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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Order: Training Lyla Pt. 03

group twistedwords 2018-05-19

"That's right, and they'll want to fuck your ass too," she said, then looked back to where she pumped the vibrator in and out of Nikki's pussy. Lowering myself to the cushions, I rubbed the tip of the cock along Nikki's swollen slit, staring because even though there was a thick vibrator shoved up her anus, her pussy hole was still trying to suck in the head of the other dong—a fatter dong than the one she had already taken. Nikki moaned something around the dong in her mouth that sounded like a yes, even and she rolled her hips to the cocks inside her cunt and ass.


Wife is a real addict

group adventureousmale 2018-05-19

A short pleated skirt completed her look in matching pink, her toned tanned thighs on view as she walked, lets see what they say tonight Linda said, I want a real good night full of sex from you after this. There is a mix of her own juices and two loads of cum as Linda tells me that it feels so good my tongue in her holes, she is so turned on she wants to feel my cock in her ass. Linda slides a hand over her oiled ass and slips to fingers into her ass to join my cock, that's it She says, I think three and yeah honey that's it fuck your sluts ass good.

Hot Tub Special

group shilo 2018-05-19

Dipping her tongue into it's wetness she let out a long moan as Candice once again moved her long fingers along the now naked flesh between her legs. Taking the cheese from him Lindsey sprayed it the length of Jim's now hard cock and began licking him slowly running her got tongue the length of him, "Oh baby this is the best plate of hors d’ouvres I've ever had and free entertainment too. "I'll start the barbecue, how about you fix us some drinks Hank?" Pulling his shorts back on Jim headed for the kitchen telling the girls "Cool off a bit while we boys get dinner started, you've both done enough for one day!"

the Earth Day

group adel5000 2018-05-19

We can’t come here on a day like today and not go for a swim.’ Patrick and Aiden were transfixed as Pamela brought her fingertips to the straps of her dress and coyly pushed them off her pale shoulders. Patrick and Aiden did not even do their mutual checking glance this time, they just plunged ahead into the clear, sharply cool pond and strong-armed their way through the water in pursuit. Call it an Earth Day present.’ She drew them both to her again and gave Aiden, then Patrick a moist, lingering, open-mouthed kiss, letting her tongue tantalise just a little between each guy’s lips. Aiden stared on at the sight of his b*****r’s strong back straining, his well-developed buttocks flexing tight, as he plunged his cock hard into the wildly moaning Pamela.

The Office Party Slut Ch. 02

group Olibauer 2018-05-19

Not wanting to let her down, I ran my cock up her slit and thrust back inside her warm hole as she moaned "fuck yes, that's it baby." I continued to hammer away at her tight pussy as I looked around and realised that most of the others were now nearly naked and several of them were touching each other while their eyes remained fixed on me ramming their friend from behind. I stood next to her and she looked away long enough to glance down at my stiff cock and then she reached over and grabbed it as she whispered "that was so hot, I can't wait to give this a try later." I was still a little bit shocked by all of this so I just smiled at her and she took my hand, pulled it over, and pushed it up against her pussy.


Forbidden Trio

group HardlyForgotten 2018-05-19

Realistically he knew that his passes at Kayla were all a big joke and nothing would become of it because of Lauren, but now as he saw Victor fondling Kayla's perfect little tits he found himself unconsciously stroking his straight brown eight inch dick. Not only was Victor teasing every inch of her body, but she also knew Lauren's brother was watching as she squeezed her tits and pinched her roaring nipples so hard that it made her yelp in pain. Her pussy gushed with pleasure as Christian pressed his teeth onto her left nipple at the same time Victor was devoutly groping her right tit, and Kayla couldn't help from cumming again.

Sophie's Choice

group Historydream 2018-05-19

When Sophie and Darien wanted alone time, I would wander, and come back around 2 or 3 to crawl into bed with them sleeping soundly across the room. So even as I continued hanging out with Darien over the following days, I found excuses to make my way to random parties, looking for girls I knew and trying to meet new people. Slightly drunk, I felt like the experiences I had had all year were washing over me all at once, filling me with an intense sense of gratitude for the incredible friendships I'd had, but also a sharp disappointment that I had no love story, no girl to pull close to me as I was going to sleep that night.


Paradiso Ch. 02

group SlyKink 2018-05-19

Sara said that she didn't know anything first-hand, but that she had heard stories of hot shemales with big tits and big cocks going around naked just like everyone else and that sometimes they were the most in demand of anyone else there. "But before this week is up you're going to learn first-hand how great it feels to suck a dick until it shoots its hot load down your throat and to have a thick cock, a real one, not just some piece of plastic, drilling in and out of your ass, massaging your insides, feeling it swell and jerk as some hot guy cums inside your tight asshole."


