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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group jf1978 2018-05-18

Liz walked into the room, crawled onto the bed and slapped Jason across the face, then she slapped Bryn even harder. Jason walked up to Liz, and Bryn was on her left (Princess was on the right). Jason rolled onto his side and while keeping his hand on Bryn's ass, he leaned over and started to suck on Liz's left nipple. Jason moved his hand from Liz's thigh to her pussy lips, and grazed them with his finger. Bryn looked up, saw what had just happened, she stopped what she was doing, and crawled up next to Liz. She kissed Liz, and rubbed her pussy as she licked the cum off her face.

Independence Day Ch. 01

group Blueeyedcuntrygirl 2018-05-18

As Tony was fucking my mouth The tongue on my clit started to flick sideways and then I felt a finger enter my wet pussy tickling me from the inside. Tony leaned forward and was fucking my mouth straight down so his cock was actually starting to go down my throat making me gag a little. He then moved and then I could see that Bryan and Billy were still stroking their cocks as Chris sat on the other bed and Tony went into the bathroom to clean himself off. I was still sucking on Brian and Billy's cocks as Tony walked back into the room with a bandanna. I then felt another cock enter my pussy and almost at the same time they began to thrust into me.

They Are A-OK Ch. 16

group fantasyhunter2 2018-05-18

"Come on, John, Adam is waiting to introduce you," She said softly as I made my way down the long curving stairway. Just as I finished the sentence, Adam came up from behind and clasped my shoulder while declaring happily, "Ah John I see you have met my dear friend Reggie. That way you will be free to tell all the tales about me you wish, my friend," Adam said happily and left me in Reggie's hands. Reggie was very persuasive and in a very short time he took Adam from being a tentative cocksucker to an adventuresome sexual partner. About six weeks into their freshman year Adam finally ate and fucked pussy for the first time when Reggie brought two girls back to their room to share.


James and Fiona's Stolen Week in Amsterdam Ch. 03

group Ficfi 2018-05-18

Pulling my head away from her gorgeous big tit, I grabbed a nipple in each hand and began rolling them between my fingers and then pinching gently which made her groan into James' mouth. Do you want my lips and my tongue on that pretty little cunt while James watches and his big fat cock gets harder as he thinks about how hot we are and how much he is looking forward to fucking you and fucking you and fucking you again?" James' hands came to rest on Ariadne's head as she worked her tongue around the glans and down the shaft to lap gently at his balls before coming back up to engulf the head again to suck while she slowly jacked the lower shaft.


Emergency Services

group Irish Moss 2018-05-18

She moved off of the couch onto the floor as I sat, kneeling before me as I thought about how incredibly lucky I was to have this sexy, naked blonde ready to suck my cock and swallow my load. "You should ride his cock," Megan said, suddenly breaking the silence and causing Rena to look up, "I'm wet just from watching so I know you're on fire." Rena lowered herself onto my cock, causing both of us to moan, but before she started riding it, Megan kissed her and caressed her tits. Megan turned and moved up to straddle my head, blocking my view of Rena as she was beginning to slowly ride my cock.


Ring of nudity

group fatima38 2018-05-18

It was one of those times when you go to the public bathrooms and forget to lock it and then. And in the middle of doing a p*o was my best friend Lisa! The(nude) man was a heavily bult whith a huge dick and a stiff black Mohawk. Lisa slamming and locking the door. Charly her boyfriend Mia her friend and Sarah her second best friend nude and whith 5 naked strangers preparing for a huge group sex. The first stranger guy Introduced himself as fred. Fred infront of man to be ass penetrated. She was wearing a dildo for woman who had a dildo for man behind Lisa. Lisa was to lick Charly penetrating sarAh. Sarah dildoed man who ass penatrated man that was on Fred.

Anything For The Company

group eroslit 2018-05-18

He finally adjusted his cock when my right hand reached my clit, the outline of my fingers clearly visible under the tight jeans. I pulled my hair back so it didn't cover my breasts and sat back until I felt his cock just touch my ass. "Do you want to cum now, Phil?" I asked him, my pussy firmly planted on his cock. It was quite a thrill letting Debra watch my breasts hang from my chest while Frank stared—cock in hand—at my ass. It was as if a man could have me and cum several times and I took it for granted, but to hear this stunningly attractive young woman say I was beautiful made me want to do anything for her.



group elia_cdl 2018-05-18

They had moved over quietly and were in good position to see Kathy's pussy whenever she bent over to take a shot at the head of the table. Kathy was still bent over the table trying to line up a shot when he stepped behind her and pressed his cock against her cunt lips. After sitting there for a minute with his cock buried to the hilt in my wife's pussy he reached around her and started squeezing her tits. Before I could get up, he had got down behind Kathy and was rubbing his once again hard rod over and between her cunt lips, wetting his cock with cum and pussy juice.

