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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Nancy Collins, Miss World Bikini

group railroadlady 2018-05-20

This became such a thing with me, that it wasn't until I was a 20 year old college girl, I finally let a boy, who got me very 'hot', slip my panties down for the very first time, I had a very big and unexpected orgasm. Sometimes my nipples would be rock hard as he passed his fingers over my breasts, and sometimes he would slip his hand under the hem of my dress and explore my thighs and the tops of my legs, until finally I couldn't stand it anymore, and one memorable night, in the back seat of his car, when his hand was under my skirt, and our tongues were probing each other, I parted my legs inviting him to invade my most intimate place.


The Facialites

group shabby_mcflabby 2018-05-20

The writer gently takes the sleeve-hems of the cameraman's boxers between the tips of her fingers and thumbs, and very carefully pulls them down, her actions in direct contrast to the clearly quite rough off-camera fucking the student is receiving. "Actually, he'd cum on my face and tits the day I met him, but I never actually touched it that time," said the writer. The teacher grabbed the back of the student's head and spread her legs, guiding the younger woman's face home. The cameraman pulls out, spraying another layer of cum onto the student's face before turning to the right just in time to plant another spurt across the writer's forehead.



group BigDave1340 2018-05-20

Had I not experienced these events first hand, I would not have believed what is written, and probably treated these words as fiction; and iii) what has happened over that last couple of years has injected even more excitement into our sex lives – so much so, that even as I trace back over the images and transpose to text, I have to periodically stop and relieve myself – with the help if my lovely wife, Tanya, of course. Tanya left to powder her nose and no sooner had she rose from the table, Terry slid across the bench-chair to tell me about the fucking Jane was receiving right now… with Franz!


A New Adventure

group nighttimestories 2018-05-20

The guy with the big cock placed his hands on the back of the couch and I watched as his cock split the little blonde's tight pussy lips. In my mindless state of watching the big cock slip into the tight little pussy, I had taken my mind off my ass being licked when suddenly my rectum was assaulted by an intruding finger. Apparently, between the little blue pill, Roxie sucking me and watching Jean fuck, my cock began to get hard again. The guy moaned and grabbed the back of Jean's head as his head looked up at the ceiling he held her tight against his cock as he apparently was shooting his load in her mouth.


A Short Swing

group techsan 2018-05-20

I know some guys swear that more than a handful is wasted but not me; I dearly love women with big tits and Joanna had the biggest pair of any woman I'd ever been fortunate enough to fuck. 'Well, heck,' I thought, 'I certainly wouldn't kick any of the other ladies out of my bed if they fell into it but I was having a fine time with the one I was with.' I couldn't feature it getting better with any of the others so I kept noshing on Joanna's tasty nipple, massaging the soft tissue of her globe as I sucked.


Weekend Fun

group selvamu 2018-05-20

Some where through the dinner Selvam felt Radha’s hand move up on his legs towards his crotch and gently start stroking his cock over his pants. As he continued to kiss Malliga, he felt Radha's breath on his cock followed shortly by her tongue flickering over its swollen head. He couldn't help but watch as her tongue and mouth circled and dived down onto the head of his cock as she skillfully pulled up and down on his shaft with one hand and softly stroked and fondled his balls with the other. "It looks like you need some help, Selvam" Malliga said as she got off from the floor and knelt down next to him and softly wrapped her hand around his straining cock.

A Little Taste of Kandi

group LoverOfEmlissa 2018-05-20

Her hands feel wonderful on your breasts, as she cups them and then starts to squeeze them a little. Grabbing you around the waist, she pulls you into her and kisses you, firmly, her hands rubbing the soft nude skin of your back. You moan and thoroughly enjoy the feelings coursing through your body, making you even wetter so that both of us can easily smell your arousal. You have to know right away what a woman's nipple feels like in your mouth, and a pierced one at that. You start to pull away, thinking she needs some time to recover, and she clamps her strong legs around your neck and holds your head in place with her hands.


Touch Class Ch. 07

group Uzi_Johnson 2018-05-20

Shiri put a big toe in my ass, Christine was frigging herself, and I reached over and stuck two fingers up her already wet cunt. I felt both Karen's body and her cock stiffen, and the next moment a torrent of warm gooey cum shot down my throat and filled my mouth. Christine got her face under Karen and Karen's dick fucked her mouth as I jerked it off. Shiri move up and into Karen's butthole, and Christine strapped on a fat dildo and fucked her mother's ass with savage thrusts, Shiri crying out "Oh! Karen started fucking Shiri's massive tits, the tip of her dick going in and out of Shiri's mouth. Her ass so impaled, Shiri lay back until her back rested on Karen's tits.

