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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Intern Becomes Office Slut

group DeFlowered 2018-05-20

“I’m going to need you to stay late and help me, Katie,” Heather said. “Tell me you want it as much as I do, baby,” she said, spreading my cheeks and licking closer to my pussy. Heather wrapped her legs around my waste and sucked and licked her cum from my face. I couldn’t believe how Heather could handle Jack’s long prick in her ass. “Oh, Katie, kiss my ass and make it better,” said Heather. “I know what you want, Jack,” said Heather. “Go ahead and fuck that little ass.” My tongue was deep inside Heathers butt, so I couldn’t protest against it. The sensation of her fingers inside my pussy, while Jack’s big cock fucked my ass sent me over the edge.

Chilled Wine & Hot Sex for Four

group bennyhunny 2018-05-20

While drying off, Andy slipped to his knees in front of Greg and began to lick his cock and balls, while his hands roamed over Greg's ass. Greg felt a tiny shock as he entered the darkened bedroom with Andy and saw Dana standing in Bruce's embrace, his hand in her shorts. "Look," Bruce said, "there is your fantasy." He increased his rhythm slightly, rubbing her tender spot with two fingers, spreading her juices around, until she felt wetness running down her leg. Dana had never felt this excited before, as she watched Greg and Andy embrace, hands roaming over each other's body. Bruce began slowly fucking Greg's ass, and almost immediately Greg stiffened and came in Andy's mouth.

Chrystal Persuasion: Chapter 1_Fucked Up

group edintx99 2018-05-20

His cock was deep inside me, each thrust bringing me closer to the edge, his hands clasped tight around my throat… “Holy fuck!” On my knees on the thick carpet in the main room of the hotel suite, grasping the pile like a wild cat with claws, straddling one man. Then I felt another man grab my thighs from behind, press the head of his dick against my pussy lips, pushing hard to get inside at the same time. “I got a couple of texts a day from her for the first week after our little outing”—she smiled, more a leer—“She said she was with some rich older guy. I moved closer, “Look, Alex, I know we must have been drvgged with Ecstasy, maybe some other narcotics or hallucinogen as well.

Three Slut Sisters

group sunnyboyz 2018-05-20

I must say the sisters were really very eager participants, both Vaishali and Vinu sucked their sisters tits and I too pressed my thumb at Vandana's clit, which in seconds raised her sexual appetite and her juices again began flowing from and she looked at me to commence the effort to push my cock up her pussy. Vandana was biting her lips and was in some pain but soon the pain disappeared quickly as it had come and I started working her cunt with very small pushes barely half an inch out and in and removed the pillows from under her hips(which were necessary for the ''FIRST FUCK, as the pressure from cock is also helped by the gravity to lower the cock in the pussy below) and asked Vandana to clasp my waist with her legs.


Wife and I Get a Roommate Ch. 04

group tonyl65 2018-05-20

When I walked past David he surprised me by grabbing my hand and jerking me down to him, I fell on my back across his lap and he pulled my head into his face and gave me a deep wet kiss, then looked at me and said "Welcome home sweetie." She no sooner finished her sentence when David jerked forward, at the same time that Carol rammed the dildo deep inside of him, and then I felt his cum shoot all over my cock and balls as his body convulsed against me. I felt each surge of cum sail through my shaft felt, my cock head flared, releasing a strong spurt of my hot fuck juice deep into Carol's pussy.

MFF - The Mystery Woman

group mwm69writer 2018-05-20

Jan lifted he leg around and onto the bed and moved into a kneeling position over my chest and continued to feed her fingers into her pussy and back to my mouth. Jan's movement slowed as she rocked gently against my face, bringing herself down from orgasm slowly as I occasionally pushed into the woman sat on my cock as she squeezed each time I moved towards the bed. "God yes, lick me there!" and she carried on stroking her pussy and let her fingers wander between her arse cheeks, wet and wanton. I had to quickly kneel with one leg on the bed as Jan opened the pussy with her other hand and led my stiff cock towards the entrance.


It Was Planned

group kenossie 2018-05-20

While she was licking and sucking on my clit she drove two fingers into my hole and started rubbing my g-spot, with reserve at first but as I responded she put more pressure on it. I rub her g-spot and fingerfuck her while I lick and suck on her clit, trying to make her cum into my mouth, wanting to taste even more of her. I pulled my mouth off her clit and started licking at the cum freely flowing from her hole, wanting to lap up as much of it as possible, instead moving my fingers to her clit until she pushed my hand away as she was too sensitive to be touched.

