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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Getting to Know the Neighbors

group rosewall 2018-05-19

Rick looked at Jan then me and said, Standing at the foot of the bed, Rick reached for the bottom of Jan's shirt. With Rick's hand down there, I moved to lick her pussy. I watched her reach towards her pussy, she wanted to feel Rick's cock as it entered. He watched Jan masturbate me faster and sucked my cock with more intensity. After a few minutes, Jan looked at Rick and said, Jan looked at Rick then me and said, "Lie down and I will get Rick started." Jan started by grasping my cock moving her hand down she licked it, then sucked it. While starting a rhythm of sucking my cock, she moved her hand down to massage my balls.

What I Learned in College Ch. 04.2

group JazzBoneDawg 2018-05-19

Janice sat up on me with my cock still in her ass, somehow strangely unembarrassed being caught in such a position by Liz. Rather than address Liz, she looked at me and said, "Good thing we got that done when we did." Liz looked satisfied that she had come to the right conclusion where I was concerned and Janice looked like I had said, " two are lesbians. I was a bit surprised when Liz grabbed a handful the hair at the back of Janice's head and pulled her of my cock, saying, "You can clean him up when I'm's my turn. The moment Janice's hand reached Liz's mound on the way to her clit, Liz came very hard with a wailing sound ending in an "Oh, Fuck..."

slutty girlfriend

group 2018-05-19

she dont close her legs and she saw the lust in my eyes to fuck her cunt, i fell on my knees starting to lick her pussy my friend smiled and told me i was serius about it she moaned from pleasure and i pushed my tongue all inside her sweet cunt she was open and ready for me my friend coundt hold it and start wanking with this picture and i fucked his gf cunt hard , i was dreaming of this moment to get real with hard pushes after 5 mins or so i cumed deep in her emptying my full balls in her open cunt and as she felt the hot cum insede her she started shaking from pleasure pressing me deeper inside her after the last drop of cum was deep in her i pulled out my still errect cock out of her fucked cunt

Wet Sex

group Belper 2018-05-19

It took some time to explore the place and we had been there for three days before I discovered by chance that above the pool on top of a waterfall there was a huge deep hot tub. He was about to cum in his wife's arse and I wasn't going to miss that, so I slipped underwater again and watched his cock pulsate as he dumped his load into her well stretched arsehole. Not to be out done Tom arsefucked Nicky and to make the whole experience doubly erotic she and I knelt down on the bottom of the hot tub which meant we were completely underwater apart from our arses which were above the surface.

The Four Hour Erection Ch. 01

group dbrains 2018-05-19

The day after drop day, standing outside the gym waiting for practice to start, Carly was bitching, "I've got the highest grade on the squad and I've got a fuckin' 27 average on the two tests we've had in that dick head Smith's class. Mary finished the sales pitch with, "If we are going to get enough tutoring in to pass your class, we think we'll need to start this Friday at, say, 6:00 p.m. We're so far behind we may have to pull a bunch of all-nighters. We know it will be a really big imposition on you and we would all be proud to work so closely 'under you'." She emphasized certain words to be sure she wasn't misunderstood and both girls put an exclamation point on the sales pitch by again un-crossing their legs and parting them a bit.

Reunion of Friends

group Humpdee84 2018-05-19

"You girls are wearing me out and I know you have lots to talk about, so, please excuse me, I'm going to upstairs and get ready for bed, maybe watch the news." Jeff stood to leave and gave each a little hug and kiss on the cheek. Andrea couldn't help but notice nor did Sara, who promptly kissed Jeff on the lips and began to lower his underwear over his erection. Jeff began to kiss Andrea's neck letting his lips pause from time to time and his tongue to slide out and lick her skin. Andrea stared into the area between Sara's legs and licked her lips as Jeff kissed his way down to her own dripping wet gash.


Kassie Takes Two

group sweetgurl 2018-05-19

I went white with fright when I realised that my history teacher was standing at the door with his dick getting hard in his hand watching as Mr Mackenzie continued to pound my young pussy. Your enjoying John’s cock there aren’t you?” he reached around and began to play with my tits pulling my nipples causing me to moan, “see Kassie you’re no more than a common whore now, and now I’m going to show you just how much fun it can be.” With that he pushed me flat on top of Mr Hayes and pushed one thick finger into my arse. Mr Mackenzie continued to work my arse but before long I felt the head of his cock begin to push its way in.

School's Out

group daddykins 2018-05-19

His face had turned bright red, but he couldn't take his eyes off of my tits, which were barely a handful, though all the guys I'd been with claimed to like them that way. Nicole pulled Jason's letterman's jacket and his T-shirt over his head, and I, who couldn't wait to get at that thick, veiny cut of sirloin between his legs, viciously ripped his boxers open at the fly, leaving the all-county stud quarterback as naked as the day he was born. Besides, I could always get myself off later with one of Jason's dreamy guy friends, who didn't look like they'd need any coaxing to get their cocks drained.