Lustonbury Festival Ch. 03

group emily_hughs 2018-05-20

My own cock began to twitch again, and when an unoccupied girl approached me to slip a hand between my legs, I only just managed to restrain myself from grasping her naked breast. Danielle turned back and, taking the breast in her trembling hand to steady it, lowered her head and took the nipple into her mouth. Returning my attention to the gorgeous girl in front of me, I placed my free hand on one of her own moderate breasts and began gently caressing it, paying careful attention to her dark nipples. Seeing her naked like that, the lust that had built up in me since leaving the tent took over and I slid my hand between her legs, probing her wet, sticky pussy with my fingers, but she pulled away.

Caught From Behind Ch. 02

group couerdeglace 2018-05-20

You and I both moan as she squeals and takes your cock in her hand, stroking it base to tip, fondling your balls. She straddles you, and I guide your cock into wet cunt...she lets out a loud moan, throwing her head back with wild abandon. Syndi then dives her face into my dripping cunt, her tongue hitting my clit like a jolt of electricity...I jump and moan, urging her on. Each time she plunges her tongue into my hot cunt, I pound the dildo into her pussy as you thrust your cock into her ripe ass. "Oh yes, that felt so good!!!!!" Syndi moaned as she turns around and gives you a steamy kiss.

Playmate at the Prom

group SparkleKitty 2018-05-20

As they got out of the car and prepared to enter the hotel, Pettra turned to Ricky and, looking in his eyes, told him, "This is going to be such a fun evening," and then she kissed him fully on the lips. "Well, I'm not Ricky's Mom," Pettra told Ron. Turning toward him and squeezing her breasts together with her hands to emphasize their volume, she told him, "And Ricky's the only one who's going to be pressed up against these nice ta-tas while slow dancing." Ricky couldn't believe his ears and he felt a stirring in his pants. Just when Ricky thought he was going to erupt, Pettra removed her mouth from him and, leaning toward him, she pressed her breasts against him and began rocking up and down, her breasts milking his cock.


Night of the Witches

group SPEN STERLING 2018-05-20

"Wow, this has got to be the first time its ever snowed in October here," said Dan. He looked at the rear view mirror at the girls, who just smiled and nodded. "I think your Witch costumes are terrific by the way," Dan said, trying to start conversation. Dan was still reeling from the idea that he was naked in front of two hot women in witch costumes to think clearly, but he did suddenly have a flashback to part of his dream. He also had them slowly remove their witch costumes, and Dan was stunned to find that the dowdy girls from accounting had the most unbelievably hot bodies he had ever seen.


The Auditors

group lomar2 2018-05-20

I began to attack her pussy with the same vigor she sucked my cock earlier, her moans increased as she continued to work on Lisa. "Julia got to have some fun with this earlier, I think it's only fair that I get my chance." Lisa dropped to her knees and slowly circled the head of my cock with her tongue, flicking the sensitive opening gently. "Not yet, when I get up again I want a shot at that ass of yours." Julia smiled and bent over Lisa, she clamped her mouth over her cunt and sucked my cum from Lisa's pussy.

The Violation Of Lena Giovanni Ch. 6

group kiya4men 2018-05-20

Monday mornings she met with Hank & his flavor of the week, Tuesday & Thursday mornings the trashmen had their turn & the weekends from Friday night until Sunday night belonged to Rusty who had expanded her availability to his customers to include the whole day Sunday. Across the room, Lena could see Rusty accepting more money from some of the men, was he planning to whore her out tonight too after being fucked by these monster cocks? The bottom guy finally pumped huge loads of cum into her ass then the one on top put his dick in her face & shot cum up her nose & in her eyes as the third one kept his cock in her mouth the whole time.

Liz's Fantasy

group INXS 2018-05-20

I asked her if she really wanted to do it and she quickly said, "Yes." Liz told me to pick the guy since she knew I would be careful. After talking to Ron about the details, I spoke to Liz. When I asked her if she was still desirous of her fantasy coming true, she quickly told me yes. As Ron began fucking Liz hard and fast, I sat back and watched. Ron took off and disposed of his filled condom moving back up and kissing Liz deeply as I pounded her. I came hard watching Liz's now untied hands fondling Ron's again hardening cock. I sat back disposing of the used condom and watching, again growing as Liz took Ron's dick into her mouth.

The Big Road Trip Ch. 02

group Friskee_cpl 2018-05-20

Kim rubbed his cock as it slid in and out before she walked behind Jack and grabbed and kneaded his balls as he pistoned into Kath. Kath grabbed his cock, gave it a few pumps and he shot a huge load up over her head and it landed on Kim's left tit. Matt was pumping hard into Julie's arse just before he pulled his cock out and quickly moved to her face and pumped a load into her open mouth. Gayle was sitting between Dean and Les and as she began stroking their cocks Kim excused herself and went back into the party. He bent Po over the bed head and rubbing her arse whilst pumping his cock he sprayed an immense load all over her pussy, arse and Kim's face.



group jojojinx 2018-05-20

I don't give a damn about these nylons but I have got to have some cock." And I dropped to my knees in the wet grass right under that tree. Jamie's soft cock felt so good as it entered my mouth. He said "You were acting like a slut the other night fucking those two guys." JoJo reached out with her tongue and licked the head of Randy's cock. I licked the head of Randy's dick right in front of Jamie's face. He just got belly to belly with JoJo and smeared Randy's cum all over himself he was so hot for JoJo's pussy. Randy and Chet don't understand why I'm so crazy about Jamie when they're just dicks.