Sweet Candie

group BrettJ 2018-05-20

Now, as a young adult, she had spent great time and effort finding a costume she liked, one that would be fun to wear and sexy for her boyfriend Steve to look at. "I always dress for sex because I often go looking for it," Madelyn smiled as her lips brushed Candie's. "I'm enormously flattered, you're a perfect little doll," Madelyn smiled as she and Candie kissed. "Guilty as charged," Candie smiled as Madelyn's perfect hands and mouth kissed down her body. "That is exactly the right attitude Candie, good for you," Madelyn smiled as her lips trailed down Candie's tanned, perfumed flesh towards the sweet pussy she wanted.



group sr71plt 2018-05-20

Grant was chatting up the gallery owner, turned away from Cath, so that she couldn't catch his eye with a begging expression of needing to be rescued. Cath could see that there was no rescue to be had from that quarter for another minute or two even as it seemed that Grant and the gallery owner were parting; Turning from the gallery owner, Grant had spied a patron who looked vulnerably bored with art work the man's wife was gushing over with another patron. Cath had come out of the bedroom of the Fire Island beach cottage Grant had lured her to for the Memorial Day weekend.


Flight School & Farmer's Daughters?

group Long Strongdaily 2018-05-20

"The fact that our adrenaline and testosterone's were running on an excess of high octane of course would save the day!" My inattentiveness to my driving, distracted by all that sexual talk about what we'll be doing and how often once we get to the city, got me into a heap of trouble just thirty minutes into our trip. "Maybe you should be careful and let the guy behind the wheel explain his driving habits to me otherwise I might charge you for having open beer in your possession while a passenger in a car!" You could actually hear the silence! I think we left it at the base garage when we picked up the car for dad!" Blaine replied.


Jay's Reward

group SecretHowl 2018-05-20

Jay caressed my tits from behind as Melissa kissed my neck while she ran first one, then two, fingers slowly in and out of my cunt. Jay stood off to the side stroking his cock to another erection as Melissa and I explored each others sensitive regions with our lips and tongues. I was lost in the sensations of my friends tongue when I felt the head of Jay's cock at the entrance to my pussy. My pussy was suddenly empty, and I could tell by sudden absence of her tongue on my clit along with the sounds coming from my friend that Jay had his cock in Melissa's mouth.


Kathleen Finds Out

group blooflame 2018-05-20

John grabbed the lube and began massaging my asshole with it, while Kathleen affixed the harness and dildo, then came around to where I was beginning to lick at Denise's clit, and put the head of the dildo right in front of me. Kathleen's one slender finger pushed in and in and in, and her lips and tongue went back to sucking cum from Denise's hot pussy. I want you to cum for her too, let's cum for Kathleen, together!" With that he began cumming in Kathleen's ass, and Denise grabbed her head, holding it to her pussy, and screamed out "finger fuck my ass while you lick my cunt clean, you hot whore" and shivered over and over as I saw orgasms wrack her body.

Robert, The Highwayman Ch. 03

group tinman69s 2018-05-20

Later I went in and cleaned up again, so I would be presentable for Sandra and then , very carefully and slowly I backed Trish's car out of the garage and let me tell you it was hard to do; knowing that she would never sit in that seat again. When I laid down on the bed, I started kissing her face and neck, and had intentions of kissing my way down her body, but she got me by the hair and pulled me back up and said "Dammit, Robert, can't you see that I need that hard cock in me right now?


Good Girl Turned Whore

group FuckMyGirlfriend 2018-05-20

"Hey babe just to remind you its Tuesday so the guys are gonna be coming over later tonight." said Ian as he walked through the front door. As she said this she bent over to grab a pot from their lazy susan, Robert glanced over at her not wanting to miss a good view of her nice ass and was very surprised to see a skimpy black thong hanging out of her pink sweat pants. Robert was a down to Earth guy, he knew that girls' thought processes were extremely sporadic and even if she was like this now, she might break down and tell Ian later.



group ms_magdalene 2018-05-20

You're not wearing any underwear, and I easily push your jeans free from your body, leaving your hard cock to press against my stomach. She licks me in long, slow strokes, and then gently parts my pussy lips with her fingers so she has better access to my clit. I lick her again, and feel you tug on my hair to pull my head back so you can steal a taste of her juices from my lips. I hear the click of the front door closing as you let her out, and I stretch my arms above my head, my body drawn out across the bed.

Steven and the Cheerleaders

group RedHairedandFriendly 2018-05-20

He knew his truck wouldn't work for himself and the three cheerleaders; he took Tabitha's Tahoe keys from the hook and one of his Bon Jovi CDs. It wasn't long before Bad Medicine was ricocheting off the interior walls of the vehicle and Steven was on his way to Sally Tucker's house. Steven spent his time glancing at Sally's chest, the material of her little vest stretching across her firm globes, looking in his rearview mirror at Jessica's full lips, and driving down the dirt road that would take them up to Danielle's farm house. His cock jerked to attention as he saw Sally's hair, free of her ponytail, in the clenched fist of Jessica, who was pushing the woman's face deeper into Danielle's pussy.