Vengeful Fuck2 pt4

group d4david 2018-05-19

James said to me 'you know how to suck a dick, let me feel that tongue around my dick.' I tried to circle his huge cock head as much as I could with my tongue, paying special attention to the underside of his enormously huge penis. Slowly James worked my head in a circular fashion, forcing a little more of his huge cock into my mouth. Pulling my head to his semi erect cock he said sternly 'suck this dick, pussy boy.' He and Blake both snickered as I sucked on his massively huge purplish cock head. When Jame shot his load of man spunk into my mouth, Blake pushed me to my stomach and started to pound his huge cock into my anus.

Breast Friend Ch. 10

group RockSteele 2018-05-19

Peter was certain that Lexi and the infamous triplets Tori, Cat and Lauren were waiting, knowing it was almost their turn. The door opened to reveal Lexi, Tori, Cat and Lauren all wearing the same outfit the triplets had worn for him when they all smothered him into oblivion—Lexi looked wonderful in it. He looked briefly at Tori and Cat, who were watching as their triplet sister prepared to get one of the most private places on her body defiled by Peter's cock. Without even being asked, Lauren and Lexi propped their tits up on Peter's knees, so he had four enormous racks in his splash zone, as well. Peter's limp dick rested comfortably between Cat and Tori's boobs, and he looked downward at his Breast Friends.

Foursomes and Moresomes Ch. 02

group HLD 2018-05-19

Both Leah and Melinda drew in a sharp breath as their eyes devoured Mimi. There was a flash of disappointment on Mimi's face as Katie turned, but it quickly changed to desire as she watched my three wives push her husband back on to the big bed. Crawling up on her hands and knees, Mimi got on the bed and joined the other three in working Geoff's cock over. Katie and Mimi's lips brushed a couple of times and I could tell it was hard for my wife to resist kissing this new lover. Mimi's eyes were glazed over with pleasure as I pulled her away from her husband's cock. That left Geoff and Mimi laying in the middle of the big bed, still holding hands.


The Silver-Haired Sex Gang Ch. 02

group phunandsex 2018-05-19

However, at virtually the same time, Jim hit a good spot in her cunt with his cock and she couldn't stop fucking him. I took my tongue out and rimmed her anus and then started sucking hard on her clit while I finger fucked her into a huge orgasm. As she was heaving from the orgasm, I rammed my cock past her sopping pussy lips and started pumping furiously. I was pumping so hard and fast, Carol started having a wave of orgasms. Carol extended her neck towards Penny as we walked past and whispered, "He's a great fuck, by the way, I hope you take advantage of his cock in private." That was a real dig.


group cedarlooman 2018-05-19

The dark lace and deep blue in contrast to the lightly tanned skin, the pencil thin lines of the stockings along the backs of her legs, and the beautiful little butterfly perched just below her garter nestled against her sex just made her feel so hot and sensual. Standing before her was a beautiful young woman in a gorgeous dress that hugged her curves and gave no hint of the treasures hidden beneath except perhaps for the two small bumps where her nipples even now pushed slightly against the fabric. He smiled at the slight roundness of her butt and the way the dress hugged the curve to sweep back into her legs eventually trailing down to the hem and ending at her knees and the transition to the silk stockings.


Doctor Does His Rounds

group rockhard4uc 2018-05-19

I had no choice really but quite sadly I slipped my cock out of Janie's tight pussy and moved to slide it right inside that of her mum. I held my cock tight inside Sarah as she enjoyed this huge orgasm and grinned at Janie as I could see that she was also about to cum. Sarah didn't want to give me up but she reluctantly agreed as she felt me pull my hard cock out of her dripping pussy and then watched me slide it fast and deep right into her young daughter. I slowly pulled my cock out from Janie's silky pussy and Sarah watched with me as our combined juices began to ooze from her open hole.

My First CFNM Experience

group SamFrench 2018-05-19

The ladies giggled and laughed as we moved around, then Patty clarified her earlier command, "No, no, no gentlemen, we want you to line up by the size of your manly attributes, you know, your cocks!" The use of the word shocked me, yet aroused me all the more since it came from such a classy woman with such a sweet accent. Mistress Jill seemed to enjoy this 'measurement taking' the most, as she stroked Andrew's balls and pulled on his sack, stretching it out a bit more before letting go. The time was up as we switched; Jim and I passed to Mistress Jill, while Tony and Andrew passed to Mistress Patty, and Mike and Steve passed to Mistress Ashleigh.


Atonement! F1-2

group SmedleyLeftwich 2018-05-19

"Well that depends, if one of those is her purse maybe you'd better follow me." He led her to the car where Lynette could see that her roomie was Okay, though she was about to cry any moment. "Well, that's why they let, even ask us to come through." He said, "Maybe we should get a little more level-headed and all sit down." He opened the backdoor of the police cruiser for Lynette to sit down. "Okay, Ms. Lynette," he said pulling behind the building of an abandoned gas station, "what is it you think I should know?" "Now, I have to gather Lynette and I'm going to ask her something else, Okay?" When she again nodded he stepped out of the car and started to look around for the other girl.