A Titillating Tale

group MKvDeepSea 2018-05-19

The grad student was the guy she had fucked the weekend before she asked me if we could open our marriage. You fucked him one time just before we opened our marriage." This started a strange and titillating conversation. I sucked his cock until he was really hard and he fucked me for the third time. I also sucked his cock a number of times to get him good and hard so he could fuck me." Then giggling, Billie said, "Okay, Leigh, you're right...and honey, I've told you about Jenny's parties, at least... Billie, blushing, grinned and told me, "That's a tale for another time." A fast dance song started and she led me by my cock to the dance floor.

The Letter

group Erlikkhan 2018-05-19

Anyway, that's what it felt like with Steve, so when he shoved his hand under my white stretch pants, inside my panties and across my bare cheeks, rather than object I spread my legs and tilted my hips so his fingers could reach my private places. I never thought getting fucked in the ass would feel so good, but I had two incredible orgasms before he flooded my insides with hot cum. Linda clamped her mouth to my pussy as Steve shoved hard, almost splitting me with his cock which slid part way up my tight shithole (God I love using dirty words!). I hardly noticed when the guy fucking Linda pulled out and spayed cum all over my face, only to be replaced by another which slipped into Linda’s hot cunt.


Atonement! H

group SmedleyLeftwich 2018-05-19

Lynette bent far over from beside his shoulder to his ear and whispered, "touch it." She nodded at the place where the bathing beauty's legs, spread for the tub, met. She'll only wake up if you call her name or talk right to her." Lynette's fingers in his hair dropped to his shoulder and pointed to the little trimmed landing strip of soft hairs that waved in the water. "You heard her, she's fine with it," She pushed him forward from the elbow and the washcloth was directed slowly down the closest nude thigh, "and I want you to." Then the hand and washcloth met the pubic mound.

Steaming With Mystery

group MissSenses 2018-05-19

Water trickling down the folds of her exposed lips, her body shudders when she suddenly feels a flick of a warm, curled tongue. Wanting to move her hands, she lifts them up, only to feel a hand push them down, holding her wrist together as the warm tongue keeps moving. "Mmm..." she moans, after hearing his voice with her hips wanting to move, as the tongue lays motionless, flat against her sex. And when she cums, slap her ass." he says in a deep voice, rubbing her cheek with his finger while his cock moves slowly, in and out of her mouth. His mouth open, his breath caressing her skin as his hands softly touch her breasts with his finger tips.

Lisa and the Nude Model

group hjbjbj 2018-05-19

Lisa looked at him in utter amazement - Amy's boyfriend was none other than Greg the nude model! Lisa sat transfixed as Amy lowered her naked body to the lower bench and took a position between Greg's parted legs. Amy gave head for only a short time, and then stood up and turned away towards Greg and Lisa. Lisa watched as Amy's dripping pussy glistened with her juices as the lips hung open slightly waiting for Greg. Just as her orgasm was in full swing, Lisa, Amy and Greg were startled as the door to the sauna flew open! Amy and Lisa moved into position on either side of Tonya's ass, their faces inches from Greg's glistening shaft.

Another Sexy Night

group hotandsexxxy 2018-05-19

Hubby and I sat at one end of the club's stage and enjoyed taking turns "tucking a buck" and while rubbing the girls' curves and crevices. Our couples lap dances are always hot. Hubby's choice, Sally, was by far the sexiest. Quickly, she took her panties off and pulled my and hubby's hands to her very wet pussy to play and explore. Hubby asked, "Would you like to test that curiosity by kissing my sexy wife?" Andrea's answer was silent, but very clear. Hubby was grinding his hard cock against her cute ass while kissing he neck. We, with our new friend Andrea, are very much looking forward to going out together on a date night for some extended play time.

The Addict Ch. 01

group lustyladyluscious 2018-05-19

"Well, I was raiding that nerdy guys fridge, trying to get past all the soy products and then I spotted some vodka, and you know me and vodka...I started drinking and saw the dudes phone on the table I always wanted one of those Vision 360 phones so I was starting to look at it and saw the screen picture was Jenny practically naked, by god she was bent over a couch arm, ass in the air, legs spread open and wearing nothing but a dark thong. I held the phone in one hand and went through his medicine cabinet I could barely take my eyes off of the picture, but I was able to find some Vaseline I unzipped my pants and pulled out my erection, I got so hard rubbing Vaseline on myself and watching that ass."

The Call of the Wife Ch. 03

group meddlesome 2018-05-19

I started clapping and they both looked my way, Amy with Paul's cock still in her mouth. As much as I was enjoying the wild sex, I couldn't help but try to limit my Wife's time alone with Paul's massive tool. I turned the corner and I saw Paul fucking my Wife in the ass. I was off to join Paul and the last thing I heard was Jake ordering Amy to suck his cock like she meant it. What she had wanted to do, was to have Paul and I fuck her up on the little cliff while Jake stayed down her to work the camera. Jake and Paul had cum so many times that they lasted and lasted and pounded my Wife relentlessly.


