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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Bad Penny Ch. 06

group MVPrimetime 2018-05-19

That gave Alan the obvious idea of doing the same thing on the end of his cock, so his slave girl, Penny, could lick him clean. When I looked up again Penny was leaning forward over Alan, the tip of his cock just caught in her pussy, her nipples over his face, one being sucked hard, the other squeezed in his hand. Naimh interrupted "You told him you wanted to get Penny hooked up with three cocks at the same time." I imagined her standing naked, leaning on the basin with both hands, Andy sliding balls deep into her from behind, Mike kneeling beneath her to suck on her nipples, a thumb on her clit, fingers in her pussy.


Next Visit from TOM

group wifethatrocks 2018-05-19

After a few minutes he threw his phone over in his seat and told me to sit up so Tom could get out too so I sat up my hubby went in the back grabbed two of his golf towels out and threw them on the ground said this will be a good spot for you so I went down on the ground put my knees on the towels and my hubby came over pulled down his zipper and pulled out his cock, I smiled and started sucking Tom just stood there about three or four feet away just watching and I leaned over put my hand out, he placed his hand in mine and I dropped it looked at him and grabbed his pants and pulled him over and started rubbing on the outside of his pants while I sucked my husband.

Fun on a hot summer's day

group fotisampini 2018-05-19

You walked over to me and took my hand and rubbed it across your hard cock bulging in your pants. I turned around and Tim was standing there with his cock in his hand saying he thought my breast were beautiful and walked closer to us. I started sucking it while Tim's was just within reach and I was stroking his hard cock and balls. Tim stepped closer to my mouth and I went from your cock to his cock and started sucking away. You bend me over and slide your cock into my pussy and tell Tim how wet and warm it was. It was turning you on watching me suck another man's cock as you fucked my wet hot pussy.

Into The Sunset Ch. 01

group techsan 2018-05-19

Concerned that Abby, having patiently awaited her turn, receive a just reward, I began stroking very slowly in and out of her pussy while my left hand fondled her tits and my right hand roved along her crease, occasionally just nudging her clitty. Later as we sat around the table finishing a great meal and watching the fading light show of the sunset, Glenda leaned back and said, "Ya know, a good fuck always gives me a great appetite." She said that she had always loved being fucked in the ass and watching me do Laurie that way had given her an itch in her bottom that could only be scratched if I stuck my cock in her butt.


Sweedish Pleasure Pt. 04

group ManUnited1086 2018-05-19

Leslie started to shake and grind her delicious ass against Sophie whose hands were holding her friends hips almost as if she was fucking her. Leslie started running her hands on Sophie's body. Sophie grabbed Leslie's hand and pulled it out. Leslie picked that particular moment to put my dick in her mouth and started sucked on my head softly. I began moaning into Sophie, realizing at that moment that Leslie was more than likely much more experienced. Leslie not wanting to be forgotten went underneath Sophie and started sucking on my balls. Sophie kissed me and Leslie would run her tongue on the back of my neck, my shoulders and back; her hands touching me everywhere and driving me crazy.

A Landscaper's Debt Ch. 03

group Rocket1010 2018-05-19

As his eyesight became clearer, his gaze darted to the left and then to the right, seeing women dressed in various leather outfits, looking at him with smiles on their faces and then turning to someone standing nearby, whispering and gesturing at him. Turning his head, Brad saw his boss standing a few feet away taking it all in, a smile of satisfaction spread across her face. Brad saw the young woman standing behind Jacqueline lift her eyes up to gaze at him and then a smile formed on her face. Grabbing his chin between her fingers, Jacqueline pulled Brad's head so they were looking directly into each other's eyes.


Wife Gets Crazy

group Linda Jean 2018-05-19

I heard walking again then Shirley said, "Look what Linda watched while we were out." There was a very long silence, then Shirley said "I don't think so, I am sure I can tell when a person is asleep or not. Who knows, maybe I will find a man like Peter for myself. Shirley said, "I wanted to thank you again for watching Tommy last night. Shirley said, "Ah yea, Peter told me the officers do that for their men. Shirley noticed and said, "Oh don't be such a fucking prude baby, it's just sex. Shirley said, "Hmm, I never met a man yet that could turn down some hot young thing willing to give up her ass.


Nina and Tom's Night With Amelia

group margiehank 2018-05-19

You butt checks clinch, trying to suck Amelia's tongue inside of you, you drive your pussy down hard on my cock trying to get it as deep as you can inside of your tightening cumming pussy, I feel your cum running off my balls down to my own ass exciting me more. As I spread your cheeks apart I hear you giving Amelia's pussy pleasure with your mouth and tongue, I see her face in subspace as your tongue is as deep as it will go inside of her, the pad of your finger gently rubbing her clit.