Bad Penny Ch. 08

group MVPrimetime 2018-05-18

In the time I had taken to strip Penny she had removed Peter's shirt and undone his trousers, pushing them and his underpants down to his knees, and taking his long, hard cock in her hand to stroke it slowly as she kissed him and he explored her body with his hands. I stood in the doorway as Penny stopped by the bed and turned, putting her arms around Peter's neck again and pressing against his naked body. When Peter's hand landed on her stomach and his finger reached down to slide along her pussy lips and dip between them, Penny reached down to hold him still, and sighed "Not yet.



group randonee 2018-05-18

Andrea is a strong climber in her own right but with Lisa there, the two had planned to do some more moderate hiking while we hit the summit. "No, we're going to go fuck", Andrea said with a big grin, and with that she grabbed Tim by the hand and pulled him off to the tent. Between the alcohol and the pot, my head was spinning a little, but it was apparent something had happened between Andrea and Lisa, and I was very curious to know more. With that I went down on Lisa in earnest, kissing the lips of her swollen pussy, sucking firmly on her clit, inserting my tongue deep into her. I was a little shocked when Michael took down my shorts and started stroking my cock and touching my balls.

The Retreat at Sharon's Ch. 01

group PenLightStories 2018-05-18

"Want to get cleaned up for, Sharon, huh?" Carla teased him, grabbing a towel off the rack next to her and snapping it at Max as he pulled off his shorts. Max flicked his boxers shorts to the floor and stood on the cool white marble bathroom tiles completely naked facing her for a moment before turning around to step into the shower stall. "OK, come here," she said, lifting her head back up and pressing Max's face away from her opening that dripped from her own creamy fluids mixing with the shower water.

True wife Swap Story Part 1

group drtybean 2018-05-18

At one point i notice Lisa was laying her head in Matts lap and had her arm stretched out with her hand resting on Melissas leg. After a few minutes of this Matt suggested Lisa sit to my right and Melissa move to his left. As the two girls were making out inbetween us now i slowly started rubbing Lisas pussy.  We were all still clothed at this moment. Around this time Lisa moved her head downnto my cock and started sucking it furiously.  Melissa had been tugging on Matts cock for a bit . Melissa kept moaning, "fuck it into me, fuck it into me" I assumednthis meant she wanted me and Matts cum as far deepninsife her as it could go.

The Morning After

group Huligin13 2018-05-18

Her hands were clenching the bed sheets, her mouth open and panting, her legs spread wide as Sam unmercifully unleashed her tongue on my wife's clit and then started to finger my wife's wet pussy with 3 fingers. After watching for a few moments, she whispered in my ear that she wanted to feel my cock in her as she licked Sam. I backed off and watched my wife start to lick and caress Sam's pussy with her tongue. My wife threw her ass back and took me all in and screamed "Give it to me hard and deep, I'm going to cum!!!!" I started pumping her primed pussy as fast and as hard as I could as Sam licked my balls and shaft and my wife's clit.

Making Hay

group TxRad 2018-05-18

"I'm not complaining," Bubba said with a big grin as he held onto Jan a little tighter. Jan's t-shirt was soaked with sweat and her padded bra felt like a wet soggy hot compress on her small breasts. "Hello, Mike," Jan said and then grinned as he jumped and his eyes flicked up to her face and then back to her sex. Quickly Mike shook himself and said, "Uh, I mean, Jake says it's time to move out." His eyes were still on Jan's exposed sex. She started to open the truck door and sit inside to eat but changed her mind when Todd stood up, his mouth open, and his eyes wide.


Strolling Home

group Scabbers 2018-05-18

As usual, I was walking home, and I noticed the light on in the front room of the girls' house (the days were short now), and I saw Max inside puttering around. Max looked at it lovingly, and slurped it up, then looked me in the eye and said, "Very nice; I think we'll uncork it and drink it all." We laughed, and then she went down on me seriously, wrapping her lips around the shaft, and sucking me in deeply and strongly. Max continued to lick away at Sam's clit, and I reached in and began to stroke her dripping cunt, inserting first one finger and then a second.

Summer Camp Slut

group peachesandbeth 2018-05-18

Brad was sexy as hell and I wanted to fuck him as much as I did Cory. "Come here Brad and let me suck that big, beautiful cock while Cory is filling my ass with his tongue." The next few weeks passed quickly and to my surprise I found myself enjoying camp activities, but I think my favorite activities were my private ones with Jake and Cory. I had told Jake about Cory and he was fine with it as long as I was available when his cock needed attention. Jake took my hand and we walked to what he likes to call "our place." I have this feeling that Jake wants more from me than just sex, but I hope not.


the dentist threesome

group philf 2018-05-18

Nasha got down on her knees behind Amy and pulled her panties to one side then buried her face in Amys sopping wet pussy licking it greedly. I eased my cock inside her she moaned but never stooped licking soon we were all in time moaning as i set the pace fucking Nasha's pussy hard. I could tell Nasha was close so thrusted harder and harder and soon Nasha's cunt gripped on my cock as she came hard pulling her head back "YEEEEEEEES". I slowly started fucking Amys pussy pushing a little more inside her each time she moaned loadly with every thrust. Nasha sat beside her reaching down and rubbed Amys clit in time with my thrusts which got faster and harder, making her massive tits bounce on her chest.