My wife and her old boy friend

group eaglefree 2018-05-19

The one that fucked her real good 2 or 3 times and taught her how to suck cock. I’ll watch and then join after you guys have had some time to get started.” We left and he followed us home. A few more stroked and I started to cum and added my warm juicy load to Chucks. He fucked her like that for several minutes when my wife said “Chuck fuck me dogging so he can eat me at the same time while I suck his cock.” He pulled out and she turned over, raised her ass so he could enter her from behind. I covered her pussy with my mouth and started drinking all the warm juicy cum.

Hell at Work Ch. 3

group Dakota Ryan 2018-05-19

Sue began to moan louder as her body exploded into orgasm, she could feel her muscles contract around her finger trying to hold it deep inside her. Sue began to moan louder as her light touch sent chills over her body, Anna leaned over her and kissed her passionately, darting her tongue deep inside her mouth while tracing a line down towards her mound with her fingers. Sue looked down her body at the man giving her pussy the fucking of her life, his face was torn in emotion as he pulled his cock free of her and shot his cum across her belly, he stroked his cock of ten inches while it spurted its massive load.


First time creampie couple

group wildstuff69me 2018-05-19

Watching his huge cock bury itself to his balls was incredible, and her sexy ass looked so inviting. As her and I tongued each other, I felt his big cock slide into her pussy. My tongue ran across her pussy and his cock, as she rapidly bobbed her mouth up and down on my cock. He wailed let his cock slide out of her every so often and into my waiting mouth. I told them I was cumming, and I began to shoot big spurts over my stomach, chest and her mouth. He was squirming as this happened and she began to cum too.i pulled her hips tight, and her pussy tight against my mouth. I tongue fucked her as he cum slid unto my waiting mouth.

Real life fucking all of hubby's friends in g

group 2018-05-19

my husband stood up and got near my lower end as a shot my pussy juice like 6 feet across the room screaming at the top of my lungs then both guys cocks were soaked me my juices and the guy cummed in my ass first and it stayed inside me then about ten seconds later he screamed and shot hid load in my full pussy. Then I sucked the guy in my pussy off as my husband went right to my dripping pussy licking all of his buddy's cum and a ton of my squirt juices out of my pussy I shot like 5 big clumps into his mouth and he loved it he said I was so sweet tasting and I was with all of them loads and squirt juice I could taste it on the last guys cock.


group genuineguy 2018-05-19

Suddenly the man in black took two step backwards bring himself parallel with Rose's left and Janice's right hand side, and bringing his arms up whilst still looking down, he felt his way to the ties that held their bikini bottoms upon them. Raising her head, she opened her eyes and glanced to Janice, and saw that although the initial pleasure was not as evident as it had been, she did still seem to be enjoying the experience, and assured Rose relaxed once more and lost herself to his three fingers now sliding mercilessly in and out, the pace picking up with each thrust. Lifting her head Janice looked to Rose, and watched as the man in black fisted her trimmed pussy in unison with her own, their cries chorusing one another.

Kelsey's World Ch. 01

group riverboy 2018-05-19

Kay admired her daughter's body, remembering when her tits looked just like Kelsey's. Bobby had always said he didn't want to fuck his daughter, but Kay wasn't sure she believed him. "I was thinking you might like a bigger bed," Kay said, plopping her naked butt down on the pink chenille bedspread. Kelsey couldn't help but think about his cock all hard again, the big swollen thing filling her mom's pussy, making her cum so nice while she and Austin listened. "I think Raymond's coming home today," Kelsey said, glancing at her mom with a knowing smile. He walked toward Kay. Kelsey assumed he was going to kiss her goodbye, but the two of them headed toward the big, sliding barn door.


A Night at a Club with New Friends

group sandj1977 2018-05-19

Mike and Maria were kissing and touching and Nicole came around behind me and started to eat me out. She just kept crying his name out and begging for more of my man's big hard cock It was such a turn on that I started to kiss her and suck her breasts while she was fingering my pussy. Nicole crawled over to them, her breasts perched on Maria's back, and started talking dirty to Mike. Mike stopped fucking Maria and went around and presented his cock to Nicole. After Nicole got Maria's approval took Mike's cock balls deep We decided we had had a fun time at the club but needed to get home as it was late, We ended up at Maria and Mike house.

Kid Sister: Spa Retreat

group mutepenguin 2018-05-19

She had a coy look on her face like she knew exactly what I had been asking her, but wanted to give me a hard time. As I was leaving the room for my massage, Mom reminded me to make sure I have a good time. Popping my head up again, I looked back over my shoulder and said, "My mom said something about a full body massage," I emphasized the word full. When Paulo reached the place where my leg hit my thigh, he cupped the bottom of both ass cheek and rubbed oil into the covered skin. "No. No, let me," Paulo said reaching between my legs with his free hand.