathy's muscled thigh. Finally, Cathy looked Erica in the eye and thrust two fingers deep inside, sinking her third knuckle past the swollen pussy lips.


IM Black Silk Scarf

group curlyspurs 2018-05-20

Mental images of her Valentine's Day secret seduction of her boss and the black silk scarf he wore as a blindfold to shield her identity attacked her mind while memories of the deeply passionate, forbidden, carnal pleasures they shared sent sparks of excitement between her legs. Unconsciously, Kim's right hand drifted down her stomach to her narrow landing strip of dark pubic hair, her stance opened providing access for a single slender finger to satisfy her most basic and instinctual need. In the elevator a man slightly behind and to her left was straining for a view of her breasts so Kim made sure her shirt gapped enough for him to be able to describe the size, color and state of arousal of her nipple to his friends later on at the water cooler.


My Sex Life Ch. 08

group Slutty_Julie 2018-05-20

As Jen kissed and sucked on Richie's balls, I felt his cock begin to twitch; his knob seemed to swell in my mouth. The force of Richie's thrusts pushed my face hard against Jen's cunt and she moaned and wriggled as my tongue lapped up her juices. Richie eventually came again, pumping his seed deep inside Jen. When he pulled his cock out of her pussy, he slipped his knob into my mouth and I proceeded to suck him clean. With his cum in my mouth, I turned to kiss Jen. Richie watched on, spellbound, as his girlfriend and I shared his load, passing it back and forth between us until, at last, it was gone.

Andrea at the river

group Andis_dan 2018-05-20

Andrea sat on his right leg, while doing her “best” to not touch Mikes hard cock. In a flash, Josh and Chris had their board shorts off, cocks standing at attention. Josh was stroking his cock patiently until Andrea noticed and started tugging on it for him. Chris was stroking his little cock, and Andrea squeezed his balls, rather hard I might add. Josh positioned himself in front of her, and Andrea started to suck his cock again. Josh, exhausted, sat on the bed, and Mike went back to fucking my wife’s pussy. Mike continued on for what seemed like forever, but finally I heard him grunt, and blow a huge load in Andrea’s pussy.

Teresa's Seduction

group bareft 2018-05-20

As we watched Deb and Teresa dance, Lynn pulled Jackson to his feet to dance with her. As Jackson watched his wife pleasure Teresa's breasts from over her shoulder he could feel his cock hardening and pressing against Teresa's ass. Teresa's eyes closed as Lynn's hands went back up the inside of her leg until her fingertips grazed Teresa's pussy lips. As Jackson stroked his cock between Teresa's legs, the bulbous end would part the folds of her pussy and then rub up against her clit where Lynn would take it in her mouth. Teresa held Jackson's long hard cock in her hand and inserted the bulbous head just inside the slippery folds of her open pussy.


CvsN 01: Convenience Vs. Need

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-05-20

One thing lead to another, and soon I had Karen giving me hand-jobs in the closet at work, after hours, and on the way back to the office from lunch. I haven't told her about this little plan, but I know how badly she wants to stay home. Karen was a horrible tease, rubbing against me when we were alone and whispering "Do you think Debbie gives better BJs?" or maybe "Hope you've been taking your vitamins." She even went so far as to say "You know, I've never been with another girl, you're not going to make us do that are you?" I tried to get her to go to lunch with me, but she claimed she had to go out and take care of some personal business.


My Bitch revisited

group hangman2000 2018-05-20

I went home and that afternoon I got a text from Brandi, saying she wanted to meeat and talk something over. A thing about me is that I am a Biker, and her being my "Bitch" will have a differant meaning, so I ask her if she knew what she was asking, and she said" Test me." So I just told her to Suck me right there. Just as came in Brandis mouth, I called the barmaid over, and told her to sit on the other side of the table. All could say was " we will see" that night I called a few buddies and their ol ladies over, we all got d***k, Brandi was wearing the same outfit she had on that afternoon, and we all had turns with her.

Saffron Cums to Dinner Ch. 02

group wyrdrune 2018-05-20

Sure enough, as I slowly moved forward, teasing Saffron with the good buggering that was to come, Hazel held her position and the dildo started sliding out of my arse again. I could hear Hazel making little whimpering noises, and I knew the base of the dildo was rubbing on her clit; I could hear Saffron making "Oh, ooh" sounds as I gave her bum a steady fucking; I could hear Bill breathing heavily as our cocks rubbed together inside his wife; and I could hear my own sighs of pleasure. Pulling away, I wiped the excess lube from my cock and balls, and watched as Saffron (on weak legs) climbed off of Bill and crawled to the side.