48 Hours as a Hooker (2001)

group joanne1976 2018-05-20

He came over and said it was time to go, after he asked me if I wanted "This is Jo, you've met of course" said Tony, coolly Carol came over and Just be a minute, okay?" I said to Carol, and to Tony Back in the bedroom Carol asked Tony what he actually wanted. I looked away as I took Tony's cock into my mouth and sucked him "I want some cock now" said Carol softly, she moved forward off "God, you've got a gorgeous arse" cooed Carol, gently parting my bum for own tongue on my clit, Tony had got my breasts in his hands, working Carol looked sooooooo disappointed, but cheered up as Tony said he'd

Brownstone - Welcome

group MilissaB 2018-05-19

They released each others hands and Sharon gasped as she felt Sondra's long, cool fingers come up under her shirt from behind to cup and hold her breasts while Gina lifted Sharon's shirt over her head. Gina pushed Sondra's hands away and cupped Sharon's aching breasts in her own hands and lifted them up, taking first one nipple into her mouth sucking it between her lips and gently biting it at the base, licking it before moving on to the other. She rocked against those probing fingers while holding the wine bottle with both hands, fucking the neck of it in and out of Sharon until they were all grinding wildly at each other, coming and moaning, Gina loved the tingling feel of Sharon's groans against her clit as she was sucked to a shattering orgasm.

Layla and Alex Ch. 02

group layla_beast_baby 2018-05-19

Layla moaned and Kelly slid down her body to her pussy and started flicking her tongue along Layla's little clit. Layla took her dress off completely and she she got underneath Kelly and leaned up and pulled one of her nipples into her mouth and started sucking gently. she must not be getting much dick Alex thought smirking and his huge cock starting bucking inside of Kelly. Kelly moaned and her fingers started frigging Layla harder while Layla sucked and fucked Kelly's breasts hard with her lips, tongue, and teeth. Layla took her free hand and massaged hard on Alex's balls and Kelly and Alex both started bucking frantic in sex while Layla squeezed hard on Alex's balls and continued mouth fucking Kelly's ass hard.

Sharing My Slut: Week 01

group JesterBoheme 2018-05-19

Bryant stared at her hungrily, slowly stroking his cock while she pleasured herself in front of us. I sat there with cum still spurting out of my deflating cock as my lovely girlfriend masturbated vigorously for me and my friend. He put both hands on her head and gave one last thrust as he spurted cum into the back of her mouth. He was satisfied, she was exhausted, she just lay there with her head in his lap, cum leaking out of her mouth, sticking to the side of her face and getting in her hair. "Thank you, sir." She said sweetly as she got down on her knees and grabbed my slowly hardening cock."

Now and Forever Ch. 02

group angelicminx 2018-05-19

Kit patted his sister's hand and said, "Sis, I know what I'm asking is a little unusual..." "Kit, I'm sorry, but the idea of fucking Brogan is just a little too weird." Again, Kathy counted the points she made on her fingers. Kit cupped Brogan's balls in his hand and continued sucking on his cock, feeling it grow in his mouth. "When?" Brogan asked after Kit told him of Kathy's decision. Brogan released Kathy's nipple, kissed the skin above her breast and then whispered in her ear, "Vin Diesel. Brogan felt Kit's lips close on his hole and his smile turned into a moan of pleasure. Kit eased one finger inside his husband's ass and reached around him with the other hand to stroke his growing cock.


The Lesson

group HannahBlue 2018-05-19

Tonight's party was the birthday of Kyle Whats-his-face who I barely knew, but what I did know, what what Callie wouldn't stop reminding me of, was that Danny Evans was going to be there. Danny Evans who I couldn't stop staring at in english class, who smiled at me every day in the cafeteria, who had gorgeous blue eyes and blonde hair and good taste in clothes and sexy muscles. There was Danny Evans, with his hair looking great, wearing a nice striped shirt, beaming a smile as he sat at the head of the dining table and entertained a few kids with some lively story. "Me too," I said, "but we've gotta make the most of the time we've got left." I was starting to feel pretty smooth.


New Neighbours, New Love

group sirhugs 2018-05-19

As we watched the tandem blowjobs, Anna whispered, "I bet Paula has no trouble deep throating Neal's pencil dick, I wonder how she would do with a real cock." She chuckled. I was half distracted by Anna openly caressing my nipples in front of my guests -- most of whom were too busy watching Janet and Brett, or Jo and Casey, or Neal, Paula and Oliver. Not knowing that at the time of my party, I asked Anna, "How does your Mom feel about watching your Dad fucking Paula?" "Fucking my Mom, in a double ender with Casey, who got her mouth." Anna chuckled, unleashing that belly laugh again, while I glanced over to admire Casey's cock as it banged deep into Jo's wet pussy.


Emily's Afternoon Encounter

group robg1908 2018-05-19

"Wow I love your stockings," said Pete, breaking from the kiss and looking down at my revealed legs, the stocking tops and suspenders now clearly visible along with a tiny hint of black lacy panties. As the summer dress slid to the floor in an untidy heap around my feet, Pete could not help gasping in appreciation at my revealed body, the black stockings and lacy suspender belt forming the perfect frame for my pale, round, soft and naked ass. Still holding Rob's gaze, I shuddered in pleasure as Pete's strong, firm hands made their way up over my stocking tops and onto the pale flesh of my thighs, before starting to stroke and caress my naked ass.