Donna's Massage

group 2018-05-20

The thought of my wife being so exposed to a total stranger started to give me a bit of an erection, something of course I always controlled fairly well at nude beaches. I asked my wife “how is the view for you?”, and after glancing at my fully erect cock and taking a long look at our guest’s crotch she replied “It is a great view for me too!” We both settled down a little and after 3 or 4 minutes our friend thanked us and left, his cock no longer erect but still fairly thick. I had been so turned on, first by watching my wife masturbate a total stranger while he fingered her pussy then by having my tongue in her as she exploded that the first stroke in was all that it took.

The Hotel: The Penthouse Suite Ch. 01

group BoxesAndBlades 2018-05-20

I look into Carly's eyes as I rub Maria's pussy for a minute before giving her another twelve spanks. Maria's orgasm builds and she cums violently and loudly a second after I slide my wet finger inside her asshole. Carly is gasping and writhing, desperate to cum herself, watching Maria's ass intently. Maria is transfixed watching my dick slowly appear from Carly's hole, before quickly disappearing inside it again. I fuck Maria's hott ass gently but deeply and she squirms beneath me as she feels my balls banging against the base of the black vibrator that I can feel buzzing inside her. Carly is watching, trying to hold off another orgasm brought on just by watching her friend getting ass-fucked.

Gigolo Ch. 02

group dass4450 2018-05-20

I pulled her ankles up to my shoulders and started fucking her while massaging and palpating her glorious breasts in time with my thrusts. Lucia was about to say something smart using her hands when she accidentally knocked her coffee mug flying, spilling the contents all over the table and floor. I pulled those tent like pants down and perved at the winking brown star of her anus and then the mass of black curly hair between her legs. I must have it." Lucia turned and bent over the table displaying her magnificent arse while reaching between her thighs and separating her cunt lips. "Fuck me now!!" I obliged, withdrawing and pushing, amazed that at her age, her cunt felt so wonderful, hugging my dick like a velvet vice as I increased the speed.

The Making Of A Cockslut 2

group carlos06 2018-05-20

About now I noticed that several other guys were in the room and watching intently, I like the feeling of being watched, meanwhile my guy was working the tip of his index finger up against my ass hole, after a bit of this he pushed his finger all the way in while still stroking my cock, I had done this to myself but it felt way better to have another guy do it, it felt awesome. By now more guys were in the room, most of them had dropped their towels are were openly stroking their cocks, some had moved closer for a better look, I reached out and grabbed the nearest cock drawing it into my mouth, another appeared on my other side and I grabbed it and started stroking it.

Aspiring Director Ch. 02

group Sean Murray 2018-05-20

After another minute of kissing Paula's chests and bra covered tits (her thrown back head allowing Jerry unfettered access), he delicately pulled the straps off her shoulders just as he had removed her dress straps. Holding his shaft in her hand, she circled his cock with her tongue a few times and then sucked the entire head into her mouth. She took a little more of his cock into her mouth, twisting and turning it to bring Jerry even more stimulation, while her right hand rotated and rubbed the lower half of his shaft. After another minute of the incredibly coordinated dance of twisting lips and mouth, writhing tongue and clenched hand on his cock, Jerry gasped through gritted teeth that he was going to cum.


A Different Kind of Vacation Ch. 09

group jim313 2018-05-20

Cory was next and as she came, she was shuddering and vibrating the dildo inside Bob which triggered his orgasm and I felt his cock expand in my ass and start spurting hot cum inside me in one load after another. As Doris started to lick the swollen labia, Bob reached over and grasped my hardening penis in his hand as he told me how horny he was getting watching his wife suck mine. I'm not sure how long it was that I was sucking him but I was awakened from my reverie by Cory who told me to stop what I was doing before he came as she wanted his cock inside her right now since Doris had gotten her so worked up she just had to have it.


Shanti - A Vixen Adulterous Ch. 05

group shanti2010 2018-05-20

Shanti's tits jiggled as Chitra flicked her tongue over them, licking off droplets of cum and sucking at the hard nipples. Shanti held one end and Chitra the other as the two sexy Tamil whores got on their asses, their legs wide spread and their cunts facing each other. They took hold of each other's hands and began to pull, each dragging her ass closer to the other, and their moans got louder as the dildo entered each pussy. Shanti looked at the dildo in her cunt, eyeing it hungrily.Chitra leaned forward and put her fingertips on the shaft, stroking it up and down as it jiggled inside Shanti's pussy.