Vacation 6

group hotandhard007 2018-05-20

There was no way to stop my erection at this point, but at least it was still under water, right where you found it and began to stroke it while you sipped your wine. She smiled as she said, “it looks like you wax” She then stood and lifted one leg to rest on the bench right next to you, giving us a clear view of her equally bald beaver. I was rather surprised when Cynthia reached up and grabbed my cock and pumped it for a few strokes when she lifted her mouth from your mound just barely long enough to demand that I fuck her.


group Miller6 2018-05-20

The winning bidder was around 55, he came up to the stage, Rob asked Sarah to remove her cardigan and give it to the man with a kiss on the cheek, "don't worry" he whispered, "its all for charity". The bidding rose to £80 and a man went up to collect, Sarah was frozen to the spot in terror, so Rob stood behind here and held her arms by her side as the man proceeded to kiss her lips, attempting to prise open her mouth with his tongue. "That's all everybody, the private show will start shortly, tonight's star is our own Amy, with friends" said Rob, "thank you all for coming and could I ask you all to give a big round of applause for Sarah".


A Beachy Education

group Chaotica64 2018-05-20

They all laughed at me again as I sat there thinking, and though they were all kind of talking at once, it finally sunk in that they really did want a "sex toy!" Evidently, part of their holiday adventure was supposed to be picking up a guy and having a foursome! Each of them took a turn straddling my face while I did my best to please -- pussy tasted SOOOooo good after so long, I could have died then and been happy, and I loved the feeling of energy that flowed through each girl's body as she approached orgasm, squirming and grinding hips into my face.


group tigcub 2018-05-20

I told Kevin I'd like to meet this friend of his and that is where this story starts, in a bar having a few friendly drinks and a few laughs. Kevin got out the camera and took a couple shots and I started to play with myself, dipping my fingers into the warm fountain between my legs and bringing them to my wanting mouth so I could taste the sweet salty sex fluids I was producing. I brought my right hand up to my mouth and wet down my index finger and sneaked it around to Kevin's backside and started to massage his back door with light pressure, never entering him just hinting that it was a possibility.

Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 04

group SteveWallace 2018-05-20

Fran said, "As Steve became more and more important in my life, I thought I should take him home to meet my family – my Mom, Stepdad – who I have always just called Dad, and my sisters Sheila and Ally. Nancy asked Ally, "Did you start having sex with Steve right away?" My family would faint dead away over what was just said, let alone the deeper and more detailed discussion I'll have with Dave about Tantric sex, spirituality in relationships, and the other parts of making love. In the car, I turned to Fran who sat in the front passenger seat and asked, "I didn't say anything to your Dad about your sapphic enjoyment of one another, but I did want to ask do either of your parents know that you and Sheila play together?"


My first experience as a bull - Cuckold

group pranavmalik 2018-05-20

We got together on Friday and had a great time - Rags and myself connected instantly and by the end of the evening I was also pretty pally with her husband - Akash. Suddenly Raghini wanted to dance but Akash wasn't in the mood, so she asked me to get up. I sat down and started talking to Akash while Rags got me a drink. Akash and myself were talking about work and balancing the stress at work and managing a home routine too while Rags - who was also contributing to the conversation- kept playing footsie. Between our tongue play I stopped and told Akash to prepare Rags pussy for me by licking it. She started cleaning my cock while Akash got the towel.


group sammythewitch91 2018-05-20

Troy asked the two men to hold Janice’s legs open in the same position as he slipped around to her head and rested her head in his lap but raised up so she could see the crowd cheering at the sight of her spread legs and exposed panties; he then lent forward and taking hold of the top of the crutch of her panties pulled them up to form a wedgie so that her gorgeous little tight cunt lips wrapped around the panties like a front G string, as he tugged repeatedly on them causing it to rub her clit to excitement as the crowd cheered and yelled “ WOW….NICE LITTLE CUNT….LOVE HER PISSFLAPS… and …RIP HER PANTIES OFF” TO WHICH Troy obliged them and literally tore her knickers off her by breaking the side straps revealing my gorgeous wife’s now totally exposed juicy sweet little gaping cunt, as I turned to look at Janice her eyes were lit up and her mouth gaping in surprise at what had just happened; they asked her to rock her hips again and I think she was totally caught up in the momentum of it all as thrust her hips back and forth as if she was being fucked.

My First Adult Film - As Producer

group Jeremy1 2018-05-20

They also liked the idea of someone watching them in action, I thought, as Jenna was getting noticeably flushed as she spoke to me, and Dale's trouser front was showing signs of his own stimulation (yep, mine too...). This they did, and I started walking round them with the video camera, varying the angle and height as Dale's roving hands began alternating between Jenna's breasts and crotch area. The partners were quickie rushing towards their climax, seemingly oblivious to my presence, and as Dale gave warning that he was going to come, Jenna reacted despite her abandon by pushing him hard in the chest, causing his cock to slip out of her cunt as he stood in front of her as she sprawled on the sofa.