The Computer Repairman Ch. 2

group Sean Devon 2018-05-19

"Well, he said to tell you that…that he wants like me to..." I switched to a whisper, "suck his cock!" Rob didn't say anything, but I could hear him breathing heavily on the other end. "But Rob, what would you...what would think of me?" I said cautiously, "Rob… I mean...if I did it?" I was looking up at Mark and gingerly squeezing his mound trying to gauge the size. "Rob, honey, don't be mad, but…" I hesitated and whispered, "he said to tell you he's going to… fuck me. He wants to fuck me, Rob." When I looked up at Mark and saw him smiling, I realized that I was still holding his cock gently in my hand.

The Raging Storm Ch. 02

group UnfalteringAngelToo 2018-05-19

Mac reached over and began to rub at my clit as I bounced on Tim. I came screaming and Tim shot his load into my pussy. Tim kept moving in me so as not to loose his erection and I opened my mouth for Mac to guide his cock into. Tim came and halfway through pulsing his seed into me he pulled out and let the rest land on my stomach and breasts. Mac pushed his finger into my anus while he ate me and Tim gave a wonderful mouth job to my breasts. I was still cumming and Mac moved aside so that Tim could take over the licking. Tim stood up and wanked off between my legs letting his spray hit my pussy and lower stomach.

Kathrina's Celebration

group sylverwolfe 2018-05-19

“Your apology is accepted, however, I came over wondering if you gentlemen would help me locate the Duchess's bedroom.” Kathrina said feeling as if her heart would explode in her chest from pure excitement. They looked at each other and the one with the lovely green eyes spoke again, “But, ma'lady why would you want to find the Duchess's bedroom?” “My name is Kathrina and I’m completely bored with this Christmas ball that my father forced me to attend.” Nicolas spoke to Michael and together they untied, unbuttoned and unlaced Kathrina from her prison. Michael's penis looked delicious, long and thick, but not as wide as Nicolas. Just for good measure, before Michael dressed Kathrina worked her magic on his cock again until he spurted hot goo all over the Duchess’s pillow.

A Lustful Liaison Ch. 06

group JSKNIGHT 2018-05-19

Their lovely black hair, all cut different ways; shoulder length on Jasmine, sleek and waist length on Alia and long and curly on Mya was intoxicating. Alia and Jasmine were rolling their tongues around my glans, while Mya was licking my shaft from base to tip. As if to test my resolve, Alia began to suck me softly, as Jasmine, now on her knees with Mya was licking my balls and the base of my shaft. I'm sure all three girls knew that I was getting close and Alia who is the expert par excellence of the edging blowjob took the lead in giving me tickly little flicks around my cock.

strip poker to a 3 some

group ptsteve 2018-05-18

Liv saw his cock getting hard, and laughed and said "you must like something you see!" The thought of her standing there totally naked in front of W still excites me today. So W sat on the couch, and Liv went straight to him, grabbed his dick, and put it in her mouth for the first time. After a while, we switched and Liv again took my pussy juice covered dick into her mouth and started giving me the best head ever. After teasing her with his head for a few minutes, he finally rammed his hard,long cock into Liv's pussy for the first time in over 15 years.

A Kinky Little Adventure

group moonrakers69 2018-05-18

An assortment of their couple friends sent them videos of "themselves" and they all had a drink, a smoke and sat down and watched them together. With Kate bent over kissing my cock, her firm ass was pressed up against the glass. In the next scene, I lay naked, handcuffed to the bed and watch Kate get dressed in lingerie. The video then cuts to me handcuffing Kate to the bed. We got 'feedback' from our video, as Lorena filmed the party members watching us. So far it's the kinkiest thing we've been a part of and the reason we wanted to share it with you is because in a month's time Lorena is visiting England again.

Over Coffee

group Lenny 2018-05-18

The one that moved first 'won' the coffee and actually said, "Thank you!” As we walked away, they were both sharing the hot drink and looking at Judith in wonder. (I had learned Vanessa's mime very well but I was still miserable at American Sign Language, and neither seemed like a good way to communicate right now.) And, I worried about Judith's feelings, not for me, but for her sister with me. Judith kissed me and said, "Royce, this is why we picked you: you know what you need to know and you're sensitive enough to make this good for Vanessa. The soft rap brought Judith to the door, where she knocked exactly the same way Vanessa did, then entered, wearing non-sexy nightclothes under a full length robe.


Breast Friend Ch. 08

group RockSteele 2018-05-18

This time, he wanted to summon the four girls in the group who were all older than him—Amber, Gia, Kelsey and Vera. Peter took a deep breath, knowing that he would need it for this trip, but his attention—and Amber's—were grabbed by the next entrant into the living room. Kelsey ignored Amber, and began pulling Peter's head toward her breasts. "So, you like big tits, huh, Peter?" Gia asked as she gently yet firmly shoved Kelsey aside. Amber, Gia, Kelsey and Vera were all in front of him, wearing their designated outfits, and a big smile crossed Peter's face until he was smiling from ear to ear.