The Ad

group maturemaleinmo 2018-05-19

I kissed Janice and she kissed me back and Pete was behind her, I'm sure his cock was raging hard and pressing between her butt cheeks. I felt Janice convulse and push her pubic mound into mine as I felt Pete's cock begin to spurt hot cum into my mouth. Before I knew it I was laying on the bed with my legs spread and Janice was putting some additional drops of lubricant on Pete's cock. I put on a condom and a few drops of lubricant on my cock head , and I straddled Janice's face and placed my cock at the entrance to Pete's ass. Pete must know what sets Janice off, because she orgasmed once again, and I watched her body shudder as she hesitated sucking on Pete's cock.


The Preacher's Wife Ch. 2

group Kip Carson 2018-05-19

I quickly pulled her panties off, and Kent looked at her pretty pussy. Kent was now pressing the head of his cock against her wet pussy, and she yelled as he quickly slammed it into her. Her mouth moved furiously up and down my cock, and Kent was fucking her hard and fast. "Mmm, oh yeah," Kent moaned, and his cum began squirting into her wonderful pussy. Kent slowly slid his cock from her pussy, and I quickly took his place. His cock was still hard, and Mrs. Brown quickly took it into her hand, and began stroking him, as I pounded her pussy. Her hand moved up and down Kent's thick cock very quickly, and he grunted, and his cum shot from the pulsating head.

Stranded In a Strange Town Ch. 01

group succubusslut 2018-05-19

The way she pronounced the "D" in "Daniel" rolled off her tongue like a "Th", telling me she wa exotic and foreign and goddamnit wouldn't have I fucked her, buried my face in her fake tits and stared jealously at her eyebrows. I slipped one finger inside her, curling it upwards as if I was drawing her closer to me, and she shook, pushing my face further into her, whimpering, "Oh, fuck yes!" over and over, as she exploded, pussy juices coating me, slipping underneath my tongue as I licked her clean between her legs. Clarissa licked him, and with a pre-cum coated mouth, she was ordered to give me a sloppy, wet kiss, and her lips touching mine, she whispered, "Welcome, Baby."

Liza Transformed Ch. 01

group LaKemy 2018-05-19

Liza's pussy tightened in climax and she sprayed her cum on the bedspread as Phil pounded two more times and then shot his warm load into her ass. "Start by licking the head...Put the whole thing in your mouth to get it wet...Now lick my balls...Suck on one...Put them both in your mouth and roll them around...Lick back up to the top of this hard pole...Purse your lips around your teeth...Stretch that mouth open...Go all the way down...Lick that pre-cum off...Swirl your tongue around the slit...Swallow and you won't gag...Go faster...Tighten your lips as you go up and down...Oh, Baby, that's just right...Be ready to swallow because here it comes...Oh, fuck...More practice and then another session with Bob and you'll be a pro."


A Learning Experience Ch. 03

group DuckieRhode 2018-05-19

The tongue left her pussy and a woman said, "I told you that works every time." As the woman was talking she slid a finger deep into Katina's pussy, "Oh she does have a nice pussy, B please come and fuck her I want to eat your cum out of her pussy." I figured that to do this we would take turns playing with her, but do not let her come, I am sure that you all know how to do that." Jonathan paused for a couple seconds then said, "D I could see earlier that you are a good cock sucker made me wonder if you were by chance as good of a fucker.

My Wife Jessica- Tricked into becoming a BBC Whore

group kcfunseeker 2018-05-19

Once Jessica was starting to ride the old black dick inside her, Andre, told the most muscular and thuggish looking 22ish black man who had mainly gotten her hand at this point to “QUIT HOLDING BACK AND NOT WASTE THAT SLUT’S ASSPUSSY, THIS SLUT WANTS TO BE AIRTIGHT WITH N*GG* RIGHT, SLUT?” Jessica was already cumming from the deep slow fucking the old man was giving her agreed moaning, “Yes daddy, I want all my married holes to be filled with N*gg* meat.” That was all the encouragement he needed and he pushed my wife down so her fake tits were mashed into the old man’s flabby gray haired chest.

The customer is always full of surprises

group GalFa 2018-05-19

Marichka was a bit shy at first, but then she suddenly kissed Zlata on the chick, lips and the neck. Marichka, still in her blouse, but now with all the buttons open, and her bra already removed, came near me and started kissing and licking my neck. Zlata started getting me out of my pants while Marichka took her turn, smothering me with her boobs. Marichka got her boobs off my face and started working on my chest and nipples. In the somewhat inconvenient setting, my hands still found Marichka's amazing huge ass and I fondled it while licking Zlata. It was Marichka's turn to rest, but she repositioned herself slightly so she could suck on Zlata's sagging tits and tend to her clit with her left hand.

Biker Bitch 5

group albertaman24 2018-05-19

He was craving my wifes pussy and he wanted to bury his meat in her wet cunt.I got off the phone she was right behind me and said that was Rick was'nt it. Rick turned to me and said that my wife was there Christmas present from there Uncle. After he came inside her he told the boys it was there turn and each took there turn just like the uncle cumming in her pussy as they both came to mind blowing climaxes. Cum was dripping out of my wifes cunt onto the bed Rick told her to finger fuck herself and to stuff it back in. After the second climax the uncle told the two boys it was time for them to leave him and Rick want some alone time with this little cum tramp.