The Envelope

group The Winter Kiss 2018-05-18

I thought for a moment and with the excitement rushing to my cock at the thought of Alyssa eating Susan's blond pussy make me spit out a yes. I never thought about it before, but when your legs were wrapped around Alyssa's head when we were in the bed and she was tonguing your pussy while I watched, she grabbed my cock, unable to see it..." "Not that someone needed to see to grab your cock last night," Susan teased. I imagined Chester fucking his wife while Alyssa basically watched. "After I came into Susan the first time, Alyssa ate her out, eating all of the cum that dripped out of her pussy.

Summer vacation

group foxy_witchy 2018-05-18

I break our embrace and she turns you around, and once again you can feel my hard cock pressing into your bum, my hands holding on to your hips, her lips slowly close on yours, as she is shorter than you I notice you begin to push down with your head into the kiss. As I adjust to the light, i see the women are staring me, Olga slowly bends overs over and places kisses along my chest, heading down to my penis, the other woman slaps Olga's ass in playful manner as she climbs on the bed and straddles my face, the wet scent of her pussy filling my nose, at the same time as Olga's mouth slips over my penis.


Condominium Ch. 02

group SteveWallace 2018-05-18

At one point, I moved Jess onto one of the high-top chairs in the rooftop area, which put her pussy at just the right height for me to pump my cock into her cunt and watch her face, eyes, and breasts sway as we made love. Chris had his cock buried in Amber again, and Ryan was slow fucking Jess in our large living room chair. The couple watched Jon, Amber, Chris, Jessica, Ryan, and Megan all shed their robes, and slip into the pool. Kelsey elbowed her husband, "You get all the pussy you want right here, buddy." She looked and observed, "On the other hand, what great cock, especially the two that are erect." The taunt was only half serious; she would have loved to see if she could still lure a young male into her web of intrigue.


Early Days of Summer Ch. 02

group rhys30 2018-05-18

The mood in the room had changed considerably -- Laura's initial shock of being caught, and then fear of the consequences of her infidelity, was replaced by rapture as Matt's tongue slowly reached her pussy, and grazed across her lips. Matt's tempo had picked up, and Laura started to grind her hips into our young stud's face, grasping hold of the duvet we were upon. The sound was so erotic, and his motion so turbulent, that Laura had started to push her mouth onto my cock with more force, taking it down to her throat with each bang that Matt gave her. Laura's face started to contort, not with the taste of my spunk on her tongue, but with the waves of pleasure rolling over her, riding on Matt's youthful cock.


Prom Night Ch. 02

group ravishingrick69 2018-05-18

Melanie and Crystal still had their dresses on, but Mandy had stripped down to her bra and panties ("God Damn thing's too tight" she had said while peeling her dress over her head) soon after their arrival at the motel room. With both girls straining to push Crystal's tongue as deep as possible into her, Mandy began grinding her pussy into the girl, fucking her friend's face wildly. Mandy looked into Nate's eyes and he could feel her lips smiling as she worked her magic on his cock, cleaning it thoroughly of his residual cum. Melanie could feel Mandy's tongue probing deep into her, licking Nate's cum off the walls of her pussy and sucking it (along with Melanie's clit) into her mouth.

Menage a trois

group CountessCHarlow 2018-05-18

When her husband came home from work and leaned down to kiss her at the kitchen table, she knew her lips still tasted of Melanie's pussy. He suddenly was licking faster and harder and she glanced between her legs to watch Melanie taking her husband's long thick cock all the way in and then sliding all the way back to his head again. Melanie pulled off his cock and the two women shared a long hot wet kiss full of hungry tongue and sliding open mouths. Then, lowering their faces slowly and glancing up into his eyes, they kept their open mouths together and slid a tunnel of slippery, glossy lips from the head of his cock all the way down his shaft to the root and then dragged them back up again.

More Fun with Frank & Bill Ch. 07

group Annatartywife 2018-05-18

As I changed I made sure on keeping the love beads stuffed right up me, replacing my knickers for the white set that matches my stockings and basque. I again thanked him and we made our way to collect Ron. On getting into the car I noticed the two younger guys from the caravan opposite eyeing me up. The night wore on with me dancing with all of the men and as we all got a bit tipsy the odd grope had started happening on the dance floor, even from Gary and Mark the two young guys. By now there were very few people left in the hall and we decided to make our way back to the caravan as the bar got ready to close for the night.