Room 235

group Jay321 2018-05-18

John took the paper and Billy stood up and grabbed the bag on the counter, he and Joy headed for the door, Joy putting a little more into her walk to make her ass swing nicely. John had a ton of sick time saved up at work, so he called his boss, it went to voice-mail, "I'm sick as hell," he even sounded it without trying, "tried to come in but not going to make it." That even covered him waiting until last minute to call. Joy, he got coffee for us." He relieved John of two cups and walked over to his wife that was sitting naked in front of the open window that looked out on a freeway.

Thrill of Change

group alexcarr 2018-05-18

The feeling of all that was incredible and I have never known such movement and virility, cocks in my face, spurting spunk as they wanked over me, teasing their p-hole against my tongue, stroking my balls with goose feathers tying my in cock with red ribbon while they each took a suck and then, stuffing my mouth with their despoiled underwear as they force fucked me and furthermore; something Rod said he wasn't into, but it turned out that John was, the trauma at first of being hot pissed on all over my perched up ass, feeling the heat drip and dribble down my thighs before the insertion of yet another piston fired deep fuck with the smell of his strong urine - then, Rod taking the hint from John,.


Mr. Alberto's Party Ch. 02-03

group elleann 2018-05-18

Mmmmm, you're going to have a hard time keeping yourself from being fucked today," Lucy said, as she looked me over. My outfit, starting from the bottom, was a pair of black patent leather shoes with white cotton ankle socks, a purple velvety skirt that was so short it hardly covered my you know what and had the word "slut" in gold letters going up on both sides, and a cream colored top that opened in a kind of circle from my neck, leaving my breasts totally exposed. I was sure I looked like a total slut and didn't need those words on my skirt to tell that to anyone.

My Nawty Side Ch. 02

group Babee_girl 2018-05-18

Nicolete whispering into the phone saying, "Angel, I want to suck your nipples hard then bite them as my finger pulls and pinches that clit of yours! Nicolete looked into Angel's eyes and they gave each other that knowing little wink that said, "Yes." She then whispered into her ear, "Lets give this guy of yours a hard on he will never forget! She ignored Angel's clit for the moment and concentrated on tongue fucking her deep inside her hot hole and enjoying the sweet nectar. It was all Eugene could take he screamed, "Oh fuck, I'm going to cum!" Nicolete moved up and both of them lapped at his hard cock as it spewed it sweet honey all over the two of them.

My Wicked Ways Ch. 14-17

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-05-18

My cock hardened as the lips and tongue reached my tailbone, after which soft female hands spread my cheeks, and began kissing, rimming, and sucking my ass. It consisted of the words, "This Ass is the Private Property of Mark Schumacher." I felt my cock, which hadn't fully softened after fucking this stranger, grow hard again, especially once Rachel lubed up my cock and her new partner's asshole. It's just been years and I didn't get a good look at her face earlier," I grunted as I fucked Stephanie hard in the ass, enjoying how she still reveled in my cock there ... Right then, Stephanie came from the "feel-do" function of the strap-on, followed by Max from the impact on his prostate of her vigorous push afterward, and then I spilled another load in her bottom.


Play Ball

group strawberryangel 2018-05-18

Lexa felt Rob's strong hand on the small of her back where water had trailed down from her wet hair. Out of the corner of Lexa's eye, she saw Rob sit down in a chair near the foot of the bed. Lexa rode Nick in the Reverse-Cowgirl while looking into Rob's glimmering blue eyes. Lexa was overwhelmed with her hand pleasuring Rob, Nick's huge cock stroking inside her and both men taking turns toying with her breasts and clit. Lexa was stroking Rob's cock, vigorously now, and heard him grunt as his hot seed hits her back, dripping down to the crack of her ass.

Betty Returns

group gil73 2018-05-18

I thought it would probably be best if Jan could be warmed a bit more than just the effects of being tied to the bed, laying alongside, kissing and stroking her body with hands and tongue, especially near her pussy. As I watched on the video, Betty couldn't wait to be on the bed with Jan. She took off her skirt, blouse and bra in record time and climbed on the bed between Jan's spread legs 'Like a kid in a candy store'. Betty circled Jan's clit with her fingers (and nails), then pushing the rod in again, sliding it up and in to full depth and then again pulling back very slowly to allow the ripples on the device to tease Jan's pussy and clit.


Suzzane Gangbang

group ulisse591 2018-05-18

he pushed and it slid in further till his balls was resting on me he pulled it nearly all the way out then pushed it back in all the way this went on until he cum in my ass he was pushed away and the last guy placed his cock at the entrance of my ass but this felt different much bigger as he pushed I could feel it forcing its way into my ass fuck he was big about 12 inches and like a coke can he kept on pushing until he was in then he started to fuck me slow at first but he got faster until he was fucking me like a steam train he went tense and he cum in my ass when he pulled out it stayed gaping